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TLM Chapter 10

Buying books

When Feng Mingyue finished her business in the Suyin Medical Hall. She immediately left the place, then she suddenly caught sight of the book shop. Feng Mingyue didn’t think much, and she went there directly.

“Miss, you want to buy books?” Mei Li questioned.

“En.” Feng Mingyue ambled all the way into the book shop. Although the four maids were puzzled, didn’t understand why the Second Miss was suddenly interested in buying books. They still shut their mouths and followed her silently.

The lady boss in the book shop hurriedly bowed to the customer with a polite smile on her face. Feng Mingyue nodded at her before she strolled into the deeper place, where all types of books were positioned.

The four maids stood nearby the lady boss as they waited for their master. Feng Mingyue walked toward one of the bookshelves that were located at the right corner. The books that were placed there were all kinds of books that related to medicine and poison.

It had already been some days since she had transmigrated into this ancient era.There were still many things that Feng Mingyue wasn’t aware of. She wanted to know about the current situation the most, so it would be easy for her to set a goal.

In this area, Feng Mingyue saw several books that were written about poison herbs, poison insects, and poison plants, thus without any hesitation, she immediately picked that them.

On the second shelf, close by were the medicine books. There were also some books that related to refining pills. Feng Mingyue lifted her brows with interest. This sort of refining pill, she had only heard about it through her professor and she sometimes researched it on her own, which only existed in legend. Never had she thought that one day, she would be able to travel into the ancient era where doctors also refined pills. And so, Feng Mingyue chose those books as well.

Walking to the shelves that were located on the right side were all the books that commonly explained about the continents, the four kingdoms and also the Hu Kingdom. There were also a few books that talked about the royal family and each general from each dynasty of the Hu Kingdom. Feng Mingyue only took a brief glance at them before taking a book that related to the whole continent.

She didn’t have any interest in knowing about those people who were battling in the palace anyway. It wasn’t like she would enter the royal clan, so there was no need to waste her time on those trivial things.

Feng Mingyue walked back toward the lady boss, then she placed the books infront of her, indicating that she could charge the books. Feng Mingyue leaned lazily against the wooden table nearby, then her crimson eyes suddenly noticed another book shelf that was located near the entrance.

“What are those books?” Feng Mingyue turned her head toward the lady boss then raised her hand and pointed to a certain place.

The lady boss looked toward the direction where Feng Mingyue pointed to, then she continued to run through the abacus, while answering: “They are novel books with many different genres.”

Feng Mingyue immediately straightened up her body, her previous lazy posture vanished in an instant. She rubbed her hands together, while licking her lips gently, her beautiful scarlet eyes staring fixedly at the bookshelf that was filled with various types of novels.

By seeing this gorgeous lady in red, looking so eager at that book shelf, one could immediately explain that she was excited. However, the lady boss was busy charging the books for Feng Mingyue, so she had no idea that her books were about to be swept clean at any moment.

The four maids couldn’t believe their eyes. They even doubt if they had any illusion upon seeing how exhilarated their Second Miss was, yet again, with a gust of wind, the four maids saw Feng Mingyue already appeared in front of the bookshelf; she was currently picking up many books without any second thought.

The four maids were stunned speechless on the spot. Ahemthey didn’t know this lady at all

The lady boss had already finished the charging process. She packed all the books for the customer, then she looked up by handing the things toward the other party: “The total price is—”

Before the lady boss could complete her sentence, another pile of books instantly fell in front of her. She lifted her eyes, only to meet with a pair of sparkling crimson eyes. The lady boss put aside the books that she had packed, then began to charge another round of books for this rich customer.

However, just looking at the current books that she charged. The lady boss’ eyes almost popped out. While the four maids already coughed numerous times. How could they not shock? This beautiful lady in red was certainly the die-heart fan of the homosexual novels!!

In this era, it wasn’t strange to see homosexual novels or relationships. Since the last dynasty, there were many male concubines in the harem, hence everyone had already accepted homosexual existence.

The lady boss picked one book after another to check it more carefully whether she had seen something wrong. Okay, this wasn’t her hallucination, these were all homosexual novels.

On the way back to the manor, Feng Mingyue hummed a tune in a good mood. She thought that maybe there wasn’t anything she could do here, but unexpectedly, in this period, they also had novels. Furthermore, there were also homosexual novels that absolutely suit her taste!

The four maids were feeling really complicated right now. They didn’t know how to describe their current mood, they didn’t feel any hate nor disgust toward homosexuals. However, looking at the Second Miss behavior just now. They supposed that not only the other party was not revolted with homosexuals, but she seemed to even support them.

On the way back, the duo took the roundabout route instead of the official route. Because there were many people, it was hard for them to arrive at the manor at the fastest speed. While walking, Feng Mingyue, who was humming a tune along the way suddenly became as quiet as a mouse.

“What’s the matter, Miss?” Li Qin found it strange when she noticed the Second Miss turn mute.

“I detect another person here, but the other party’s aura is extremely low. Mei Li, Xiao Hui, both of you notice something?” Under the red veil, Feng Mingyue’s voice could be heard.

Mei Li and Mei Hui immediately nodded their heads. Just now because they were entirely focused on the Second Miss, they didn’t sense anything, it was only when the Second Miss mentioned it, did they realize.

“Let’s continue walking, the other party is simply weak. So there is no harm.” Feng Mingyue uttered before she moved forward and the four maids also followed from behind. As they continued to walk, a sudden figure appeared in their field of view.

A man dressed in black from head to toes was leaning against the wall. He wore a black mask, only a pair of eyes and pale lips were exposed. However, the man, seemingly really weak, his eyes closed, while his chest rose and fell with rapid breath as if he was on the brink of death.

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