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TLM Chapter 4

The return of Mei Li and Mei Hui

Every dish on the table had been pushed onto the floor by Feng Mingyue. The rattling sound had attracted many servants’ attention. All of them immediately gathered at the dining hall, they could only see Li Qin and Li Qiu kneeling on the floor, while the Second Miss was standing at the center of the table.

She was dressed in red, her beautiful face was really sullen. Within one glance, everyone could guess in their heart that the Second Miss wasn’t in a good mood. The air that surrounded Feng Mingyue was full of murderous intent which was awfully terrifying.

The servants were already sweating, everyone hurriedly kneeled down, they had never seen Second Miss in such a state. Just as everyone was thinking in their heart, they heard a cold voice sound in their ears.

“Oh? You all still aware of who is the master and who is the servant?” Feng Mingyue’s tone was filled with contempt.

Since the day when her mother passed away, the original Feng Mingyue had also been treated badly by the servants in her courtyard. The foods that the chef served her were all the servants’ food, yet she had never complained about it, which made the chef even more presumptuous.

But it was different now. She wasn’t the ignorant and naive Feng Mingyue, so whoever dared to be impudent in front of her, without a doubt, would be punished.

Everyone’s heart turned chill. Cold sweats had already formed on each of their foreheads, the Second Miss was truly horrible.

“I will settle with you all later.” Since she was not so hungry, maybe she could just take another nap. Feng Mingyue yawned nonchalantly in front of everyone before she walked out.

After Feng Mingyue left, the pressure inside the dining hall returned to normal. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, just now, no one dared to speak, they didn’t even dare to breathe.

Li Qin rose up and said calmly: “Clean up the mess, watch your words and actions in the future.”

After reminding them, she left the dining hall with Li Qiu.

Everyone took care of everything silently. They didn’t have the guts to voice it out, looking at the Second Miss behavior just now, they had already known clearly in their hearts.

From now on, they needed to act more carefully and be more respectful to the Second Miss, or else they didn’t dare to imagine the aftermaths of offending her.

Some of the servants also light a candle silently for the chef. The Second Miss was different from before, she wasn’t the coward and foolish Second Miss that they used to see.

Everyone thought that the Second Miss must have suffered too much. So, she began to stand up for herself and didn’t act as timid as she was in the past. Looks like from now on, there might be a slight change in the manor.

Feng Mingyue took a nap for the whole morning. In the afternoon, she was sitting leisurely on the bed, while wandering in thought. When she looked into the original host memory, she remembered that she also had two more maids. The two of them had been summoned by her maternal grandfather, and as for the reason, no one knew, even the original host didn’t know but she still let them go.

Right now it was not hard for Feng Mingyue to become a spiritual martial artist. She had already learned martial arts in her past life, and as long as she practiced it now, she would become a spiritual martial artist.

Just when she was in deep thought, two figures suddenly leap into the bed-chamber through the window. Feng Mingyue’s eyes immediately became alert, she was ready to attack anytime as long as the other side started first.

However, the battle that Feng Mingyue expected didn’t happen. Two beautiful girls dressed in black from head to toes was kneeling on the ground with one knee, cupping their hands together and saluted her respectfully: “Miss,”

Feng Mingyue’s tense body began to relax. She stared at the two in front of her with an interesting gaze. It had only been a month, but these two girls had changed a lot. Their aura and their temper were different from before. Feng Mingyue nodded secretly, feeling really grateful toward her grandfather.

Seemed like all her mother’s bloodline couldn’t be underestimated. It was not strange that Feng Zhongshan didn’t dare to act precipitously in an attempt to kill her since she still had the General of Gan estate as the backer.

“Get up. You two have changed a lot, more reliable and stronger than before.” Feng Mingyue leaned against the headboard while she summoned Li Qin and Li Qiu in.

“Miss, you flatter us.” Mei Li bowed and said modestly.

“So, grandfather called for you guys to the General of Gan estate, in order to train both of you, just to protect me, right?” She crossed her arm over her chest and asked the two with a smile.

Mei Hui said: “Yes, we both wanted to inform Miss about this matter too, however, Old General stopped us, he was afraid that you might reveal about it.”

Feng Mingyue also agreed to this in her heart. This was her trump card that could make her safe. And if the original host knew about this, Feng Mingyue was certainly sure that the other party couldn’t shut her lips tightly, she might have told this matter to her sisters. It seemed like General Gan really understood this granddaughter very well.

“What else did grandfather say?”

Seeing that Feng Mingyue was still idle as before, without any hint of anger, both Mei Li and Mei Hui breathe a sigh of relief. They thought that when the Second Miss knew about the matter, she would become mad, but unexpectedly the Second Miss didn’t get mad, she even asked them more as if this was just a normal conversation.

Mei Li glanced at her two friends that were standing on the side. Her tone carried a hint of a smile: “Old General wanted Xiao Qiu and Ah Qin to train at the General of Gan estate for one month.”

“Grandfather is actually determined to trains the four of you.” Feng Mingyue chuckled softly, she also felt reassured in her heart. She was most worried about her subordinates’ safety, but since her grandfather took the initiative to teach them, Feng Mingyue was also relieved.

“Alright, let’s go to the main hall.” Feng Mingyue stood up, and kneaded her shoulder lightly, “Xiao Qiu, is the chef waiting in there right now?”

Li Qiu nodded: “Yes miss, he’s waiting in the main hall, other servants are also present.”

“Good, let’s go. I would like to know the reason, why he dares to act so impudently under my nose.”

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