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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Okura

Gu Wang raised his face and blinked his eyes. He Qinghuan’s face looked fascinating in the dimly lit auditorium because he was carrying the light on his back, Gu Wang couldn’t see his expression, but Gu Wang was certain that He Qinghuan must be watching him now.

Isn’t he the host?

Why did you come down?

He Qinghuan changed the flowers to the other hand, sitting down looking at the eye of a Gu Wang and whispered, “Excuse me?”

The Aisle is very narrow, so narrow that you can still have physical contact with He Qinghuan even if you cut below your knees.

Gu Wang squeezed his legs down the chair, pressing his back tightly on the back of the chair, his face stretched as if he was facing an enemy.

With long legs, He Qinghuan stepped straight across the aisle unceremoniously. Gu Wang kept meditating in his heart, “I can’t feel that I’m dead, I’m dead”, He Qinghuan’s influence on the original body still exists.

Gu Wang felt his ears start to get hot.

Just as He Qinghuan was about to pass, the classmate in front suddenly fell backward. The seat could be broken. When he leaned the entire chair fell backward. He Qinghuan faced Gu Wang and was hit by the chair and pressed against Gu Wang.

But He Qinghuan reacted quickly. He swiftly supported himself with Gu Wang’s chair with one hand, which meant that Gu Wang was completely covered by He Qinghuan.

At that moment, the scent of roses and the faint taste of mint on He Qinghuan’s body poured into Gu Wang’s nose.

Gu Wang was under He Qinghuan’s body, and what directly hit his sight was He Qinghuan’s slightly open neckline, a vaguely visible clavicle, and Adam’s apple.

Gu Wang swallowed and forced himself to look away.

He Qinghuan is indeed terrible, but his face and external conditions are really good. It’s no wonder that so many people like him like moths into the fire.

The accident happened so quickly that not only did Gu Wang fail to react, but the classmates in front of Gu Wang were also frightened. He even apologized, “I’m sorry, I don’t know this chair is broken, I, I, I, I… Are you all right?”
He Qinghuan’s gaze fell on Gu Wang’s half-dangling eyelids. He didn’t know if it was because of nervousness or shyness. On his trembling eyelashes, his eyes were dim. For a long while, he straightened his waist and said lightly to the frightened classmate, “It’s okay. ”

The student breathed a sigh of relief, and Gu Wang also breathed a sigh of relief because He Qinghuan pulled away from him.

When He Qinghuan pressed over just now, Gu Wang felt that he couldn’t breathe. He Qinghuan’s eyes were always on his face, Gu Wang’s heartbeat was so fast that he didn’t even dare to raise his eyes.

He is really scared of He Qinghuan, too many changes are too unfathomable, not like a high school student at all.

Gu Wang glanced aside and there was a big bouquet of roses in the middle of his seat with He Qinghuan. Gu Wang thought, anyway, He Qinghuan’s popularity is undoubtedly unquestionable. Someone sent flowers before he came to the stage.

He Qinghuan did not sit for a while, then got called away. He looked around and ran around with the bouquet of flowers. He Qinghuan’s usual treatment was to throw away all the things his suitors gave him.

The stage was plunged into darkness, and the surrounding lights suddenly lit up. It was the opening stage of the school dance team. All of them were very hot. The boys below seemed to have blown out their whistle.

Gu Wang even heard Shen Zhao’s voice. He looked up and found that Shen Zhao got a light stick from nowhere, and his face flushed with shouts.

Gu Wang, “…”

The hot scene lasted for more than a minute, followed by the host’s opening remarks, when He Qing walked out of backstage, the screams in the audience suddenly became louder.

Directly suppressing the sound in the speaker.

Gu Wang suspected that they weren’t here to watch the party, they were just there to see He Qinghuan.

What’s there to see?

Gu Wang straightened up from the back of the chair and looked up at the stage. He Qinghuan is wearing a black suit and his hair has been treated with hairspray. The coldness and alienation burst from all over his body. Even if the people in the audience were crazy, he could still read his own lines with a faint smile.

After He Qinghuan read it, he raised his eyelids and looked down the stage, just to meet Gu Wang’s eyes.

Gu Wang’s face stiffened, and he leaned back on the back of the chair as if hiding.

That’s it, he is just so so. Anyway, it is impossible for him to repeat the same mistakes as his original body.

