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TMSLCWP Chapter 18

Ah! Qiao Xiaoxi took the lead again, he is so soft! Laozi is going to die!

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 18: Ah! Qiao Xiaoxi took the lead again, he is so soft! Laozi is going to die!

It was only then did Jing Yan remembered something—the whale race!

Qiao Xi didn’t say anything in detail yesterday. However, during their conversation, he had fortuitously mentioned that his friend was of the whale race, but Jing Yan had ignored it at that time!

Qiao Xi’s friend was the whale prince—and because the whale race and the wolf race rarely interacted, Jing Yan didn’t even know the name of the whale race’s current prince, nor did he know what the other person looked like. He now finally figured out everything!

And another thing; it was fine if the stories only told that he would eat people. But why did the story version within the whale race say that he ate internal organs instead??? Has his story been adapted into a dark fairy tale?!

Just now, he hadn’t known anything about this and he’d even chatted happily with the other party for so long—

Jing Yan recalled how uneasy he had been during that time, and he was so angry right now that he wanted to go forward and fight immediately!

Qiao Xi hurriedly stopped him. “Jing Yan! Calm down!”

Qiao Xi himself was also surprised.

He didn’t know He Ye’s identity at all. Now, thinking about it again, He Ye had appeared and left today with a flying car, however, he didn’t catch a glimpse of He Ye’s flying car. Therefore, when he saw a familiar young man getting out of the flying car in front of him, Qiao Xi became confused.

The Wolf Queen called He Ye ‘prince’? So He Ye was the whale prince??

Add that to He Ye’s reason for coming to the wolf race—it turned out that he was sent by the Whale Queen to interact with the wolf race!

After Ye He recovered his senses, he said to the Wolf Queen, “…I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I know them, so I will go over and talk about something with them first.”

The Wolf Queen’s expression changed—how could this be possible? She had never heard of Jing Yan having made friends with the whale race!

Ye He walked quickly toward the two. He stopped in front of them and said to Jing Yan, “…Are you the ‘eldest son’?”

Right, Qiao Xi had mentioned this person named Jing Yan.

He hadn’t remembered at all that this was also the name of a wolf race prince, he had just felt that the name was familiar, but later he’d tossed it to the back of his mind and never thought of it again…

Jing Yan said angrily, “You stay away from me!!”

He’d even had a serious discussion with this person about those of the wolf race that ate internal organs for half a day! He was an idiot, a super idiotic one!

“…” Ye He turned his head to Qiao Xi. “You are also a prince?”

Qiao Xi nodded with difficulty, and whispered, “Yes.”

Ye He was first stunned, yet just a few seconds later he laughed out of the blue, clapping his hands and saying, “What a coincidence!”

“It’s not a coincidence!” Jing Yan was almost dying because of annoyance. He watched the ducks fly out of Ye He’s flying car one after another, and said resentfully, “Take your ducks away!”

Ye He shrugged. “You said the wolves that had atavism like to hunt—”

Jing Yan roared, “I don’t eat raw meat or internal organs!!!”

His roar resounded the whole sky.

Ye He raised his eyebrows. “My friend, don’t you think what happened today is very interesting?”

Jing Yan stagnated.

…This person!!!

Qiao Xi turned his head and stared at Jing Yan. “What on earth are you playing?”

Jing Yan was under a lot of pressure, he could only endure and said with humiliation, “Anyhow, I don’t like ducks, I don’t want them!”

Ye He pondered for a while, and said, “Alright, but I will come to you later.”

Jing Yan opened and closed his mouth, obviously very unwilling. After a moment of depression, he pulled Ye He to the side.

Qiao Xi was taken aback. He stood still, staring at the two. The little chicken’s face puffed again.

In a low and muffled voice, Jing Yan spoke, “You, you forget what happened today, don’t mention it again, I…will let you enter my forest.”

Ye He: “I still need permission to enter your forest?”

