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TLM Chapter 7

Teaching the chef how to cook the modern dishes

Feng Mingyue put down the chopstick and rubbed her stomach in pleasure, after that she turned to look at the four maids, who stood on the other side, watching without even closing their mouths.

“Come on, come and try it.” She chuckled softly before waving her hand at them, the four girls looked at each other then they looked at Feng Mingyue with hesitation. After all, they were servants. How could they go and sit at the same table with their master?

“I’m already done eating, come and eat it, I’ll introduce each food on the table to you guys.” Feng Mingyue said again in a hurry, afraid that the four maids would continue on being reluctant.

In her previous life, she always ate and slept every day when she was free from work. Sometimes she would go out and try every food outside. When she finished trying every famous restaurant in the city, Feng Mingyue would go and try the street food, in short, she was a foodie.

“If you disobey my order, I’ll punish you.” Feng Mingyue crossed her arm and leaned lazily against the chair before she looked at the four maids with a nonchalant expression.

Having no other choices, Li Qin, Li Qiu, Mei Li, and Mei Hui walked toward the table. They began to feel wavered again, but in the end, they still decided to sit down. Feng Mingyue happily picked the pork and put it in their bowls.

“Try this roasted pork.” Listening to Feng Mingyue, the four girls tried a piece of roasted pork. When they chewed the pork meat, their eyes immediately lit up.

Feng Mingyue proceeded to introduce each food to them one by one, all while keeping on watching them with a smile on her face until she felt sleepy, did Feng Mingyue stand up.

“You guys continue, tell every servant in the courtyard that from now on our Ehuang Courtyard has one rule, which is that everything that goes on in our courtyard cannot be leaked out, if anyone dares to disobey, they’ll be punished.”

Feng Mingyue left the dining hall, and went to the bed-chamber. The servants knew that the Second Miss was sleeping, so no one dared to make a loud noise, they enjoyed the food quietly. The food that was made by Second Miss was very delicious, they had never tasted this sort of food before.

The next following day, Feng Mingyue woke up at five. She summoned the four maids, letting them bring the warm water for her to bathe. Later, she let them begin their duty in managing her clothes and makeup.

When everything was done. Feng Mingyue let Mei Hui went to inform the chefs that she would teach them some simple dishes. So, they could cook for her, and she didn’t need to enter the kitchen to cooked by herself all the time.

Feng Mingyue practiced martial arts for 30 minutes before she went to the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, the chefs were already waiting, and when Feng Mingyue stepped in, she saw only the three chefs yesterday. As for Old Zhang, he got punished last time and was bedridden.

“Second Miss.” The chefs hurriedly bowed their heads as a greeting. Feng Mingyue also nodded back at them, she then moved forward to checked the remaining ingredients.

After searching for everything, Feng Mingyue pondered for a moment before turning to notify them, “I will teach you how to cook 5 dishes.”

The chefs became serious, they listened to Feng Mingyue carefully, without missing any details.

“The 5 dishes that I’m going to teach you guys today are Sichuan Pork, Dumpling, Meatball, Peking Roasted Duck, and Spring Rolls.” Feng Mingyue raised her five fingers and said with a solemn expression.

“The reason I’m choosing these 5 foods is that, right now, we only have ingredients for these 5 foods”

Then, she arranged the work for them one by one. Feng Mingyue also called the other servant girls, who worked in the kitchen to come and assist them. To put it another way, they were here to help clean the vegetables and meats.

Feng Mingyue started her first dish called Sichuan Pork, because there was only a small amount of the remaining oil, she decided to boil the pork meat in a hot water with a coating made from egg-white, then starch to preserve its freshness and tenderness.

The meaty broth was typical Sichuan cuisine, featuring a peppery and spicy taste. When Feng Mingyue completed the first dish, she put it aside and continued to the second one.

The second dish was called Meatball, she started to cook the meatball first. The meat was combined with bread crumbs and eggs for binding, then Feng Mingyue seasoned it with spices and herbs to enhance the flavor.

After that, she fried them before she continued to the third dish, which was called Dumpling. She used mincemeat and chopped vegetables to wrapped them in a thin dough skin. Thereafter, Feng Mingyue steamed it for 30 minutes.

The fourth dish was Peking Roasted  Duck, Feng Mingyue also made some pancakes to eat with it, last but not least the fifth dish was called Spring Rolls.

Feng Mingyue put the vegetables and meat as the filling of the spring roll and after the fillings were wrapped in spring roll wrappers, she put them in the hot oil to fry them.

The food was completely cooked. Feng Mingyue ordered the servants to take the food to the dining hall. She also called the three chefs that she had been teaching the whole time to come with her.

“Do you catch up with what I’m teaching you today?” Sitting on the chair, Feng Mingyue rested her chin on her left palm, while her right fingers were tapping on the table rhythmically in boredom.

“Yes, we are.” The chefs nodded vigorously. One of them was rubbing hands together, seemingly really excited as if he couldn’t wait to cook.

“Second Miss, all the dishes that you taught us, we have never seen them in the Hu Kingdom,” The chef asked while wrinkling his brows in doubt.

“Of course they aren’t the food from the Hu Kingdom, it happened when I was in a coma last time, I had dreamt about a lot of food recipes, there are plenty more, but I will teach you one by one from now on.”

Feng Mingyue lied through her teeth without any change of expression. Well, even though all the dishes that she taught them were all from her past life, then so what? Furthermore, in this world, no one knew that these dishes were from her past life, and whether the chefs believing her nonsense or not were up to them, it had nothing to do with her by the way.

“That is really amazing Miss, we have never known that Miss can cook, you truly surprised us yesterday.”

“Alright, alright you flatter me. Let me try this dish first and see how it tastes.” Feng Mingyue chuckled faintly as she picked up the chopstick and took one piece of Sichuan Pork to her mouth.

When she ate it, each piece of meat contained abundant juices with a fresh and fragrant spicy aroma. So tasty! Feng Mingyue smiled pleasantly after she tasted it.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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