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TLM Chapter 6

Cooking on her own

There was a sudden silence, Li Qiu, who was thrilled just now, immediately shut her mouth and behaved. While Mei Hui was staring curiously at the Second Miss as if she also wanted to know what happened.

Not only them or the servants in the manor, who knew that the Second Miss was good for nothing. But, the whole commoners in the Shing Capital knew that Feng Mingyue was a trash.

I know they will doubt me sooner or later…

On the surface, Feng Mingyue was still calm as usual. She sighed: “Let me ask you, do you want to see me being bullied like before or—”

The three maids hastily interrupted her speech and expressed their thoughts at the same time: “Of course we want you to grow stronger and stronger!”

At this moment, Feng Mingyue was really candid: “Well, I had already learned this since I was a child, Mother was the one who taught me everything secretly. However, even if I had learned it, I still proceeded to act like a fool, be trash, and let people around me mock and be bullied by them. Do you know why?”

The three girls shook their heads, showing that they didn’t know.

Feng Mingyue looked relaxed, and she said meaningfully: “I just want them to have enough fun, and it will be my turn.”

It was just a simple sentence, nevertheless, the three maids already felt a chill run down their spine.

Who said Second Miss is good for nothing? She is totally a vengeful person!

Feng Mingyue looked at the people in front of her, who behaved so well that their bodies were as straight as steel. It was obvious that they were scared because of her words. They were her people now, how could Feng Mingyue allow them to be soft-hearted with someone that always had an evil intention?

She sighed gently: “Alright, don’t be so tense. Following me in the future, you will have to face many cruel things, are you willing?”

Without any reluctance, the three servants quickly nodded. Mei Hui added: “We have been serving you since childhood. Miss, no matter where you go, how many cruel things that we must face or we have to do for you. We are willing, Madam also been good to us, we have to repay her by taking care of you.”

After saying so, the three maids knelt on one knee, cupping their hands together, just like a spiritual martial artist. This could be said that they were working for Feng Mingyue, not only as her servant but also as a sword that she could use.

Feng Mingyue stared down at the three people that were kneeling in front of her, the corner of her mouth quirked up. This was what she wanted, the people that were willing to go through fire and water with her.

“Stand up, I believe you. Let’s work hard together.” She helped the three of them up, Feng Mingyue’s eyes were gentle as a spring breeze. No matter how you looked at her right now, no one would believe that this woman was heartless and vicious. But, she was only being this type of woman toward someone that had offended her first.

Currently, Feng Mingyue was staring at the food in front of her, while the four maids were talking exhilaratingly about their master.

Li Qiu was the youngest among the four, so she couldn’t suppress her excitement: “I can’t wait, I really can’t wait to see the reaction of the First Miss and the Third Miss if they knew that our Miss is a spiritual martial artist, and she is also a doctor!”

Mei Li hurriedly pressed her finger on her lips and said to Li Qiu: “Shh…Xiao Qiu, can you lower your voice? Second Miss is also a spiritual martial artist, she will hear us.”

Li Qiu immediately squeezed her mouth shut and nodded obediently. Meanwhile, Feng Mingyue put down the chopsticks, staring at the food in front of her expressionlessly, her brows furrowed together even tighter.

These foods…were really awful. It didn’t suit her taste at all. Speaking of it, Feng Mingyue had always eaten delicious and luxurious food. The Feng Family even invited the chef personally from the famous five stars restaurant just to cook for her to eat. And after coming here, there weren’t any chefs from the five-star restaurants, and the ingredients in this era were also different from her past life.

Anyhow, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t cook delicious food by using those ingredients. Therefore, Feng Mingyue stood up and went to the kitchen without saying a word. The four maids who had just finished admiring their Miss talent were dumbfounded, but they didn’t dare to ask and hurriedly followed.

Inside the kitchen, there were three chefs working differently. One of the chefs was cleaning vegetables, the other chef was cooking dinner for the servants, while one more chef was slicing meat. They were so busy that they didn’t even notice another person standing at the door watching them.

“Ahem!” Li Qin couldn’t hold back anymore, thus she intentionally cleared her throat, attracting the three chefs’ attention. The three chefs were stupefied when they saw Feng Mingyue standing at the door, watching them with a deadpan face as if they owed her money.

Of course, how could Feng Mingyue be in a good mood right now? She was so hungry, but the food was too bland that it didn’t fit her taste, so she had to come and cook personally.

The chefs were already in cold sweats, they didn’t know what they had done wrong this time. Since the day when Old Zhang had been punished by the Second Miss, the other three chefs were extremely cautious when they cooked food, hoping that she would not go into a rage again.

However, who would have thought that the Second Miss came to the kitchen in person like this?

One of the chefs wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and asked carefully: “The Second Miss isn’t satisfied with the food that this servant served?”

Feng Mingyue pressed her beautiful lips together tightly into a straight line, she was extremely hungry right now. So she didn’t have time to waste on such a courtesy speech: “You all move aside, just wait for my instruction.”

Feng Mingyue stepped into the kitchen, then began to cook the food that the chefs had just cooked by changing the ingredients, making it taste more better. Her movement was also skilled, moreover, the method that she cooked was different from the people in Shing. Everyone looked at Feng Mingyue cooking seriously without blinking, the chefs were already in awe, they had never expected that the Second Miss actually could cook.

Soon afterward, the aroma of the foods flew in the air, scattering inside the kitchen. Making people who had smelled it couldn’t stop from drooling, everyone in the kitchen subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

Feng Mingyue’s expression was still calm as before, she glanced lightly at the chefs: “Prepare the food, and bring it to the dining hall, also, everyone can have a share.”

Feng Mingyue and the maids left, the three chefs looked at each other for a moment before they quickly arranged food for the Second Miss, while they gulped from time to time when the scent of the food went into their noses.

After the chefs placed down every dish on the table, Feng Mingyue hurriedly picked up the chopstick and began to eat. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. Very delicious!

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