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Translator: Nacchi


“Aren’t you leaving?” He Qinghuan turned his head to look at Yang Le, not showing emotion.

Yang Le was startled, and immediately jumped up holding his schoolbag, ” let’s go!” The monitor was thin-skinned and stayed at the same table for a year. If he(HQ)said that he should leave, then he would leave. He did not dare to speak. He quickly packed up his belongings.

Gu Wang looked at the empty desk and was speechless for a while. He didn’t understand what He Qinghuan meant.

Forget it, He Qinghuan won’t go to the teacher by himself.

Lifting his foot about to leave, He Qinghuan suddenly raised his eyes to look at him and smiled, “Hello, new seatmate.”

Song Zhiyan looked at Gu Wang, who had a black face and was obviously defeated, and asked what was wrong.

“Nothing.” Gu Wang said stiffly, and began to pack his own things, angrily, and slammed the book into his schoolbag, his movement was too loud, and the people around looked over,

“You didn’t go to the teacher?” Song Zhiyan asked.

Gu Wang was bored, “The teacher won’t agree.”

The last time Gu Wang made it clear to his face that he was not willing to be tied up with He Qinghuan. This time, he was still at the same table, especially since He Qinghuan seemed to have no intention of not accepting it. It would be useless if Gu Wang alone is unwilling.

It may be that his progress this time gave Li Shuya great hope, thinking that being at the same table with He Qinghuan would better help him study.

Gu Wang desperately felt that he was one step closer to death.

Song Zhiyan helped Gu Wang pack things, and said, “Wang Wang, don’t repeat the same mistakes, I think He Qinghuan is not easy.”

Gu Wang was a little surprised, “How can you tell?”

“Man’s instinct. I feel that he is hiding something deep.” Song Zhiyan glanced at He Qinghuan, who was flipping through the book slowly. He was still in place and didn’t move.

Gu Wang nodded and agreed, “I think so too.” [Edited]

In the plot of the book, even though He Qinghuan’s performance is calm, he doesn’t have a good relationship with anyone. [Because of his family background, people who are openly pleasing to him is to get connection.
But He Qinghuan is actually a particularly ruthless person, cold in his bones. Gu Wang seems to have never seen anyone walk into He Qinghuan’s heart in the book, and no one has been treated specially by He Qinghuan.

On the contrary, everyone who provokes him has no good end. They are very miserable. They are either unable to die or are impoverished.

Gu Wang could only say that he was good at studying and was barely able to pass socially, but he was really insignificant compared to He Qinghuan, who was born in a good family. He Qinghuan was unfathomable, and he was not someone Gu Wang could provoke.

Yang Le’s seat was inside and Gu Wang wanted to go in. He Qinghuan had to move so that Gu Wang could pass. In order to reduce the communication with He Qinghuan, Gu Wang handed all the books to his classmate on the back of his chair to help put them on the table.

After finishing everything, Gu Wang took a deep breath, walked to the side of He Qinghuan, and whispered, “I want to go in.”

He Qinghuan raised his eyes, and his beautiful and cold eyes scanned Gu Wang for a few seconds, then stretched out his leg to give Gu Wang a narrow space.

Gu Wang and He Qinghuan’s bodies touched.

The thin summer fabric rubbed against each other, and it took only a few seconds, but Gu Wang felt that the seconds were like a year. Who knows if He Qinghuan will cut off his leg?

He Qinghuan watched Gu Wang quickly skimming over, and after sitting down, he moved to the side, his eyes lowered and his emotions were not obvious.

Behind Gu Wang is a girl named Xiao Zeng. She patted Gu Wang on the shoulder and said with great excitement, “Hello, Gu Wang!”

The girl kept the standard mushroom hairstyle, he could not see any malice on her face. Gu Wang said hello slowly.

He had no impression of this girl, and she did not appear in the book at all. It may be because of the butterfly effect. Gu Wang would never be at the same table as He Qinghuan.

Gu Wang who realized this was immediately petrified in place, tossed in his head for a long time to stop being involved with He Qinghuan and Jiang Chi, the result was the opposite.

He Qinghuan saw Gu Wang’s lifeless expression, his eyebrows were lowered, covering the gloomy eyes.

Because they have to prepare for the National Day program, the intersection between Gu Wang and Meng Ou is obviously increased. Song Zhiyan can also touch the light of Gu Wang and run behind them all day.

Meng Ou and Gu Wang were rehearsing. Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao were carrying milk tea in the corridor outside the classroom and holding the back of the Chinese textbook in one hand, this was the task that Gu Wang gave them.

On the evening of National Day, they have to go to the auditorium.

He Qinghuan is not surprised. He is the host of such large-scale events every year, but his partner changes every year.

Gu Wang wanted to go back to the classroom after putting on makeup and changing clothes backstage and went to the auditorium with his classmates.

Gu Wang frowned and endured a few girls applying smears on his face. When he saw Meng Ou holding a lipstick over, he hurriedly backed away, “Why do I need to put on lipstick?”

Meng Ou’s makeup was bright and beautiful. With a red tube top veil dress, she looked at Gu Wang and said to the girls around, “Hold down Wangwang.”

Gu Wang, “…”

The girls will naturally become brighter with makeup, if Gu Wang has no makeup he would look too plain, and when the stage lights hit the face, he will look pale.

“Sip it.” Meng Ou said.

Gu Wang pretended not to hear.

Meng Ou pulled his hair, “Hurry up, squeeze it.”

