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TMSLCWP Chapter 2

The black wolf expressed his happiness.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 2: The black wolf expressed his happiness.

Jing Yan was really excited, his feelings were already over the moon.

He met a little fairy man!

After sending out the invitation, he saw that Qiao Xi was still laying on the spot, staring at him blankly and not showing any reaction. Jing Yan even bent his legs and lowered his body to give out a stronger hint.

Butterfly: “….”

Tiger: “….”

One human and one beast looked at each other, their eyes filled with confusion.

And Qiao Xi…after he recovered his senses, he crawled towards the bush and hid behind it, exposing half of his face, staring at Jing Yan silently.

This time it was reversed to Jing Yan, who turned stiff. He remembered that he had just appeared to be so fierce just a moment ago towards this kid. Therefore, Jing Yan quickly walked over to explain: “I…I wasn’t scolding you just now!”

Two beasts and one human clearly showed that they didn’t believe it. Although they didn’t understand the roaring ‘Auwoo’, in any case, they knew that the black wolf was scolding Qiao Xi!

Qiao Xi retreated a little, his eyes becoming even more alert.

Jing Yan: “….”

Damn, becoming furious when waking up was really not a good thing!!

Upon seeing the situation, the butterfly said to Qiao Xi: “Don’t be afraid, Jing Yan won’t hurt you. He was just…not in a good mood when he woke up.”

Jing Yan!

This was indeed the most ferocious black wolf that everyone talked about!

Qiao Xi’s lips tightened.

Gnawing the raw chicken or something…could it really be clarified as ‘not in a good mood’?

However, Qiao Xi was still scared. Also, he had noticed that the black wolf was different from what those beastmen in the wolf palace had described.

At least according to their description, the evil dog, no, the violent black wolf that he had imagined would never sit on the ground, looking at him expectedly and his tail shaking happily like this.

In other words, how could a black wolf wiggle its tail so skilfully?

Right now, Jing Yan was also feeling guilty, and he was even more guilty when he saw the bruises on Qiao Xi’s body.

He asked without much confidence: “Your body…was it marked like this by the tiger when it was chasing you?”

Qiao Xi was startled, and he glanced at his body.

The injuries that he had suffered in his beast form were also transferred onto his human form. Even if it was just small wounds, when they were added together, it looked a little terrible.

Qiao Xi remained silent for a while, then he shook his head and whispered: “It was…the Third Prince.”

The black wolf’s tail that had been shaking for some time suddenly stopped.

The butterfly glanced at Qiao Xi, then he asked for confirmation: “Jing Yu…knew that you were a beastman, yet he still threw you down?”

Qiao Xi nodded.

In an instant, he could feel the aura surrounding the black wolf turn terrible, and he couldn’t help but shrink.

However, this time the black wolf didn’t roar. He paused and said: “This forest is my territory. You don’t have to worry that Jing Yu will come and trouble you in the future; I won’t eat you either, just follow me to treat your wounds.”

Qiao Xi visibly hesitated a little.

The butterfly smiled at him: “If Jing Yan wanted to eat you, how could you still be alive right now?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Jing Yan: “Auwoo!” Don’t ruin my reputation!

Qiao Xi glanced at them, then he looked up at the sky.

The rims of his eyes were slightly burning.

After a moment of silence, he stood up slowly.

What was it like to ride on a wolf’s back? And what was the feeling like when riding on the wolf that everyone said to be fierce?

When the black wolf knew that Qiao Xi couldn’t change back to a beast form for the time being, he bit two huge leaves from the side and handed them to Qiao Xi charmingly, indicating that he could use them to cover the key parts of his body first. Qiao Xi stretched out his hands to take the leaves while resisting his desire to stroke the black wolf’s head.

The two upright black wolf’s ears quivered. This was the characteristic of the wolf race, and each beast race had its characteristics that differentiated them from normal beasts.

Qiao Xi quickly restrained himself. He blushed while covering his body. This was his second time in a human form.

The beastmen could transform at the age of 16 to 20. Qiao Xi’s development came a bit late, and he could change into a human on his 18th birthday last month. However, he wasn’t the same as those beastmen from other races. Because he was really frightened earlier, his body began to change uncontrollably and he also couldn’t change back on his own.

It was really discomforting when he transformed into a human without any clothes on…and he had only realized it now that sitting on the wolf’s back was even more uncomfortable, there was always some kind of…weird feeling lingering in his heart.

Qiao Xi moved meticulously, and the black wolf turned his head: “Auwoo?”

Qiao Xi gulped, he said hurriedly: “Nothing.”

