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TMSLCWP Chapter 17

The three people second encounter.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 17: The three people second encounter.

Jing Yan was so ashamed that he started to doubt life.

How could this guy be a straight man?

But he really was a straight man!


“My friend, why is your face so red? Do you have a fever?” A lazy voice came from the other side.

Well, okay, the guy opposite him was straight, and he actually had made a fool of himself.

Jing Yan accepted this fact calmly.

Qiao Xi felt that something wasn’t right, thus he asked unhappily, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

He Ye smiled. “It’s nothing. I think your friend is quite an interesting person.”

Qiao Xi turned to look at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan lowered his eyes, and responded cooperatively, “Mhm.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

What’s with this ‘mhm.’ ?!

He Ye also didn’t expect Qiao Xi to come to the wolf race, and to his surprise, there was also someone who chased the little chicken, so He Ye could only test out the other party first.

But…looking at Qiao Xi’s behavior, it seemed like the little chicken didn’t notice anything at all?

The corner of He Ye’s mouth hooked up.

The trip to the wolf race was less boring than he had imagined.

He Ye glanced at Jing Yan with teasing eyes, but Jing Yan was so ashamed that he didn’t dare to lift his head, and he had even started to sweat.

Haha, it’s better for him to not continue making fun of this man.

But Jing Yan was really an interesting person.

It was a pity that he had to bid farewell to Qiao Xi after finishing their meal—He Ye put away his smile, frowning slightly while thinking about what he had to handle afterward.

He leaned back, raised his head, and said in an irritated tone, “Tsk, I have to deal with that kid later on.”

Qiao Xi gave up temporarily upon seeing that neither He Ye nor Jing Yan intended to tell him about what had happened earlier. “Is he the only child in the family?”

Speaking of this, He Ye suddenly leaned over. “That’s not the case, but the eldest one in their family has a bad relationship with the youngest one. And I am going to accompany the youngest one to play.”

He Ye seemingly found something interesting again. “I’m very interested in the eldest son of their family. There are a lot of interesting things to hear. By the way, does your wolf race eat raw meat?”

The last sentence was for Jing Yan.

On the other hand, Jing Yan was still feeling ashamed upon knowing the fact that he had done something stupid and had been seen through by the person in front of him. Knowing that this bigshot could grasp his flaws, Jing Yan’s body tensed up, he then replied deferentially, “No. It’s all nonsense!”

“Is it? But it is said that the family’s eldest son really eats raw meat, especially the internal organs.” He Ye’s eyes shone with light.

Qiao Xi suddenly felt that the food in his mouth was hard to swallow. Jing Yan was also a bit surprised. “…Eating internal organs?”

“Yes. He is just like a real beast.” He Ye smiled, then said, “If he eats like that all year round, he will definitely become a little different from the ordinary wolf race, right?”

Jing Yan thought. “Generally speaking, it would be the same as atavism. They’d have much more fur, and also an unpleasant body odor.”

He seriously gave some suggestions. “I recommend you to spray more perfume when going to their house. Otherwise, you may not be able to withstand the smell.”

He Ye began to chat with Jing Yan enthusiastically after hearing this.

He Ye: “Can they howl or not when they become like that?”

Jing Yan: “Yes. They would also be considered to be closer to turning into a beast. They wouldn’t understand human language and their personality would also become ferocious!”

He Ye: “I bought chickens as a meeting gift. Will he be kind to me?”

Jing Yan: “Chicken?! How can you buy that? He might be a cruel person! I advise you to buy ducks!”

He Ye: “I see. Does he like to eat duck?”

Jing Yan: “Instinctively speaking, it is possible. The wolf race people who have atavism always want to eat when they see moving things, and by nature, they like this hunting activity very much.”

He Ye: “Interesting. What if I buy ten ducks, and play with him. Will he like me?”

Jing Yan paused. Then he boasted madly, “Definitely!”

He Ye bowed his head and immediately sent a text message to the person on the other end, to buy at least ten ducks, all in differently colored feather coats.

Qiao Xi didn’t understand why these two people suddenly talked so peacefully. He really couldn’t catch up with them.

When they finished their lunch, it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon, and it was also the time for He Ye to leave.

“How are you getting there? Do you want us to send you?” Qiao Xi asked.

“No, I have a flying car,” He Ye smiled and waved at them, “I will tell you when I make friends with the eldest son of that family!”

In fact, Qiao Xi was not very interested in this matter. “Hmm, fighting! See ya!”

