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TMSLCWP Chapter 4 will support me?

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 4: Qiao Xi looked at the black wolf and whispered: “Really…you will support me?”

Qiao Xi stared at the man who, standing not far away, put down the bow. Then, Qiao Xi looked up at the bird that had been shot by the arrow.

The bloody scene of one being pierced through by an arrow didn’t happen. In the next second, the bird juddered as if he had been electrified, then he fell straight onto the ground.

Qiao Xi was dumbstruck.

Only at this moment did Jing Yan notice Qiao Xi. He stood up straight and said with a smile: “How is my shooting skill? It’s a pity that they don’t allow me to use a gun, or else I would’ve shot that bird down with one bullet.”

“…” Qiao Xi stared at the handsome man again, then he flapped his wings excitedly.

Jing Yan…he is so handsome! Really handsome!!

After a while, Jiao Yue and the butterfly Hei Yu walked out from the forest. Jiao Yue was like a cool breeze and the bright moon, he still had a gentle smile on his face. However, this gentleman was carrying a bird in his hands…this scene made Qiao Xi tremble unwittingly.

The bird was surrounded by the chicken, the big and small black wolves, the little leopard and the butterfly. They were staring at him silently, the atmosphere came to be a bit strange, it was as if they were doing something mysterious.

Bird: “…”

The bird raised his eyes, then he saw a bunch of branches and leaves around him.

…Are they going to celebrate a bonfire party?! And he will become the roasted goose as their meal?!

It isn’t time for dinner yet, you guys, wake up!!

The bird was so scared he felt like peeing; he asked while palpitating: “Your highness, what are you doing?”

The black wolf was very relaxed, he said to the chicken next to him: “You don’t have to be so formal, you can do whatever you want to him.”

Bird: Your mother!

The bird didn’t expect Qiao Xi to be still alive and unscattered!

It was said that Jing Yan was vicious. He could kill a chicken with one bite! However, why did Jing Yan let Qiao Xi sit beside him as if he was taking revenge for Qiao Xi? The bird couldn’t believe it!

Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan: “Did you…plan this in advance?”

The wolf’s tail began to wag, and he said lazily: “I know Jing Yu’s personality; as long as I go easy with him, his hands and feet will get itchy, and wanting to fight with me again. So no matter if it is today or any other day, there will always be something going on here.”

Qiao Xi opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse: “Thanks, thank you, you…”

Jing Yan’s ears trembled, he laid down on his stomach, while wagging his tail: “This is not only for your sake.”

Jing Yu had already crossed the boundary, it’s time for him to clean that little thing up. Jing Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The bird realized that his life and death were in Qiao Xi’s hand. So he immediately let out a miserable cry: “Your highness! I can’t help it, I can’t disobey his orders, and if I offended His Highness, Jing Yu, even if I can leave the wolf race and return to the bird race, the Bird King and Bird Queen will not let me off!”

“Ah, what kind of King is this? Isn’t he too cowardly?” The little leopard heard what was said, he couldn’t help but comment.

The little leopard was from the Three Meow Alliance, which was also one of the three king beast races presently.

The white rabbit A Xue heard this, he quickly picked up the thread ball and threw it toward the little leopard, thus the little leopard’s attention was diverted to the thread ball.

Qiao Xi asked the bird: “…Are you the one who kicked me yesterday?”

Jing Yan heard the question, his gaze towards the bird turning cold in an instant.

The bird stiffened. He hurriedly explained: “I, I just accidentally…”

Qiao Xi lowered his eyes: “Jing Yu didn’t allow you to do anything to me, yet you guys gathered together and kicked me while smiling happily.”

On the side, the little leopard who was playing with the thread ball paused.

The bird’s hair stood up when he sensed that several cold eyes were staring at him.

The black wolf beside the little chicken was also looking at him, that pair of silver pupils was extremely cold, making the bird’s heart tremble.

He regretted it, why couldn’t he control himself at that time?

