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TMSLCWP Chapter 12

Then which type do you like?

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 12: Then which type do you like?

“W-what’s the matter?” Jing Yan’s happiness bursted out, his voice suddenly becoming a mess. Then, his eyes swept over to Jing Yu’s figure that was hiding in the dark. Jing Yan’s voice immediately dropped to a certain degree: “That guy was coming to trouble you again, right?”

“No.” Qiao Xi murmured, then he looked up at the man in front of him.

Qiao Xi thought that, no matter what happened to Jing Yan, even if the other party lost control, it must have something to do with his parents’ genes. Qiao Xi didn’t want to touch Jing Yan’s scars because of his curiosity. Anyway, he still believed in this man.

“How could he not make things difficult for you?” Jing Yan didn’t believe it; holding Qiao Xi while in a dissatisfied mood, he walked out of the crowd.

If nothing had happened, then why would Qiao Xi throw himself into his arms?

Although it was a bit sad when the topic was brought up, Jing Yan could still sense that something must have occurred between the two of them, or else Qiao Xi wouldn’t have come to him!

Qiao Xi whispered: “He wanted me to go back with him.”

Jing Yan was taken aback, then he sneered: “Oh, did he think I’m robbing his toy?”

No matter how much Jing Yu tossed the toy back then, as long as the toy was robbed, he wanted to grab it back?

Such a heartless person, did he really not know what kind of harmful things he had done to others?

Wanting to take Qiao Xi back, did that guy want to throw the little chicken into the air again?

Or find someone to play tricks on Qiao Xi?

The flame in Jing Yan’s heart almost ‘exploded’.

He didn’t know how the man sitting on the throne of the wolf race and the current queen gave birth to such an idiot.

“I’m really fine, you don’t need to be mad.” Qiao Xi used his wings to pat Jing Yan’s chest in order to soothe the other party’s anger. “I already drove him away.”

Jing Yan watched Jing Yu flee away from the banquet hall coldly; when he retracted his gaze, he asked: “Why did he run away?”

Speaking of this, Qiao Xi’s eyes brightened: “I threw the plate at him!”

This was the first time that Qiao Xi had done this sort of thing. He did it in an oversimplified and crude way to send away the person that he loathed. It was pretty cool, and it was not as difficult as he thought!

Seeing Qiao Xi being so excited, Jing Yan suddenly felt funny.

However, when he thought that this was Qiao Xi’s first time and also a step forward for Qiao Xi to fight back, Jing Yan touched the little chicken’s head as an encouragement: “Well done, this is what you should do to the people you hate, and don’t worry about other things. I’m here after all.”

Qiao Xi wagged his tail happily.

The banquet dinner finally ended, and the Leopard Queen was still reluctant to part away from Ke Lisi.

The event had been very simple, but many people had also gathered a lot of information today.

For example—the young masters from the four great families were still standing by Jing Yan’s side.

They were the two young people1T/N: Jiao Yue and A Xue., whom the current queen once wanted to win over but never succeeded. They actually followed the simple, yet cruel style of the four great families, through which they could support whomever they wanted. What’s more, these two youths’ behavior almost represented the four great families in the race.

There were also the butterfly prince and the leopard prince as the Eldest Prince’s friends…

Just how capable was the Eldest Prince?

And the queen must be very anxious, right?

The beast races liked to have strength but they didn’t like to show it to others. They believed that only the strong were worthy of being a king. The beast kings also gave an opportunity for their children to compete with each other—of course, if everything was still under their control.

In these past few years, the Wolf King should have chosen the most suitable candidate in his heart, right?

However, when the current queen entered the palace twelve years ago, ‘The Eldest Prince has no power.’ became a rumor for a long while. But, after thinking about it now, this was totally a joke.

After the two bird guards left the scene with Jing Yu, they found time to contact the bird race palace secretly.

When they saw the bird king appear on the holographic screen, they immediately reported what they had seen and heard.

“…What you said is true?” The Bird King habitually drank some wine at night. His flushed face seemed hesitant.

“Of course, it’s true!”

Although the bird guard who had been rectified by Jing Yan hated the bird royal family, he also knew that he could only depend on the bird race to survive. He didn’t want the bird race to rely on the Wolf Queen entirely. Because of this, it made everyone feel uneasy.

The Bird King and Queen had never paid much attention to Jing Yan. They thought Jing Yu, who had the Wolf Queen as his backer, was much more worthy of their attention.

But now, the two bird guards had realized that the two sides didn’t seem to be on the same level at all…

The Bird King and Queen might have been in contact with the Wolf Queen for too long, this leading them to lose their judgment of the current situation in the wolf palace!