Jing Yan: “Of course! Don’t you need approval when you go to other people’s houses?”

Ye He: “But if you don’t let me in, I can still threaten you and tell Qiao Xi about that matter.”

“…” Jing Yan stared at Ye He. “Qiao Xi doesn’t know about this yet…”

After a pause, he said sullenly, “I’m sorry, I treated you as a rival in love since the beginning.”

Ye He smiled. Needless to say, he knew that Qiao Xi didn’t know about this matter at all. As for being treated as a rival in love by Jing Yan, Ye He didn’t care much, he thought it was fun.

After thinking about it, he decided not to continue teasing the person in front of him. “Alright, you allow me to enter your forest and I won’t tell anyone about today’s matter.”

Jing Yan didn’t expect Ye He to let everything go so quickly, so he said cautiously, “If you break your word, you will always be a single dog.”

Ye He spread his hands and smiled. “Okay—so you like chicken or duck?”

Jing Yan blushed. “…chicken.”

Ye He: “Then are you an artist?”

Jing Yan: “…”

Ye He laughed. “Haha, alright, let’s not talk about this anymore.”

The two had quickly reached an agreement, and the three people, who were squeezed out by them, became a little uncomfortable.

The queen stood not far away, staring fixedly at the two men whispering to each other.

Jing Yu was both surprised and jealous, but when he noticed his mother clenching her fists, he felt fear more.

As for Qiao Xi…when he saw Jing Yan and He Ye whispering, while Jing Yan’s ears were red, the whole chicken puffed up with anger.

After the two finished talking, Jing Yan was still a bit depressed, but he could at least let go of the stupid things he had done today.

Sigh…why did these things happen?

He rubbed the back of his neck and walked over. Qiao Xi looked up at Jing Yan silently.

Jing Yan was being stared at by the other party for a while, thus he tilted his head in confusion. “Hm?”

Ye He had to deal with the Wolf Queen and the little prince, who were still waiting for him not far behind, so he asked Jing Yan, “Want to have dinner together?”

Jing Yan waved his hand. “I won’t eat with them. You can come to find us in the forest, and I will notify the guards.”

Ye He touched his chin, glanced back at the Wolf Queen and the little prince.

The queen smiled reluctantly. “Most of the time, the three meals in the palace are eaten separately.”

Ye He looked at her inquisitively and laughed. “Oh, I see. Let’s go then, Your Majesty, the Queen.”

On the other hand, Jing Yan wanted to leave on the spot when he saw the ducks’ feathers flying indiscriminately everywhere, so he muttered, “We should go as well, Qiao Xi.”

After walking for two steps, Jing Yan found that Qiao Xi hadn’t followed. Hence, he paused, and turned his head puzzledly. “What’s the matter?”

Qiao Xi asked awkwardly, “Are you leaving without holding me? It rained just now and the ground is slippery.”

Jing Yan: “!” Qiao Xiaoxi took the initiative to ask for a hug!

Jing Yan’s heart melted. He became happy in an instant. Without saying a word, he bent down, scooped the little chicken into his arms and said happily, “If you like it, I will hold you forever!”

Qiao Xi felt a little more comfortable now, he adjusted his posture and laid down in Jing Yan’s arms. He pondered for a moment, and decided to stretch out his two wings, wrapping them around Jing Yan’s neck quietly.

Jing Yan’s spirit became excited. Ah! Qiao Xiaoxi took the lead again, he is so soft! Laozi is going to die!

Qiao Xi raised his head, glancing at Jing Yan. He saw that the other party’s mouth kept rising, seemingly in a good mood. The inexplicable anxiety he had earlier had faded a little.

But he still asked, “What did you talk about just now, why was your face so red at that time?”

Jing Yan was shocked and his face flushed again.

Qiao Xi’s heartbeat sped up. This time, Jing Yan didn’t choose to conceal it. No matter how slow his brain was, he still knew that if he continued to hide from Qiao Xi, the little chicken might explode.

