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TLM Chapter 17

Big Sister Ying, let's have a duel.

“Um…everyone doesn’t have to worry too much, aren’t I fine right now?” Feng Mingyue somehow became embarrassed, she wasn’t the original host, and right now she was also a martial artist, hence she didn’t need others to protect her at all. Looked like she had forgotten that everyone still thought of her as the good for nothing Second Miss.

“How can we not worry?!” Murong Lingtian, who was silent just now, suddenly said. If he had a beard, it might have already been blown off by his anger.

Feng Mingyue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It wasn’t the time yet for her to reveal everything to everyone, however, she could at least disclose her current strength to her maternal family. If they become suspicious, maybe she could just make up a lie like before. And if they didn’t believe her then just let fate decide the aftermath.

Feng Mingyue took a deep breath: “Big Sister Ying, how about we have a duel?”

“What did you just say?!” Everyone exclaimed at the same time which made Feng Mingyue taken back. She didn’t expect the result would be quite big.

Murong Nuying’s eyes widened, she pointed toward herself and asked her little cousin once again: “You…you, you want to duel with me?!”

She scratched her nose awkwardly, didn’t understand why everyone’s reaction was rather huge, wasn’t it just a normal duel?


“No, that won’t do! You don’t even know martial arts, so how could we fight? Aren’t I taking advantage of you like this?” Murong Nuying quickly shook her head, rejecting Feng Mingyue’s request without any second thought.

Feng Mingyue hastily said: “Cousin, believe me…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was stopped by her cousin. Murong Nuying placed both palms on her foreheads, and her fingers splayed: “Wait, give me some time to think first.”

Hearing this, Feng Mingyue’s blood suddenly boiled with a fighting spirit. But seeing her cousin’s action, she couldn’t help but become anxious, afraid that the other party would reject her invitation like a while ago.

Since she came to this world, Feng Mingyue had never fought with people, at most, she only used her aura to threaten others who were weaker than her. Right now, she was already a middle-level martial artist but she had never fought so she didn’t know how powerful the middle-level martial artist was.

“Yue’er, let’s be fair, you have never practiced martial art before so how can you suddenly want to fight?” Murong Nuying had already thought for a moment, but she still couldn’t think of any reason that made her little cousin unexpectedly want to battle.

Feng Mingyue lifted her head and said confidently: “What if I said I know martial arts?”

Everyone was speechless for a moment. It couldn’t be blamed on them for not believing her either, they all knew that this little girl had a bad memory, thus she couldn’t learn anything at all.

And one day, she suddenly came and said ‘I know martial arts’. In the end, who would believe her?

“Really. I’m not joking.” Seeing that their expression wasn’t surprising as if they just heard her saying something nonsense, Feng Mingyue’s mouth twitched and she didn’t know how to explain clearly to them. Furthermore, she couldn’t tell the truth either.

“Alright, alright, how about we believed Yue’er and let her give it a try?” Murong Lingtian broke the awkward atmosphere by suggesting without much confidence. It was not that he didn’t believe in his precious granddaughter, it was just…it was just reality already shown to him, and he also knew this granddaughter of his very clearly.

Everyone also nodded reluctantly. It was obvious that they didn’t want to see Feng Mingyue defeated by Murong Nuying, thus they tried to persuade her but the result was still in vain. This little girl stubbornly insisted on having a duel, therefore, they had no choice but to stand on the side to watch when the time came.

Murong Lingtian led his family members to the back of the manor. Then, a beautiful garden suddenly emerged in front of Feng Mingyue’s eyes. She was quite surprised, this place had never existed in the original host’s memory, looked like the original host had never been here before, or it was possible that she didn’t know about the garden’s existence.

Feng Mingyue slowed down her pace to walk shoulder to shoulder with Murong Nuying. She also softly asked the other party: “Where does grandfather want to take us to?”

Murong Nuying didn’t think it was weird when Feng Mingyue asked this question. After all, she knew that her little cousin had never come here nor she knew about this place. Hence she replied casually: “The underground training area.”

Feng Mingyue nodded, showing that she understood. Then, she found a topic to talk about with her cousin, all while continued to walking forward, she saw her grandfather stopped in front of the stone lion that was located near the fountain.

Murong Lingtian used his hand to press on the stone lion’s left foot. The stone lion suddenly moved to the right, then the wall behind it unexpectedly split opened, revealing the stairs to the underground training area.

“Let’s go.” Murong Lingtian was the first to go in, while the others followed behind.

Feng Mingyue stepped in, she couldn’t help but glance around curiously. Nevertheless, there were only lanters on the wall, nothing noteworthy. However, when she went in deeper, Feng Mingyue could hear the sound of swords clashing against each other faintly.

And the underground training area appeared in her field of vision. There were many people in the training area, some were resting on the side, others were training and there were also people who were currently battling with each other in the center of the training area.

Upon noticing Murong Lingtian arrival, the people who were currently practicing, resting and battling, quickly kneel on one knee, cupped their hands together and saluted the Old General respectfully: “General.”

“Rise.” Murong Lingtian commanded sternly, his arms clasped behind his back, looking rather imposing.

“Here we go, he has entered the Old General role again.” Murong Nuying glanced at her grandfather before she whispered to her little cousin.

Feng Mingyue was amused: “A lot of subordinates are looking at him now, how can he still behave like a moment ago?”

Murong Nuying nodded quickly: “Yeah, yeah, what you said also makes sense.”

Murong Lingtian still remained his stern expression: “Today, there will be a duel between my two granddaughters, so everyone can rest or you can watch on the side.”

Hearing this, the people in the training area shared a glance before they shifted their gaze toward Murong Nuying and Feng Mingyue. For a moment, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The rumors good for nothing Second Miss was actually dueling with the Eldest Miss?!

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