Jing Yan, who’d remained respectful to the big shot from the beginning to the end, also said, “Come on! You can do it!”

So the two groups bid farewell and separated.

As soon as Jing Yan got into the flying car, his tense body loosened and he lowered his head, while his whole body exuded a decadent breath.

Qiao Xi was taken aback and became worried. “What’s wrong?”

“Qiao Xiaoxi.” Jing Yan took the little chicken into his arms, rubbing the other party hard, and said aggrievedly, “I’m not clean!”

“…” Qiao Xi always felt that he could not keep up with Jing Yan’s way of thinking at all, so he had to ask humbly to understand, “What happened?”

“I’m filthy!” Jing Yan said nervously, “Is your friend’s mouth tight? Will he leak other people’s secrets?”

Qiao Xi: “When did you have a secret?”

Jing Yan shut up as soon as he heard this.

Little chicken Qiao Xi puffed his face.

Obviously, He Ye was his friend, Jing Yan was also his friend. The two now knew each other because of him as well.

Moreover, it was only less than a day, the interaction between the two happened in front of him—it seemed that something big had happened between them, but he, who was in the center, knew nothing about it!

Qiao Xi was so angry that he jumped out of Jing Yan’s arms and stared at the man in front of him while asking, “You really are not going to tell me?”

Jing Yan looked at the little chicken in embarrassment.

Qiao Xi was very unhappy, he also felt a bit sour. Thus, he became angry and didn’t say anything more.

Jing Yan became uneasy that he couldn’t free himself from what had happened. He began to imagine how to settle the problem if that guy told others about today’s matter. Thinking about all of that made Jing Yan feel suffocated.

On the other side, He Ye was greeted by a dozen ducks as soon as he got into the flying car. He nodded with a smile. “Very good.”

The guard asked carefully, “Your Royal Highness, why did you want so many ducks?”

“As a meeting gift.” He Ye reached out, nodding his head at the duck beside him. “This will help me form a friendship with the eldest prince.”

Guard: “…?”

The two flying cars took off in different directions, each finding a detour in order to hide and prevent leaking out their whereabouts, which would attract unnecessary trouble.

It took half an hour to arrive at the wolf palace.

At this moment, outside the main palace of the wolf palace.

The dignified Wolf Queen was standing with the young wolf.

Jing Yu looked up with expectation and asked, “Mom, will that whale race prince be willing to form an allyship with us?”

“It’s not him to decide about this matter, but you can make him get close to you first.” The queen frowned, and said sternly, “I have said this several times, why can’t you remember it? When the whale race prince arrives, don’t mention this matter in front of him!”

“Yes, I understand.” Jing Yu immediately closed his mouth nervously.

“This is a rare opportunity.” The queen stared at the sky. She then narrowed her eyes slightly and said in a low voice, “Don’t embarrass me.”

Jing Yu pursed his lips, not daring to say a word.

After a while, a flying car appeared in the sky, and landed slowly on the ground.

Another flying car also appeared 20 meters away, and landed on the ground as well.

The queen glanced at the distant flying car and recognized that it was Jing Yan’s flying car. She withdrew her gaze and walked toward the flying car in front of her with a smile.

As soon as the door opened, two guards came down, then a slender leg stretched out and stepped onto the ground. A handsome, young man with a slightly indifferent expression bent over and walked out of the flying car. The queen smiled excitedly. “Prince Ye He, welcome to the wolf race!”

Jing Yu also hurriedly said, “Welcome, welcome!”

He Ye, or Ye He, had no time to pay attention to the Wolf Queen and the little prince in front of him. He suddenly noticed two strong gazes on him, hence he subconsciously turned his head and came into contact with the two, who had just gotten out of the speeding car, which was 20 meters away from him.

The stupefied Qiao Xi: “…?”

The apprehensive Jing Yan: “…?”

The skeptical Ye He: “…?”

Three people were staring at each other, making the queen have a bad feeling, and she barely maintained her smile. “…Prince Ye He?”

A gust of wind passed by.

Jing Yan: “Wait, so the eldest son who ‘likes to eat internal organs’ is referring to me?”

Qiao Xi: “…” Sometimes it was not a good thing to react this fast.

Two ducks flew out of the flying car behind Ye He, and their feathers scattered all over the ground. “Quack—”

Jing Yan instantly forgot about his uneasy feeling. He opened his eyes wide and his face turned livid. “I don’t want ducks!!”

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