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TLM Chapter 20

The Duel

Murong Nuying glanced at her grandfather once again before she shifted her gaze toward Feng Mingyue. She suggested: “How about you talk to him?”

The corner of Feng Mingyue’s mouth twitched. The old man was already angry to this level, and if she suddenly went to explain to him, maybe her grandfather might explode on the spot.

However, after thinking for a while, Feng Mingyue suddenly grabbed Murong Nuying’s hand and a wicked smile adorned her lips: “Okay, you also have to go with me.”

Murong Nuying immediately jolted her little cousin’s hand away: “No! Definitely not! If our old man can’t control his anger and beat me too. What should I do then?”

Feng Mingyue was momentarily speechless. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up, she hurriedly pulled Murong Nuying once again. And without giving the other party a chance to break free, Feng Mingyue directly went to where her grandfather was, while dragging Murong Nuying along as well.

On the way, Murong Nuying was already feeling uneasy, afraid that her grandfather would really blow up. Thus she said softly to the person beside her: “Little cousin, our old man has never been this mad before. I’m afraid…”

Feng Mingyue didn’t wait for Murong Nuying to finish. She hurriedly reassured her: “Don’t worry. Grandfather always loves us. Perhaps he can’t bear to beat us.”

After hearing this, Murong Nuying could only shut her mouth and walked toward Murong Lingtian with her little cousin. When the two ladies arrived in front of the Old General, they could sense that the old man was shaking so hard as if he was about to burst out at any moment.

From the beginning to the end, no one had noticed their Old General’s strange behavior. Only Murong Nuying had caught a glimpse of her grandfather’s abnormality. Therefore, she notified Feng Mingyue about this, clearly wanting her little cousin to appease her grandfather’s anger.

But, she had never thought that this cunning little monster would pull her along as well.

“Grandfather…” Feng Mingyue called the old man in front of her softly. At this moment, Murong Nuying’s body also tensed up.

The Old General finally raised his head, glancing at his two granddaughters sternly. Then his stern face broke into a heart-warming smile: “My good Yue’er! Grandfather is really proud of you!”

Both Feng Mingyue and Murong Nuying were taken back.

Murong Lingtian continued: “You know how worried I was when I found out that you couldn’t become a martial artist. But, seeing you now, I can feel relief.”

Feng Mingyue couldn’t hold back anymore. Thus, she turned toward her cousin while lifting her brows. ‘Didn’t you say he was angry?’ had already written all over her breathtaking face.

Murong Nuyung coughed lightly while looking away in embarrassment. How could she know that their old man was shaking because of excitement?

Murong Lingtian didn’t notice the strange interaction between his two granddaughters at all. As if he suddenly remembered something, the Old General hurriedly said: “Didn’t you want to have a duel? Since Yue’er is already a spiritual martial artist then everything can proceed smoothly now.”

Only at this moment did the two realize that they haven’t fought yet. Thinking about the duel, Murong Nuying pulse raced with excitement, but soon it was replaced with worry again.

Seeing her cousin’s distressed expression, Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong?”

Murong Nuying hesitated for a moment before she stated the fact: “Your strength is one level lower than mine.”

Feng Mingyue chortled. Murong Nuying concerned was really nothing to her. Of course, she knew that her current strength was weaker than her cousin. But, Feng Mingyue had never said that she would entirely depend on her strength.

Murong Nuying was bewildered. She asked quizzically: “Aren’t you worried?”

Feng Mingyue shrugged, seemingly didn’t care much. She looked rather at ease: “No. Besides, I have never said that I will only use my strength to fight with you.”

Murong Nuying was flabbergasted: “Don’t tell me that you have a trick up your sleeves?”

Feng Mingyue didn’t say anything. But, she revealed a mischievous smile which made people couldn’t help but become more curious.

Murong Nuying was already on the verge of splitting her little cousin’s head into two to check what the other person was actually thinking. That type of smile, with those mysterious yet devilish eyes, really made her hair stand on its ends. If someone was clever enough, they would certainly not offend this sort of person.

Nevertheless, Murong Nuying was still eager to fight with her cousin. This little monster surprised her so much, hence, she was looking forward to what Feng Mingyue would show her later.

On the training area, stood two figures. One was dressed in white while the other was dressed in purple, the two ladies stood face to face with each other.

Murong Zhu was a bit uneasy in his heart. Ying’er was an advanced-level spiritual martial artist, while Yue’er was only a middle-level spiritual martial artist. Thus, how could these two compete? Their strengths were clearly different from one level.

But, before he could open his mouth to say something. Murong Zhu heard his father’s deep and solemn voice: “Don’t interfere. Yue’er knew what she was doing, and even if you said something to persuade her. She will never back down. So you should watch silently rather than wasting your words.”

Upon hearing this, Murong Zhu could only sigh helplessly before he turned to look at the two ladies standing in the center of the training area.

Feng Mingyue said nonchalantly: “Shall we start now?”

Looking at how relaxed she was, Murong Nuying became even more enthusiastic, she had never faced such an apathetic opponent. This was her first time, and also her first time battling with her little cousin.

“Okay.” Without saying anything else, Murong Nuying instantly took out a sword from her spiritual ring. And before everyone could react, she immediately charged toward the young lady in front of her. Everyone in the training area sucked in a cold breath, believing that Feng Mingyue wouldn’t be able to dodge this swift attack from the Eldest Miss in time.

However, to everyone’s surprise. They saw the white figure suddenly shift to the side at a lightning speed. Then the white figure didn’t stop, she continued to move foward before halting behind Murong Nuying.

At this moment, Feng Mingyue also pulled out the sword from her spiritual ring. The sword that she was holding right was the sword that the original host once used to practice when she was a child. Later on, because the original Feng Mingyue couldn’t learn the sword movement, she decided to toss the sword aside and never touch it again.

Feng Mingyue had never thought that her mother would actually store this sword into the spiritual ring. Her mother was really a patient lady, even if she knew that the original host couldn’t learn, she still taught her. However, the original host wasn’t as patient as her mother, soon afterward she became annoyed.

Thus, the original Feng Mingyue tried all possible means to avoid practicing sword movement. Since she couldn’t even learn it, why did she have to waste her time? This was exactly what the original host thought. But, she had never realized that her mother had never given up on her.

Feng Mingyue held the sword in her hand while staring at the lady in purple. She raised the sword up, then a powerful force suddenly gathered at the edge of the sword before it shot toward her opponent at the fleeting speed.

Naturally, Murong Nuying would not stand still and wait for the other party to kill her. Therefore, she immediately used her sword to defend the attack power. After the powerful force dissipated, Murong Nuying revealed a smile: “Now, it’s my turn.”

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