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TMSLCWP Chapter 16

He was not only doing something stupid earlier, but he was seen through and being played by the other party as well. Jing Yan really wanted to bang his head to death on the table!

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 16: He was not only doing something stupid earlier, but he was seen through and being played by the other party as well. Jing Yan really wanted to bang his head to death on the table!

The corner of Qiao Xi’s mouth116 twitched when he watched Jing Yan being taken away by the guards.

He Ye, who was sitting opposite him, noticed his gaze and turned to look at Jing Yan as well, but at this moment, Jing Yan had already been stuffed into the flying car and flown away.

At the same time, a group of guards had been quietly arranged around Qiao Xi.

He Ye spoke more seriously at this moment, “Are you alright? If there is a problem in your family, you can tell me.”

Although Qiao Xi didn’t say much, he could sense that the reason Qiao Xi came to the wolf race was a bit odd.

Qiao Xi smiled. Shaking his hand, he said, “I’m fine, don’t worry. Also, the person just now is really my friend.”

Regarding the first of Qiao Xi’s sentences, He Ye looked at him with a probing gaze for a while. Afterward, he didn’t ask anymore; he rather reminisced about their past friendship.

The two hadn’t met each other for more than a year, and they didn’t expect to meet again in the wolf race’s territory.

He Ye actually couldn’t acclimatize well in the wolf race.

The wolf race was one of the nine beastmen races in the world that loved animal form the most. Therefore, hardly any wolves on the streets and alleys could be seen in a human form.

It was also because of this that the entire wolf race area had many wolves’ fur hair floating everywhere.

“The same is true for the Three Meow Alliance.” He Ye and Qiao Xi each had a cup of coffee in their hands. They planned to leave the restaurant, so He Ye put on a mask. “I feel that my allergic rhinitis is about to show effect.”

Qiao Xi laughed. He Ye was the representative of the whale race. He couldn’t say by himself that he didn’t like the wolf race and the Three Meow Alliance. What’s more, he was unable to integrate with the other two races at all.

The little chicken swayed while following the handsome young man. Now and then, the pedestrians on the side of the road would cast a novelty look at the little chicken.

The young man asked again, “By the way, where are you studying now? Is it a wolf race school?”

“Well…you can also think of it like that.” Qiao Xi replied.

“Which one? Let’s see if I can sneak over and become one of their exchange students at some time.” He Ye was already planning to use his same old trick.

Qiao Xi said helplessly, “The centralized exam will be held soon, what are you running around for! Besides, aren’t you afraid that you will be sneezing all day?”

“Tsk.” When this topic was mentioned, He Ye shut up immediately without any intention of continuing to fool around.

Not far behind the two, some people within the crowd were following them.

Several people originally gathered in front of a beverage shop to buy milk tea. But after seeing Qiao Xi, they hurriedly followed him in order to ensure his safety.

A few men walked out concurrently after buying big fried sausages from a neighboring store as well.

The two groups walked two or three steps side by side, then they subconsciously glanced at each other.

One of Qiao Xi’s guards said in a friendly manner, “Hahaha, are the sausages delicious?”

The other party also replied harmoniously, “It’s okay. Is the milk tea good?”

And He Ye, who was walking in the front, turned back inadvertently. He took out his phone and sent out a message. “The smell is floating over here, stay a little further away from me.”

After a while, he received a reply. “Yes, Your Highness T^T”

Jing Yan said that he was busy, and he really was.

He went to the foot bath center to pick up his grandfather. Then, the two returned to the mansion. During that period, Jing Yan kept on glancing at his phone all the time with a nervous expression.

After getting out of the flying car, his grandfather asked unhurriedly, “Why, are you still thinking about the bird prince?”

“Yes.” Jing Yan replied casually. Then, as if he had just realized, he raised his head in shock, staring at the old man with bright eyes.

He…he could see through him?!

His grandfather sneered. “You, lad, have many friends, but among these friends, you seem to be paying too much attention to that little bird prince?”