Besides, Qiao Xi was with Jing Yan now, and they couldn’t treat him like they used to!

The two guards looked at the beast king, who was still in a state of wavering. They couldn’t help but feel a little anxious; for the first time in their lives, they discovered that it would be a disaster to have such a stupid monarch.

One guard cautiously reminded the Bird King: “Your Majesty, since His Highness, The Fifth Prince, was sent to the wolf palace, you have never contacted him personally.”

Don’t even think about bringing the person back to the bird race; with the Bird King’s guts, he didn’t dare to ask the wolf race to return his youngest son. However, no one knew what the future would be, so it was better to make their father and son relationship closer than before, right?

As soon as the Bird King heard this, he suddenly felt guilty. Then he thought—Qiao Xi had never contacted him either? Even though Qiao Xi was wronged by them…but he had sacrificed himself for the bird race. So he shouldn’t blame them unwisely. Or did Qiao Xi want him, as a father, to lower his head to please his own son?

“It’s just a matter of the two children, why hurry?” The Bird King thought for a while, he had never felt that it was necessary to pay attention to Jing Yan. Rubbing his temple, while feeling a little headache, the Bird King asked: “Qiao Xi is currently with Jing Yan; the Wolf Queen is not angry?”

“No. After all, it was His Highness, Jing Yu, who threw His Highness, the Fifth Prince, away.” The guard muttered.

Even if the Wolf Queen lost her temper, she would aim it at Jing Yan, not Qiao Xi. Nevertheless, this wasn’t what they needed to pay much attention to, the most important thing now was Jing Yan and Qiao Xi!

The Bird King nodded: “You’re right. He was thrown by the Third Prince. It’s none of our business.”

The guard had no choice but to remind the Bird King once again: “Your Majesty, His Highness, Jing Yu, who had bullied His Highness, Qiao Xi, was avenged by His Highness, Jing Yan once.”

Jing Yu went too far at that time. However, Qiao Xi’s family, the bird race, had done more than that to him.

The guard felt that Jing Yan was probably disgusted with the bird race right now. In order to prevent some incident that might occur in the future, were they really not going to please Qiao Xi and Jing Yan?!

The Bird King thought of something from the past. His face changed slightly, but when he considered it once again, he still disagreed: “…Jing Yan is not the Wolf King. He isn’t the same as Jing Yu, who has the Wolf Queen’s protection. What can a child like him do? In the future, don’t report this kind of trivial thing to me. Also—”

The Bird King said with a slightly guilty conscience: “Tell Qiao Xi, if he wants to contact us, then let him call us himself. Don’t show a child temper…we had no other choice but to send him there. If he doesn’t think about us then he should just think about the entire bird race!”

The two bird guards: “…”

No way, they have to tell Qiao Xi about this? What a joke, they didn’t even dare to enter Jing Yan’s forest, alright?!

It was true that Jing Yan wasn’t the wolf king at the present time. But, Your Majesty, how much confidence do you have in the Wolf Queen? Maybe even the Wolf Queen, herself, didn’t have as much confidence as you have in her, okay?

What if Jing Yan succeeded in the future? And what if you suddenly die one day? Then, you should also consider the candidate that would become the future Bird King!

At this time, all the swear words in the bird guard’s heart burst out in an instant.

However, the Bird King didn’t have any intention to give them time to persuade, hence he directly cut off the connection.

On the other end, there was a light flickering in a girl’s eyes, who happened to hear the conversation. She knocked on the door that had left a small gap. After getting permission to enter, the girl walked in with a smile on her face: “Dad, drink this to counter the wine in your body first.”

The next day, after Qiao Xi finished his online classes, he received an unexpected call that surprised him.

It was his elder sister.

Qiao Xi had four elder brothers and sisters. Except for his fourth brother, the other three siblings were only interested in bullying him. After Qiao Xi went out of the palace to study with the commoners, the three older siblings ignored him entirely.

It could be said that, although Qiao Xi had his three brothers and sisters contact information, he had never called them nor had they contacted him.

This was the first time.

…And Qiao Xi even suspected that it was his third elder sister who damaged his phone. If it weren’t for Jing Yan and the others, he didn’t even know how many people had contacted him.

After thinking for a while, Qiao Xi answered the call.

Qiao Lian’s soft voice could be heard: “Xiao Xi?”

“….” Qiao Xi answered, “Big Sister? What’s the matter?”

“I heard that you are currently living at Jing Yan’s place?” Qiao Lian asked cautiously, “Some rumors related to Jing Yan are not very good, are you living well there?”

Qiao Lian’s sudden care was too strange. Qiao Xi felt that the other side must have been scheming something behind his back. Thus, he responded flatly: “I’m fine. Do you need anything?”

