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TLM Chapter 22

Pledge the loyalty

The more Feng Mingyue explained the more Murong Nuying was unable to retract her bright eyes from the person in front of her. And after the other party finished saying everything, Murong Nuying couldn’t help but blurt out in admiration: “Little monster, you are really talented! No, I’m already overwhelmed by your ability.”

Feng Mingyue’s mouth twitched, why did she suddenly become a little monster now?

Just when the two girls were talking, they suddenly heard their grandfather burst into laughter as he was really satisfied with something. When the two glanced over, they already saw Murong Lingtian approaching them with Murong Zhu, Murong Shen, and Wen Yan.

“I’m really proud of my two granddaughters. You two ladies had done a great job!” Murong Lingtian patted his two precious granddaughters’ shoulders lightly. In his heart, he was really relieved.

Even if the General of Gan didn’t have any male descendants. They had never felt distressed about this matter like the other clans. Murong Lingtian was a sort of person who respects talent, he didn’t care whether the descendants of the Murong Clan were male or female.

As long as they possessed talent, they could remain calm and stable. Murong Lingtian would undoubtedly hand over the Murong Clan toward that person. During this year he was planning on giving the whole Murong Clan and Jian Lei Army to his Eldest Granddaughter.

But upon witnessing the scene today. Murong Lingtain suddenly wanted to pass everything to Feng Mingyue instead. It was not that he was giving Feng Mingyue a special favor, it was because he could notice that his youngest granddaughter had a true capability. Furthermore, when dealing with matters or facing an unexpected event, Feng Mingyue could actually handle everything smoothly, her emotion was also tough and steady.

However, seeing his two granddaughters were having a really good relationship at this moment, Murong Lingtian decided not to mention this matter for a time being, and he immediately tossed this thought to the back of his head. He glanced at Feng Mingyue, then he suddenly remembered her four maids just now: “Yue’er, your purpose for visiting us today is to bring your other two maids here right?”

Feng Mingyue heard this and nodded honestly. After all, this was really her motive for visiting the General of Gan manor. Moreover, she also wanted to know more about her mother’s family, thus she didn’t want to delay time and chose to come today.

Murong Lingtian pondered for a moment: “Alright, don’t worry. I will train them well, you will not be disappointed in them.”

Feng Mingyue also responded back to her grandfather politely: “Then I would have to trouble you, grandfather.”

After she bid farewell to everyone in the General of Gan manor. Feng Mingyue, Mei Li and Mei Hui returned to the Marquis of Ushi manor while Li Qiu and Li Qin stayed behind to learn martial art from the Old General.

When stepping into the Ehuang Courtyard, Feng Mingyue hurriedly ordered Mei Li to gather everyone in the main hall. She had something to inform them.

Every servant didn’t know what the Second Miss intended to do, however, they hurriedly went to the main hall as Mei Li had instructed.

Feng Mingyue was sitting in the master’s seat. Her scarlet eyes swept across each servants’ face one by one indifferently. Then after a moment, everyone finally heard the beautiful lady open her mouth to talk: “Do you want to walk this path with me?”

This sentence had already been understood by everyone. The servants glanced at each other before they knelt on one knee in front of Feng Mingyue by cupping their hands together: “We, the servants, are willing to walk through fire and water with you, Second Miss.”

Upon witnessing the servants action, the lady on the master seat unhurriedly took a sip of tea while she cast a look at everyone briefly without any emotion plastered on her stunning face.

After placing the tea cup on the table, Feng Mingyue stood up slowly. She once again glanced at everyone: “Good, since you are willing to follow me from now on. Then, I, Feng Mingyue, will not let you down. From today onward, I will only make everyone succeed and become a powerful person in this whole continent.”

Every word that she said was filled with determination and there was also a hint of domineering in it. However, the servants inside the main hall, somewhat didn’t feel any trace of overbearing in these words. Instead, they actually believed what the Second Miss had said, and for some reason they even have a faith in Feng Mingyue.

This was their decision, no matter what, they would never regret it in the future!

The servants once again said in unison: “We will be loyal to the Second Miss.”

Feng Mingyue revealed a satisfied smile: “Alright, then I would like to announce that from now on. Everyone will have another identity as my shadow guard. This shadow guard will be divided into two groups; Phoenix Shadow Guard and Black Panther Shadow Guard. The members of the Phoenix Shadow Guard will be women while the members of the Black Panther Shadow Guard will be men. Phoenix Shadow Guard will be led by Li Qin as the commander and Mei Li as the vice commander. As for the Black Panther Shadow Guard…”

Feng Mingyue paused, a mysterious smile appeared on her breathtaking face: “This is a secret for now. Starting from today, your martial arts will be taught by my two girls, Mei Li and Xiao Hui. So please work hard everyone.”

The Servants were quite puzzled when Feng Mingyue didn’t mention the name of the Commander and Vice Commander of the Black Panther Shadow Guard. Furthermore, by looking at her expression, it seemed like Second Miss didn’t have any intention to disclose this news to them for the time being.

Even so, everyone still couldn’t help but feel even more curious. However, since the Second Miss didn’t have any motive to reveal more about this matter, they could only try to work hard and wait until the day that the two mysterious Commander and Vice Commander of the Black Panther appeared.

After the servants dispersed to continue their duty, Feng Mingyue was still sitting leisurely inside the main hall. Mei Li and Mei Hui made eye contact before they glanced succinctly at their master.

As if she had sensed their gaze, Feng Mingyue leaned back against the chair and said languidly: “Speak.”

Mei Li hesitated for a while, in the end, she still opened her mouth and asked carefully: “Miss, we are just wondering who you will be choosing as the commander and vice commander of the Black Panther Shadow Guard?”

Hearing this, Feng Mingyue placed her elbow on the table while propping her chin on her hand. She drawled: “I will pick men.”

Mei Hui exclaimed: “Miss, we only have four of us as a female, who knows martial arts. As for the manservants, none of them know martial arts yet.”

Feng Mingyue lifted her eyes, looking at the two maids lazily: “Who said that I will choose someone in our courtyard?”

At this moment, Mei Li seemed to grasp the key point: “Miss, are you planning to pick a male martial artist from the outside?”

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