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TMSLCWP Chapter 5

You are very handsome.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 5: “You?” Qiao Xi was stunned. He then lowered his head and said softly, “You are very handsome.”

Jing Yan said he would teach Jing Yu a lesson.

Qiao Xi inquired: “The Third Prince?” He added: “It seems like he is only ten years old?”

“Eleven years old.” The black wolf glanced at Qiao Xi, “Why, is just knowing his true age making you soft-hearted?”

Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan strangely, then he shook his head: “No.”

“He ordered a group of wolf guards to bully me, and he also let the two birds throw me into the forest. He clearly knew that, with my size…I couldn’t fly and I might fall, but he still did it anyway, as if what he did is just a simple thing.” Qiao Xi stated calmly, “I’m sensible; when I was eleven, I already knew how to write and understood human nature, so I will not forgive him just because he is young. This guy is evil.”

Unfortunately, at the age of eleven, Jing Yu, the Third Prince, had not become a little angel, but a little devil instead.

Jing Yan felt depressed when he thought about everything that Qiao Xi had gone through.

However, Qiao Xi was super quick at adjusting his mood, thus he didn’t really feel any discomfort. Soon he looked up and asked: “What are you going to do with him?”

Jing Yan said: “We should let him experience the same things that he has done to others.”

Hence, Jiao Yue threw the bird into the forest once again, with the butterfly Hei Yu following behind. Qiao Xi didn’t understand what they were planning to do.

When the evening approached, the bird regained his consciousness and flew away.

During their dinner, a message came, and the one conveying the message was the same guard from last time. The guard was as expressionless as usual, and he calmly delegated the reprimand by His Majesty, the Wolf King, to Jing Yan.

It was only now did Qiao Xi find out that the butterfly Hei Yu had controlled several black spiders to hide in the bird’s feathers.

When the bird went back to complain about this matter, Jing Yu, the noble wolf, the wolf guards, and the rest of the bird guards that came from Qiao Xi’s race, were all present.

Several spiders swiftly crawled out from the bird’s feathers. They extruded the silk, wrapping it around everyone tightly, before hanging them on the trees that were located in the palace hall.

The situation occurred so quickly that it caught all of them off guard, they also couldn’t escape this doom. People on the outside heard the screaming sounds, so they hurriedly broke in. Only at that moment, they noticed an impressive scene in front of them, which made them feel chill go down from head to toes—everyone was dangling from trees, their appearances that of a pupa, thus similar to a scene from a horror movie.

When the people from the outside entered, the spiders hurriedly took back their silk, making everyone fall onto the ground one by one…and Jing Yu also fell heavily since no one came to catch him. The birds’ fates weren’t any different; their wings had been wrapped by the remaining spider silk, therefore, they couldn’t fly at all, so they also dropped down wildly onto the ground, while the noble wolf’s leg was broken.

When Jing Yan heard this, he commented: “He probably has osteoporosis.”

Guard: “…”

The little leopard Ke Lisi exclaimed: “I agree! If it was me, I would absolutely turn myself 360° degrees in the air and be able to get down steadily.”

A Xue, the white rabbit, enunciated: “Ke Lisi, you are a cat.”

The little leopard bristled up his fur coat and disagreed: “I’m not a cat, I’m a leopard!”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel disdainful: “I wouldn’t break my leg even if I fell from that height.”

The beastmen’s physique couldn’t be underestimated. To sum things up, it had certainly been a retribution. After all, at that time, Qiao Xi had also been thrown down into the air.

The black wolf drawled: “So, what is he planning to do?”

The guard remained silent for two seconds and then stated calmly: “His Highness, the Third Prince, fainted and had a fever. His Majesty has warned you to stop this behavior, and if Your Highness continues to act like this, You won’t be allowed to continue living in the forest.”

Jing Yan sneered: “Oh, I see. You can withdraw.”

When the guard had left, Jing Yan turned to look at the little chicken. He raised his paw and touched Qiao Xi’s head: “Don’t worry about others; tell me, are you feeling better now?”

A smoke of fire spread into the sky. Ke Lisi and Jing Yi were burbling near his ears. Qiao Xi stared at the black wolf in front of him for a moment, then he suddenly felt really relieved for the first time after he came into the wolf palace.

