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TLM Chapter 8

Mei Li and Mei Hui has been poisoned

Within the next instant, Feng Mingyue picked a piece of small spring roll, put it in her, and chewed it slowly. When it touched the tip of her tongue, the spring roll was crispy and sweet. Then, she began to try other dishes one by one.

All of the dishes were flavorful, and they really suited her taste, even if it was not as good as what she used to eat in her past life, it was still better than the food that the chefs cooked last time.

“Try it, and remember the taste later on, so it will be convenient for you to cook next time.” Feng Mingyue placed the chopsticks near the bowl, she then raised her hand, gesturing to the chefs, and implying them to try the dishes on the table.

The chefs held the chopsticks in their hands, and they tried every dish one after another with a thoughtful face. The Sichuan Pork was fresh and spicy, the meatball was smooth and soft, the seasoning gravy was like a drug sauce that kept them wanting it more and more.

The dumpling was filled with minced pork, ground chicken, beef, and vegetables. The taste was really enjoyable. The Peking Duck was thin, accompanied by crispy skin. When they ate it with the pancake, it was exactly suitable and flavorful.

The Spring Rolls were sweet. When the chefs tried each of the dishes, their eyes glimmered. The food was really tasty and it was also enjoyable to eat. Furthermore, they had never tasted such delicious food in their life, this was their first time.

“Alright, everyone can have a share, I made a lot of it, anyway, I’m going to have a rest.” After saying so, Feng Mingyue stood up, yawning leisurely, as if this was her habit. She unhurriedly left the dining hall.

Every servant in the Ehuang Courtyard had already taken a note in their heart. Every time when the Second Miss was taking a nap, they knew that she didn’t like anyone to bother her or interrupt her rest, therefore, everyone tried to work quietly as much as they could.

Three hours had passed when Feng Mingyue woke up. She summoned the four maids in, Mei Li also brought a basin of warm water for Feng Mingyue to wash her face.

When she used the napkin to wipe her face, Feng Mingyue looked up. She noticed the different colors in Mei Li’s and Mei Hui’s eyes. Within the next second, Feng Mingyue’s face changed.

The color of their eyes were somewhat dull, it didn’t seem like what a healthy person should have. Last time she didn’t notice it at all, but now Feng Mingyue had discovered it, she was pretty sure that the twos had been poisoned.

However, it was really fortunate that she was an expert in poison and medicine, so it didn’t take long for her to notice the difference between normal people and people that had been poisoned.

Feng Mingyue’s voice was flat, yet there was also a hint of seriousness in it: “Mei Li, Mei Hui, give me a brief description about what you have encountered on the way back.”

The four girls were startled, they felt that the Second Miss expression was too severe, as if she had discovered something important.

After she thought twice, Mei Li also felt that something was off with the Second Miss expression, so she immediately confided everything that had happened: “On the way back, we met a group of the bandit, they wanted to rob us, however, they were defeated by us in the end, the bandit leader seemed to be really unwilling when he lost to me and Xiao Hui, thus he threw a white powder toward us when we let down our guard. Miss, why are you asking about this?”

It had already been a day since they returned. And she was also confused and curious at the same for why the Second Miss asked about this matter.

On the other hand, Feng Mingyue creased her brows, her eyes narrowed. Sometimes, she tilted her head, pressing her lips together tightly, and sank into deep thought. It look like her conjecture was true, the white powder that the bandit leader had thrown was absolutely not a normal powder but a poison powder.

That poison powder should be a ‘7-Days Living’ poison or the other name was ‘Qitian’. As the name suggested, the people that had been poisoned by it, without a doubt, were bound to die in seven days.

In her past life, she was a doctor that could cure disease and poison. It could be said that she was specializing in both fields; medicine and poison. She had studied and researched all kinds of diseases and poison in the world since the age of fifteen. Not only that, but Feng Mingyue also explored ancient medicine and poison, which now became handy.

Five years that she had mixed in these fields, hence her knowledge and familiarity with diseases and poisons were especially high. Therefore, it wasn’t weird for Feng Mingyue to notice what had happened to Mei Li and Mei Hui at a glance.

“Both of you have been poisoned.” This sentence not only made Mei Li and Mei Hui gasp in surprise, but the other two also had the same reaction.

Feng Mingyue had already expected this outcome, so she continued with a stony-face: “It is called ‘7-Days Living’ poison or you can call it ‘Qitian’. As the name proposes, you can only live for seven days after you get affected by it.”

Feng Mingyue was wondering where the bandit leader obtained this poison from. ‘Qitain’ was not a common poison, it was rare and usually not many people knew about its existence. Furthermore, the one who could create this sort of poison could also be considered as an expert.

Feng Mingyue somehow really looked forward to meeting this expert, whether the other party was a friend or a foe, she would just want to know how much acknowledgement did that person knew about poison. Or in other words, she honestly wanted to know what was that person’s identity. In her heart, the other party was clearly not a simple person.

“Miss, do you know how to cure it?” Mei Li asked. Her clammy hands were clasped together hermetically. While Mei Hui’s face was as white as a ghost, how could she not be terrified? She was only seventeen years old this year, and it was really hard for her to face such a reality. She had only seven days to live, but she still had more things to do, she didn’t want to die yet.

However, even if the two were anxious. By fair means or foul, they believed that the Second Miss could save them. As for the reason why they had faith in the Second Miss was; reality had already proved them. When she woke up from the coma, Second Miss wasn’t the same as before. She changed a lot, especially her temper and talent. She could cook, she could cure her own illness, she knew medicine, and just now, she also told them that they had been poisoned.

Second Miss made them really amazed. They had served her since childhood, they knew clearly what her personality was. Yet, in these few days, when they spent their time with her. They realized that the Second Miss personality was also different from the past, she was calm and collected, sometimes lazy, and some day, she was idle. Nevertheless, no one dared to underestimate her now, she was much more acknowledged than everyone else in the courtyard, or maybe in this whole kingdom, not too many people could be counted as talented as her.

Therefore, in the face of a life and death situation. Mei Li and Mei Hui still held hope in Feng Mingyue. If they could be saved, then it was the Second Miss’ extraordinary medical skill, and if they couldn’t be saved, then it must be because the poison was too powerful. Thus, either they died or were alive in Feng Mingyue hand, the two would never harbor any resentment nor grudge toward their master.

“I do know how to cure it, but it depends on whether you can withstand it.” Feng Mingyue revealed a smile, the method to cure this poison was not difficult, however, it was really painful.

“Withstand it?” Mei Hui tilted her head in confusion.

“You need to soak in the medicinal water for a night or it should be said for eight hours. At that time, it will be really painful, that’s why I ask you two once again, can you really bear the pain?”

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