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TMSLCWP Chapter 11

This was the first time that Qiao Xi threw himself into my arms, I’m dead!

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 11: This was the first time that Qiao Xi threw himself into my arms, I’m dead!

Qiao Xi felt it.

When everyone gathered behind him and confronted Jing Yu, he sensed the power that everyone gave him silently.

In fact, he still had an instinctive fear toward Jing Yu, because that memory had been engraved deeply in his mind. However, maybe the power that everyone gave him was too strong, because Qiao Xi actually dared to fight back little by little.

When Jing Yu left, he turned back and said to everyone: “Thank you.”

Jiao Yue touched his head and revealed a faint smile.

“Hey, Jing Yan. That guy, Jing Yu, his eyes appeared to be unwilling!” Ke Lisi seemed to say this casually.

Jing Yan snorted: “If he has the guts, then let him come.”

But, undoubtedly, Jing Yu didn’t dare to face Jing Yan.

The Leopard Queen also witnessed what had happened earlier. Lifting her brows, she asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It must be that kid who provokes Jing Yan, but this time it has something to do with Qiao Xi, who had been hiding by Jing Yan’s side.” Ai De said, “Qiao Xi was sent to Jing Yu by his parents, right?”

It wasn’t hard to guess.

The prince who had the weakest existence in the bird race suddenly appeared in the wolf palace and hid at Jing Yan’s place. Yet, his parents didn’t have any intention of taking him back at all, as if he was being sent to the wolf race as a gift for the wolf royal family.

Since the beginning, Jing Yan had never been interested in the bird race. Therefore, the Bird King couldn’t please Jing Yan, so he could only shift his target to Jing Yu by giving Qiao Xi to him. Afterwards, maybe Jing Yu’d had some motive of wanting to kill Qiao Xi, thus Jing Yan stepped in and protected him.

Qiao Xi was silent. His quietness had already counted as an answer.

Jing Yan pursed his lips and his eyes darkened.

The Leopard Queen and King looked at each other and sighed.

Their actions made Qiao Xi feel bitter in his heart.

Soon, the Wolf King also arrived. The banquet had officially begun.

As the eldest prince, Jing Yan couldn’t carry Qiao Xi with him all the time. Hence, the little chicken was abducted by Jing Yi and Ke Lisi.

Ke Lisi attended the banquet just for fun. So, he didn’t bother to follow his parents to greet the nobles nor the wolf royal family. While the Wolf King and his parents were busy chatting with everyone, the three of them had already eaten in a corner.

Jing Yi gobbled his steak, while Ke Lisi was eating ice cream.

Qiao Xi put the plate in front of him. On the plate, there were also chicken meats that Ke Lisi brought for him specially.

Not far away, the people who were listening to the kings from the two races turned their heads and caught a glimpse of…a chicken eating chicken meat. Everyone was dumbfounded; if it wasn’t for the fact that the chicken was brought by Jing Yan, they would’ve immediately taken a picture and posted it on social media.

At this moment, Ke Lisi rubbed his own neck that had been hugged by his mother just now and complained: “Just like I’ve said before, my mother will be like this. Her strength was even stronger than in the past!”

“It is because your mother missed you so much. Besides, do you have to wait until your ‘transmutation’ period before you can go back?” Jing Yi inquired vaguely.

Qiao Xi glanced at the two curiously.

Ke Lisi said: “If I return now, it will be the same as before. When those people see me, they will ask me why I haven’t changed yet? Why don’t I go and see the doctor? You know, it’s really annoying!”

Qiao Xi knew what ‘transmutation’ meant. Ever since the ancient times, the beastmen would experience a transmutation period at a certain age.

Besides the ‘transmutation’ period, there were the so-called ‘miracles’ that used to appear in ancient times. Those were the exceptional beastmen of every race, gifted with a special ability.

However, as time continued to move forwards, both the ‘transmutation’ and the ‘miracles’ were becoming less and less common.

Nowadays, this ‘transmutation’ still exists in the butterfly race and the leopard race.

The metamorphosis of the butterfly race would change from larva into an adult worm, then it would become a four-winged butterfly.

As for the transmutation of the leopard race, it had shifted from happening to juveniles; nowadays this took place in early adulthood.

By the age of 18, Ke Lisi’s animal form was still that of the little leopard.

As for the ‘miracles’, only the butterfly race retained them. But those butterflies who had the ability were also one in a thousand. In the present time, only four members of the butterfly race possessed the ability; they could control insects and use the butterfly powder to control people’s dreams. Qiao Xi had already discovered that Hei Yu was one of them.

