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TLM Chapter 23

Yunru Restaurant and Mingzhu Residence.

Hearing this question, Feng Mingyue smiled: “Yeah, this is actually what I’m planning to do.”

Both Mei Li and Mei Hui were surprised. They glanced at each other, seemingly understanding the Second Miss’ intention. Their master had already established the shadow guards. Therefore, how could she not have any other plan?

Mei Hui: “Miss, what are you planning to do next?”

If the Second Miss wanted to find male subordinates, then she had to at least know someone in the capital. However, it was nearly half a year already that the Second Miss had never stepped out of the manor to meet people. This problem somehow made Mei Hui worried.

Feng Mingyue was still as indifferent as before upon hearing Mei Hui’s question. She picked up the teacup and took another sip before she replied nonchalantly: “No worry, I’ve already made a plan, let’s wait until I’m stronger. We will be set out of the capital and have a look.”

Mei Li once again seemed to catch up with Feng Mingyue thinking: “Miss, are you planning to choose the spiritual martial artist outside the capital?”

Feng Mingyue nodded: “Yes, maybe some roaming spiritual martial artists. Moreover, I also want to go to the Celestial Mountain.”

Since she was intending to go out of the capital, then why not visit this famous mountain that people talk about. Furthermore, there seemed to be many sects settled there, the Heavenly Sect was also on top of that mountain.

Feng Mingyue didn’t have any idea of establishing the sect, but she already had other goals in her mind. She vowed that within one year, she had to at least complete some of her goals.

The clouds wafted across the clear blue sky, while the sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling the light all over the land. The morning wind was cold and moist sweeping across the land.

Six months had passed, under the golden sun, many people had already woken up and started their new day. The people were walking in the capital, it was actually lively in the early morning.

Mostly, it seemed like everyone was going to one place at the same time. That was the Yunru Restaurant which had been opened four months ago. Many people praised this restaurant, the food was good and amazing.

What even made the commoners in Capital Shing surprised was the foods were all actually different from what they used to have. The tastes and the appearance were also different, they had never seen those sorts of foods before.

Moreover, no matter how unique the food was, everyone still loved it. The price of the food in the restaurant was also not inferior, it was rather expensive, however, many nobles didn’t care about this trivial thing. As long as the food suited their taste, they didn’t mind the money that they would spend.

Because of that luscious food in the restaurant. People in the palace, such as the princes, princesses, concubines, imperial concubines, nobles, and officials were also attracted by this. They often went to the Yunru Restaurant with their families.

As for the Emperor, he was similarly interested in the food from the Yunru Restaurant as well. Hence, he decided to throw an olive brunch, by inviting the chefs from the restaurant to cook for him in the palace, and also worked as an imperial chef.

However, His Majesty was totally surprised when the chef rejected his invitation. The commoners were also shocked by the chef’s attitude. Nevertheless, after they thought that the chef’s head would fall off from his neck, His Majesty suddenly came to eat in the Yunru Restaurant personally.

This unexpected event made more people amazed. And everyone immediately assumed that the true master behind the Yunru Restaurant was not someone that they could trifle with, or else why would the Emperor choose to keep silent and pretend as if nothing had happened?

It was already obvious that the owner of the Yunru Restaurant must be someone that even the Emperor couldn’t afford to offend. So, in other words, the owner might be a powerful spiritual martial artist.

Besides the new existence of the Yunru Restaurant, there was also the Mingzhu Residence that had just arisen half a month ago. This Mingzhu Residence sold many beautiful jewelry, and clothes.

There was also a rumor that said all the jewelry and clothes in the residence were designed by Lady Mingzhu, the owner of the Mingzhu Residence.

Many noble ladies were really satisfied with the jewelry and clothes in the Mingzhu Residence. The styles were extremely rare, it had never appeared in the Guanyu Continent before.

Furthermore, not only the noble ladies were fond of the jewelry and clothes from the Mingzhu Residence. Even the people from the palace were no exception.

The people in the palace immediately sent their trusted aide to Mingzhu Residence, buying those clothes and jewelry every time. They almost became the most regular customer.

There was once when the empress requested Lady Mingzhu, wanting her to design a set of jewelry that had only one in the whole continent. Yet in the end, the request was immediately refuted by Lady Mingzhu.

As for the reason, it was because the designer was lazy and didn’t have the mood to do it. The empress thought that this Lady Mingzhu was truly arrogant, so she directly sent her people to the Mingzhu Residence, making a ruckus there, asking for Lady Mingzhu to come out and went to the palace to talk face to face with the empress.

However, Lady Mingzhu didn’t appear. There were four beautiful women in white, half of their faces covered with veils, who came to converse with them instead.

First, the four women were really polite to them. However, it seemed like the other party didn’t appreciate it at all. The four easy-going women suddenly changed into the hard and difficult to deal with in the blink of an eye.

The four beauties didn’t waste any more words with those troublesome people. One of the women said calmly without any emotion in her tone: “Throw these problematic people out of here.”

Just this sentence of hers fell, the servants inside the Mingzhu Residence, who look like ordinary people began to release their aura, and pick up those people before throwing them out of the Mingzhu Residence one by one, not caring whether these annoying group of people were the empress’ servants.

This behavior of everyone in the Mingzhu Residence stunned the entire Shing Capital. The empress complained about this matter to the emperor, yet on the next day, the emperor suddenly ordered the empress to go to Mingzhu Residence and apologized to Lady Mingzhu in person.

This one sentence from the sun of heaven shocked the entire Shing Capital once again. What was even more surprising was this time the empress didn’t resist and she really did go to Mingzhu Residence, intending to apologize to Lady Mingzhu.

However, Lady Mingzhu didn’t come out. The empress could only have a small talk to the four beautiful women in white that everyone had already guessed in their heart that they were Lady Mingzhu’s subordinates.

Since then, there was a rumor that said Lady Mingzhu was also an expert, which made the emperor didn’t dare to offend.

This sudden appearance of another expert made everyone in Shing Capital begin to wonder; when did the Hu Kingdom have so many powerful people?

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