Thinking of this, Gu Wang calmed down a lot, his expression became faint, stood up, and walked out apologetically, wanting to breathe.

At the back door of the auditorium, Gu Wang just stepped out and ran into a man.

Jiang Chi sneered when he saw Gu Wang, looking up and down Gu Wang a few times, suddenly his expression changed, and asked, “Do you think He Qinghuan will like you if you try to change?”

Gu Wang leaned against the wall and laughed. He smiled, “Are you from a rock? Everyone knows that I am not interested in He Qinghuan. If you have time to hold on to me, it is better to think about how to chase He Qinghuan.”

Gu Wang’s finger gently knocked on the wall behind him, and he could probably guess what Jiang Chi’s next sentence would be.

Sure enough ……

The decisive male protagonist in the future is just a big boy who is worried about his sweetheart. He shows an annoyed expression, “Do you think I know how to? If I can chase him would I still be talking with you here? ”

Gu Wang looked at him. “There are so many people chasing He Qinghuan, why are you biting me?”

Jiang Chi sneered, “Because you are the most shameless, who knows if you will be more shameless after I turn my back on you.”

Gu Wang was choked. Indeed, the original body in the book finally gave He Qinghuan the medicine(Aprosodia). This was also the beginning of the original body’s tragedy. To be more precise, the tragedy of the original body began when he fell in love with He Qinghuan.
“You and He Qinghuan, whatever you want, I will tell you one more time, I don’t like He Qinghuan anymore.” Gu Wang tilted his head, his eyes firm.

Jiang Chi was slightly lost, and then said unnaturally, “How do I know that you are not trying to fool me?”

Gu Wang raised his hand helplessly, “I swear.”

Jiang Chi lifted his chin slightly, his expression became relaxed, “Then you swear.”

“I swear, I…”

“Bang” the back door was suddenly pushed open, because it was made of iron, even if it was just pushed slightly, it would make a loud noise when it hit the wall.

Gu Wang and Jiang Chi looked over at the same time.

He Qinghuan stood there.

His face was calm and his expression was indifferent. His gaze fell on Gu Wang, his eyes darkened, “Meng Ou is looking for you.”

He left without looking back, Gu Wang looked at Jiang Chi next to him, he saw He Qinghuan and was stunned, and began to float away. He was completely different from the person who had just insisted on swearing.

Although he didn’t know why He Qinghuan called him himself, Gu Wang didn’t think much. He ran backstage and saw Meng Ou still rolling her big waves. Seeing Gu Wang coming in, she put down the curling iron and asked, “Where have you been?”

Gu Wang dragged a chair and sat down, pretending to ask casually, “You called someone to find me?” He suffocated but still did not say He Qinghuan’s name. It doesn’t matter, if it is not, it will only attract unnecessary guesses from others.

He didn’t want to get involved with He Qinghuan anymore.

Meng Ou nodded, “Yes, although it’s not our turn yet, I think I will not be so nervous if you are with me.”

Gu Wang smiled and looked at her, “Are you still nervous?”

The stage where Meng Ou stood before today is much larger than that of the school auditorium.

“Well,” Meng Ou’s eyes flashed, and then resumed his usual expression, groaning, “What? I’m a girl anyway, so why can’t I be nervous anymore?”

After she finished, she stretched out her hand to pinch Gu Wang’s face.

Gu Wang drew back, Meng Ou’s long nails were made, with rhinestones on the tops, which were almost like magical claws.

There are rollers under the chair. Gu Wang leaned back and the chair slid back. Meng Ou was playing with him, carrying her skirt and chasing after him.

But in the next second, Gu Wang’s chair hit someone…

The chair almost turned forward, and the person behind quickly grabbed Gu Wang with his hands and fixed the chair with his other hand.

Gu Wang slowed down and saw Meng Ou staring at him thoughtfully.

What happened?

Gu Wang didn’t know who he hit, so he first said that he was sorry. He stood up and turned around and found that it was He Qinghuan. No wonder Meng Ou showed such an expression.

“Thank you.” Gu Wang said dryly.

He Qinghuan twisted his fingertips and chuckled lightly, “You’re welcome.”

Gu Wang’s shirt was very thin, with an open neckline, revealing a half-thin white collarbone. When He Qinghuan hugged him just now, his fingertips slightly scratched Gu Wang’s collarbone, and the touch was surprisingly good.

Gu Wang had gone out with Meng Ou.

