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TMSLCWP Chapter 3

Now shooting a big bird.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 3: Now shooting a big bird.

The medicine was very effective. After spraying it on the wounds, the pain on his body disappeared.

Qiao Xi put the band-aids on the more serious areas and dressed himself in Jiao Yue’s clothes. The clothes were a bit big on him.

When Qiao Xi opened the door, the black wolf turned his head to look at him, then he bragged: “You look so good!”

Qiao Xi’s lips tightened into a thin line, yet there was a smile appearing in his eyes.

At this time, the sky was a smattering of darkness; it was almost evening.

Jing Yan led Qiao Xi forward, while Qiao Xi asked him curiously: “You have always lived here?”

“Yeah, most of the time I’m here; when you came, you should have seen the palace in front of the forest. That palace is mine and I will live there whenever something occurs.” When talking about the palace, Jing Yan’s tone was really indifferent, showing no hint of emotions in it, “Jiao Yue and A Xue were the first to follow me, while the little leopard Ke Lisi, Hei Yu from the butterfly race, and my little brother Jing Yi, followed afterwards.”

Listening to this, Qiao Xi felt strange.

The wolf race was the three king beast race, with other races as subordinates.

Jiao Yue was from the deer race, A Xue was from the rabbit race. These two races were already under the wolf race, so it was not strange for them to appear here. However, the leopard race and the butterfly race were foreign races. So, how could they live with Jing Yan in the wolf palace?

Since Qiao Xi had just arrived, he had no intention of asking about everything.

This forest could be described as a paradise. When Qiao Xi followed Jing Yan to the front, a bonfire appeared in his view.

A slender man, accompanied by an elegant appearance and dressed in a dark blue robe, was grilling meat skewers nonchalantly. The little leopard and the little wolf rolled around, then they cried out: “Hungry to death already!”

The butterfly flew to the man’s side, while the rabbit was cooking porridge.

Qiao Xi blinked, the scene in front of him was almost like a fairy tale.

“That is Jiao Yue’s human form.” Jing Yan reminded him.

Qiao Xi nodded promptly.

Jiao Yue looked over, his gentle eyes curled up: “Come on, it’s about time for dinner.”

On a summer’s evening, inside the forest located somewhere in the wolf kingdom, a group of beastmen was having dinner around a bonfire.

It was Qiao Xi’s first time experiencing something like this.

The atmosphere was very lively. The little leopard and the little black wolf were always together, and they were also the most nosy ones. When Hei Yu saw Qiao Xi looking at the two from time to time, he said to him jokingly: “Don’t look at them like that, Ke Lisi is already eighteen years old while Jing Yi is seventeen.”

Qiao Xi: “….”

Hearing Hei Yu’s words, the little leopard and the little black wolf immediately separated. They ate their skewers obediently as if nothing had happened, they were really mature, okay!

Jing Yan, sitting next to Qiao Xi, took the initiative to say: “I’m nineteen years old, one year older than you, and Jiao Yue is twenty years old, the oldest among us.”

Qiao Xi nodded, then he hurriedly moved aside. The black wolf glanced at him before following Qiao Xi eagerly while also watching him silently; with his ears folded on his forehead, he looked really satisfied with himself.

The black wolf’s fur was already useful enough to keep away the cold, let alone in summer.

Qiao Xi said euphemistically: “It’s a bit hot.”

Jing Yan stretched out his paw and pointed to his brother: “Go and take out the small air conditioner.”

Jing Yi uttered ‘Oh’ and then stood up.

Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched, he quickly said: “No need!”

“You don’t have to be polite.” Jing Yan shook his tail.

At this moment, a person suddenly walked in.

His presence made the atmosphere change, Jing Yan’s mood also dropped.

The visitor wore a white outfit, with a gun belt wrapped around his waist. He was a guard in the palace.

Qiao Xi’s pupils contracted, his whole body couldn’t help but become tense.

