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TLM Chapter 5

Chef Punishment

Feng Mingyue took a sip of tea that was prepared by Mei Li. Then her gaze landed on the middle-aged man, who was kneeling at the center of the hall. The middle-aged man hung his head down, didn’t dare to look up, everyone could see that his body was shaking slightly.

It seemed like what had happened last morning also went through the chef’s ears. Right now, the servants inside the Ehuang Courtyard had already gathered in the main hall, everyone was very curious, just how the Second Miss would punish the chef.

Feng Mingyue glanced at the servants in the hall, her lips curved up into a smile. This was also a good opportunity for her to show everyone as the master in this courtyard.

“Tell me the reason, why did you serve me such a food?” Feng Mingyue leaned back against the chair, lifting her brows, and asked with a gentle smile. However, this smile somehow made the chef scared out of his wit.

“T-this servant…this servant…” The chef kowtowed endlessly, yet there wasn’t any useful reason that came out of his mouth, as if he wasn’t willing, to tell the truth.

Feng Mingyue’s gaze darkened: “Looks like you would rather be punished than revealing the truth.” She then chuckled dangerously, nevertheless, her face was still as polite as ever, “Alright, there is no loss in punishing you either.”

The chef was already frightened to the point that he was about to pee his pants. He quickly kowtowed again and again, until his forehead turned red, and there was also a trace of blood oozed out.

The servants that were standing on the side watching the show couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. Their hearts also trembled when they looked at the beautiful woman sitting in the master seat, whose face was unchanged upon witnessing the chef’s situation.

The Second Miss still held a gentle smile. However, they also noticed that her eyes were as cold as ice.

Who said the Second Miss was naive and foolish? The woman in front of them was too heartless!

“Hit him with 30 sticks!” Feng Mingyue’s icy voice rang through the whole main hall, everyone glanced at the chef with sympathy.

While everyone was pitying the chef. The chef himself was already on the verge of collapsing. He was already at this age, how could he endure these 30 sticks?!

The chef was already in a cold sweat when he saw the two servant boys walking toward him with a stick in their hand.

“Second Miss! Please spare this old servant! I-it was the Third Miss!” Finally, the chef spoke out. Of course, this was his life and death matter. Therefore, how could he be careless, playing with his own life?

“Oh? The Third Miss? Do you know the consequences of betraying your master?” Feng Mingyue narrowed her crimson eyes dangerously.

The chef continued to kowtow, regardless of blood flowing out from his forehead, he only wanted to save his own life, so he hurriedly begged for forgiveness: “This servant knows it’s his fault! Second Miss, please give this servant a second chance!”

Feng Mingyue laughed, but no one knew what she was thinking: “Alright since you confessed, I will punish you lightly, beat him 20 sticks.”

Finished instructing, Feng Mingyue leaned back lazily against the chair, she took the teacup and sipped it leisurely.

The two servant boys walked over, letting the chef lay on his stomach, then the two started hitting the chef.

Because the two servants were also scared by Feng Mingyue’s attitude just now, their legs were also shaking. Hence, the strength that they used to hit the chef was not too harsh.

Feng Mingyue was extremely bored, the scene in front of her was not too violent, and that wasn’t what she wanted either. Feng Mingyue rested her head on her palm, her eyes downcast, playing with the teacup dully.

The chef cried out miserably but it didn’t make Feng Mingyue feel any mercy at all. She glanced lightly at the chef, then she pointed toward Mei Li and Mei Hui. She also said to the two servant boys: “Stop.”

The two servant boys paused their movement. The chef was so happy that he was about to cry with tears of joy when he thought that the punishment was over. However, Feng Mingyue’s next words were like a basin of cold water poured on his head.

“The two of you step down, let my girls take your place. It is so boring, you hit him like you are afraid that he would be hurt. I’ll let my girls do it, and you two better watch it carefully, then learn it next time.” Feng Mingyue spoke unhurriedly, there was also a hint of laziness in her tone.

The words that she had spoken seemed to be simple, nonetheless, in the other servants’ ears, they were already about to kneel and worshipped her.

Second Miss! You are punishing him, not playing with him, okay?! No, the main point is, this isn’t a show!!

However, the chef had already fainted before Mei Li and Mei Hui could continue the punishment.

“Bring him back, I will send him some ointment that can cure his injuries.”

Feng Mingyue sighed with regret. She waved her hand dismissing everyone with a lifeless expression, looking rather pitiful. If the other men saw this scene, they might have come forward to coax her, but everyone, who was present just now didn’t have this feeling at all toward the beautiful woman sitting on the master seat. They had already witnessed everything.

Our Second Miss is no different from the devil queen!!

This was already what everyone in the Ehuang Courtyard thought of Feng Mingyue. And if the protagonist of the topic knew that everyone called her the Devil Queen, then she might smile and throw back her head laughing in amusement.

“I’m hungry.” Feng Mingyue turned her head toward Li Qin, who was beside her. Li Qin quickly bowed and retreated to do her duty.

Since she had been cured, Feng Mingyue had never walked around the Ehuang Courtyard. Today, she roamed around the courtyard idly, there was also a sense of satisfaction in her heart. The courtyard was really beautiful and elegant, which made people feel at ease.

There was a garden that was filled with various types of flowers, a small pond, with a white medium gazebo located at the west of the pond. When she continued to stroll, bypassed the pond, the garden, and the gazebo. A small training area appeared in her field of vision.

Then, a sudden blurry figure surfaced in her mind. It was a woman, she was dressed in white, holding a sword in her hand. The woman’s eyes were flashed with a fierce light, there was a strong powerful aura around her.

Step by step, she held the sword and slashed it through the air, she leaped up and struck the sword onto the ground. After that, the woman dashed forward with a fast speed, she continued to use the sword in her hand to strike the air, with a different posture.

Feng Mingyue shut her eyes, recalling everything that she had just seen. Without a doubt, that woman in white was her mother, this was the original host’s memory. It was when the original host was standing quietly near the training area and watched her mother’s sword movement.

But it was a pity that the original Feng Mingyue didn’t remember any of these. However, she, the current Feng Mingyue, was different.

She was born with a gift. Whenever she glanced at something and wanted to remember it, everything would be noted into her mind. This was the gift that was granted by the heavens, plus with her extraordinary talent, Feng Mingyue was already a successful woman in her past life.

She hurriedly picked up the stick on the ground that was left by someone. Feng Mingyue walked toward the center of the training area calmly under the curious eyes of the three maids. And to the three girls’ surprise, their master suddenly made a move.

The figure in red raised the stick and slashed it toward the air, her eyes were cold and ruthless. It was just like, whoever stood in front of her right now, might be only a tiny ant in her eyes. Feng Mingyue continued to make several moves that were the same as her mother’s sword movement for a whole 30 minutes.

When she walked back and handed the stick to Mei Li, the three maids were still in a daze, which they hadn’t regained their senses yet. Feng Mingyue sighed helplessly before she flipped the three girls’ forehead.

“Please forgive us for our rude behavior Miss,” The three quickly kneeled on the ground.

Feng Mingyue was stunned speechless, she sighed: “Get up.”

“Miss, you are really amazing!” Li Qiu said excitedly, her gaze was unable to move away from Feng Mingyue.

Before Feng Mingyue could respond, Mei Li couldn’t help but asked: “Miss, please forgive this servant’s impudent inquiry, but, why did you suddenly know martial art?”

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