The indoor incandescent lamp made He Qinghuan’s facial features look colder, but his eyes were as dark as ink. He stood alone under the lamp, his lips slightly hooked.

When the hostess read Gu Wang’s number, the corner where their class is located suddenly boiled up, of course, they needed to support their own class.

Most of the people below are already bored. In order to please the teachers, this kind of party has a lot of poetry recitation chorus, the style is similar, there is nothing new, everyone leaned on their chairs crookedly.
They craned their necks to look at the stage when they heard the show was a dance or a national standard for men and women.

The stage was dark.

A beam of white light fell from the center and fell on the girl’s head.

She wore a bright red tube top veil dress, her skin was as condensed, and her eyes slowly lifted, and her glamorous eyebrows fell into the sight of everyone under the stage.

” It’s Sister Ou!”

“Your mother, get up for me, it’s Meng Ou! Your goddess!”

“I see that I am not blind, Sister Ou look at me! Sister Ou look at me!”

Meng Ou’s appearance is highly recognizable, and she is also very popular in school. As soon as she appeared, the bottom “boom” exploded. The listless people immediately became like chicken blood.

The girl was alone for about half a minute, and a boy suddenly appeared behind her to embrace her. The boy leaned his head on the side of the girl’s neck, holding the girl’s slender waist with both hands.

The boy wore a crisp white shirt, tall and long legs, clean temperament, and formed a strong visual stimulation and strange match with Meng Ou’s glamour.

“Fuck! It turns out that they said that Gu Wang will appear on the show. I thought it was a lie.”

“Whatever, he is so handsome, Wang Wang, I love you!!!”

“So handsome! You’re so handsome!”

The lights on the stage were all lit, and Gu Wang’s face was completely in the eyes of everyone. Meng Ou was held in his arms, and the two clasped their hands.

In the place where the music is violent, Gu Wang embraced Meng Ou’s waist and took the person to volley around a few times. Meng Ou’s long hair swept across Gu Wang’s neck. Gu Wang was ticklish, and couldn’t help but laugh.

With this smile, the girls below are shouting to faint.
Even Shen Zhao, who grew up with Gu Wang, has never seen Gu Wang look so confident and dazzling. He ran to the first row with a flower crown on his head that he himself didn’t know where he got, and he screamed like crazy.
The last half-minute was the stage where Gu Wang looked at someone alone, and Meng Ou slowly retreated behind the scenes.

The music became extremely slow, but under the quiet tune, people could feel the dark waves hidden deeper, the lights became dim, and only the young man could be seen on the stage.

This is the home of Gu Wang alone.

Gu Wang’s white shirt was lifted up because of the greater movement, revealing a thin but white waist, and there was a sudden shout from below.

Gu Wang himself seemed to feel it. He pulled his clothes down while the music was on hold, but the collar was crooked to one shoulder, and the collarbone was completely exposed. Gu Wang was thin, and the sunken collarbone even formed a shadow.

After presiding over the first half, He Qinghuan sat on the judges’ bench, leaning back on the chair lazily, with scattered hair casually in front of his forehead. When his eyes fell on Gu Wang’s waist, he raised his eyebrows, but the corners of his lips were slightly pressed down.

He was right in front of Gu Wang, but Gu Wang did not see him.

He Qinghuan turned his head to look at the bouquet that was placed aside. Li Shuya was very concerned about the students. This flower is not bad even from the level of He Qinghuan’s vision.

The blooming rose was delicate and beautiful, and the leaves of Eucalyptus were fresh and green. He Qinghuan stretched out his hand and pulled a rose petal down. The petals were silky and had a good touch. He didn’t know what he thought of. He Qinghuan let out a low laugh.

Immediately, the petals were twisted to pieces at the fingertips, and the flower juice dyed his cold and white fingers.

But He Qinghuan’s eyes were calm. He looked at the young man on the stage breathing slightly and bowed down after the music ended.

During this period, Gu Wang still didn’t look at He Qinghuan.

The last few students’ performances were finished, and there were teachers’ performances. A group of middle-aged men with big bellies and normal female teachers are dancing the rabbit dance, although the action is not proficient, but the students are very supportive and sing along to the music.

Gu Wang was in the background, drank two sips of water, and people kept coming up to ask for his WeChat. Gu Wang felt helpless. He was a handsome boy before he entered this book, but his appearance was definitely not as outstanding as this body. Usually, there will be girls asking for contact information, but only a few people, not an endless stream of people.