He saw a lot of wolf guards in the palace yesterday. When Jing Yu ordered them to play with him, those guards had kicked him like a ball.

Qiao Xi felt that the nightmare was haunting him again when he saw this outfit.

Jing Yan said coldly: “What’s the matter?”

The guard glanced at Qiao Xi before he respectfully said to Jing Yan: “His Majesty knows about what happened in the afternoon, and he hopes that your highness will not do it again…those bees almost caused His Highness, the Third Prince, to be injured.”

Jing Yan snorted: “Did Jing Yu complain about this?”

Hei Yu said: “I’m the one who controlled the bees, it has nothing to do with Jing Yan.”

The guard kept nodding, yet he didn’t say anything.

Even the Wolf King was unable to accuse his eldest son openly.

Qiao Xi was a little worried. When he was about to speak, Jing Yan laid down and said lazily: “Okay, you go back and tell him that I understand.”

Everyone gazed at Jing Yan.

The guard also raised his eyes.

Jing Yan said lightly: “Retreat.”

After the guard left, Qiao Xi whispered: “Is everything really alright?”

Jing Yan stood up again. He stretched out his paw to touch Qiao Xi’s head: “Everything is fine; you continue to eat and get a good night’s sleep when you’re full.”

Qiao Xi still felt uneasy in his heart, so he went back to the cabin uncomfortably after dinner.

Looking at Qiao Xi’s departing figure, Jing Yan turned to ask Jiao Yue: “Is he a bit afraid of me?”

Jiao Yue jested: “Oh, is it really just ‘a bit’?”

Jing Yan: “…”

Damn, becoming fierce when waking up was absolutely not a good thing!

Qiao Xi didn’t sleep well. He had nightmares for the whole night, and he only woke up in a daze when the rays of sunlight shined through the curtains.

However, he realized that he had already turned back to his beast form; he’s short and plump.

Qiao Xi loitered for a moment, then he got out of the bed, opened the door, and walked out. The door of the log cabin was made conveniently, there was also a tiny door that was created for the little beast forms of the beastmen.

In the morning, the forest was quiet. The white rabbit A Xue was washing his face, while Jiao Yue was still in his human form, drying his clothes. The two glanced at each other upon noticing Qiao Xi’s beast form.

Last night, Jing Yan had informed everyone about what had happened to Qiao Xi and his special form. Obviously, because of his beast form, Qiao Xi couldn’t fly. This time, Ke Lisi also yelled: “What I said was right, there really was a chicken!”

Nevertheless, because of this, he had been pressed onto the ground by Jing Yan for ten seconds.

Qiao Xi noticed the two gazes, he couldn’t help but halt.

Yet, after seeing them smile at him, he was surprised and also relieved at the same time.

Qiao Xi took a deep breath.

Looks like today will be a relaxing day.

However, in the next second, the door of the room located in the center had been opened with a ‘bang’. Then the black wolf rushed out and roared angrily: “Auwoo?! Auwoo?!” Are you sick?! Calling me so early in the morning?!

Only after roaring, did he notice the little chicken standing in front of him.

The little chicken opened his eyes and stared at him. His two thin legs were quivering nonstop.

Jing Yan: Damn, irritability in the morning is definitely not a good thing!!

Jing Yan felt that last night, he had already gained back some favorable impressions from the other party. But early in the morning, he still couldn’t hold back his morning mood. Jing Yan felt a bit dejected.

Looking at the little chicken, who was already hiding close to Jiao Yue’s feet, he hurriedly tried to rationalize: “I didn’t scold you today!”

So, you indeed scolded him yesterday?

Jing Yan caught a glimpse of this question from everyone’s silent gazes. For a moment, he couldn’t help but wipe his face with his paw.

Jing Yan tried to change the subject and forced a smile: “You’ve changed back to the beast form this fast? If you knew how to change into human form yesterday, then it means that your ability is stabilizing already,  right?”

Qiao Xi said softly: “Yesterday, I was scared and turned into the human form.”

Jing Yan: “…”

Critical hit KO!

