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TLM Chapter 9

The Lady in Red

“Yes we can, no matter how painful it is, we can endure it.” Mei Hui and Mei Li nodded their heads fiercely and their eyes were filled with determination.

“Good.” Feng Mingyue stood up. She twisted the ring on her finger thoughtfully, this was the spiritual ring that was given by her mother.

It could store a lot of items inside without any limit. She used her spiritual energy to check the items inside the ring, then she found that there were around ten million gold coins in it. It seemed like the original host had never used this money before, or it should be said, she didn’t know how to use a spiritual ring, hence, the items that stack inside still remained.

Currently, Feng Mingyue once again became the rich young miss. Moreover, She had no choice but to deal with Mei Li and Mei Hui’s poison right away. And since she was planning to go out and buy herbs, then she might as well buy some more to store it in the spiritual ring. Maybe she could create some poison in her leisure time.

Of course, the poison that Feng Mingyue usually created in her past life was highly toxic and exceptionally rare. So, normally whenever she had poisons in her hand, many people didn’t dare to get close to her, even her relatives and parents. They were scared that they would be affected by the poison.

Needless to say, it was not like Feng Mingyue didn’t have any antidotes. However, it was a human instinct that they could not avoid. At that time, when seeing their behavior, Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but laugh.

“Xiao Qiu, bring me the red hat veil.” Feng Mingyue continued to play with the spiritual ring, while she hummed a tune happily, which really made Li Qiu and the others confused.

They saw the Second Miss grin from ear to ear when she checked the spiritual ring. Nobody know the reason why she was in a good mood. After Li Qiu handed the red hat veil to Feng Mingyue, she saw her master put it on, which covered her charming face entirely.

“Here, wear this, and change your clothes too.” She took out four red veils and red clothes from the spiritual ring, then stuffed them into Li Qiu’s hand, implying her to change with the other three.

Besides the ten million gold coins, Feng Mingyue also discovered this type of clothing inside the spiritual ring. And these clothes were clearly prepared for the four maids. The color of the clothes was red and white, which was specially arranged by the former madam for the original host. However, it was a pity that the other party couldn’t use it.

Looks like the former madam knew pretty well that her daughter absolutely fit nicely in red and white. She basically arranged everything for her, which made Feng Mingyue feel warm on behalf of the original host.

The four maids looked at Feng Mingyue while blinking, they couldn’t make head or tail of the current situation. The Second Miss just gave them new clothes, and they had no idea why they suddenly received a reward.

Although Feng Mingyue was too lazy to explain everything to them, she still said: “This is prepared by my mother for the four of you. The white clothes are still with me now, you can take them by the time we return.”

The four maids finally understood. They hurriedly kneeled, Li Qin as the oldest among the four, spoke with gratitude: “We, the servant, thank Madam for her generosity.”

Even if the former Madam had passed away, they would never forget her. The woman that always smiled gently to everyone, no matter how bad your temper existed, when you talked to her, you would become relaxed and feel at ease, your wrath would also die down at the same time.

Feng Mingyue wasn’t truly used to this ancient etiquette, so she quickly waved her hand: “Yes, yes, you don’t have to be polite, this should be what my mother said.”

The four maids stood up and laughed in amusement. They hastily changed their clothes, then Feng Mingyue and the trio left the manor quietly without anyone noticing.

They went to the Suyin Medical Hall. There was only this place that sold herbs and pills in the entire Hu Kingdom. Because of her eye-catching red dress, accompanied by her maids who were also dressed in red. Feng Mingyue and the duo soon attracted many people’s attention.

Her group were just like immortal ladies who tour around the Hu Kingdom. Thus, many commoners made way for her, and it didn’t take long for Feng Mingyue to arrive at the Suyin Medical Hall, this was also thanks to the good deed of the commoners in Hu.

Since she left the Marquis of Ushi manor quietly and no one had discovered her disappearance. Feng Mingyue did not beat around the bush and quickly got into the topic. She passed a long paper to the shop manager and said, “I need all of these herbs.”

Her voice was soft and pleasing to the ears, everyone began to sighed in regret when they couldn’t see the beauty under the veil. The shop manager took the paper and he told her in a polite tone to wait.

Ten minutes later the shop manager returned with a bunch of herbs, Feng Mingyue immediately put the herbs into the spiritual ring.

“One million gold coins.” Hearing a large amount of money, everyone who was present inside the Suyin Medical Hall couldn’t help but gasp in shock. They quickly turned their heads to look at the lady in red, her appearance was just like the beauty in painting. but for some reason, they didn’t understand why the other party had to cover her face entirely.

Even though her face was covered, by looking at her figure, the word ‘exquisite’ had already been engraved in everyone’s mind. Most importantly, the four servant girls who were standing behind, with half of their face coated, were also not bad compared to their master’s beauty.

Everyone inside the Suyin Medical Hall began to gossip by wanting to know the reason why the lady in red bought so many herbs. Some people thought that she was a doctor but they started to assume another thing again. If she was a doctor, she didn’t have to buy so many herbs at the same time and some people even wondered if she could afford it.

When Feng Mingyue took out one million gold coins from her spiritual rings, everyone inhaled in amazement. This lady in red not only had a stunning appearance but was also rich. The people that were present once again began to think of some noble lady in the Hu Kingdom. Nevertheless, after they considered for a while, no one could match her extraordinary appearance so another thought came into their mind, which was—

‘Maybe she is the descendant from a famous sect or she is a noble Young Miss from another kingdom’

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