It happened that every girl appeared cautious when they arrived in front of Gu Wang. Gu Wang was not very good at rejecting people. Those girls who saw Gu Wang hesitated even saying that they just added contact information and had no other meaning.

It wasn’t until the awards were presented outside that he looked around.

Meng Ou stood aside with her arms crossed and smiled, “I was a representative of freshmen in the first year of high school. After the opening ceremony, I was surrounded by people asking for my WeChat. Now it is much better.”

Gu Wang blinked, “Why?”

Meng Ou, “Because my WeChat is full.”

Gu Wang, “…”

Watching Gu Wang speechlessly, Meng Ou couldn’t help but smile. After listening to the movement outside for a while, she said, “They are announcing the ranking, let ‘s go.” Gu Wang put down the water and stood.

Just as he walked over, a girl came over and said to Gu Wang excitedly, “Wang Wang, I just saw them sorting out the scoring table. Your class is the first place!”

Gu Wang was slightly surprised, “Really?

” Hmm!”

Gu Wang just wanted to say thank you, when the hostess announced their class. The hostess’s voice was very gentle. At the moment after she finished her reading, there was a deafening scream from below, and the boys were whistling.

The light hit Gu Wang and Meng Ou’s faces. When Gu Wang bent down to help Meng Ou tidy up the skirt, there was another exclamation from below. Meng Ou accepted the award, but the ink on the top was still not dry.
Gu Wang turned his head to listen to the host talking, and two people walked up the stage. Meng Ou winked at him and looked at the steps on the right, but the first thing he saw was Song Zhiyan.

Song Zhiyan was holding a bunch of pink roses. He was wearing a school uniform before, but now that the zipper is neatly drawn. With such a serious and nervous look, Gu Wang suspected that he had come to propose.

Song Zhiyan passed by Gu Wang without squinting and stuffed the flowers into Meng Ou’s arms. Meng Ou smiled brightly, “Thank you, but I like red roses even more.”

Song Zhiyan was stiff, “Oh.”

Gu Wang, “….. ”

The aisle and the steps were hidden in the dark place with no light, and Gu Wang saw He Qinghuan’s figure become clear from the dark place inch by inch.

His eyebrows were cold, and his gaze slowly fell on Gu Wang.

Gu Wang immediately rang the alarm bell inside his head, his scalp was numb, and he had a bad premonition.

Especially when he saw the bunch of champagne roses in He Qinghuan’s arms.

Standing in front of Gu Wang, He Qinghuan handed the flower to Gu Wang. Gu Wang pursed his lips, stretched out his hand to take it, and briefly touched He Qinghuan with his fingertips. Gu Wang held the flower and retracted his hand feeling like he had been hit by an electric shock.

He Qinghuan standing next to Gu Wang is such a beautiful scene. The teacher below took several photos before saying it was OK.

Even though He Qinghuan sent flowers to Gu Wang on behalf of the class, Gu Wang didn’t think much about it. He Qinghuan didn’t show anything special at the time.

Gu Wang buried his face in the flower in the background and stretched out his hand to touch it for a while. Meng Ou’s voice suddenly sounded behind him, “What are you looking for ?”

Gu Wang didn’t change his face, “The flowers look good.”

In fact, he wanted to see if He Qinghuan had hidden a knife in it.

Meng Ou looked at the flower and teased, “Look, will He Qinghuan regret it?”
Gu Wang didn’t react for a while, “What will he regret?”

“You don’t like him anymore,” Meng Ou snorted coldly.

“People are like this. When you are so kind to him, he turns a blind eye. When you don’t want him, he tries to put you up as a bad guy, as if you are a heartbreaker.” Gu Wang smiled, “I don’t care what He Qinghuan thought.”

“Gu Wang,” Meng Ou called him, looking serious and serious, “I think you are good, so I kindly remind you that the farther away from He Qinghuan, the better, he is different from us.”

Gu Wang was stunned. He didn’t expect Meng Ou to tell him this, and he didn’t expect Meng Ou to feel that He Qinghuan was not easy. She always admired He Qinghuan in the book.

But it only stops at appreciation. Meng Ou has never had a relationship with He Qinghuan other than ordinary friends.

Meng Ou frowned, “I don’t know the details, anyway, just stay away from him.”

Gu Wang nodded, and Meng Ou was able to tell him this because he really regarded him as a friend.