He immediately shut up and walked away with his head down.

Jiao Yue laughed: “Actually, Jing Yan is not fierce.”

“I know.” Qiao Xi paused and said, “I reacted like this because I just heard a loud commotion…I know he is a good person.”

Although Jing Yan looked fierce, he still took him in.

Everyone in the forest, who was described as cruel by outsiders, was in fact very kind.

Qiao Xi was sensitive to loud noises, and he was yelled at by Jing Yan for two consecutive days, therefore…

But when he got used to it, he would never be frightened like this again!

After thinking about this, he looked up and said: “I know that all of you are good people.”

As he said this, his tail swayed from side to side.

Jiao Yue’s eyebrows curved up.

When Qiao Xi left, Jiao Yue turned around, walked two steps, and saw the black wolf hiding there, eavesdropping.

Jiao Yue raised his brows: “Did you hear it? He said it with a smile.”

Jing Yan asked carefully: “Really?”

Jiao Yue touched his chin and said: “At that time, he wiggled his tail as if he was smiling, it looked very cute.”

Jing Yan: fuck, he didn’t even had the chance to see it!

At this moment, the white rabbit A Xue opened his mouth: “Oh? Someone is coming.”

Upon hearing this, the two looked up and saw a bird gradually approaching from the sky in the distance.

The bird flew cautiously, always paying attention to the surrounding situation, fearing that he would attract the swarm of bees.

While flying, the bird couldn’t help but utter profanities in his mind. Jing Yu, the Third Prince, was too much; undoubtedly, he was afraid of this legendary wolf prince, yet he still dared to provoke him countless times.

When they went back yesterday, Jing Yu pleaded with His Majesty, the Wolf King.

The group of bees was unmistakably controlled by someone. There was also the Butterfly Prince that stayed by the side of the Eldest Prince. He was the one who could control many insects. Besides that, the Butterfly Prince and the Eldest Prince were also good friends. So it must be the Eldest Prince’s request which made the Butterfly Prince control the bees to attack them.

Fortunately, at that time, the Eldest Prince was very cooperative. The guard had come back to the palace and reported: “The Eldest Prince said that he understands.”

Hence, when everything was settled, Jing Yu went to bed comfortably. However, when he woke up the next morning, he became enthusiastic again. He wanted to see if Qiao Xi had been eaten by Jing Yan.

Without a doubt, Jing Yu didn’t dare to take risks. So he sent him over.

The bird cursed Jing Yu in his mind.

Accompanying this brat to have fun was just simply playing with his own life!

Nevertheless, everyone said that the wolf prince, Jing Yan, was very vicious. Thus, Qiao Xi shouldn’t have been able to survive, right?

Even though the guard reported that Qiao Xi was still with Jing Yan last night, maybe this little bird prince didn’t stay alive up until now.

This youth was truly unfortunate. Since he was a child, his parents had never cared about him because of his ugly beast form. And now, he was abandoned by his parents without any reluctance.

When he’d reported the situation to the Bird King and the Bird Queen yesterday, the two people didn’t seem to care much, and they soon changed the topic of conversation.

Poor child, if one day he died silently, no one would know or care about him.

No, some people were also concerned about him, such as the robust Jing Yu.

The bird sighed perfidiously in his heart. Finally, he smoothly reached the middle of the forest.

It was only at this time, without any trees blocking his view, did the bird notice that something was wrong in the area.

In the log cabin, Qiao Xi was stunned after washing his face and rinsing his mouth.

In the center of the area, a handsome man with black hair, wearing a black robe, was pulling out his bow and aiming it towards the sky.

A gust of wind brushed over his black hair, while the sunlight shone and illuminated his silver pupils.

Concentrating and cold, that was the type of look one had when noticing their prey.

His slender fingers loosened, a piece of arrow directly shot toward the sky.

The author has something to say:

I really feel sorry for our prince, who is still using such a weapon instead of some other cool weapons, which is quite unbearable.

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