He didn’t attend the dinner banquet of the Leopard King and Queen, but someone in his family went, and after returning, the other party also gave him a vivid description of the event.

Jing Yan’s face turned visibly red, making the housekeeper, who came to greet him, become surprised.

Jing Yan whispered, “Grandpa…”

The old man waved his hands and said, “I will not meddle in your business, but remember to let Grandpa know first when the time comes.”

Jing Yan’s eyes lit up, he was overjoyed. “That must be! Thank you, Grandpa!”

Even if people of the same sex being together was not strange in the beastmen world, Jing Yan didn’t expect his grandfather to agree so easily, which made him excited for a while.

The old man smiled. He tapped one of his fingers on Jing Yan’s head while shaking his head, and walked into the house. He suddenly thought of something. “Right, is the footbath industry particularly developed in the bird race?”

“Yes. After I’ve caught him, I will take you to the largest foot bath canter in the bird race as soon as possible.” Jing Yan said enthusiastically.

Since the old man let him chase Qiao Xiaoxi, Jing Yan would not only take him to the foot bath center, he would even open the foot bath center to celebrate his love with Qiao Xiaoxi!

Jing Yan thought passionately.

The old man laughed. “By the way, what happened to the little bird prince that made you become this nervous?”

“He has an appointment with a man today!” Jing Yan’s expression changed and he said this while grinding his teeth.

Since his grandfather had keen eyes and could see through his mind, Jing Yan shouted, “I have to deal with this matter as soon as possible! I definitely can’t let Qiao Xi stay with that guy for too long!”

“Hah, you don’t have any confidence in yourself?”

Jing Yan was poked on a painful spot. He opened his eyes and retorted, “How can this be called lacking confidence? This is being careful, only a careful person like me will make no mistake!”

“Well, you are being so careful. But have you ever thought that there truly is something between the bird prince and his friend? Maybe they have already kissed each other by now?” The old man smiled happily while saying something terrible.

Jing Yan’s panic-stricken roar suddenly sounded in the house. “Impossible!!!”

Jing Yan felt that it was actually a wrong thing for him to let Grandpa discover his thoughts. Because afterwards, his grandfather and his cousin would laugh and poke his heart over and over again. His mentality finally collapsed.

His grandfather and his cousin were saying that Qiao Xi and the little white face hugged each other and kissed each other. Perhaps the two people were currently talking about their marriage.

“This is only a premise, there might be something between the two.” The cousin said to Jing Yan, who was listless, his eyes were empty as if his soul had drifted out of his body. “If it’s nothing between them, then what are you worried about? Jing Yan, ah, Jing Yan. Big brother, let me give you some advice; what’s yours is yours, and if it’s not, then it will not be yours. So, don’t do such a thing as keeping an eye on someone like that in the future. Poor brother, I feel sympathy for you.”

It was a pity that Jing Yan’s thoughts seemed to completely wander away, and he didn’t even listen to what the other party had said.

The cousin said to his sister, “How come this kid became like that?”

His sister shook her head. “None of us in the family is as stupid as him when we fall in love.”

“That is probably the genes of the Wolf King.” The cousin shifted the blame calmly to the other person.

“It must be.” The sister also nodded without changing her expression.

Jing Yan was initially anxious. Yet, at this moment, he was so scared by his family that he couldn’t think straight.

Jing Yan would be on the point of death if he didn’t see Qiao Xi perfectly fine with his own eyes, so he left anxiously after lunch. When he got in the flying car, Jing Yan struggled for some time before he tentatively called Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi received a call from Jing Yan. He was extremely surprised when he learned that Jing Yan’s business was over. “You finished handling everything so soon?”

“Mhm.” Jing Yan asked cautiously, “Where are you?”

In front of Qiao Xi, He Ye turned his eyes, and smiled all of sudden. “Has your friend had lunch? If not, let him come and join us.”

Qiao Xi glanced at him with hesitation.

He Ye shrugged. “We have ordered a lot, and we can’t finish it anyway.”

Since He Ye said so, Qiao Xi would naturally ask Jing Yan.