After the party, he went home directly, looking around and holding the bouquet of flowers. He was uncomfortable, but he couldn’t throw it in front of the people in the school.He wanted to take it to the group secretary to decorate the classroom.

Wen Ting winked at him, “It is enough that we have a certificate. This is what Teacher Li rewarded you and Meng Ou.”

Gu Wang decided to take it outside the school and throw it away.

But as soon as he left the school gate, Gu Dazhi drove a domineering Land Rover across in front of him. He helped Gu Wang open the door and saw his son holding a bunch of flowers with a dark face. He suddenly smiled, “Oh, this Who gave the flowers to my son?”

Gu Wang learned the willfulness from the original soul by 100%. He threw the flowers in the back seat and said, “From the teacher.”

Gu Dazhi looked at Gu Wang and said in surprise. “Have you put on makeup?”

Gu Wang’s eyes were marked with eyeliner. Gu Wang raised his hand and wiped it. “Tonight at the National Day party, I performed a show.”

“Then you are performing a train run with your mouth full or you are acting shamelessly?” Gu Dazhi turned the steering wheel while speaking.

Gu Wang leaned back on the chair and muttered something. Gu Dazhi wanted to ask again. When he saw Gu Wang tilting his head and about to fall asleep, Gu Dazhi felt a pain in his heart.

These days, Gu Wang studied until three o’clock in the morning every day, saying that he didn’t feel distressed is a fake. Several times he wanted to say that he could be a prodigal son, but he was scolded bloody by Gu Wang’s mother.

Gu Wang actually didn’t fall asleep. His nerves were too tight during the day. Now he is very tired when he relaxes.

He Qinghuan made him feel unpredictable and uncertain.

He vaguely felt that something was different, but he couldn’t tell what the difference was, and the plot in the book didn’t seem to have changed.

In the original ending, He Qinghuan did not intervene very much, it was all contributed by Jiang Chi, because he adhered to He Qinghuan all day, causing Jiang Chi to become angry, and then hate.

It doesn’t seem to be different now, except that the original body was actively adhering to He Qinghuan before, and now it is Gu Wang passively and He Qinghuan walking so close.

The scent of roses in the back seat spread in the car, and Gu Wang was dizzy and fell asleep.

The villa is brightly lit, cheers and laughter in the large living room, and the exquisite dazzling chandeliers illuminate the watch and necklaces on everyone.

The iron fence slowly opened, a black Bentley drove in slowly, and the lights flashed on everyone’s face. Various emotions flashed in their eyes, and then quickly quieted down.

The aunt opened the door, and He Qinghuan in school uniform walked in slowly.

He had cold brows and casually swept across the faces of everyone in the living room, then curled up the corners of his lips, and whispered, “Good evening.”

A four or five-year-old boy looked around and hid in the arms of the beautiful young woman next to him.

He Qinghuan’s eyes were faint, and he carried his schoolbag upstairs and returned to his room. As soon as he put down his schoolbag, the phone rang. He glanced at the caller, answered it, and sat idle on the sofa.

“Ah Huan, is Gu Wang in the same class as you?” The boy over there was particularly excited.

The boy’s name is Yue Feng. He was in high school in the capital and grew up with He Qinghuan. However, his family atmosphere is better than that of He Qinghuan. His parents have a harmonious relationship with his brothers and sisters. Yue Feng is the youngest and has been favored since childhood.

He Qinghuan asked casually, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Yue Feng was even more excited when he heard He Qinghuan’s answer. He yelled a few times before saying, “Hurry up, push his WeChat to me! I’m at school! I saw a video of him dancing on the Internet. It took a lot of effort for the boss to find out that he is from your school. I just like this one, which is pure and good-looking!”

Good-looking and pure?

It’s pretty good and beautiful.

Yue Feng was still on the other end of the phone excitedly boasting about how beautiful he looked, and how thin his waist was and his eyes were damn beautiful.

He Qinghuan’s fingertips were scraped on the leather sofa, thinking of Gu Wang’s trembling eyelashes under his body so nervously, a slight smile appeared in his eyes. He interrupted Yue Feng’s words,

“He has someone he likes.”

Yue Feng’s voice stopped abruptly, he was stunned, “Who?”

He Qinghuan’s eyes fell on the lamp, and his voice faded, “Me.”

Translator’s Note: I felt stun at our ML on the last part lmao
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