Gu Wang squeezed his lips perfunctorily.

Meng Ou smiled and patted Gu Wang’s shoulder, “Okay, let’s go back to the classroom.”

Gu Wang stood up, and Meng Ou dragged him again, “Wait, let’s take a photo together and keep it as a souvenir.”

Meng Ou’s face leaned on Gu Wang’s shoulder with a standard smile. She clicked a few, and said to herself when she looked down, “How can you look better than a girl? Look at your long eyelashes, you are white, and your makeup is very light.”

Gu Wang lifted the curtain that was dragging on the ground. When Meng Ou went down the steps, Gu Wang bent over and slightly adjusted his shirt. When he straightened up, he ran into Li Shuya head-on.

Li Shuya hadn’t recognized him at first, but Gu Wang’s eyebrows were clear and beautiful, and he has become more and more well-behaved recently. Now he is wearing a white loose-fitting shirt with his neckline open.

In order to make him look more mature, Meng Ou also trimmed the shape of his eyebrows and deepened the roots of his eyelashes with eyeliner. After shadowing, Gu Wang’s eyebrows looked a little sharp, but combining the other features, the sharpness was weakened. Gu Wang is the in-between of a teenager and a young man, the face is beautiful.

Not too young, nor too sophisticated.

Li Shuya froze for a moment, and then jokes, “Which handsome guy is this?”

Gu Wang smiled embarrassedly.

Li Shuya saw that Gu Wang was shy and waved her hand, “Go back, and come down with everyone when the broadcast informs.” Gu Wang and Meng Ou took two steps, and Li Shuya stopped him again, “Gu Wang, remember to tell He Qinghuan to bring the host manuscript.”

Gu Wang was startled, “Okay.”

On the way back to the classroom, Meng Ou posted the photo with Gu Wang just now to Moments with the text [Successfully won a handsome one/Love/Love]

This is the first time Meng Ou took a group photo of the two in public since they rehearsed for so long.

Gu Wang and Meng Ou have many friends in common. Meng Ou asked Gu Wang to like it. After Gu Wang clicks, he can see all the comments of those mutual friends.

[This is… made public? ]

[My goddess is gone! ]

[Mom, is this Gu Wang? My mother’s eyes were pure and lust, and he was in love. ]

[Looking forward to the show of the goddess, come on, goddess! ]

[Wow, can we have wedding candy? ]

[Two people have inexplicable faces, glamorous V shape, the prodigal son, and the little milk dog! ]

When Gu Wang saw “Returning the Prodigal Son Little Milk Dog”, “…”

Meng Ou put a hand on Gu Wang’s shoulder, “Let sister Ou lean on you, my feet hurt.”

Gu Wang looked at her. Glancing at the shoes, “You choose such high heels yourself…”

“You don’t understand, the higher the heel, the more you have a style.” Meng Ou herself is 168 in height, adding on seven or eight centimeter high heels, she doesn’t look smaller than Gu Wang.

Gu Wang looked speechless but tried to hold Meng Ou a little bit when he went upstairs.

Meng Ou blinked. She liked Gu Wang quite a bit. Of course, she didn’t like it like men and women. Just like a sister to her younger brother, Gu Wang didn’t look like a high school student at all. He was always considerate to others. Sometimes a gentleman and several sisters of Meng Ou were already inquiring about Gu Wang’s type.

Meng Ou thought for a while and said that Gu Wang liked the type of He Qinghuan, and no one said anything anymore.

Meng Ou thinks that Gu Wang dislikes He Qinghuan. The girls are very intuitive in this regard.

The two people walked into the classroom side by side. Just stepping into the classroom, there was a commotion that could overturn the ceiling. This was all evoked by Meng Oufa’s circle of friends.

Meng Ou cleared her throat and groaned, “What are you doing?”

But what surprised everyone more was Gu Wang, who had been very low-key, did not cause trouble during this period, and even wore his school uniform every day. Today’s clothes make people shine. It’s really like what the person said. Gu Wang’s eyes are clean and free of impurities. After Meng Ou’s deliberate modification, it adds a bit of temptation.

When he looks at you, your heartbeat will accelerate involuntarily. His eyes are like a clean ocean, deep and fascinating.

The back door was suddenly pushed open, and Gu Wang looked over, it was He Qinghuan.

He Qinghuan is the host tonight and has to wear formal clothes. Everyone wears school uniforms and can’t notice much difference. But when He Qinghuan puts on a suit, he is incompatible with the still young people in the class.

He Qinghuan’s eyes were cold, with an imposing aura. Perhaps because of the heat, his shirt inside had two buttons unbuttoned, and the button of his outer suit was unbuttoned. He lazily glanced at the people in the classroom and saw Gu Wang in front of him. He was taken aback for a moment.

Gu Wang didn’t think much. He looked at his seat and estimated the distance. He should be able to get back to the position before He Qinghuan. God knows that he has to be in close contact with He Qinghuan every day when he goes out. His hair is about to stand up every time.

But He Qinghuan reacted faster than him, and his legs were longer than him. He could see through Gu Wang’s thoughts. Gu Wang was one step away, and He Qinghuan had already sat down.

Gu Wang, “…”

He leaned on the chair, his messy hair was wet, it should have gotten wet after washing his hands in the bathroom, He Qinghuan put one hand on the tabletop, his eyebrows drooped if Gu Wang does not speak he would not let him pass through.

Translator’s Note: Oh my He Qinghuan is teasing Gu Wang.
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