Qiao Xi nodded with emphasis. After pondering for a moment, Qiao Xi bowed his head and murmured: “Thank you for helping me out. Actually, I also want to fight back but I can’t do anything…I’ve been bullied by others for a long time. Sometimes, I can’t help but think about doing something cruel, and again, I become terrified. I even wondered whether I will truly become that type of person one day.”

Jing Yan: “Will you be cruel toward others for no reason?”

Qiao Xi: “No, I just want revenge!”

Jing Yan smiled: “That’s right, if you don’t fight back after being bullied, then who will do it for you besides yourself?”

Then Jing Yan instantly thought of a question, hence he restrained his smile and asked Qiao Xi attentively: “So…what do you think of me? I accidentally yelled at you last time. You…you don’t hate me, right?”

Qiao Xi turned his eyes and chirped: “I don’t hate you, I’m just afraid of you!”


…sure enough, he was still afraid of him!

Jing Yan was down in the dump1T/N: sad and fed up., he immediately drooped his head

Qiao Xi: “Hahaha.”

Hearing Qiao Xi’s clear and melodious laugh, Jing Yan raised his head in surprise.

Qiao Xi grinned like a Cheshire cat, his eyes also curved up into a smile. Jing Yan’s appearance and expression were clearly captured by him.

Without any feeling of trouble or tension, Qiao Xi somehow realized that the black wolf in front of him was really cute!

Qiao Xi wagged his tail and said sweetly: “I’m just playing with you, I know you’re a good person, so I’m not afraid of you!”

Jing Yan: “…” He stared at the little chicken with some grievance in his eyes.

However…the little chicken, wagging his tail like this, was simply adorable!

Qiao Xi turned his head toward the bonfire, looking at the animals around it.

Ke Lisi and Jing Yi were messing around with each other again. A Xue was cooking soup, while Hei Yu and Jiao Yue were chatting.

He had never thought that he would integrate into such a group one day.

Qiao Xi was both surprised and looking forward to the days ahead at the same time.

Or maybe he should have stopped dreaming.

Jing Yan’s forest was just like what the outsiders had said, ordinary people couldn’t get in.

Under normal circumstances, only the guards who had been instructed were allowed to patrol in the forest, but generally, they were only in the outer area.

If there was no special situation occurring, they would not approach the forest without Jing Yan’s permission or His Majesty, the Wolf King’s order.

Qiao Xi was officially living in the forest. And he finally had some extra power to deal with messy things.

He used the holographic computer to log into the internet and opened the message interface. Qiao Xi realized that he had received a lot of messages, most of them from two friends in his previous class.

They didn’t know how he had disappeared. The teacher said that something happened in his family, so he quit school. However, why couldn’t they contact him these days?

They called him numerous times but Qiao Xi didn’t receive their calls at all. In fact, Qiao Xi’s phone had fallen to the ground and was damaged when he was caught by those men in black. He didn’t know whether the phone had been discovered by them.

Qiao Xi’s friend from the whale race probably hadn’t obtained any news about him for two or three days, and had also made various calls, yet he still couldn’t get through to him. The last message was sent yesterday, the other party asking: “What happened? If you have any trouble, you can tell me, I’ll help you solve it.”

These people didn’t know about Qiao Xi’s true identity. Their concern about him as a friend certainly made Qiao Xi feel moved. He quickly replied to every one of them; of course, it was impossible to tell them the truth for the time being. He could only explain to them that something had occurred in his family and that he was currently living with relatives from the wolf race. Soon after, Qiao Xi received a response from the whale race friend: “When will you return to the bird race?”

Qiao Xi remained silent.

Honestly, he also felt guilty for disturbing Jing Yan and the others. Regarding the future, he was pretty much at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t feel like he needed to return to the place where everyone abandoned him, however, where else could he go except home?

There was also the fourth brother, who was currently treating his own illness and living with the fox race; he and the fourth brother only used phones to contact each other. He remembered the fourth brother’s phone number, even if he didn’t have a phone right now; Qiao Xi could still borrow Jing Yan’s phone. But the main point was that he and the fourth brother could only contact each other once a week. Hence, it was not the time yet, and…

“We will get you a new phone, and we will also help you get your number back, it might take two days.” This was what Jiao Yue had said.

Qiao Xi hurriedly nodded: “It’s nothing, I’m causing you trouble with this.”

In that case, when he got the phone was just the exact same day that he could contact fourth brother…so, he could call him then.

