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Editor: Okura

There are people coming and going in the hallway for self-study late at night. It is enough for He Qinghuan and Gu Wang to stand together, and now He Qinghuan is still taking care of Gu Wang!

A few girls in the class came out of the backdoor laughing and joking. Gu Wang only heard Meng Ou’s voice. He didn’t want to be misunderstood. He knocked out He Qinghuan’s hand, walked aside, drawing a considerable distance from He Qinghuan.

Meng Ou saw him and He Qinghuan, and smiled at him, “When do you want to leave?” Gu Wang didn’t want to stay with He Qinghuan anymore, “Leaving now.” He ignored the fact that he was standing still. He Qinghuan bypassed him and returned to the classroom by the front door.

Soon, he was carrying his bag on his shoulder. Meng Ou looked at him and shouted at him, “you do not have an umbrella?”

Gu Wang gave them a shot from the side, “I lent it to someone else.”

The little sisters next to her rushed to ask Meng Ou to give their umbrellas to Gu Wang. Meng Ou casually took one and wanted to give it to Gu Wang but Gu Wang had already gone down the stairs.

She frowned and looked out of the balcony. The rain started to increase in a flash.

Meng Ou didn’t know that Gu Wang was hiding from He Qinghuan in a panic.

He doesn’t know why, He Qinghuan can be indifferent to anyone in the book, and he can do it with ease, Gu Wang can’t be indifferent to everyone

It’s weird.

When Gu Wang was thinking about how to get along with He Qinghuan in the future, a man walked out from the corner. He stood still in front of Gu Wang with a gloomy look in his eyes.

Jiang Chi didn’t go home. He squatted on the steps on the first floor. He couldn’t figure out why He Qinghuan was interested in Gu Wang, so he decided to block Gu Wang.

He watched Gu Wang come down from the top, wearing his school uniform, his buttons obediently pulled to the level of his collarbone. Unlike the white face that used to be stubborn, he looked likable no matter what he did.

Jiang Chi stopped the man and gnashed his teeth. “Bah!”

He is jealous, but he won’t show it.

Gu Wang, “…”

He didn’t remember hitting him on the head before, Jiang Chi looked a little abnormal.

Jiang Chi looked at Gu Wang only slightly dazed, then walked around him and left.

He turned and couldn’t restrain the evil thoughts rising from his heart. He shouted at Gu Wang’s back to gloat, “Gu Wang, I have a secret, but I won’t tell you!”

Gu Wang certainly didn’t know that He Qinghuan had already given him a piece of his heart. Only he knew, but it was impossible for him to tell Gu Wang. He was not going to look at these two people, it was so exhausting, it would be better to die.

Gu Wang raised his eyebrows, he was not interested in the secrets from Jiang Chi’s mouth at all. His steps didn’t even stop, completely ignoring Jiang Chi’s big talk behind him.

Gu Wang was thinking, Jiang Chi was also the president of the business world, how could he be so impetuous and brainless now.

He is still young.

He Qinghuan stood in front of the last window of the classroom. The window was polished bright and clean. You can clearly see the scenery outside through the window.

He tilted his head slightly and saw the young man standing at the gate of the teaching building making a call, saying something. He put his school bag on top of his head and rushed directly into the rain.

He Qinghuan’s eyes were not very gloomy. He watched Gu Wang’s figure disappear at the gate of the school before he retracted his gaze and prepared to pack his own things.

When passing by Zeng Xiao’s table, the corner of his clothes accidentally swept the glass she placed on the table. With a sound, the cup fell to the ground, broken to pieces, and water flowed all over the floor.

The surrounding students who hadn’t left were taken aback. Looking over here, He Qinghuan smiled at them, “I accidentally bumped into it.”

After he finished speaking, the classmate who was on duty next to him came over quickly. The glass on the ground was swept away, He Qinghuan said thank you, took out his mobile phone, and transferred the money to Zeng Xiao’s WeChat.

Zeng Xiao was on the way home when her WeChat rang. She saw that the monitor said that he accidentally broke her cup so he will pay for it. Zeng Xiao covered her mouth. She was so excited, she added the monitor’s WeChat for two years but this is the first time two people chat, the broken cup is really worth it!

She sent a cute emoticon. Although He Qinghuan did not continue to reply, she was still super happy and felt that the monitor was really polite.

Gu Wang had a fever that night. He felt groggy and poured himself some water to drink. Gu Dazhi drank wine and his face was red. He stared at his son’s red face “?????”

