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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

Gu Wang’s fingers curled up in his palms, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on the palms of his hands. He looked down at He Qinghuan, his long eyelashes trembling slightly, his eyes were dazed and confused.

He opened his mouth and was about to speak when the radio on the wall buzzed twice and then a teacher spoke.

“Students, please gather in the auditorium in an orderly manner. The party will start on time in half an hour.” The announcement was repeated three times, and the teaching building suddenly began to buzz with noise.

Gu Wang breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and left. He didn’t want to have any intersection with He Qinghuan, although he didn’t understand why He Qinghuan did it.

Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao waved wildly at Gu Wang outside the corridor.

After walking a few steps, Gu Wang paused and then turned back. He Qinghuan had already stood up. Gu Wang was about half a head shorter than him. He could only look up at He Qinghuan and said stiffly, “Teacher Li told you not to forget. I have brought the host manuscript.”

He Qinghuan’s eyes were calm, and he responded indifferently.

Gu Wang didn’t know what he looked like, like a cat about to explode but didn’t dare to explode. Especially the deepened eyes behind the eyeliner can make people’s hearts look crisp.

“He Qinghuan, let’s go!” shouted a girl in a white dress at the back door.

He Qinghuan responded.

He was still thinking about it.

Even he himself doesn’t understand why he wants to provoke Gu Wang. Gu Wang’s face appeared in his mind. He Qinghuan never thought that he judged people by appearance, but Gu Wang’s face, expressions, actions, and even tone of voice, he is slowly starting to like every part of him.

He will have to check again.

“Fuck, looking at you today, you look so good!” Shen Zhao pulled Gu Wang’s sleeve, eagerly.

Gu Wang touched his face, “Meng Ou did it.”
Shen Zhao glanced at Song Zhiyan, and exclaimed, “Hey, don’t be nervous, we will protect her for you! ”

Song Zhiyan did not pay him any heed, looking at Gu Wang, in all seriousness, “I will work hard, to look after her myself.”

He saw Meng Ou’s circle of friends today, but he didn’t dare to praise them. During this period of study, he became more and more aware of his distance from Meng Ou.

He didn’t want to be called unworthy all the time, and he didn’t want to one day be called a bad influence along with Shen Zhao and Gu Wang.

Song Zhiyan turned his head to look at Gu Wang. He was dazzling. Many people no longer hate him as much as before. He also wants to be qualified to be Gu Wang’s buddy.

“Dog son, you are not alright, what are you crying about? I just said, don’t cry! “Shen Zhao poked Gu Wang’s eyelashes a few times, turning his head to see Song Zhiyan with red eyes and tears in his eyes.

He was scared to death.

Song Zhiyan, this dog, has been tough since he was a child.

Shen Zhao hugged his arm, “I was wrong, I didn’t expect you to be so affectionate for Meng Ou, I will never say it again.”

Song Zhiyan returned to his senses and wiped his eyes severely. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Meng Ou, okay!”

Gu Wang frowned, “Then what’s the reason?”

Song Zhiyan hesitated, and Shen Zhao hit him, “What are you doing? Don’t tell me you are jealous of Gu Wang? Then you are boring. Song Zhiyan.”

“You fart.” Song Zhiyan was successfully irritated by Shen Zhao, and he muttered, “I’m just afraid, Wangwang will get better and better then, what should we do if people say we are not worthy to be friends with Wangwang? ”

Shen Zhao didn’t think it was because of this. He really didn’t think about it. He opened his mouth and said, “Yan Gouzi, you’ve changed.”

Gu Wang gave him a blank look, he didn’t expect Song Zhiyan to think of this at all. Song Zhiyan is completely made of white paper, he himself does not know what to try to do, because Wang Wang does it, so he follows him.
Gu Wang felt a bit complicated. He was actually only three years older than Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao. During this time, Gu Wang really regarded the two as his brothers. He didn’t know that Song Zhiyan was so insecure.

Gu Wang thought for a while, patted Song Zhiyan on the shoulder, and said, “Song Zhiyan, don’t live in the eyes of others, there is no worthy and unworthy between us.”

Gu Wang knows their friendship with the original body better than anyone else.