He finally understood. It was because of the ‘concerns’ from the Three Meow Alliance that Ke Lisi insisted on staying in the forest. The little leopard had been living in the forest for just over a month.

Ke Lisi was really uncomfortable when he heard everyone in the Three Meow Alliance talk about him. His parents also let their subordinates pay close attention to those people. Nevertheless, they couldn’t control others’ mouths. In the end, he couldn’t help it and decided to hide in Jing Yan’s place for the time being.

Actually, everyone was always aware of Ke Lisi’s feelings. Even though Ai De used to joke around all the time, he had never mentioned anything that related to ‘transmutation’. Ke Lisi knew that his mother missed him, but he was not ready to return home yet. However, in order not to let his family worry too much, Ke Lisi often called them on a regular basis.

Honestly, he also had a selfish motive by wanting to wait until he could successfully pass the transmutation period before going back—if he could.

Sigh…” After sighing, Ke Lisi became whimsical again, “When will I be able to cross the transmutation period? Maybe the transmutation of the leopard race will also start to disappear!”

Jing Yi cast a scornful look and then said casually: “Speaking of which, the ‘transmutation’ and the ‘miracle’ of the bird race has disappeared long ago.”

The two glanced at Qiao Xi.

The ancient bird race and the current bird race were completely like two different races.

In ancient times, the bird race was filled with divine power, and no one dared to doubt that they weren’t the true Phoenix.

The metamorphosis of the bird race was called ‘Nirvana’. After nirvana, they would transform from an ordinary flamingo into a divine bird with fire feathers!

The power of the bird race was even more special, they could communicate with the people they love through soul-connection.

After the ‘transmutation’ and ‘miracle’ of the bird race disappeared, the bird race had become like the most ordinary of the beastmen tribes. Since then, the bird race began to decline endlessly.

No one expected it to become like this.

“I remember that there were illustrations in a book.” Jing Yi recalled something and then he poked Qiao Xi, “It seemed like in ancient times, the appearance of the bird race before the nirvana period is small and round, it’s different from the current bird race appearance. And once you go through the nirvana period, you will become a beautiful bird! Qiao Xi, you look like those birds from ancient times!”

—Just missing the nirvana period.

Jing Yi and Ke Lisi felt a little regretful about this.

The most amazing ‘transmutation’ in the beast world could no longer be witnessed.

Qiao Xi revealed a nonchalant smile.

Nirvana had long disappeared from history.

The bird race these days were just ordinary birds.

And he was just a simple little chicken.

Jing Yi and Ke Lisi went to get some more delicious things to eat, while Qiao Xi continued to eat the chicken meat on the plate. He suddenly caught a glimpse of a pair of straight ears, exposed in front of him through the corner of his eyes.

The ears moved slightly, then…a young wolf appeared in front of him!

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but become tense, staring straight at the one opposite him without blinking.

It was Jing Yu!

At this moment, Jing Yu was not as arrogant as before; he carefully looked at Jing Yan, who was still far away.

Jing Yan’s gaze landed on where Qiao Xi was from time to time. However, from his perspective, he would not be able to see Jing Yu, who was hiding on the other side of the table.

Jing Yu breathed a sigh of relief, he then whispered to Qiao Xi: “Jing Yan can eat people. If you stay by his side, you will definitely be eaten by him!”

Qiao Xi was startled, all his nervousness vanishing in an instant. He glared at Jing Yu: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“I’m not! I saw it with my own eyes!” Jing Yu said confidently, “His mouth was soaked with blood, he even bit my friend’s belly! Don’t think that he will protect you, he is not that generous! You’d better come back with me—ah!”

A plate containing chicken meat was smashed against Jing Yu’s face. The young wolf shrank back while crying out in pain. On the other hand, Qiao Xi turned around, flapping his wings, flew to the ground and ran away with his two small legs!

He didn’t believe what Jing Yu had said at all!

Exactly at this moment, Jing Yan also walked down from the stage.

Everyone made way for Jing Yan, and they suddenly saw the little chicken that had been brought by Jing Yan, no…most people already knew that this was a member of the bird race, and also a prince, it was just that the prince looked like a little chicken.

Following, they saw the little chicken run awkwardly towards Jing Yan. Jing Yan was stunned; he subconsciously opened his arms. Qiao Xi flapped his wing twice and flew up about one meter high. When Jing Yan saw this, he bent down to hug the little chicken!

Jing Yan: This was the first time that Qiao Xi threw himself into my arms, I’m dead!

The onlookers: The prince picked up the little chicken! It didn’t look terrible at all, his expression seemed like an old father picking up a child???

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