In fact, even if Qiao Xi wasn’t favored in the palace, as his guard, he couldn’t disrespect the prince. The members of the royal family in the bird race were really troublesome; after serving them for so long, he always harbored resentment towards his superiors. Then he suddenly discovered that he was useful and safer while staying with the Third Prince of the wolf race. Furthermore, when he knew that anyone could go and kick Qiao Xi, there was also a sudden fury sprouting in his heart.

He could kick the prince one day. Even if he was just an unfavored prince, it already made the bird feel pleased. But just for the sake of seeking excitement, he’d fallen into such a state, thus he regretted it.

The bird was quivering with worry: “Your highness, I really didn’t mean it at that time, I’m just, I’m just—”

“How do you want to deal with him?” Jing Yan interrupted the bird. Thinking that Qiao Xi was timid and had no idea how to deal with the current situation, Jing Yan offered: “How about pulling out his feathers?”

“I want his red feathers to make a shuttlecock!” The little leopard raised his paw!

“Isn’t it more fun to make them into a ball instead?” Jing Yi retorted.

Jing Yan said: “Or make them into a pillow.” He also reassured Qiao Xi slowly: “Don’t be afraid, as long as you show your weakness to this type of person, the more they will find a way to get revenge; moreover, we are all on your side now, so no matter what you want to do, I will support you.”

The bird almost fainted when he heard this remark, then he heard the weakest bird prince say: “I…”

Everyone calmed down and listened to Qiao Xi patiently.

Qiao Xi summoned up his courage and said: “To be honest, I have always wanted to eat roasted chicken!”

Everyone stared at Qiao Xi with wide eyes. Unexpectedly, this little chicken was much crueler than them.

Terror overtook the bird’s face: “Your highness, h-how could you, y-you, you eat one of your own kind?!!”

“I’m not afraid,” Qiao Xi said seriously: “I’ve always wanted to eat chicken.”

Many beastmen didn’t eat their ‘same kind’. To put it in another way, wolves didn’t eat dog meat, they also didn’t eat wolf meat, and birds didn’t eat poultry. However, it was not forbidden; some of the beastmen dared to do it.

So for Qiao Xi…chicken was chicken, and it was also a meat that he had never tasted before.

He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. He used to hear that roasted chicken was very delicious.

The bird screamed: “Your highness!! Your highness!!! I’m not a chicken and my meat is also not tasty!”

Jing Yan became abnormally silent for a while, he then cleared his throat and asked carefully: “You really want to eat chicken?”

Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan for two second then he bursted into laughter: “I’m just kidding.”

Everyone: “…”

The bird breathed a sigh of relief. However, there was a yellow fluid sliding down along his feathers.

Everyone directly stepped back in unison. Qiao Xi glanced at the bird and asked: “Have my parents mentioned me?”

The bird choked, for a moment, he didn’t know what to say: “They…”

Qiao Xi pulled the corner of his mouth into a faint smile, he whispered: “Okay, I know.”

The little chicken turned back to look at Jing Yan, and asked the other party softly: “Really…you will support me?”

In fact, Qiao Xi had never thought of such a scene.

He knew clearly that his appearance was different from the other members in the race. Hence, his parents had overlooked his existence since childhood. In addition, except for his fourth brother, his other royal siblings also liked to bully him.

From the beginning, they beat him. However, he was protected by fourth brother afterward, thus the others didn’t dare to be reckless. Yet, when the fourth brother was not present, they would begin to ridicule and insult him again.

Qiao Xi was not so clever at calculating others. He didn’t even have any power in hand; unexpectedly there was still the fourth brother who acted as his backer. Later on, he decided to avoid the bullying and humiliation—he requested to study outside alone, with the protection of the guard.

Then, he pretended to be a commoner.

His beast form was still repudiated by others, however, he was also able to make some friends.

Qiao Xi lived a comfortable and carefree life…which made him quite happy.

Nevertheless, he still couldn’t understand one thing—he couldn’t avoid many things completely even if he wanted to.

When he retreated, others would approach. And when he couldn’t step back, others would stand in front of him, therefore he could only meet a dead end.

