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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

He Qinghuan loosened his eyebrows for a moment and then moved his legs away.

He Qinghuan’s chair at the front table has moved back a lot so that between He Qinghuan and the table will be able to accommodate one person but Gu Wang can’t help dragging other people’s tables and chairs.

It’s too narrow!

When he took the first step, Gu Wang regretted it. He should push He Qinghuan’s table forward a bit before entering.

It’s just early autumn. Both of them are wearing thin autumn school uniforms. The friction between the fabrics and the slow conduction of body temperature caused a tingling tremor in the skin.

Gu Wang felt that he was heavy, he stumbled, and he fell in the direction of He Qinghuan and threw himself directly into He Qinghuan’s arms.

He Qinghuan quickly caught Gu Wang and supported his waist with one hand. When the palm of his hand was completely on the side of the person in his arms, He Qinghuan’s eyes flashed slightly,

So thin.

Realizing this, He Qinghuan lowered his eyelashes, and Gu Wang put his hands on his shoulders when he was flustered. The raised wrist bones, the slender wrists, and the deeply sunken collarbone, although only a small part of it was exposed.

Gu Wang with his teeth and claws is extraordinarily delicate.

Zeng Xiao’s eyes widened when she was about to pass the breakfast she bought for Gu Wang, and her chin was about to fall off because her mouth was too open. She covered her mouth and inhaled. She was about to faint, she saw What?!

What kind of beautiful scene is this? !!

Gu Wang caught a cold. He took the cold medicine before leaving the house in the morning. His reaction was slow for a while. Later, he realized that He Qinghuan’s eyes were so close that he was in a daze for a moment.

The light mint that slowly entered his nose made Gu Wang regain his clarity. He withdrew from He Qinghuan’s arms and threw himself directly on the chair, lying on the table without strength, with his head buried in his arms.

The tips of his ears are reddened and visible to the naked eye.

He Qinghuan retracted his hand, and the warm touch in his palm had not completely faded away. He twisted his fingertips lightly, and it took a while before he picked up the pen that was placed aside.

Gu Wang, who was lying on the table, was still dumbfounded that he had fallen into He Qinghuan’s arms, so he looked up and saw Zeng Xiao’s “Wow, this is too exciting” expression even more dumbfounded.

Where no one saw him, he buried his face, and his long eyelashes like crow feathers covered the blankness in his eyes.

He Qinghuan’s eyes didn’t have the same disgust that he had seen when he looked at him just now, plus the words he said last night.

“I didn’t hate you”.

He was blindfolded, so he won’t know what expression and look He Qinghuan had when he said this, but Gu Wang could tell from his tone that He Qinghuan didn’t lie to him.

Zeng Xiao poked Gu Wang’s back, “Wang Wang, do you want breakfast?”

Gu Wang raised his head and looked sullen, “I have no appetite, you can eat it yourself.”

“Okay,” Zeng Xiao helplessly stared at Gu Wang for a while, suddenly thought of something, and poked Gu Wang’s back again, “Wang Wang, did you catch a cold in the rain because you gave me your umbrella yesterday?”

Gu Wang didn’t look back, and his voice was listless. “It should be.”

“Ah~” Zeng Xiao collapsed and looked guilty.

Gu Wang sniffed and coughed twice, still not forgetting to broaden Zeng Xiao’s heart, “Occasionally catching a cold is good for strengthening resistance.”

Zeng Xiao’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Really, I’m not lying to you.”

Zeng Xiao lay on the table and said with a smile, “Then I will buy you hot milk tea after class at noon.”
Two people talked. Zeng Xiao spoke very loudly to the people she liked. She liked so many people, and she liked all the handsome ones. Someone listened for a while and felt she was a little noisy.

It wasn’t until Li Shuya came in that the classroom slowly calmed down. She stood on the podium and motioned everyone to stop talking.

“I will announce something,” Li Shuya cleared her throat. “In the future, students must apply for a pass. The pass must have a two-inch photo of the person, one pass for each person. We will study early in the morning, and everyone will go downstairs and take pictures in the lobby. Secretary will organize the class.”

As soon as she finished, the sound of the tables, chairs, and benches of the next class dragging and rubbing on the ground sounded, and then noisy groups of three or five passed through the corridor.

Zeng Xiao rubbed her chin, “I’m so envious, I want to shoot now, too. I don’t want to go to morning self-study and feel sleepy.”

Gu Wang is even more sleepy. He fights with his eyelids and endures it for a while. When he thinks of the original character, when will he sleep if he doesn’t sleep now? Just get down, there is still more than half an hour before the early self-study.

Sleeping in a daze, Gu Wang heard Zeng Xiao chatting with him at the same table again.
“Why can’t the registration photo be good? Every time my face is stretched wide.”

“Your face is not too small.”

“I’ll want the uncle who took pictures to print two more photos of Wang Wang and the monitor. I want to have the extra copy.”

“You are so thick-skinned, You still want both?”

Gu Wang, “…”

Gu Wang and the class came downstairs, the last class had just finished and the uncle was adjusting the shots. The class secretary went to give him the roster and asked him to follow the order above.