“No problem.” Jiao Yue touched Qiao Xi’s head, a smile plastered on his face. Watching Jiao Yue turn around, Qiao Xi thought to himself, Jiao Yue’s human form is really beautiful!

Suddenly a wary voice came from the black wolf’s mouth: “What are you looking at?”

Qiao Xi answered frankly: “Jiao Yue is really beautiful!”

Black wolf: “???” His eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it. Jing Yan looked at Qiao Xi sadly, his heart already shattering into pieces.

Qiao Xi was confused: “What’s the matter?”

Jing Yan opened his mouth and asked in a painful tone: “What, what about me…”

“You?” Qiao Xi was stunned. He then lowered his head and said softly, “You are very handsome.”

After saying so, he immediately fled away with his tiny little legs.

Jing Yan froze on the spot, just like a stone wolf. After several seconds, he regained his senses before he caught up with the little chicken.

The most distressing matter for Qiao Xi right now was his school problem.

He was originally in his third year of high school and he had to take a centralized exam in October. Actually, as the prince, he didn’t need to rely on the diploma to enter society. Most princes and princesses received private education in the palace; at that time, Qiao Xi also studied it very seriously. However, after studying with ordinary students for several years, Qiao Xi also wanted to participate in the regular exam like the others. Moreover, he also wanted to go to college…

The next morning, Jing Yang clearly realized Qiao Xi’s worry: “Then you can have an online class with Ke Lisi and Jing Yi.”

“Which online class?” Qiao Xi was curious.

Jing Yan explained: “I arranged an online class with some friends, and found the teacher to teach. It’s also a private education. The students in the class are princes and princesses from other races.”

Qiao Xi already knew that the little leopard, Ke Lisi, was a leopard prince and the butterfly, Hei Yu, was the butterfly prince.

Generally speaking, in this forest, except for Jiao Yue and A Xue who were nobles, the others were all princes!

Qiao Xi had never expected that there would be so many powerful people in the online class that was arranged by Jing Yan…but Qiao Xi had never been taken to the outside world by his parents, hence he didn’t know those princes and princesses at all!

“Jing Yan…you, you are really amazing!” Qiao Xi’s sparkly gaze was fixed entirely on Jing Yan.

Jing Yan immediately lifted his head, pushed his chest out and stood tall: “Of course I am!”

On the sides, everyone was already about to go crazy because of all the blinking and staring wide-eyed at each other.

Since Jing Yan had said so, Qiao Xi naturally went to the online class happily.

Needless to say, he forgot to ask Jing Yan about which beast races his classmates were from. To put it in another way; he had been studying within the bird race in the past and was now accompanied by Ke Lisi and Jing Yi, who were as small as him, thus there was no feeling of fear. But now he was thinking about this problem.

An hour later, Qiao Xi entered the online class through the holographic computer. He saw the members of the ‘Three Meow Alliance’ —the leopard, the tiger, and the lion; along with a huge seven-color python, plus a tall and hairy bear.

Qiao Xi huddled quietly in a corner.

Ke Lisi saw Qiao Xi’s trembling appearance. Aware of the reason, he sighed: “Don’t you think they are people of the same generation as we are? Qiao Xi, you didn’t know this, but I haven’t experienced the ‘transmutation’ yet, so I’m still in the appearance of a little leopard. As for Jing Yi, he was the same as you; he was born in beast form, which was different from the others, so his size was a bit small.”

The little Jing Yi, hearing this statement, couldn’t help but ‘whimper’ in depression.

Ke Lisi added: “You used to have classes in the bird school, so your classmates should’ve also been big birds.”

Qiao Xi, who had doubted Ke Lisi and Jing Yi’s sizes before, finally got an answer. So he said: “Well, that’s true.”

Yes, those birds were big. However, they were not ferocious beasts. They were also nothing like Jing Yan, who was just a black wolf.

It was at this moment that the group of ferocious beasts started to close in.

He, Qiao Xi, appeared to be a classmate to these powerful people.

The author has something to say:

So when the characters in my story are in animal shape, you can just imagine them the same as the character of cat and mouse2T/N: I think the author refer to Tom and Jerry. or other small animals…also, when they are in animal shape, they can still use their paws to play on the phones and do their homework. Hence, don’t be too surprised (: з」 ∠)_


  • 1
    T/N: sad and fed up.
  • 2
    T/N: I think the author refer to Tom and Jerry.
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