If everything continued on like this…it wouldn’t be good, right?

Although he still didn’t quite catch up with many problems, Qiao Xi knew very well that he had to change. It was just that, he had never thought of fighting back.

At present, he had no ability to retaliate. He was quite lucky to have been taken in by Jing Yan.

Furthermore, Jing Yan even caught the one who used to bully him. Not only that, Jing Yan also let him do whatever he wanted to the other party.

Perhaps it was true that he seemed to be weak…but when hearing the word ‘support’ it sounded relatively safe…

Even the fourth brother’s never said such a handsome line!

The little chicken looked at the black wolf and whispered: “Really…you will be my backer?”

The black wolf was stunned, then he answered seriously: “Of course.”

The black wolf sat facing the sun, and the sunlight shone on the pitch-black fur, making it glimmer.

That pair of silver pupils was like a cool spring, pouring into Qiao Xi’s heart, and for some reason, it made him calm.

Of course, Jing Yan understood that, within the present situation, Qiao Xi couldn’t fight back, but he (JY) could help him.

Thereupon, Jing Yan pointed to the bird and said: “You don’t have to be polite with him.”

Qiao Xi blinked.

He was not a God nor a Buddha, and when Jing Yan threw this person in front of him, he certainly wanted revenge!

So Qiao Xi nodded: “En!” Then he continued, “He kicked me two times, I want to kick him back.”

The little leopard cried out: “It’s too light to just kick him!”

The bird sighed in relief when he heard what Qiao Xi wanted to do. Nonetheless, he proceeded to act: “Don’t kick me, spare me, Your Highness, Qiao Xi!”

“Let Qiao Xi kick first.” Jing Yan said leisurely, “It’s no big deal to pull out your feathers afterwards.”

Bird: “…”

Therefore, everyone made way for Qiao Xi, while the little chicken stepped back, his eyes flashing with anger and resentment when staring at the bird.

The bird continued to cry hypocritically: “Your highness, please spare me!”

In his heart, the bird thought that Qiao Xi was so small, so there would be no pain.

Within the next second, Qiao Xi had already accumulated enough strength, his two small and thin legs suddenly dashed forward like a wind, then he kicked the bird fiercely like a small rocket—

The bird was still thinking about how to plead Jing Yan later. Yet, he abruptly felt a huge force smashing his body. He was startled; when he tilted his head, his whole body and the branches that were around him had already flown away and collided with a stone!

Then he…blacked out.

Everyone was stupefied, there was a sudden silence.

Qiao Xi, who had just knocked out the bird, went over to take a look: “He’s passing out!”

Jing Yan regained his senses, he also came forward to check…the bird’s eyes rolled and he fainted.

Qiao Xi said with regret: “I haven’t kicked him enough yet, there is still my next kick!”

Everyone: “…”

Jing Yan hurriedly coaxed him: “It’s alright, even if he’s fainted, you can still kick him.”

Qiao Xi nodded, and so he retreated for some distance before he darted forward and kicked the bird’s face heavily!

After finishing his action, Qiao Xi looked up at Jing Yan with bright eyes: “Are you going to pull his feathers right now?”

Jing Yan lifted his paw to cover his mouth and said: “Well, let’s wait, I’ll scare him first since he is still useful.”

“Oh, okay.” Qiao Xi was really frank. Additionally, he was also very cooperative.

Everyone looked at each other blankly.

Qiao Xi was really small, and that blow…was quite accurate. 

The proofreader has something to say:

Wolfie has created himself a little monster.

Wolfie: “Now now darling, you can kick an unconscious person!”

Little bird *turns on Rambo-mode*

Everyone watching:”…”


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  1. Avatar Bambootriangle says:

    Tiny murderous chicken!

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      Haha~ we can’t underestimate the little chicken😆

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Really, from what we know so far about anyone associated with the bird racer’s royalty minus the one brother, they all deserve worse than a kick or two! Look what potential they threw away! He’s way better off without them.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      Your welcome^^

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