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TLM Chapter 16

Arrivng at the General of Gan manor.

“Looks like it is indeed my disrespectful behavior just now, so I hope this lady doesn’t take it to heart.” He bowed his head and said respectfully. The previous boldness already vanished, the bystanders who witnessed this scene couldn’t help but laugh mockingly at Yang Wencheng in their hearts.

“No, you should say this to her, not me.” Feng Mingyue answered back lazily while stretching her slender hand and pointed toward Mei Li.

This time Yang Wencheng didn’t even dare to reject the other person’s idea, even if he didn’t want to do it. He could only bow his head in humiliation: “I’m sorry for what I just said.”

Without waiting for Mei Li to respond, Yang Wencheng turned toward Feng Mingyue once again, there was still a slight panic in his eyes: “Then, I will take my leave. Please take care.”

Yang Wencheng hurriedly ascended the carriage and ordered his guards to move forward. On the other hand, Feng Mingyue glanced at the little boy who was only five years old but had already been beaten to such a state.

Feng Mingyue asked softly: “Sweetie, where is your mother? Why did they beat you?”

Gazing up at the beautiful sister who was asking in a gentle voice. The little boy somehow relaxed a little, he said slowly: “My…my mother was hit by that man’s carriage just now, and she was seriously injured. I ran after the man just wanting him to take my mother to the doctor, but…he ignored my request and let his people hurt me.”

Feng Mingyue mulled over for a moment before she asked the little boy about his mother’s whereabouts. The little boy quickly led Feng Mingyue and the duo to where his mother was.

A woman was lying on the ground at the corner of the street. What made Feng Mingyue speechless about the scene was; many people had seen the woman but they just bypassed or ignored her.

“Mother!” The little boy ran to hug his mother, tears welled up in his eyes and began to roll down.

Feng Mingyue looked at the scene in front of her, and there was a sudden pain throbbing in her heart. She had never thought that one day she would witness such a picture.

She walked over and patted the little boy’s shoulder with gentle gazes: “Your mother is unconscious right now, let’s take her to the doctor first, she will be fine, you also need to treat your wounds.”

The little nodded his head and stood up. Feng Mingyue let Mei Li and Mei Hui come forward to carry the woman into the carriage and brought her to the doctor’s house in this area.


When Feng MIngyue and the four maids were about to leave the doctor’s house, they were stopped by the little boy. They saw the boy who had been bandaged by the doctor kneel on the ground and kowtow to Feng Mingyue three times: “I’m really grateful that you saved my mother, but because my family is poor, I don’t have anything to give you as a repayment, but only this sincere gratitude.”

Feng Mingyue hurriedly helped the boy up. She sighed in her heart. Such a young child, but already this sensible. How could an intelligent child like him be buried deeply in this kind of environment?

Thinking about it for a brief moment, Feng Mingyue took out one million gold coins from the spiritual ring. She gave it to the little boy: “Here, take this money and live well with your family, sweetie.”

The boy’s eyes widened in shock, he quickly shook his head: “No, no, It is already enough when you paid for my mother’s medical fee, so how can I accept this much money from you? I can’t do that!”

Feng Mingyue shoved the money into the little boy’s hand. She said seriously: “After you left the doctor’s place. Without any money with you, how can you live in the future? If you don’t think about yourself then think about your mother. Do you want her to starve?”

“But…” The boy was apparently hesitant.

“Alright, no more words. I have something to do so I’ll leave first, remember to live well.” Because she loved children so much, Feng Mingyue couldn’t hold back, so she squatted down in front of the little boy and planted a kiss on his forehead.

Sweetie, this sister already gave you a chance, so I hope you will not disappoint me in the future…

Feng Mingyue touched the little boy’s head before she stood up and left. Looking at the beautiful sister departing figure, there was a trace of determination in the little boy’s eyes.

I will definitely repay you, big sister…

The carriage arrived at the General of Gan manor. The four maids hurriedly stepped out of the carriage, Li Qin and Li Qiu stood at the entrance of the carriage and stretched out their hand. Feng Mingyue put her hand on the two maids’ before she descended the carriage.

The guards at the entrance of the manor were surprised to see the Young Miss. One of them went in to inform the Old General while the other one, waiting at the gate to receive the Young Miss.

“Young Miss.” The guard bowed respectfully toward the lady in white who had just stepped into the manor. Feng Mingyue was certainly surprised by the other party’s polite behavior, and she could see that the guard was sincerely respecting her. Hence, she also nodded back with a smile.

After arriving at the General of Gan manor, Feng Mingyue and the maids had already taken off the veils, so after seeing her smile, the guard was stunned. He hastily lowered his head, didn’t dare to glance at the Young Miss again, in case Old General caught sight of his discourteous attitude, he might be beaten to death.

Feng Mingyue also didn’t mind too much about the guard’s behavior, thus she continued to move forward, only to see the lady in purple robe walking toward her. There was a slight surprised in the lady’s eyes: “Yue’er?”

“Big Sister Ying.” Feng Mingyue also greeted the other party’s with a smile.

“You…why are you here?” Murong Nuying was really shock right now. Five days ago, they visited the Marquis of Ushi manor. Her grandfather asked Maquis Feng about Feng Mingyue, however, Marquis Feng said that her little cousin wasn’t feeling well, and she didn’t want to meet anyone. Therefore, her grandfather could only give up and let people send some medicine to her.

But now, looking at the lady in front of her who was alive and kicking. She suddenly thought of something possible, and her face darkened in an instant: “Tell me honestly, did you get ill in these past few days?”

Feng Mingyue was bemused upon seeing her cousin expression: “Yes,”

Murong Nuying paused for a moment before she continued to ask: “How is the medicine? Is it effective?”

Feng Mingue even more confused: “Ah? What medicine?”

After this question left her mouth. The two ladies glance at each other, then as if they had a telepathy, both of them immediately understood the situation. But, before Murong Nuying could open her mouth to express her opinion, there was an old voice coming from behind.

“Yue’er? You’re feeling well now? Did your father tell you to come here?” The old general hurriedly walked out of the main hall in order to take a look at his precious granddaughter.

Feng Mingyue let her grandfather examine as much as he wanted while she thought about his question just now. Why was it related to Feng Zhongshan again?

“Grandfather, that old fox, Feng Zhongshan certainly lied to us.” Murong Nuying’s voice was really calm. However, everyone could sense that she was angry at this moment.

Hearing his eldest daughter ramarked, Murong Lingtian furrowed his brows, while his face turned gloomy. It was not difficult for him to understand, the one who schemed everything, didn’t let him meet his precious granddaughter could only be that old fox, Feng Zhongshan.

At this moment, Feng Mingyue’s first uncle, second uncle, and her first aunt-in-law also appeared. And they happened to hear what Murong Nuying had said earlier.

Murong Shen, her second uncle sneered: “Looks like that old fox is really courageous.”

Murong Zhu, her first uncle also nodded in agreement: “He simply fooled us around like we were an idiot.”

Wen Yan also suggested: “How about you come and live with us instead?”

Murong Nuying nodded in consensus: “Yeah, at least we can take care of you, and no one will dare to bully you again!”

And so, everyone immediately shifted their heads toward Feng Mingyue. Looking at their worried gaze and the way they were concerned about her. Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart. Since she came into this era, she had alway thought that she would be alone without her family’s support.

However, looking at how her maternal family treated her, how her maids were loyal to her. Feng Mingyue suddenly felt that it wasn’t that bad, and of course, she would definitely not mistreat them, she would protect them instead.

Even if she had to sacrifice her life!

The Murong Clan would forever remain!

This was what Feng Mingyue had promised to herself!

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