Jing Yan also didn’t bother to continue about the matter, he carried Qiao Xi on his back happily and walked across the small road.

After listening to Qiao Xi’s self-introduction, Jing Yan asked casually: “You said you are the bird prince? Then, are all your royal siblings this cute? I thought that all the members from the bird race look like flamingos.”—even though they claimed to be phoenixes.

Jing Yan was unable to distinguish the members of the bird race; he felt that they were all the same. But, he had never expected that there would be such a cute beast form in the bird race.


Except for his fourth brother who used to describe him like this, it was also his first time hearing it from others. Qiao Xi was bewildered and for some reason, his voice was dry as dust: “No, I’m the only one…growing up like this.”

“Really?” Jing Yan was a bit surprised.

“How did you come to the wolf race?” The butterfly asked while following them.

Qiao Xi’s hand squeezed into fists: “…I was sent here…by my parents.”

The butterfly and Jing Yan shared a glance.

After a bit more conversation, the three arrived at their destination.

They had passed through a small part of the forest and clear land came into their field of vision. There were a few small log cabins on the land, with some animals beside them.

Qiao Xi had also heard about this matter before. In addition to Jing Yan and his beasts in the forest, there were also his small group of ‘cruel’ friends.

In the present time, this group of ‘cruel’ friends—

A deer with silver antlers was standing under a tree, with a white rabbit crouching on his back, trying to pick the flowers from the tree.

While a little leopard was playing with a thread ball with all four legs, and a little, black wolf was waiting for the opportunity to snatch the ball.

Uh…this was really ‘cruel’.

Just how many words were true from the wolf palace? Qiao Xi couldn’t help but think about it carefully.

The white rabbit was the first one to notice them: “Jing Yan and the others are back.”

The deer heard this and also glanced at them.

The little leopard rolled around and shouted: “Where is the chicken? Did you kill it? And who is that on your back?”

The little black wolf immediately snatched the thread ball, then he ran to the black wolf and called the other party vaguely: “Brother!”

When Jing Yan heard the little leopard’s words, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, then he said with a smile: “I don’t have a habit of eating chickens, why did Jing Yu always throw them for me to eat?”

A month ago, Jing Yu rode a flying car and dropped a chicken into the air. Moreover, the destination where the chicken fell was too accurate, it was above Jing Yan’s head, and at that time, before he could react, he subconsciously opened his mouth and bit the chicken. Because his teeth were sharp and his bite had always been strong, the chicken had exploded.

…He was also perplexed. Just when did he like the feeling of the chicken blood splashed?!

The butterfly explained: “This time Jing Yu didn’t throw the chicken, but…the bird prince.”

Everyone was stunned. They directly turned to look at Qiao Xi, who was sitting on Jing Yan’s back with two big leaves covering his key parts.

For a moment, Qiao Xi became agitated.

“Is it a temporary transform which causes you to not be able to change back?” Of course, the rabbit was referring to…Qiao Xi’s clothes problem at this time.

“…Hmm.” Qiao Xi responded awkwardly.

“But…but I heard the chicken scream just now, ” The little leopard said naively and he could not hide his doubt, “The screaming sound was ‘bwok, bwok’. There are two, one rooster and one hen!”

Qiao Xi: “….”

That was his instinct, he didn’t want to be like that either! It was really humiliating!

Jing Yan said flatly with disapproval: “You got it wrong!”

“What about my dinner?!” The little leopard cried out.

Jing Yan said coldly: “Who cares!”

“The prince of the bird race?” The deer said slowly with a gentle tone: “This time Jing Yu threw a beastman prince down?”

“Well, ” Jing Yan didn’t want to continue this topic in front of Qiao Xi, “His name is Qiao Xi, I’ll take him as my little brother from now on.”

With that said, he straightened up his chest.

Everyone instantly glanced at Jing Yan: You even allow your little brother to ride on your back?

Qiao Xi’s face turned red, he carefully got off from the wolf’s back, and heard the deer ask: “Did the bird king and queen send him here?”

Qiao Xi’s movement paused, while Jing Yan whispered: “Yes.”

Everyone seemed to be lost in thought.

The deer fell into silence for a moment before he hastily said: “I see, Qiao Xi, you can live here first.”

Qiao Xi was surprised. He didn’t expect that everyone would accept him that easily. Moreover, not only were they not ‘cruel’ but also appeared to be…considerate.

Jing Yan directly wiggled his tail: “You can live with me, my room is big!”

Qiao Xi was stunned, thus he turned to look at the deer.

The deer thought twice, he said warmly: “There is still an unoccupied log cabin, you can live there.”

Jing Yan shouted with dissatisfaction: “Why?! Why?!”