Qiao Lian said hesitantly: “Dad actually feels guilty toward you in his heart. He didn’t know how to face you, that’s why he didn’t call you. Qiao Xi, you will not resent us because of this, right?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes drooped slightly, he replied: “Big Sister, it sounds boring for you to say that.”

“Xiao Xi…” Qiao Lian was silent for a second, then said, “I know, both of us, brother and sister, don’t have a good relationship. But Xiao Xi, you are my younger brother after all. When you were sent away…I’m still worried about you…forget it. It is useless to say all of this. Now tell me honestly, is Jing Yan treating you well?”

Qiao Xi said: “Very well.”

“Aren’t people saying that he is fierce?” Qiao Lian asked, “Those rumors are false?”

“I don’t know, I never asked him. However, he is not that kind of person.” Qiao Xi glanced at the black wolf who was walking happily toward him.

Qiao Lian asked some more questions and Qiao Xi responded vaguely. Yet, he still had a faint hunch in his heart.

The other party said she contacted him because she cared about him. But, eight out of ten questions were related to Jing Yan. Rather than worrying about Qiao Xi’s safety in Jing Yan’s place, it was better to say—

“Well…” Finally, Qiao Lian paused, “I’m still not at ease. I want to go and see you, is that all right?”

Qiao Xi suddenly thought of the past.

He rebuffed: “No, I’m fine here. I am busy now, I’ll hang up first!”

Afterward, he immediately hung up without giving Qiao Lian a chance to say anything else.

Qiao Xie stared at the black wolf that moved toward him.

Jing Yan noticed that Qiao Xi’s gaze was a little subtle. After a moment of silence, he asked carefully: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Qiao Xi’s tone was a bit irritated and awkward, “What are you carrying on your back?”

When this was mentioned, Jing Yan became energetic again. Shaking the bag on his back, he said excitedly: “I bought clothes for you!”

Inside the little bag, he saw many small balls in it.

That kind of ball was called a ‘transformation ball’. Beastmen used them to wear on their bodies, and when the beastmen were in their human form, the transformation ball would automatically release the clothes that were stored inside it.

The transformation ball was mostly used by children who had an unstable transformation. Some beastmen that had a stable transformation would also wear one every day on their body.

There were two types of transformation balls. The first type was filled with bathrobes, which was the most convenient to wear, so when changing into the human form, the beastmen could instantly cover their nakedness. As for the other one, they were stored with normal clothes, and these required some time for the beastmen to put them on.

Ke Lisi and the others didn’t go out often, so they didn’t bother to wear a transformation ball. However, Qiao Xi was different, he had thin skin, thus he must wear one.

When he was caught by the wolf race, the transformation ball that he had worn on his body had fallen off. That’s why Qiao Xi became naked in front of Jing Yan and Hei Yu. In the end, he had covered his key part with leaves.

Nevertheless, he had borrowed one transformation ball from Jiao Yue and hung it around his small neck, hiding it under a layer of his feathers. He just didn’t expect that Jing Yan would buy so many for him.

Qiao Xi was a little flattered: “…You didn’t have to buy so many. Besides, I haven’t mastered my transformation yet. It’s no use for you to buy so many clothes…”

Jing Yan was still eager: “It’s okay. If you can transform smoothly later on, we will buy more!”

Qiao Xiaoxi must look the best in the world when he wears the clothes he bought!

The black wolf thought about this, wagging his tail blissfully.

Qiao Xi stared at Jing Yan for a moment. He then stretched out his wing, beckoning to Jing Yan.

Seeing this, Jing Yan also approached Qiao Xi obediently while expressing his doubt.

Qiao Xi displayed a picture, pointing to the girl in the picture and asked: “Do you think she is good-looking?”

Jing Yan looked at the picture for a while. After a brief moment, he shook his head calmly.

Qiao Xi heaved a sigh of relief. He put away his sister’s photo, pondering twice, and asked curiously: “Then which type do you like?”

Jing Yan was as shocked as if he was struck by a thunderbolt.

If he had been in his human form right now, his face would likely have turned as red as a tomato.

Nonetheless, he still couldn’t hide all of his emotions; a pair of silver pupils were filled with panic.

Jing Yan stammered: “Why are you asking this?!”

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    T/N: Jiao Yue and A Xue.
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  1. Avatar WX says:

    Every time I read this novel, my head thinks back to the times where I used to own a “handsome” pet chick. Ahhh~ it knew commands too, too bad it still hadn’t totally grown up yet and a cat ate it….I was soo heartbroken then. Now I keep on imagining that one as Qiao Xi, ahhhhh too adorable.

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!! ❤

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