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TLM Chapter 21

End of the Duel

She lifted her sword and darted toward Feng Mingyue once again. This time the attack power was much more ruthless and vicious than before. It was just like the lion suddenly caught its prey, thus it didn’t have any intent to back down.

Murong Nuying continued to rush toward Feng Mingyue nonstop, leaving no chance for her to fight back. Hence, Feng Mingyue could only dodge, her dodging speed was extremely fast. Even Murong Nuying who speed could be considered the fastest in the Hu Kingdom couldn’t even catch up with Feng Mingyue. In other words, her sword couldn’t even touch the hem of Feng Mingyue’s sleeve at all.

While Murong Nuying was struggling to attack Feng Mingyue. The onlookers’ eyes were about to pop out. The two figures at the center of the training area were chasing each other, however, their speed was so fast that they couldn’t even catch a glimpse of their movement. All they could see was a figure in white and purple moving to the left and right endlessly.

Murong Lingtian who was watching on the side nodded seriously while stroking his non existing beard: “Yue’er speed is really fast. Ying’er would never catch up with her if they continue on like this.”

Hearing the Old General’s words, everyone tried their best to observe more carefully. Then they found out that what the Old General said was true. The Second Miss speed was so fast that even the Eldest Miss couldn’t catch up with her.

Meanwhile, Murong Nuying suddenly became exhausted. Her speed obviously slower than before, and her attack was also not as violent as the previous one. And right at this moment, Feng Mingyue also didn’t have any intention to let this good opportunity slip away. Therefore, Feng Mingyue immediately counterattacked!

Caught off guard, strong power energy smashed straight onto Murong Nuying body, making her retreat backward. And before she could respond, Feng Mingyue had already vanished, which made Murong Nuying taken back.

She glanced around but still couldn’t find even a shadow of Feng Mingyue. Meanwhile, when Murong Nuying struggled to find her opponent, the onlookers were shocked that they couldn’t even utter a word.

The Second Miss was standing behind the Eldest Miss all along!

However, when the Eldest Miss turned around, the Second Miss immediately shifted to stand behind the Eldest Miss once again!

What’s more, the Eldest Miss didn’t even detect her presence at all!

And the Second Miss speed was already beyond words!

At this time, Feng Mingyue finally made another move. She didn’t have any motive to sneak attack. What she did was leaped forward and landed steadily in front of her cousin.

Murong Nuying was taken back, she tried to find this little monster everywhere but she couldn’t see her at all. Furthermore, she couldn’t even detect the other party’s breath. Murong Nuying couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Where on earth were you just now?”

Feng Mingyue answered lazily: “Behind you.”

Murong Nuying was stupefied. Behind her? But she was very sure that no one was behind her a moment ago. If this little cousin was really always standing behind her, then she should at least be able to detect her breathing right?

While Murong Nuying was in deep thought, there was a flash past her eyes. Thus, she hurriedly used the sword to block the attack. There was a hint of laughter in Feng Mingyue’s tone: “Big Sister Ying, when fighting against your enemy, you can’t be distracted.”

Murong Nuying also evoked a smile on her face: “Oh, thank you for reminding me.”

She pushed Feng Mingyue to make the other party retreat. Then, the sword in Murong Nuying suddenly floated in the air in front of its master. Feng Mingyue was quite interested in her cousin’s action, therefore she decided to wait and see what the other party was trying to do.

Murong Nuying clasped her hand together, then she chanted something. The sword suddenly moved, it flew directly toward Feng Mingyue in an attempt to attack her. Feng Mingyue was not idle either, her response was extremely quick. At this moment the sound of swords clashing against each other could be heard very clearly in the quiet training area.

Everyone was already immersed in this battle. They stared intensely without blinking, some of them widened their in surprise when they saw Murong Nuying action just now.

The Eldest Miss actually used the clan sword technique to fight with the Second Miss?!

Each clan had its own sword technique, and the Murong Clan was without a doubt also not different from others. The most powerful sword movement of the Murong Clan was the ‘Thousand Swords’ technique and the other one was the ‘Soul Summoning Swords’ technique which meant the sword’s owner would transfer half of their soul to the sword, then they used their mind to control the sword, letting it fight against the opponent.

Right now Murong Nuying was using the second technique to fight with Feng Mingyue. Seeing that she took the fight very seriously, everyone could already assume that the Second Miss was not weak. Even if she was only a middle-level spiritual martial artist, she could already force the Eldest Miss to use this kind of sword technique.

On the other hand, Feng Mingyue was still fighting with the sword that Murong Nuying had controlled. However, the further she fought, the more of her strength was consumed, and the sword would become stronger from time to time, which was very obvious that the sword was devouring her strength.

Looking at the sword that was really eager to fight with her. Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but compare it to a hungry dog that liked to hunt its ration ruthlessly. While battling with the sword, Feng Mingyue’s mind worked really quickly, she occasionally glanced briefly at the surroundings.

Then her gaze suddenly locked on the purple figure who was extremely focusing on controlling the sword. Feng Mingyue lips curved up into a sly smile, and before everyone could react, there was a sudden smoke appeared, blocking their field of vision.

While the onlookers were trying their best to look at the surroundings, they instantly heard the sound of the sword falling onto the ground. Then a clear and lazy female voice rang out: “Big Sister Ying, you lose.”

The white smoke disappeared, everyone could see the lady in white pressing her sword against the lady in purple’s neck. Her expression was as relaxed as before, even when facing such a situation, fighting with an opponent that was stronger than her for a long time. Feng Mingyue was still able to gain the victory.

Murong Nuying body loosed slightly, she sighed: “I admit defeat.”

Feng Mingyue withdrew the sword. She put it back into the spiritual ring before a smile enhanced her lips: “This is really a thrilling battle that I’ve ever had.”

Murong Nuying also nodded, agree to this: “Yeah, you are quick-witted and powerful. I have never thought that you would have something like that in your hand, but what is that smoke? I didn’t even see you holding anything just now beside your sword.”

Feng Mingyue was too lazy to explained, thus she took out a tiny round thing which was somewhat like a pill. However, it wasn’t a pill, it was just an ordinary tiny smoke bomb. Feng Mingyue showed the tiny smoke bomb to her cousin: “It is a smoke bomb that I created. As long as you let it come in touch with a trace of spiritual energy, this tiny smoke bomb will crash, revealing the smoke that is hidden inside it. Even though it’s small, the amount of smoke that it released will increase as long as it came into contact with the surrounding air.”

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