Jing Yan turned his eyes away. He said while blushing, “He asked me if I like chicken or duck, and I… I said I like chicken.”

Qiao Xi was stunned. It took him half a minute to react. He trembled, and his feathers bristled up slightly.


Qiao Xi felt that his temperature had risen a little, he also wanted to raise the corners of his mouth.

The two were silent for a while, then Qiao Xi whispered, “You can’t eat chicken.”

Jing Yan also responded softly, “…Mhm.”

Jing Yan: Damn it, my mind is starting to turn blank!

Qiao Xi: Ah, what am I talking about!!

When entering the palace, Jing Yu noticed that the atmosphere was a bit stiff.

Jing Yan and Ye He, the whale race prince, also knew each other…

Why did everyone like to become friends with Jing Yan?

Jing Yu couldn’t understand it.

Although there were many people around him, he subconsciously knew that those around him were different from those around Jing Yan.

The people that stayed with Jing Yan were very cool, just like the person that was walking beside him now—

He raised his head and glanced at Ye He, who had an indifferent expression. Jing Yu then whispered, “Brother Ye He, how did you meet Jing Yan? Do you know about some matters related to him?”

Jing Yu had heard one or two words from the conversation between Jing Yan and Ye He. He felt that the two people hadn’t known each other for that long, and it seemed that their identities were only revealed after they met again. So, they might have encountered each other by chance outside the palace.

If he guessed right, there might be a chance for him…

The queen was walking in the front. She cocked her head, and didn’t say anything when she heard what her son had asked.

Ye He said lazily, “For example, that he eats raw meat? I heard this within the whale race.”

Jing Yu said hastily, “More than that, he also eats human flesh!”

The queen warned, “Jing Yu, don’t talk nonsense!”

Jing Yu retorted weakly, “I saw it with my own eyes…”

The queen reasoned out calmly, “It was dark at that time, you might have been mistaken.”

Jing Yu’s lips moved, but he didn’t dare to say anything more.

Ye He smiled, and changed the subject. “By the way, no one is allowed to enter Jing Yan’s forest at will? If someone wants to enter, they need to let him inform the guards first?”

Upon hearing Ye He’s question, Jing Yu thought that the other party was displeased, so he said excitedly, “Yes! He has three beasts living in the forest. If anyone goes there without his permission, they will be eaten by the beasts. Jing Yan has no conscience at all!”

Ye He: “He’s a person that is hard to get along with, right?”

Seeing that Ye He asked such a question, Jing Yu judged that Ye He and Jing Yan had a weak relationship. Thus, he complained, “Originally, I don’t know how the two of you met, but Jing Yan doesn’t care much about people and he rarely makes friends with outsiders!”

After thinking about this, Jing Yu felt his statement was wrong. Because the leopard and the butterfly princes, who were currently living in the forest, had a really good relationship with Jing Yan.

Jing Yu had no choice but to add, “The friends he made are all nobles and princes!”

The queen continued to walk forward.

Ye He asked leisurely, “Then how did Qiao Xi end up with Jing Yan?”

Jing Yu’s and the queen’s footsteps suddenly became heavy.

Ye He continued unhurriedly, “It’s true that Jing Yan and I have just met. I don’t know much about him, therefore I’ll just regard him as an acquaintance for the time being. But Qiao Xi and I have known each other for so long.”

“I’m really curious. I have never heard Qiao Xi mention that he had friends in the wolf race before. As a result, he disappeared from school for a few days, and met such difficulty within the wolf race. What’s more, the bird race is a weak clan, so are there any requirements when making friends with Jing Yan?” Ye He smiled. “Do you know what happened?”

The author has something to say:


Qiao Xi: Chicken is the best. Let’s eat chicken together!

Jing Yan: No, I’m not going to eat, how can I eat chicken!


Qiao Xi: You can’t eat chicken.

Jing Yan:…Um. (actually want to eat.)


Qiao Xi: You can’t eat other chicken.

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