Although Qiao Xi…was not as afraid of this black wolf as much as before, nevertheless, he was still a little fearful!

Qiao Xi was quite embarrassed when thinking about this, so he asked the black wolf softly: “…What on earth were you saying when you were roaring a moment ago?”

The black wolf froze, he pressed his ears on his forehead, and with a guilty conscience, he quickly shut his mouth.

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

The white rabbit jumped in front of Qiao Xi, shaking its long, fluffy and unique tail, which only a member from the rabbit race had. Then, he said faintly: “Come with me.”

“Okay.” Before he left, Qiao Xi said seriously to everyone, “Thank you for taking me in.”

The black wolf squatted on the ground and waved his paw as if he was laughing.

When Qiao Xi followed the rabbit, he could hear the black wolf’s excited tone from behind: “Jiao Yue, you find some clothes for him, they must be white, the sort of pure ones, very pure ones!”

The deer said without any interest: “How about I’ll find a JK uniform for him?”

Black wolf: “Okay! Okay!”

As if he heard nothing, Qiao Xi hastily quickened his pace.

The log cabin that everyone arranged for him was located next to a tree. It was small yet neat, the cabin not only had a bed and a sofa but also a high-tech device, such as a holographic computer.

Even if the computer was small, it was well equipped and it was also comfortable to look at.

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but be distracted. After all, he was thrown into the Third Prince’s palace last night, and he’d even shrunken in the corner for the whole night.

After sending him to the place where he would live, the rabbit said gently: “You can take a rest first, the medicine and clothes will be delivered by Jiao Yue; don’t be scared, Jing Yan and Jing Yu are not the same, he looks fierce on the surface but in fact, he is very kind and gentle, so you can relax while living here.”

Qiao Xi was a little surprised, he nodded: “I understand, thank you so much.”

He stayed at the palace for half a day so he knew some matters about the two brothers, Jing Yan and Jing Yu were half-blood related.

Jing Yan also had one blood-related younger brother; their mother had passed away thirteen years ago. And Jing Yu’s mother was the current queen, the relationship between Jing Yan and Jing Yu seemed to be very bad, it was not difficult to guess the reason.

“No problem.” The rabbit replied softly, then he hopped out and left.

Qiao Xi remained unmoved for a while before he closed the door and sat down slowly on the sofa.

After a moment, he checked the wounds on his body.

He didn’t know what his parents were doing right now. Likewise, his brothers and sisters, who had never cared about him. When thinking about them, the corners of his mouth bowed down emotionally.

In the end, when he was homeless, it turned out to be the most vicious wolf, that everyone talked about, who took him in instead.

Jiao Yue changed into a human form and put on an elegant robe, with Jing Yan following him behind.

Jiao Yue’s figure was taller than Qiao Xi’s, but his size was the most similar to him among everyone else.

When looking for the clothes, Jiao Yue said lightly: “Jing Yu is too much.”

Even if he didn’t ask deeply. Just from what Qiao Xi had answered, it was not hard for him to assume everything.

During this period, they were very busy. So they didn’t notice that Jing Yu and the bird race could do such a thing silently.

“Forget about him, just the bird king and queen are already too much.” Unlike Jiao Yue, Jing Yan’s tone was extremely cold.

On the way just now, he had already asked Qiao Xi some questions.

It was well known that the bird race wanted to flatter the wolf race.

Sending the prince to play with a 12 years old wolf prince. This could be counted as lowering themselves to an extent just to please someone.

Jing Yan had never paid any attention to this tiny beast race, but he had never thought that the king from the race would commit this kind of thing.

Jiao Yu sorted out the clothes and hugged them in his arms: “Do you really plan to keep the bird prince?”

“His family didn’t want him, Jing Yu bullied him, if I didn’t take him in, where else can he go?” Jing Yan said, “We still have an empty log cabin anyway, so I’m not worried about raising another beastman here.”

After speaking, Jing Yan howled ‘auwoo’ before taking the clothes from Jiao Yue, carrying a small basket of medicine on his back, and staggered out of the cabin.

Jiao Yue watched Jing Yan’s figure from behind, he couldn’t help but lift his brows slightly.

Qiao Xi remained alone in the cabin for a while, then he heard the knock on the door.

He hastily got up to open the door. Qiao Xi didn’t see a member of the deer race named Jiao Yue. He only saw a wolf sitting at the door with clothes in his mouth, a small basket of medicine on his back, his eyes shining brightly while he waggled his tail contentedly.

Qiao Xi:…So the wolves clearly can flip their tail so easily?

The author has something to say:

White rabbit: A Xue

Deer: Jiao Yue

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