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Translator: Nacchi

Editor : Okura

“I just met him on the road.” Gu Wang had a calm expression. Zeng Xiao tilted his head and looked at Gu Wang’s facial expression carefully. There was no pink bubble. Gu Wang would be happy even if he talked a few words to He Qinghuan before. For a long time now… it can’t be seen.

Zeng Xiao lay down on the table disappointedly and opened the forum. Above is a picture of Gu Wang getting out of He Qinghuan’s car that someone posted anonymously this morning. The person may have just wanted to take He Qinghuan, but Gu Wang was in the mirror.

In the rain curtain, the two teenagers came out like they were from a comic. The pale white smoke-like rain and mist enveloped them, and everything around them became nothing but backgrounds.

What a pity, Gu Wang doesn’t like He Qinghuan anymore.

It rained from morning to noon and then continued to the afternoon, and the whole world became wet because of this.

Jiang Chi heard from his classmates that someone was looking for him. When he walked into the grove, he felt that the scene was very familiar, very, very familiar.

Gu Wang, holding the umbrella in his hand, slowly walked out from behind the tree. He leaned back and smiled, “Good afternoon.”

Jiang Chi, “…”


“You are plotting against me?” Jiang Chi looked at the sudden emergence of a few people who look like off-campus personnel. He couldn’t stand back and looked at Gu Wang viciously.

Gu Wang even nodded solemnly, “Yes.”

Song Zhiyan stood next to Gu Wang. The tall young man looked a bit cold and stern for the first time, “You want to chase He Qinghuan and no one is stopping you. Gu Wang has already said that he has given up on chasing He Qinghuan. Don’t you understand human words? ”

Shen Zhao kicked Song Zhiyan next to him, “Dog Yan, you are a little handsome like this.”

Song Zhiyan, “Just a little bit?”

“…” Shen Zhao, “There is nothing left now.”

These people didn’t know where Gu Wang found these men. They were not soft at all to Jiang Chi. Although he wouldn’t die, almost every punch and kick made Jiang Chi unable to parry.

Gu Wang walked over and looked condescendingly at Jiang Chi who was reluctant to fall down. He tilted his head and smiled. He lifted his foot and kicked Jiang Chi’s shoulder. Jiang Chi fell back and wanted to pounce on Gu Wang but a few people next to him quickly held on to him with their hands.

Gu Wang held the umbrella and squatted down. The handle of the umbrella leaned on his shoulders, he was smiling but his eyes were not, “Jiang Chi, people should not offend me, I did not commit any crimes but I can commit two or three, why do you think I would be a good target to be bullied?”

Jiang Chi was soaked with rain, he raised his head and looked at Gu Wang viciously, “Because you are stupid.”

The male protagonist is a tough one. If it weren’t for the strength of reluctance and bowing in his bones, the Jiang family would not have developed into such a daunting state.

Gu Wang stood up, lowered his eyes, and said lightly, “Then let’s see if you are stupid or I am stupid.”

Shen Zhao, who was behind, patted Song Zhiyan on the shoulder, and whispered, “Don’t you feel that Wang Wang has changed a lot now? He is getting more powerful.”

Song Zhiyan glanced at him, “This is a good thing.”

The evening class bell rang, Jiang Chi stumbled to his feet, and Gu Wang looked at him, “If you refuse to accept it, I would willingly accompany you.”

“Let’s go Wang Wang!” Shen Zhao shouted, waving his hand.

Gu Wang turned and left, but he didn’t give a single glance to the person behind him.

Song Zhiyin was loading cigarettes for those people, and the leader of the group was playful and smiling with a pleasing meaning, “Next time this kind of thing happens just call me.”

“…” Song Zhiyan rolled his eyes, “It depends on the situation.” Jiang Chi didn’t seem to be willing to give up.

Watching several leading characters leave the scene one after another, several of them smacked their mouths and sighed, “Now these students are amazing, and they don’t study …”

“Boss, that student gave us another five thousand in the bank transfer!”

“What student? This is also good!”

Jiang Chi and Gu Wang went in the opposite direction. He had never been so embarrassed before. He took out his cell phone and called the driver at home. When he hung up, he walked across a person.

Because the umbrella was covering his face and it was raining again, Jiang Chi was very irritated, and he roared without seeing it, “Aren’t you people fucking done?!”

The black umbrella surface jumped with raindrops, and slowly fell backward, it was He Qinghuan.

The plot is so powerful that everyone has to follow the plot specified by the author. The arrival of Gu Wang only changed the original body and the plot and characters that developed with the original body.

But Jiang Chi and He Qinghuan, have nothing to do with Gu Wang.

Jiang Chi is still obsessed with He Qinghuan. All his anger disappeared without a trace when he saw He Qinghuan. He opened his mouth and closed it again. It suddenly occurred to him that he was too embarrassed now. He touched the rain on his face and held his hand. He shook his umbrella twice and he held it up.

“Why are you here?” Jiang Chi asked.

He Qinghuan and Jiang Chi are unfamiliar, not only unfamiliar, He Qinghuan has no impression of the person in front of him at all. The only thing he knows is that he and Gu Wang are always fighting.

Jiang Chi lacks momentum in front of He Qinghuan, and he wants to see but dare not look at He Qinghuan.

He was born in a good family, the real pride of heaven. He has no confidence in front of him and feels that he is a disgrace.