“When I picked you up, you didn’t use your umbrella. I asked you to take medicine for the cold and then sleep. Didn’t you hear?” Gu Dazhi saw that his son didn’t open an umbrella at that time, and asked him about his umbrella. Gu Wang told him that he lent it to his classmates. Gu Dazhi still felt that his son was very kind. Now he sees that Wang Wang has a fever, and Gu Dazhi thinks the boy should rest.

“No.” Gu Wang said.

Gu Dazhi felt that boys should be more obedient.

Gu Wang had a fever, and everyone was shocked. Grandma Gu poured water and cooked soup. Gu Dazhi called the family doctor. Du Liping was lying on the sofa, in Gu Wang’s room…sleeping.

Auntie looked at these busy people, there was no place for her to intervene!

After tossing until two or three in the morning, Gu Wang coaxed Grandma Gu to sleep. How could the old woman stay with him all night when she was too old. Grandma Gu reluctantly returned to the room, and Gu Wang turned his head and saw that Gu Dazhi and Du Liping had not left either.

“It’s just a fever…” Gu Wang’s throat was a little hoarse. He felt that tonight was too enthusiastic, and there was the reason why the original body was so spoiled. These people behind him were really solid backers. At the end of the book, Gu’s family was exhausted by Gu Wang, Du Liping went to teach others, and Gu Dazhi became a driver. Even so, they never complained about their son.

They want to save money to buy a better cemetery for Gu Wang.

Du Liping and Gu Dazhi spent the whole night on the sofa in Gu Wang’s room. When the alarm clock rang the next morning, Gu Dazhi woke up. He took out his mobile phone and said, “Don’t go to school today. I’ll ask your teacher to give you the day off.”

Gu Wang touched his forehead, lifted the quilt, and got out of the bed, “I don’t have a fever anymore, you guys sleep for a while, and I will ask the driver to take me to school.”

Gu Dazhi stared at him and was about to say how it would work. But Du Liping took his arm and said, “Old Gu, look and see.”

Gu Dazhi “…”

Gu Dazhi was worried, standing in his pajamas and jacket. At the gate, Gu Wang was taken into the car in a daze, and then reluctantly returned.

The sky is clearing, and the sky this morning is much brighter than the previous two days.

Although Gu Wang’s fever is gone, he basically had all the symptoms of a cold-hoarse throat, coughing, and sneezing. He coughed and went upstairs. Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao followed up. Seeing Gu Wang’s face he was shocked.

Shen Zhao held Gu Wang’s face, his big eyes flashed suddenly, “Wang Wang, why are you sick?”

Song Zhiyan couldn’t bear to look straight and turned his head.

Gu Wang had a sore throat and said that he had lent the umbrella to his classmates.

Song Zhiyan yelled after hearing this, “If you didn’t lend it to others you wouldn’t be like this.”

Gu Wang smiled, “Girls will be in more troubled than us.”

Song Zhiyan continued yelling, “We are all people. What’s the inconvenience?”

Shen Zhao frowned in disgust, “You don’t even know this? Girls can’t get in the rain when they have their period.”

“…” Song Zhiyan couldn’t turn his head, “Look at you, how do you know that she is on her period?”

Shen Zhao, as a friend of a woman, said unbelievably, “God, would you still ask others,’Are you on your period? I won’t lend you an umbrella if you don’t?”

“If Meng Ou liked you, I would eat shit on the live broadcast!” Shen Zhao finally concluded.

Gu Wang couldn’t help but laugh.

Shen Zhao poked fun at Song Zhiyan, and he chased Shen Zhao into the classroom.

Today Gu Wang came a little later. When he entered the classroom, He Qinghuan was already sitting in his seat.

Zeng Xiao saw Gu Wang and waved at him, “Wang Wang, come on, I brought you breakfast!”

A few boys around teased her, “Oh~Sister Xiao Xiao, you’re a bit fierce~~~”

Gu Wang might still respond to them at ordinary times, but today he couldn’t get enough energy, so he walked straight to He Qinghuan’s table. He Qinghuan was not moving at all. He wanted to take the initiative to give in, but he knew that Gu Wang was coming, although his eyes didn’t fall on Gu Wang, he knew.

“He Qinghuan, you move.” Gu Wang said angrily.

The boy’s voice was soft and hoarse, and He Qinghuan’s ears seemed to show weakness and begged for mercy.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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