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TMSLCWP Chapter 13

The moment he knew that Jing Yan liked men, the feeling in his heart became even more strange.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 13: The moment he knew that Jing Yan liked men, the feeling in his heart became even more strange.

Qiao Xi had noticed that his sister was calling him just to inquire about Jing Yan’s matters, which made him a little unhappy.

Once he thought about it, he indescribably felt disturbed.

He couldn’t answer Jing Yan’s question, and before he could think carefully, he had already queried: “Just asking…Do you have a type you like?”

Qiao Xi stared at Jing Yan eagerly.

Jing Yan froze on the spot, he was unable to move for a while.

Not far away, Jiao Yue, Hei Yue, and A Xue had noticed their interaction. Thus, the three of them exchanged glances.

Qiao Xi thought that Jing Yan was not willing to say it out loud and was a little disappointed. So he said softly: “If it is inconvenient for you to say it, then—”

Jing Yan regained his senses and interrupted the little chicken: “No, it’s fine. You, you wait here!”

After speaking, he rushed into his room like a wisp of smoke.

Qiao Xi was a little baffled.

By the time Jing Yan came out with small steps, seemingly a bit bashful, Jiao Yue, A Xue, and Hei Yu had already gathered together, fully intending to stand around in a circle and watch them while eating melons.

What Jing Yan brought with him was a sketchbook.

Qiao Xi didn’t expect Jing Yan to draw, this made him a bit surprised.

Jing Yan glanced at Qiao Xi and opened the first page with his paws. There was a portrait on the first page.

The other four lowered their heads to look at the beauty in the painting.

Unexpectedly…this was not a sketch or something, but it was drawn in an anime style, and it was a little human.

The person in the portrait had slightly curly hair that reached the shoulders. No one could distinguish the gender of this graceful appearance. The person was wearing…a classical fairy tale white robe, with wings attached to the back, while sitting and…playing the harp?

Jiao Yue, A Xue, Hei Yu: “…”

Who was this special one?!

They raised their heads and looked at the black wolf with the same question on their minds.

Qiao Xi was still looking at Jing Yan’s masterpiece, and was astonished: “You like the type? But this type…it seems a little….too idealistic?”

Qiao Xi raised his head with puzzlement, and inquired: “You like this type of appearance in reality?”

Jing Yan responded softly, “Yes.”

Qiao Xi lowered his head and continued to mull over.

Jiao Yue, A Xue, and Hei Yu: “…”

‘Reality’ ghost!

They acknowledged that this guy had drawn a person, but the fact was that they didn’t recognize the one in the portrait at all, okay?!

Qiao Xi didn’t realize that he appeared to be thinking too seriously. Then he suddenly discovered something and said: “You didn’t draw the breasts on her!”

“Qiao Xi, this is a man.” A Xue gave a light cough and gently reminded the little chicken.

“!” Qiao Xi opened his eyes wide and glanced up at Jing Yin in shock. He didn’t dare to believe it: “You like men?!”

Jing Yan originally wanted to give Qiao Xi a hint about who the person in the portrait was. However, upon hearing Qiao Xi’s tone, he swallowed the words back into his stomach and answered anxiously: “Uh…Yes…”

Qiao Xi opened his mouth slightly, just like the first day when he had met Jing Yan.

Jing Yan became even more perturbed, and he asked weakly: “You…hate this?”

Qiao Xi’s expression turned stagnant, he stammered: “No, no, it’s your freedom to like men or women. I, I think it’s fine!”

But because he stuttered too hard, it sounded like he felt forced to comfort the other party. Jing Yan’s heart sank and his ears drooped down. Furthermore, he also didn’t dare to confess at such a scene.

Yes, no matter how much he liked Qiao Xiaoxi, Qiao Xiaoxi didn’t like men.

Jing Yan became bothered and suddenly realized that there was a problem with his sexuality.

Qiao Xi didn’t even have time to care about Jing Yan, who was not in the right mood. And he felt that there was something wrong with himself.

The moment he knew that Jing Yan liked men, the feeling in his heart became even more strange. His heart kept pounding violently, and he also couldn’t tell if it was either out of being shocked or because of something else…

“Then, you already have someone you like in your heart?” Qiao Xi gulped while asking in a low voice.

Jing Yan watched the little chicken and wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, he replied lifelessly: “…No, no.”


Qiao Xi became relaxed all of a sudden, sensing that his own emotions were odd. He simply changed the subject and praised: “Jing Yan, your drawing is really great, we all can recognize a great god’s attire here, haha!”

What anime classic girl masterpiece was this?!

Jing Yan: “…”

No, he felt even worse!!

Jing Yan walked with heavy steps back, in a completely different manner than from when he had come out of his room with the sketchbook. Jiao Yue pondered for a while, and asked Qiao Xi: “What was the situation between you and Jing Yan when you first met?”

Qiao Xi was a little perplexed about what Jiao Yue had asked. Yet, he still answered obediently: “When he came out, he yelled at me. Later, he saw that I had transformed into a human, he then knew that I was from the bird race, and not a real chicken, so he took me in.”