Shen Zhao was in the last class. He didn’t return to the classroom. He lay on the handrails of the stairs and talked to Gu Wang, “Wang Wang, do you have any arrangements for the National Day?”

Gu Wang reacted and remembered that today is Sunday, today. After that is the National Day holiday for seven consecutive days. He shook his head and asked Shen Zhao, “Do you have any arrangements?”

“Yes, I have agreed with Song Zhiyan to tour the Canyon of the Kings! Hope you will come?”

“…” Gu Wang didn’t even know what to say for a while, he raised his eyes to look at Shen Zhao and asked, “You don’t want to review?”

Shen Zhao blinked, “Yes, I want to review.”

He saw Gu Wang quietly watching him not speaking. He called Song Zhiyan and expressed his attitude, “Yan dog, I can’t swim the canyon with you anymore. I will do some study.”

Song Zhiyan was talking to his mobile phone. After fiddling with his hairstyle, he didn’t turn his head back, “I didn’t promise you to swim in the canyon, I will do the questions.” After he and Meng Ou became seatmates on the same table, he felt more stressed, and he even reduced the frequency of sleeping in class.

Shen Zhao’s eyes widened suddenly, and he was about to spit at Song Zhiyan. He looked at Gu Wang, “Dog Yan didn’t say that last night! I hope you believe me!”

Gu Wang nodded, “I believe.”

Shen Zhao squinted, and Song Zhiyan finished his hair and glanced at him. “Go back and do the problem.”

Shen Zhao laughed twice, walked up two steps, and suddenly yelled, “Lick the dog, lick the dog, licking to the end, in the end, you are nothing!”

He ran fast and ran away before Song Zhiyan could react. Gu Wang was also stunned and then laughed out loud.

Meng Ou was not far away from them and heard it. She glanced here, and then quickly retracted her gaze. Song Zhiyan gritted his teeth, “I will kill him later.”

He also wanted to discuss with Gu Wang carefully. The uncle in front craned his neck, “Song Zhiyan! Where is Song Zhiyan?”

“Look, I’ll take a picture first.” He squeezed his hair twice and squeezed through the crowd to the front.

Gu Wang coughed twice and stood aside, fearing that it might affect others.

There were a lot of people in the hall. Auntie was sweeping the floor beside him without paying attention. The dust rose up, and the students standing around fluttered to the side while flapping their hands.

Gu Wang took two steps back and blinked, feeling as if something was going in his eyes.

When Song Zhiyan came back from the filming, he found Gu Wang had been rubbing his eyes.

“Wang Wang, what’s wrong with your eyes?” Song Zhiyan asked.

Gu Wang held back his tears, covered his right eye, and said dully, “Auntie just swept the floor and the dust got in.”

“Gu Wang! Gu Wang take pictures!” Song Zhiyan was followed by Gu Wang. After he shouted, several boys and girls in the class also shouted. Song Zhiyan turned his head and shouted, “Shoot them first, Gu Wang will shoot later .”

The Uncle did not care, he shook the roster in his hand, “Zhang Ya, where is Zhang Ya?”

“Here here!”

He Qinghuan went to Li Shuya’s office. As soon as he got down, he stood on the stairs and saw Song Zhiyan holding Gu Wang’s head. The two people are almost face-to-face.

He Qinghuan’s eyes were slightly narrowed, he was only a few steps away from the two of them, Gu Wang turned his back to him, Song Zhiyan’s vision was blocked, neither of them found He Qinghuan.

Song Zhiyan blew a few breaths into Gu Wang’s right eye, and then slapped Gu Wang’s face, “Is it better? Did you blink ?” Gu Wang blinked, tears fell, his throat was hoarse, and he was talking. Without the usual calmness, “I’ll go to the bathroom to get it by myself. Tell the class secretary.”

Gu Wang bends over and splashes the water into his eyes with the sound of the rushing water in the bathroom. Even if he rubs and squeezes it, he still feels there is something in his eyes. Gu Wang thinks that the plot hasn’t gone very far yet. He hasn’t passed the A University yet, won’t he be blind?

The mirror was not big enough, and not bright enough, so much so that he did not notice someone behind him.

When Gu Wang wiped the water on his face, the man washed his hands and put a hand on Gu Wang’s neck after air-drying, and brought the person directly in front of him.

He Qinghuan’s face was close at hand, and Gu Wang’s wet eyes and stunned expression were reflected in the pitch-black eyes.

Being wet by water and looking at the sickness, his indescribable softness also makes people particularly want to bully.

Gu Wang wanted to leave but was squeezed at the back of his neck as a warning. Gu Wang froze and looked at He Qinghuan defensively.

He Qinghuan looked at Gu Wang’s wet eyes, raised his chin with the other hand, softly soothed, and said, “Don’t move, I’ll help you.”


TL: I forgot to warn those who are reading this. Our ML can be classified as a Yandere Male so if you don’t like those types please stop reading this. I won’t specify as that would count as spoilers but please consider this warning of mine, I know some readers might be disturbed by this so please proceed with caution while reading this novel.

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