Jing Yan didn’t expect Qiao Xi’s friend to invite him. He was a bit stunned. For a moment, he thought that the other guy was a good person?

However, he was really frightened by his family just now, so Jing Yan couldn’t let go of his wariness entirely. Hence, he hastily responded, and appeared in front of Qiao Xi in less than twenty minutes.

Qiao Xi was flabbergast. “So fast!”

Jing Yan smoothed out his hair, gasping for breath, and said elegantly, “I happened to be nearby.”

Jing Yan pulled out a chair and sat beside Qiao Xi. He looked at He Ye solemnly. “Sorry for disturbing you.”

“It’s fine. You can order more if you want to.” He Ye smiled.

Jing Yan looked at the two of them calmly. The guards didn’t report any special circumstances to him, and Qiao Xi’s and his friend’s attitudes were normal. So, nothing should have happened…

He Ye unexpectedly picked up a pair of chopsticks for Qiao Xi.

Jing Yan’s eyes sharpened.

Qiao Xi: “Ah, thank you!”

He Ye smiled and said, “You’re welcome.” After that, he glanced at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan also stared at him.

He Ye rested his chin on his palm, and said meaningfully to Qiao Xi, “Eat more, I like it—when you are chubby and healthy.”

Qiao Xi glanced at him strangely. However, He Ye raised his eyebrows at Jing Yan with a provocative look in his eyes.

Jing Yan immediately reacted as if he was struck by lightning. This, this guy was not a ‘good person’ at all! This fellow was having thoughts about Qiao Xi!!

Jing Yan froze in place, thinking about how to deal with the current situation. The online tutorial didn’t teach him how to confront his love rival head-on!

After a moment of madness in his heart, he picked up the ladle nervously, and said uneasily, “I will give you a bowl of soup! Qiao Xi, I also like your chubby and healthy appearance!”

Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan.

This man’s behavior seemed to be a little wrong today. There was a bit of sweat on Jing Yan’s face, his lips were pressed together tightly into a straight line and his eyes were filled with worriedness.

Qiao Xi put down the tableware, stretching out his wings to cover Jing Yan’s hand, and said with concern, “Jing Yan, are you alright? Did something happen?”

Jing Yan paused. He looked at Qiao Xi, then He Ye, who showed a smile yet not a smile.

Qiao Xi noticed something. Thus, he turned his gaze toward He Ye.

After pondering for a while, Qiao Xi moved the meal that he had ordered to Jing Yan. “Leave me alone. You eat a little more by yourself, in case you get hungry. Moreover, are the two of you hiding something from me?”

Jing Yan stiffened again.

He Ye chuckled calmly. He leaned back, looking at the street and said carelessly, “Ah, the wolf race is so boring. I can’t see any beautiful women.”

After hearing this, Jing Yan took two second to react, and he was taken aback.

Qiao Xi complained, “You only like the beauties of your whale race. No matter how beautiful the wolf race women are, I think you are afraid that they will cause you allergic rhinitis, right?”

“…Okay, let’s not talk about this.” He Ye coughed lightly.

“Besides, when you came to our place as an exchange student, our school flower chased you, but you didn’t respond at all!”

He Ye said slowly, “I like the mature type, she is too innocent.”

Qiao Xi gave him a contemptuous look.

The two then discussed, “You like someone older than you.”

“Isn’t that good?”

Qiao Xi felt that Jing Yan seemed to be quiet all of sudden. Then he saw He Ye’s gaze move. He drank soup while joking with a certain someone who hadn’t said anything for a while now. “Right, my friend, are you an artist, the kind of person with a very rich imagination?”

Qiao Xi subconsciously said, “He actually draws well…”

When he turned his head, Qiao Xi was shocked to find out that the blue veins on the back of Jing Yan’s hands, holding the chopstick, were throbbing.

Jing Yan’s face flushed with shame.

Mature, innocent, older love…

…This, this was a fucking straight guy!

Damn it, looks like he was not only doing something stupid earlier, but he was seen through and played by the other party as well. Jing Yan really wanted to bang his head to death on the table!

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