Jiao Yue lifted his brows: “You think he treated you better all this time because he knew that you’re from the bird race?”

Qiao Xi nodded.

Although Jing Yan had been howling like a wolf back then, by listening to Hei Yu’s words, and watching Jing Yan’s reaction, he also knew that Jing Yan had first mistaken Qiao Xi to be a real chicken. Jing Yan had only reacted after Hei Yu reminded him and saw Qiao Xi transforming on the spot.

Jiao Yue laughed: “Qiao Xi, has anyone ever told you that you are very beautiful?”

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded, his feathers fluffed up slightly. Without saying a word, he blinked and shook his head rapidly, but no matter how one looked, one would know that Qiao Xi was feeling shy.

The word ‘beautiful’ had nothing to do with him.

Just like ‘cute’. Before meeting this group of people in the forest, only his fourth brother had said something like this to him, and Qiao Xi always thought that the fourth brother was just comforting him.

Was he really beautiful and cute?

Qiao Xi had no cognition and self-confidence in this area.

Jiao Yue opened his mouth, wanting to say something more, but after pondering about it, he decided not to voice it out.

He only touched Qiao Xi’s head and said: “Your human form is really beautiful, and your animal form is also very cute. Don’t self-doubt yourself. We all like you.”

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

The double compliments made Qiao Xi’s tail come out of the shadows, and his small eyes were shining brightly when he looked at Jiao Yue as if there were stars in front of him.

When Qiao Xi was called by A Xue to help with something, Jiao Yue turned around and caught a glimpse of the black wolf, staring at him from a dark corner.

When Jiao Yue walked over, the black wolf gritted his teeth: “What were you saying to Qiao Xiaoxi?!”

Qiao Xi unexpectedly wagged his tail so high!

“Jealous? Are you serious about this?” Without waiting for Jing Yan to answer, Jiao Yue said: “You thought Qiao Xi’s human form is good looking? Don’t you think this kind of liking is too superficial? It goes without saying that Qiao Xi is unable to understand your thoughts. And if you continue to use this type of superficial confession, it will only add trouble.”

This was also the reason that Jiao Yue didn’t say much in front of Qiao Xi.

He felt that Jing Yan also hadn’t thought about it clearly.

The facts had been proven. After listening to him, Jing Yan’s face revealed a trace of dazedness.

He didn’t think much because he had never been in love. He only knew that he really liked Qiao Xi, and he was happy whenever he saw Qiao Xi.

“If you want to understand your feelings, then go and chase Qiao Xi. Also,” Jiao Yue advised: “Be more handsome.”

Jing Yan asked as if he was struck by lightning: “I’m not handsome enough?!”

Jiao Yue shook his head: “Your thinking is too simple.”

Qiao Xi was special in Jing Yan’s eyes, but it wasn’t the same for Qiao Xi. In addition, Qiao Xi wasn’t aware of this, and if Jing Yan still acted as simply as before, it would be even more difficult for him to succeed.

However, it was definitely not suitable for outsiders to meddle. It was better for the two of them to solve it by themselves.

Jiao Yue said jokingly: “If you really want to chase someone and make them realize your special existence…please be more handsome, Your Highness.”

After speaking, Jiao Yue turned around and walked away gracefully.

The black wolf was stuck in place, and he even started to doubt his life.

When Jing Yi and Ke Lisi came out of the room after playing games, Jiao Yue called them over and warned them not to interfere in Jing Yan’s and Qiao Xi’s matters in the future.

Even though the two of them didn’t know the ins and outs of the story happening while they were away. They still nodded, showing that they understood. Afterward, the two quickly grabbed Jiao Yue to gossip.

On the other hand, Jing Yan had listened to what Jiao Yue said.

He reflected on himself for the whole night and made up his mind to figure out whether he was confused by Qiao Xi’s beauty, or if he really did like Qiao Xi.

On the next day, there were no online classes, so Qiao Xi was taken to the fields in the forest by Ke Lisi in the early morning.

—Yes, there were fields in the forest; one of them was for vegetables, while the other one was the flower field.

Qiao Xi followed Ke Lisi and Jing Yi to pull the weeds in the vegetable field, and then they rolled into the flower field to play.

The flower field was full of flowers in various colors, which were particularly beautiful. Qiao Xi still had a young man’s heart, and he had a great time in the flower field.

He was rolling and flying happily, and finally, Qiao Xi was dragged by Ke Lisi to the middle of the field to take photos.

The little chicken squatted down obediently among the flowers, with a small yellow flower placed on his head. His eyes curved up and smiled slightly at the camera.

Hei Yu flew slowly next to them, watching the three fooling around. And when he flew to the edge of a bush, he was shocked.

A black wolf was hiding sneakily over there, standing like a puppy, looking at the little chicken in the flower field, while clutching his chest with trembling paws.

Hei Yu: “…”

The author has something to say:

Jing Yan: So cute—Ah—So cute—Ah—Really cute—Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah~~

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