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TMSLCWP Chapter 15

What kind of man was that? He could even hook Qiao Xi!

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 15: What kind of man was that? He could even hook Qiao Xi!

The whale race friend first met Qiao Xi when he went to the bird race as an exchange student. Although the two people’s personalities were different, they surprisingly could get along well. After the little friend went back, the two still kept in touch.

“Where do you live now? I will go to the wolf race to look for you directly.” The whale race friend, He Ye, asked lazily.

Qiao Xi said uncertainty, “I live in the capital of the wolf race…the central area. When the time comes, we will make an appointment.”

“Okay.” He Ye didn’t think much about this and then talked about other things.

Qiao Xi listened for the whole time. This time, the little friend had been thrown out by his parents, asking him to be on the go. Besides, they also wanted him to communicate more with people from other races. But in the end, why had he been brought back to his race by his parents from the bird race?

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but laugh…because He Ye had become an exchange student without telling his parents by acting first and reporting later!

Qiao Xi didn’t know how this worked either. Anyway, He Ye had been an exchange student for three months and was then taken back home by his parents, who couldn’t bear it.

In addition, the ‘friend’ where He Ye’s parents let him visit seemed to be a very annoying kid. He Ye’s tone also revealed some irritation. It was Qiao Xi’s first time hearing him be like this, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Qiao Xi planned to ask Jing Yan about going out of the palace tomorrow morning.

Jing Yan and Jiao Yue were sitting and talking around the bonfire, of which only a pile of ashes was left over.

“That woman wants to win over the whale race?” Jing Yan sneered.

“Well, they will come to visit tomorrow.” Jiao Yue said.

It was common for the beast races to form an alliance. And it was also common for the princes and princesses to become allies with the foreign races, it was like a token to prove their strength.

However, the ‘allyship’ was a matter between two beast races. In order to prevent certain ‘unpleasant’ things from happening, the beast races that formed an alliance would have some tacit ‘rules’ for each other. For this reason, becoming an ally for the princes and princesses could only be regarded as a piece of an ‘achievement’ and it didn’t need substantive action during a critical moment.

Therefore, people usually thought that the prince who could form allies was very powerful, but Jing Yan wasn’t interested at all. He was also too lazy to do it, and he had never made friends for the sake of this.

Those guys were brazen and often clung to him, they even had enough confidence that he would not leave them, such as the stupid leopard who was not far away, biting his own tail and spinning around in a circle!

Among his friends, the only allies that were associated with him were the Three Meow Alliance and the butterfly race. The existence of other people was not even known to the outsiders.

But even so, the queen seemed to care about this very much, and she always wanted to compete as well.

Jing Yan’s lips twitched. “If she wants to compare the strength so much, then just let her do it.”

Jiao Yue took more consideration. For example, the whale race that the queen invited this time was a king beast race in addition to the wolf race and the Three Meow Alliance. Although Jing Yan’s idea was right, it still couldn’t change the fact that the slightest change could affect the whole situation.


He glanced at the black wolf beside him.

This man appeared to be born with a power that could gather everyone together, and the friends around him were absolutely capable enough to suppress the whale race. Maybe this was the reason why the queen was unable to sit still—Hei Yu and Ke Lisi alone were enough to make the queen afraid, but the queen didn’t know that Jing Yan’s connections were stronger than she imagined.

Jiao Yue chuckled. “It’s too early to say this. The queen has invited the whale race several times already, and it is also the first time that the whale race has agreed to let the prince come over. Besides, he might not form an alliance with the wolf race through the queen.”

In the past, the three king beast races always regarded each other as unpleasant to the eye until the Three Meow Alliance and the wolf race began to have a good relationship because of Jing Yan. Nevertheless, the whale race was a little more difficult to handle than the Three Meow Alliance.

“Let’s not continue talking about this.” Jing Yan saw the little chicken approaching him smartly, and his tone immediately turned gentle. “Qiao Xi!”

When Jiao Yue heard Jing Yan’s tone, his expression suddenly became hard to decipher.

“Jing Yan!” Qiao Xi wagged his tail and said happily, “I have a friend who wants to come to the wolf palace to play. I want to meet him as well, can I go?”

Jing Yan was stunned, then he said, “Of course, is he a noble?”

Qiao Xi shook his head. “No, it’s a classmate from my former school.”

Only a few nobles in the bird race would play with him, Qiao Xi laughed in his heart.

Jing Yan thought for a while and asked tentatively, “Is your friend a man or a woman?”

Jiao Yue turned his head away, feeling that the current Jing Yan behaved like he seemed to suspect that his child would fall in love at an early age. And he began to interrogate slyly, just like a parent.

But Qiao Xi didn’t notice it at all, he answered softly, “Man!”

Jing Yan heaved a sigh of relief, but then his thoughts turned again. As a gay wolf, he still cared a little about men, thus he asked awkwardly, “Is he handsome?”

Qiao Xi felt somewhat indescribable and he replied in a low voice, “Quite handsome?”

Jing Yan’s heart trembled when he heard this.

—Quite handsome!

Although he knew that Qiao Xi may not like men, Jing Yan still felt a bit of disturbance in his heart. To be precise—the handsome man and Qiao Xi spending time alone together could make him feel a sense of crisis!

He pursed his lips, and asked, “When will you meet him?”

“Tomorrow.” Qiao Xi said, “Can I? I haven’t seen him for a long time, but I didn’t expect him to come to the wolf race. What a coincidence, hahaha!”

