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TLM Chapter 28

She is the demon ancestor.

“Xiao Xue!” There was a sudden exclamation. Feng Mingyue was taken back, she hurriedly turned around, only to see the man in a light green robe split out a mouthful of blood while grasping the green jade flute in his hand tightly. The man in a dark blue robe hastily walked over to help him with a worried face.

Seeing the other party’s complexion was as white as a ghost, Feng Mingyue didn’t bother to deal with the demon who was still alive for the time being. She walked quickly toward the man then took his hand to check his pulse. Noticing Feng Mingyue’s expression became solemn, Sheng Yi who was still holding Wei Xue couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“At first I thought maybe I’m wrong when seeing you the first time, you conceal it pretty well. That demon had injured your golden core which made your spiritual energy become chaotic from time to time. And if it continues on like this, I’m afraid that you will never be able to become a spiritual martial artist again.” Feng Mingyue’s voice was extremely serious, she looked at the man in front of her, who was obviously a little older than her. But, this man decided to hide such an important thing, it was only one reason.

She shifted her gaze toward the other man, who was dressed in a dark blue robe. At this time, Sheng Yi’s face was really dark. If there was someone who dared to provoke him at this moment, Sheng Yi would not hesitate to kill that person directly. After listening to his master’s words, Sheng Yi was really angry and helpless at the same time. He knew that Wei Xue didn’t like to show his weakness to others nor did he like to depend on others.

Wei Xue didn’t even dare to look at Sheng Yi. He could only keep silent. Discovering the atmosphere between the two, Feng Mingyue sighed: “I know that you don’t want people around you to be worried. However, sometimes it is better to tell the truth instead of keeping it like this.” Feng Mingyue revealed a smile: “Don’t worry, since you already became one of my people. I will never sit still and do nothing.”

Hearing this remark, both Wei Xue and Sheng Yi looked at Feng Mingyue at the same time. Feng Mingyue took out a wooden square chest that was filled with silver needles. She then took out two silver needles and injected them into Wei Xue’s arm, a trace of spiritual energy flew from the silver needles and entered Wei Xue’s body, the chaotic spiritual energy suddenly became stable like before.

Feng Mingyue took back the silver needles and cleaned them with spiritual energy before she put them back into the spiritual ring. Feng Mingyue took another bunch of herbs from the spiritual ring and placed it on Sheng Yi’s hand with a smile on her face: “His spiritual energy is stable for now, but he needs to take these herbs in order to make the spiritual energy in his body more stable than before.”

“Thank you master.” Sheng Yi nodded while taking the herbs from Feng Mingyue and stored them in his spiritual ring.

Feng Mingyue smiled, she turned to look at Wei Xue: “From now on, don’t hide such an important thing alone. You have us here by your side.”

Hearing this, Wei Xue felt warm in his heart. Then, he nodded his head with a serious expression, implying that he would not conceal such a thing and made people around him worried again.

After settling Wei Xue’s matter, Feng Mingyue turned around and walked toward the demon, while the other four people also followed her behind. The demon subconsciously shrank back a bit upon seeing the lady in white approach him.

Furthermore, he was really sure that the red tambourine that the lady in white used was unmistakably Lady Mingzhu’s powerful weapon called Mind Controlling Bell. It seemed like this person was unmistakably Lady Mingzhu.

“Your Excellency, you and this lowly one shouldn’t have any grudge against each other, right?” This time the demon didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of the person that was stronger than him. Besides, this person was the Lady Mingzhu that everyone talked about, and her strength was also not inferior to the legendary Dark Lord Limu. So, it was better for him to not offend her more.

Feng Mingyue chuckled, she narrowed her eyes slightly: “Yes, it’s true, but you harmed my people. You shouldn’t forget about this?”

The demon swallowed his saliva nervously: “They save someone that they shouldn’t save. Besides, that was our demon race’s affair, yet they muddled in.”

Feng Mingyue glanced back at Sheng Yi and Wei Xue, indicating to them not to say anything before she turned to look at the demon. Lifting her brow with interest, she inquired: “Oh? Who did they save? I think it’s better for you to tell me clearly, or else…” Feng Mingyue revealed a dangerous smile: “You should know the consequence of lying to me.”

There was a sudden chill in the demon’s heart when he saw the smile on the other party’s face. He answered slowly, peeking at the lady’s expression from time to time: “My master, the Demon King, ordered me to kill the leader of the Heavenly Sect.”

Feng Mingyue frowned: “From what I know, the sect leader of the Heavenly Sect has already passed away, and the current sect leader is obviously his wife. The Demon King had a grudge against her?”

The demon felt really uncomfortable when he had to disclose his mission to the person in front of him. However, he wanted to live, so the only way to survive was answering everything that the lady in white asked. Hence, the demon took a deep breath, and said: “She is the demon ancestor, she betrayed the demon race.”

“Just because she came to live in the human realm and never returned to the demon realm, you thought she betrayed her own kind?”

Talking about the person that his master wanted to kill, the demon felt a slight disdain: “Otherwise? Not only did she live in the human realm and marry a human, she also killed her own kind. Is this behavior not considered as betrayal?”

“I see. Thank you for the information. Farewell.” Before everyone could react, no one knew when the dagger appeared in Feng Mingyue’s hand, and she already used it to cut the demon’s throat. Fresh blood splashed everywhere, while the demon body also fell straight onto the ground with his eyes open wide, as if he was really surprised.

After killing the demon, Feng Mingyue was about to turn around and talked to her four subordinates. Yet, there was a demon aura that came from the west, it was a weak aura, only a person with keen sense could detect it, and Feng Mingyue was that type of person.

She didn’t say much, only three words: “To the west.”

Seeing their master walk toward the west, the other four also followed suit. Mei Li and Li Qin were puzzled, as for Wei Xue and Sheng Yi, they already knew it in their heart but they chose to keep quiet and followed Feng Mingyue silently.

They didn’t know whether what the demon had said was true. However, since the demon’s aura came from the place where they had seen the sect leader, maybe what the demon had said was true. As for how to deal with the current situation, Wei Xue and Sheng Yi could only wait for their master order, whether she wanted to save the sect leader or kill her, the two had no objection. After all, they had already become one of Feng Mingyue’s people, and they also needed to follow her command.

Soon afterward, a woman in her forties, dressed in white robe appeared in their field of vision. She was leaning against the tree, the demon aura was emitting from her. The woman’s breath was low and soft, and within a glance, Feng Mingyue immediately noticed what was wrong with the woman.

The sect leader of the Heavenly Sect had been poisoned, Feng Mingyue assumed that this was also the demon’s opportunity to kill the sect leader, nevertheless, because of Wei Xue’s and Sheng Yi’s existence, his plan was delayed. What’s more, the life of the sect leader was also on the brink of death.

Feng Mingyue took a deep breathe, walked toward the woman. She squatted down in front of her, checking her pulse. After knowing the poison’s origin, she took out a small square wooden chest that contained various silver needles in it. However, before Feng Mingyue could open it, the woman suddenly raised her trembling hand to touch the wooden chest.

“Where did you get this wooden chest?” Because she was weak, her voice was soft. Nonetheless, by looking at her features, one could guess that she was a gentle and elegant woman.

Feng Mingyue was startled. She then answered carefully, by trying to observe the other party’s expression: “My mother.”

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