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TLM Chapter 27

The Most Powerful Mind Controlling Bell

Under the demon’s puzzled gazes, Feng Mingyue took out a dazzling red tambourine from her spiritual ring. With just this weapon appearance, the demon was stupefied. There was also a slight fear in his heart, he couldn’t help but tremble.

Everyone in the whole continent had already known about Lady Mingzhu’s existence, along with her powerful red tambourine that could make the opponent’s mind become chaotic after hearing the sound of the bell. Besides, what was really amazing about this red tambourine was; even if the opponent was stronger than Lady Mingzhu, they still couldn’t escape from her powerful weapon.

As long as this red tambourine rang, no matter how strong you were, your mind would become out of control at least for about five minutes. But, if Lady Mingzhu’s strength was stronger, her opponent would be even more miserable, they might die by just listening to the tambourine sound.

Feng Mingyue evoked a smile before glancing around. There were already a dozen demons appearing in her field of vision. She admitted that when these demons joined hands, she might not be able to handle them. However, her strength was not weak, plus with her powerful weapon, at least she could take some of them down.

Feng Mingyue turned to look at her four subordinates, she walked toward them unhurriedly. Feng Mingyue helped the four of them up, stuff the Energy Saving pills to each one of them, and whispered: “These are all advanced level demons, because of their combined aura which made you guys become like this. So, can you deal with them?”

The four glanced at each other before they nodded. Li Qin said: “We were caught off guard earlier. But, right now we have already recovered some of our strength. The internal injuries also slowly healed.”

Feng Mingyue smiled: “Alright, you four can deal with the demons from the east and north, and I will handle the demons from the south and west. Go!”

Li Qin took a purple whip out of the spiritual ring, she then raised the purple whip before controlling the whip and attacking the demons who rushed toward her. The purple whip shone with dazzling purple light when it landed on the demon, the demon who was attacked by the whip screamed before it fell onto the ground with a blink of an eye.

On the other hand, Mei Li took out metal stars. The two metal stars were being held on both Mei Li’s right and left hands. She then threw it toward the demons, the metal star flew to the demon, slashed the demon’s neck before it flew back to its master, while the demon’s body fell straight onto the ground.

When the two women were battling with the demons. The other two men were also the same. The first man dressed in a light green robe suddenly took out a green flute made of jade. It was a beautiful flute that had a flower carved on it. The man’s expression at this moment was gentle, he brought the flute toward his mouth and blew it.

A soft and pleasant sound could be heard, yet after one minute. The pleasing sound instantly changed. This time the sound was shrill and sharp as if it was warning something. Then a bunch of ‘Ssss’ sounds could be heard.

Numerous snakes appear one by one, they crawled toward the demons. Before the demon could react, the snake had already spit out a poison, hitting the demon to death.

Without warning, one of the demons rushed toward the man dressed in a light green robe. However, before the demon could touch the hem of the man’s robe, an arrow suddenly shot toward the demon’s chest, made it stumbled backward, then the demon fell onto the ground and split out a mouthful of blood.

“Xiao Xue, can you be more cautious next time?” A man’s gentle voice came from behind the man in light green, there was also a trace of helplessness in his tone.

Wei Xue heard this and couldn’t help but smile, he turned to look at the other man: “Aren’t you here beside me?”

The other man was dressed in a dark blue robe. He was holding a bow in his hand, he had a handsome feature, there was also a hint of laziness in his eyes. These two men, one holding a flute and the other one holding a bow, were the new subordinate that Feng Mingyue had accepted earlier.

The two smiled at each other before they continued to fight the demons. On the south and west, the lady in white was playing with the red tambourine in her hand. The sound of the bell was particularly clear and sharp, the demons who heard it began to become out of control and slaughter each other, some of them clutched their own head while screaming in pain.

The demons’ minds were so painful that they couldn’t help but rush toward Feng Mingyue. But, no matter how many times they dashed toward her, they couldn’t even touch the hem of her robe. The lady still rang the tambourine in her hand skillfully, her crimson eyes were cold.

Fifthteen minutes later, many of the demons’ corpses could be seen on the Celestial Mountain. Nonetheless, such a fierce battle, they still didn’t attract any people’s attention, especially the sects that had resided on top of the mountain. The demon that had been caught by Feng Mingyue’s trio looked at his underlings who had been dead one by one in front of him. He couldn’t react for a moment, there was a sudden chill in his heart.

Many days ago, he also heard about Lady Mingzhu. The rumor said that Lady Mingzhu had a powerful weapon in her hand that could control the opponent’s mind. Some people even said that Lady Mingzhu’s weapon was called Mind Controlling Bell. When the demon heard about it, he sneered. He thought that the rumor was just boasting about Lady Mingzhu fame.

How could such a powerful woman appear on the continent during this era? If it was a thousand years ago, he might have believed the rumor. In the present time, mostly women weren’t interested in being a martial artist at all, it was already a rare thing for women to become a martial artist. So when the demon heard the rumor related to such a powerful woman, he actually didn’t believe it.

But upon witnessing the lady in white killing his underling one after another without changing her face, a trace of fear suddenly surfaced in the demon’s heart. Yet, he still comforted himself, and tried to maintain a calm expression, after all he wasn’t a tiny low level demon, he was the Demon King subordinate.

Generally speaking, most of the martial artists in the continent didn’t dare to offend the Demon King, and he usually used his master name and title to escape from death, which had happened many times already. Nevertheless, he didn’t hold much confidence whether the lady in white would be scared after hearing the Demon King name.

After the last demon fell straight onto the ground in front of her, Feng Mingyue stopped her action by putting the red tambourine back into the spiritual ring. The sound of the flute also came to an end.

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