”Don’t mess around” He Qinghuan said softly, clearly mixed with the messy rain it was soft, but these words exploded in Jiang Chi’s ears like thunder.

He even ignored the physical pain, he couldn’t hold the umbrella in his hand, and forgot to maintain a good image in front of He Qinghuan, “Do you like him?”

He Qinghuan looked cold, he curled his lips, “What does it have to do with you?”

Jiang Chi couldn’t believe it. He wanted to see from He Qinghuan’s face some complex emotions, but there was none. He Qinghuan’s eyes are like the early winter snow, open and upright.

He does not put anyone in his eyes, nor does he put others’ sincerity in his eyes.

He Qinghuan only cares about what he likes. Now that he is interested in Gu Wang, he only cares about Gu Wang.

Jiang Chi wanted to ask, “Are you not afraid that I will retaliate against him when you protect him in front of me?” But before he could ask, He Qinghuan said aloud.

“It’s not easy for your Jiang family to walk up to now, don’t be impulsive.” He Qinghuan’s tone was light, and the pressure from his eyebrows pressed straight against Jiang Chi.

Jiang Chi watched He Qinghuan turn and leave. When He Qinghuan took a look at Gu Wang he knew that Gu Wang looked good but he was too annoying before, and that good looks could not save his dog virtues. Recently, Gu Wang has been really good-looking. The appearance of Gu Wang on stage at the party the day before yesterday almost made Jiang Chi a little lost.

Is He Qinghuan attracted to Gu Wang now?

Jiang Chi watched the heavy rain and fell into a daze. At the moment He Qinghuan looked at Gu Wang, Jiang Chi almost wanted to kill, but He Qinghuan threatened him with the Jiang family.

For Gu Wang, why would you go so far?

Gu Wang returned to the classroom and the seat of He Qinghuan was empty, so he glanced at it and Zeng Xiao immediately said, “The squad leader just went out.”

“…” Gu Wang sat down and said indifferently, “Who cares where he goes.”

After he had finished speaking, He Qinghuan came in. He hung the umbrella on the window in the corridor, and his gaze fell on Gu Wang on the other side of the classroom through the glass.

Gu Wang also came back just now, with water vapor on his body. He Qinghuan had good eyesight. He saw Gu Wang’s delicate and white face hidden in the collar but half of his neck was exposed, which seemed particularly harmless, but it happened to be able to trample people under his feet, he said fiercely, “You can go, I will accompany myself.”

Perhaps in the eyes of Shen Zhao, Song Zhiyan, or even Jiang Chi, the gaze at that time was inviolable and indifferent, but when He Qinghuan looked at him not far away, he felt like the cat at home was showing his trimmed claws.

In the evening of self-study, the rain stopped for a while, and after he got out of class, he immediately got up again. Song Zhiyan gave the umbrella to Meng Ou, and he could join Shen Zhao on the way, and share an umbrella with Shen Zhao.

Zeng Xiao behind Gu Wang in the corridor, “Who the hell took my mother’s umbrella? You would receive a painful death!”

Gu Wang, “…”

Gu Wang was picked up by someone from his family. He gave his umbrella to Zeng Xiao. Zeng Xiao was taken aback, her eyes were full of stars. “Hey if you gave me your umbrella what would you use?”

“My dad will pick me up later.”

Zeng Xiao didn’t say much, “Then I will treat you to breakfast tomorrow!” She took Gu Wang’s umbrella and quickly went downstairs.

Gu Wang stood on the balcony of the corridor, waiting for Gu Dazhi to pick him up.

He Qinghuan came out of the classroom and walked behind Gu Wang. The shape of the back of the boy’s head was even better than others.

“I will take you downstairs.” He Qinghuan said.

Gu Wang turned around, leaned on the balcony, raised his eyes to look at He Qinghuan, and tightened his heart against the black eyes looking at him. He then slowly retracted his gaze, and refused softly, “I don’t need it.”

Even if there is no Jiang Chi, Gu Wang is not willing to have any intersection with He Qinghuan, the two are not people in the same world.

But Gu Wang was unwilling to offend He Qinghuan, mainly because he couldn’t afford to offend him. He still hasn’t figured out why He Qinghuan doesn’t seem to hate him anymore.

This is where Gu Wang is most puzzled.

He endured for a while, puffed his cheeks, and finally asked, “Don’t you hate me?”

Gu Wang expressed his meaning very implicitly, the subtext is that don’t you like to stay away from me, just ignore me, can you?

He Qinghuan looked at Gu Wang. He frowned slightly and fell silent.

This cautious look of Gu Wang, coupled with the fact that he was born with white skin, has a pair of clean and clear eyes, made his heart itchy.

“Forget it, pretend I didn’t ask.” Gu Wang said helplessly. He couldn’t resist He Qinghuan’s quiet and drowning eyes and lay on the balcony again.

“I don’t dislike you.” He Qinghuan’s cold voice came from behind. He seemed to be thinking, slowly, his tone very gentle like he is coaxing someone.

Gu Wang suddenly turned his head to look at He Qinghuan, his eyes widened.

He Qinghuan approached, he raised his hand to cover Gu Wang’s eyes, feeling the trembling eyelashes of the person in front of him sweeping his hand, and chuckled, “Wang Wang, I don’t hate you.”

TL: Sorry for not updating for a long time. I’ll continue posting again.

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