Song Zhiyan nodded, “I know, but I still don’t want to fall behind you too much. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, I won’t be able to help at all. I…”

He didn’t finish, but Gu Wang understood what he meant.

Gu Wang was a little relieved. He thought Song Zhiyan was similar to Shen Zhao, but he didn’t expect that Song Zhiyan was more mature than Shen Zhao, and he didn’t expect that the opportunity for Song Zhiyan’s epiphany was himself.

Shen Zhao chimes in, “Yeah, yeah, Wangwang, I told you that Song Zhiyan will work hard not to hold you back!”

Song Zhiyan said, “Go away.”

Gu Wang smiled. “We will cheer together.”

This time, you will have a bright future.

Shen Zhao, Gu Wang, and Song Zhiyan are not in the same class. Their class is on the side of the aisle. Gu Wang and their class are at the bottom and the front and the best viewing position.

A name was posted on the back of each chair, and the party secretary was counting the number of people. She saw Gu Wang and waved at him, “Wangwang, here!”

Song Zhiyan slammed his shoulder and laughed, “Wangwang, go quickly.”

At first, only Shen Zhao, Song Zhiyan, and Gu Wang’s family would call him Wangwang. During this time, people who knew him began to call him Wangwang.

Wen Ting read the roster and said, “Sit according to the seat in the class, don’t change seats privately.”

Gu Wang, “…”
Fortunately, He Qinghuan is the host, otherwise, he would have to be next to He Qinghuan.

Their performance number was drawn by Meng Ou and ranked third from the bottom. Meng Ou was still very depressed for a while when they were drawn in this order. At the end of the party, everyone was tired and the audience’s response was definitely not as good as the previous one.

Gu Wang didn’t want to go backstage, so he sat in the audience area.

Gu Wang and He Qinghuan were in the last row of their class, behind which was another class. He leaned back on the back of the chair and suddenly was patted on the shoulder by the person behind.

“Classmate, that, please…” The girl blushed and stammered. The girl next to her stared at her hatefully and said for her.

“Gu Wang, she wants your WeChat!” The girl’s voice was loud, and everyone around looked over. The shy girl was even more embarrassed.

Gu Wang raised his eyebrows, took out the phone from his pocket, and whispered to the girl, “I’ll scan you.” The girl looked up in surprise, Gu Wang smiled at her, and there was a breath of cold air around her.

Gu Wang clicked to apply for being a friend and then turned off the phone. The girl behind looked at the head of Gu Wang that popped up, covered her mouth with excitement, and tremblingly clicked to the top.

The girl next to her sighed, “That’s what you want?”

“Wang Wang is so gentle.”


Gu Wang listened to the whispers behind her. He is not a passionate person, just doesn’t want to embarrass others. Girls are thin-skinned, and being rejected in public is shameful.

Besides, he needs these rumors to wash away the brand of He Qinghuan on his body. Almost everyone will think of his crazy pursuit of He Qinghuan when his name was mentioned.

It’s no wonder that He Qinghuan is so disgusted with him. The previous Gu Wang was like a dog skin plaster. He also boasted that sooner or later He Qinghuan is the one who will look after him. Otherwise, given how many people like He Qinghuan, how can Jiang Chi take special care of him?

Meng Ou raised a curtain in the background.

After watching this scene, she muttered to herself, “Wangwang is really popular now.” After she finished speaking, she saw He Qinghuan sitting on the sofa not far away watching the host manuscript. Flicking her long hair back, facing a girl next to her, raising her volume, and saying:

“What do you think of Wangwang?”

Now many girls in school are calling him Wangwang. As soon as Meng Ou said it, she knew who it was.

She opened the curtains, glanced in the direction of Gu Wang, and replied, “Handsome, several girls in our class said they are going to chase him.”

After she finished speaking, she frowned and lowered her voice, “But not long ago, Isn’t Wangwang still chasing that person?” Meng Ou smiled with amorous feelings, and said with a volume that He Qinghuan could definitely hear, “That was before, Wangwang is now alone and beautiful.”

The girl didn’t know that Meng Ou was deliberately guiding her to say these words, and she was still glad that Gu Wang didn’t like He Qinghuan anymore. “That’s good.”