Qiao Xiaoxi was so happy that he laughed blissfully. Look how happy he was!!! What kind of man was that? He could even hook Qiao Xi!

There was an alarm in Jing Yan’s heart.

It was a pity that he couldn’t take back his words. So he had to ask sourly, “I’ll also go out tomorrow…or should I send you there? What’s more, you have a special identity, so I’ll let the guards follow you from behind.”

“Okay, then I have to trouble you!” Qiao Xi nodded very cooperatively.

When Qiao Xi turned around and left, Jiao Yue lifted his brows while looking at Jing Yan. “I think you should plant lemon trees in the forest?”

Jing Yan glared at him. “If eating lemons can stop me from being jealous for the rest of my life, I will pack all the lemon trees in this world.”

Jiao Yue rubbed the corner of his eyes. “Alright, don’t talk anymore, my ears hurt.”

Jing Yan was about to die from anger.

For the rest of the day, and all through the night, Jing Yan kept on blindly visualizing the first love rival in his life. He secretly gained strength. On the next day, the prosperous manner of how Jing Yan was dressed frightened Qiao Xi.

The man had put on a suit with a tie and sprayed his hair with hairspray. His attitude was even more solemn than the day when the Leopard King and Queen had visited. Qiao Xi asked hesitantly, “…Are you going to join an important lunch banquet?”

…What kind of lunch banquet could be more important than the banquet in the wolf palace?

Jing Yan calmly said, “No, I’m going to visit my grandfather later.”

Qiao Xi: “…Is your grandfather’s birthday today?”

Jing Yan: “No, why are you asking this? I’ll go to the foot bath center to pick him up for a meal later.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

So who or what was worthy enough to make Jing Yan dress like this???

Qiao Xi couldn’t say anything more, so he shut his mouth and followed Jing Yan, who looked especially noble and cold today, to the flying car.

Because they were leaving the palace, their flying car was very low-key, and another one behind them was filled with guards.

When going out, it wasn’t the same as when he was in the forest. Hence, the phone must be taken with him wherever he went. So Qiao Xi carried a beast race special small bag with him.

The moment Jing Yan got in the flying car, he approached Qiao Xi in a lofty and cold manner, then he asked, “Am I handsome today?”

Qiao Xi nodded honestly. “Very handsome!”

Jing Yan’s lips curled up, he actually wanted to ask another question, such as ‘Who is more handsome between me and your friend?’. However, in order to not make himself appear too childish, he abruptly held back.

Jing Yan was tense all the way, he was even a little nervous. After half an hour of travel, they finally arrived at Qiao Xi’s given destination.

“Ah, He Ye has arrived!” Qiao Xi said as he leaned forward to the window and pointed at the youth, who was sitting in the outdoor seating area of the restaurant.

Jing Yan leaned over at once, looking sharply at the back of his ‘rival in love’.

The youth was dressed in a very casual way, with his hair dyed. The light golden appearance of his was particularly shabby. The youth’s body was thinner than him, maybe that guy had no muscles at all, as for his face…he couldn’t see it!

However, Jing Yan felt that the other party’s combative strength shouldn’t be as strong as him. Seeing Qiao Xi was about to get off, Jing Yan smoothed down his clothes and combed his shiny hair, then he picked up the little chicken with one hand, pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Immediately afterwards, the eyes of the pedestrians and the other guests in the restaurant looked straight at one place!

It was a tall figure with long and slender legs, dressed in a suit. Mom, he’s super handsome!

But the handsome man actually held a little chicken?!

Qiao Xi returned to his senses and whispered, “Jing Yan, you let me down, I will go by myself…”

Jing Yan refused righteously. “It just rained, and the road is slippery.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

After holding Qiao Xi all the way to meet the youth, the other party finally raised his head and his eyes were fixed on Qiao Xi who was in Jing Yan’s arms.

That guy didn’t have muscles, so he won!

Jing Yan smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Qiao Xi’s good friend.”

The youth stood up and smiled. “Hello, I am also Qiao Xi’s good friend.”

The two people smiled at each other. Qiao Xi’s round eyes shifted between them, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t quite right…

Jing Yan took the lead to look away, he put Qiao Xi on the seat that was opposite to the youth, and warned him repeatedly in a warm manner, “Pay attention to your safety, and go home early. If I finish dealing with my matter first, then I’ll come and pick you up?”

“Okay, let’s get in touch when the time comes.” Qiao Xi answered obediently.

Jing Yan smiled at the youth again. “Our Qiao Xi has to trouble you.”

—Hahaha, he learned this phrase from the internet, which was called ‘declaration of sovereignty’!!!

The youth raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to Qiao Xi.”

The youth’s response made Jing Yan feel a bit uncomfortable. He restrained himself slightly, then he looked at Qiao Xi and the youth. Jing Yan didn’t want to leave, but those two pairs of eyes were staring at him as if waiting for him to leave. Thus, he waved goodbye at Qiao Xi reluctantly. “Qiao Xi, I’ll be going first.”

Just when Jing Yan was only a few steps away from the flying car, he heard the youth talking behind him. “He is unlikely to be your relative, why did I feel like he’s guarding you so strictly? If you have been captured by him, you can just wink at me, Qiao Xi.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Jing Yan turned around with a fierce look. The guards that were sent by Jiao Yue to stabilize him immediately held Jing Yan back.“Your Highness, please calm down!!!”

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