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TLM Chapter 29

Your mother is my proudest disciple.

The Sect Leader suddenly lifted her eyes, staring straight at Feng Mingyue for a moment. She sighed weakly: “Even if you didn’t tell me the truth, just looking at your appearance, I already had a guess in my heart.” The woman paused, “The color of your eyes are the same as her.”

Feng Mingyue was silent. The other four people were also surprised upon hearing the conversation between their master and the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Sect.

After a moment of hesitation, Feng Mingyue asked once again: “You…know my mother?”

The Sect Leader seemed to be stunned by her question, then everyone heard her laughing. Her response not only made Feng Mingyue freeze, but even the other four also opened their mouths in shock.

“Of course I know your mother, Murong Jingya. She is my proudest disciple.”

Feng Mingyue didn’t say anything for a moment, then she inquired again: “My mother is your disciple? Did she know that you are a demon?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t mind about my identity at all. Moreover, there is a reason for me to take your mother as my disciple.” The woman’s breathing seemed to be softer than before. Seeing that her condition wasn’t really so good, Feng Mingyue hurriedly opened the wooden chest, wanting to take out the silver needles, but she was stopped by the Sect Leader once again.

“There’s no use…my body is different from others. As long as I’ve been poisoned, whether it is the highly toxic one or the normal one, I can’t be cured. I’ve been living in this world for about a thousand years already. It’s time for me to go…” The woman said softly, “Let me finish my words. Since I can find you, then after I die, I’ll be relieved. A thousand year ago, I used to have one closest friend. At that time, she saved me when I’m injured. Later, we became friends. She also taught me a lot of things, for example, medical skills.”

She continued: “I don’t have much time. Listen carefully little lass, my closest friend is a demonic fox. She once created her own powerful spiritual weapon called Lingrou, it is the legendary red muslin that everyone talked about in the past years. Before her death, she gave me the ancient scroll that she had drawn on her own. She also told me to give the ancient scroll to her resurrection self, and that is your mother, Murong Jingya.”

Feng Mingyue was startled. The other four people who had been listening to what the Sect Leader had said from the beginning to the end were also surprised.

Before Feng Mingyue could open her mouth to express her opinion, the woman took out a jade pendant from her sleeve weakly and handed it to the lady in front of her.

“If I guess correctly, the ancient scroll that I’ve been given to your mother should have already fallen into your hand. If that is the case, then help me take care of my sect. Since I’m giving you this jade pendant, it means that from now on, you will be my successor and also the true master of the Heavenly Sect.”

Feng Mingyue was shocked. She hastily stuffed the jade pendant back into the woman’s hand, and said quickly: “No, I can’t accept this.”

“My name is Shi Anling, you can call me Grandmother Shi.” Shi Anling smiled faintly, “Do you know why I entrusted the Heavenly Sect to you?”

Seeing that the lady in front of her remained silent, Shi Anling sighed inwardly: “Your mother is my husband’s adopted daughter. We both don’t have any kids, so I can only give this jade pendant to someone that I trusted. Since your mother is my husband’s adopted daughter, she also counted as my adopted daughter. And you are Jingya’s daughter, so it’s not weird for me to let you take control of the Heavenly Sect. Besides, when I die, you can bring my body back to the sect and let Elder Hao handle the matter. Just reveal yourself to Elder Hao and tell him everything that has happened here. He is the person you can trust. Remember, if nothing important occurred in the sect don’t show yourself yet. Let Elder Hao deal with everything.”

This time Feng Mingyue couldn’t even say a word to refuse. After pondering for some time, she asked: “The person who poisoned you is a member of the Heavenly Sect?”

Shi Anling nodded: “Yes. That person intends to seize my power and become the sect leader himself.”

Feng Mingyue: “Can you tell me who that person is?”

Shi Anling shook her head in disappointment: “I don’t know.”

Just as Feng Mingyue wanted to inquire more, Shi Anling unexpectedly spouted out a mouthful of blood. She grabbed Feng Mingyue’s hand, and said to her weakly: “Please take care of my sect, it would be good if you can eliminate the dangerous existence that remains by your side.”

What Shi Anling meant was to let Feng Mingyue deal with those old foxes that wanted to become the sect leader. In case, when Feng Mingyue took control of the Heavenly Sect, those old foxes would not let her go, or she might be in trouble in the future because of those people’s existence. Feng Mingyue looked at the woman in front of her with a complicated feeling. She only knew this woman today, and if we talked about feelings, it should be said that their feelings weren’t that deep like close relatives. But, in the end, Shi Anling chose to trust her, so Feng Mingyue could only work hard and protect the Heavenly Sect for this gentle woman.

The demon that had no intention of harming people, instead she established such a powerful sect just to protect the commoners in the continent made Feng Mingyue feel that it was worth it for her to fulfill the other party’s wish.

Besides, she believed in her mother’s perspective. If this woman wasn’t a good person, her mother would never accept Shi Anling as her master. What’s more, her mother became powerful and strong also because of this woman.

On the other hand, Shi Anling closed her eyes weakly, as if she was sleeping. However, her heartbeat had already stopped.

Feng Mingyue knelt in front of Shi Anling and kowtowed to her three times. The four subordinates saw this, they quickly followed suit.

“May your soul rest in peace. I’ll take care of the Heavenly Sect.”

Feng Mingyue stood up, she glanced at Wei Xue and Sheng Yi with a slight smile: “You two, when are you going to tell us your name?”

Wei Xue and Sheng Yi were stunned. They suddenly recalled that since the beginning after following this master, they haven’t told her their name yet.

Sheng Yi coughed in embarrassment: “I’m Sheng Yi, and he is Wei Xue.”

Feng Mingyue heard this, she touched her chin and asked with interest: “Both of you aren’t siblings?”

Wei Xue hastily responded: “No, no, we are friends.”

Feng Mingyue laughed. She looked at Sheng Yi meaningfully: “I say, you are the prince of the Han Kingdom, right?”

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