Next to He Qinghuan sat her partner, Lu Mengmeng, who was very gentle, and she also had Meng Ou’s WeChat give a “wow” in surprise when he saw Gu Wang’s photo.

“Why didn’t I find Gu Wang so good-looking before?” Lu Mengmeng said to herself and gave the circle of friends a thumbs up.

He Qinghuan handed her the host manuscript, “I’m good, you can read it again.”

Lu Mengmeng’s mobile phone screen was blocked by the host manuscript that was suddenly jammed. She took the manuscript and saw He Qinghuan preparing to go outside. Surprised, she asked, “Have you finished memorizing it?”

“Almost done.” He Qinghuan said concisely.

Lu Mengmeng looked at He Qinghuan’s back and secretly said “Amazing”.

As soon as He Qinghuan stood up, most of the girls from backstage followed him with their eyes. Lu Mengmeng laughed at them, “Aren’t you still talking about Gu Wang a few moments ago?”

During this time, Gu Wang has been with each class because of the rehearsal. The shows are all overlapping, and every time Gu Wang is there, they dance harder.

“That’s different. Wangwang is a boy. You are very comfortable with him, but He Qinghuan makes people blush and people would want to have a baby with him

“They are not the same type. . ”

” Me, me, me I’m single and available”

Lu Mengmeng resisted laughing,” a group of animals in nature. ”

To be honest, He Qinghuan is more popular than Gu Wang, and Gu Wang was only whitewashed during this period. The prodigal son’s turn around obviously attracted more attention, and most of the people who followed him were girls.

He Qinghuan is different. He is a descendant of a good family and has been sitting firmly in his first two years of age until now. Not only girls but many boys are convinced by him. He has already separated from the mortal realm.

Meng Ou looked at them screaming with excitement and curled her lips. He Qinghuan was not what they could think of at all. With his kind of person, Meng Ou looked down, who would dare to provoke him?

Even the principal was respectful to He Qinghuan. He also privately told Meng Ou not to provoke He Qinghuan. Meng Ou was also a young girl. She was tempted by He Qinghuan at the beginning. After hearing his father talk about the He’s family, she dares not to think of him in her mind.

That kind of person should be quite scary.

The lights in the auditorium were turned off, and he couldn’t see where and who was sitting dimly. He Qinghuan asked Li Shuya the position of his class and walked towards the back.

The young man has broad shoulders and a dusty temperament. He is carrying the light on the stage, and his face is clear and outstanding, but his facial features are somewhat sharp.

Wen Ting came over with two bunches of flowers and ran into He Qinghuan, blushing.

He Qinghuan smiled, “For me?”

Wen Ting shook her head embarrassedly, and said, “It’s for Wangwang and Meng Ou. I’ll go up to them when the show is over. I can’t give it to both of them alone. I’m going to find another one now.”

Two bunches of flowers, a bunch of champagne roses with eucalyptus, and a single bunch of pink roses, but there are so many, it’s amazing.

He Qinghuan raised his hand to touch the flower and looked at Wen Ting, “Which one is for Gu Wang?”

Wen Ting looked at his eyes, briefly lost consciousness, and then handed out the champagne rose, “This.”

He Qinghuan took it smoothly and whispered, ” I’ll give, Gu Wang’s.”

“But…Aren’t you the host?” Wen Ting’s voice became smaller and smaller because He Qinghuan had already taken the flower and left. . .

Gu Wang is playing a game. Anyway, the party hasn’t started yet, and his show is at the end. He is talking to Shen Zhao. Shen Zhao yells that he must be a champion so he could study at ease. However Gu Wang feels that he can study tomorrow, and he can’t help feeling desperate.

The lights on the stage were very bright, and Gu Wang lowered his head, his eyes suddenly darkened, and someone blocked him.

Shen Zhao felt strange, stood up and looked at Gu Wang. After seeing the situation there, he cursed “fuck”.

He Qinghuan was standing in front of Gu Wang holding a bunch of roses.


Translator’s Note: He Qinghuan slowly attacking Gu Wang hehe, seeing Gu Wang’s reaction would be funny.
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