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TLM Chapter 18

Middle-level Spiritual Martial Artist (1)

Feng Mingyue glanced at everyone’s expression, and she suddenly felt helpless. Seemed like the original host’s reputation couldn’t be underestimated, even her grandfather’s subordinates who were only going to war also knew about her.

Thinking that no matter how she spoke or expressed it, everyone would not believe it unless they could witness it with their own eyes. Therefore, Feng Mingyue decided to stop caring about this matter, she then observed the training area with curiosity.

From the original host’s memory, her grandfather also had a troop under him called Jian Lei Army. Jian Lei Army rarely showed up in front of the citizens, even the Emperor barely witnessed their power. However, the rumors said that Jian Lei Army’s strength could not be underestimated at all.

Whenever her grandfather led his people to fight in the war. The enemy had never dared to underestimate him, furthermore, he always gained victory back for the Hu Kingdom, which made the people in Hu respected him so much.

Because of this reason, the emperor also didn’t dare to be disrespectful toward the people in General of Gan manor. Even if he could seize the Jian Lei Army, it was still useless. The reason was, Jian Lei Army would never listen to others besides her grandfather, the Old General.

Hence, the emperor could only do things in the dark and waited for the opportunity to take over her grandfather’s power. Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but laugh mockingly in her heart. How could the monarch didn’t feel anxious at this moment? Someone who had enough power to snatched away his throne, of course, he couldn’t sit still.

While Feng Mingyue was still deep in thought, Murong Nuying on the other end, quickly grabbed her little cousin’s hand enthusiastically: “Yue’er, are you sure you want to fight me with?”

Feng Mingyue returned to her senses, then she suddenly realized something. As far as she remembered, if someone was stronger than her, that person would be able to see through her strength.

Obviously, the people who were present right now were all stronger than her. However, none of them could see through her strength, furthermore, they didn’t even know that she was a martial artist.

No wonder, when she asked for a duel, everyone became surprised. So, what was the reason behind this? Why couldn’t any of them see through her strength?

Feng Mingyue twisted the spiritual ring in her fingers, while she answered absentmindedly: “Yes.”

As if discovered something, she promptly glanced down at the spiritual ring in her finger. Could it be because of this ring?

Seeing her little cousin’s distracting appearance, Murong Nuying thought that Feng Mingyue regretted her previous behavior. Thus she patted the other person’s shoulder and sighed: “If you don’t want to…”

Before she could finish her sentence. Murong Nuying was instantly dragged into the training area by Feng Mingyue, whose eyes were already flickered with excitement as if she couldn’t wait.

The word ‘…fight’ that Murong Nuying wanted to say was glued in her throat. She was already puzzled by this little cousin’s sudden change of attitude.

Feng Mingyue caressed the spiritual ring patiently before she evoked a devilish smile: “Big Sister Ying, how about you try to see through my strength?”

The smile on her stunning face should be considered wicked, however, when it was done by Feng Mingyue, there was also a slight trace of mystery in it, which made people unable to see through her inner thoughts.

Murong Nuying became doubtful: “You are really serious with this duel?”

Feng Mingyue secretly removed the spiritual ring from her finger and answered in a relaxed manner. There wasn’t any hint of panic or anxiety in her tone: “Yes, I just want to test out my strength.”

Murong Nuying could only nod and do as her little cousin told. She immediately looked through Feng Mingyue’s strength.

“Middle-level spiritual martial artist?!” Murong Nuying exclaimed in surprise. She froze on the spot, her eyes widened, staring straight at the lady in white in front of her.

Everyone’s face changed greatly. Only at this time, they sense a trace of spiritual energy coming from Feng Mingyue’s body. For a moment, the whole underground training area sank into silence.

Feng Mingyue finally revealed a meaningful smile. So, her guess was right, it was undoubtedly the spiritual ring that she wore, which hid her strength and aura. If she didn’t have any intention to reveal it, no one would be able to see through her strength.

However, she was extremely clear that not all spiritual rings could hide their owner’s strength but this spiritual ring could. Looked like what her mother gave her was undoubtedly a treasure, Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but become more and more curious about this mother of hers.

From what the original host memory. Her mother was already a spiritual martial artist, she was also a divine doctor that many people in the Hu Kingdom respect. But, Feng Mingyue didn’t understand one thing, an expert person like her mother, why did she have to marry a disgusting person like Feng Zhongshan?

Feng Mingyue was really curious. With her mother’s strength and talent, she could at least find a perfect man, who loves her wholeheartedly without taking in any concubine. But, in the end, she still married Feng Zhongshan, the cold-blooded father that wanted to kill his own daughter.

However, her mother was already passed away. Thus, Feng Mingyue would never know the reason behind her mother’s decision during that time.

“When did you become a martial artist?” Murong Zhu was the first person who broke the silent atmosphere.

Feng Mingyue recovered her sense. She scratched her nose, her eyes darted back and forth. She didn’t dare to look straight at her first uncle at all: “F-five days ago…”


Several swords immediately fell onto the ground, as if their master was too shocked that couldn’t even hold properly. Some of the people in the training area were already opened their mouths wide that a fly could already flit in. And again, the shock had already robbed them of their speech.

Becoming a middle-level spiritual martial artist in five days?!

Are you kidding me?!

Terror had already overtaken everyone’s face.

“F-five days?! Y-You…how could you literally do that?!” Murong Nuying was beyond incredulity. Such a person really did exist? This shouldn’t be called a genius, this was beyond genius.

Every martial artist needed at least six months or one year to breakthrough to another level, and at most, two or three years. However, her little cousin only needed five days. Furthermore, she actually advanced two levels all at once.

Advancing two levels in five days…she supposed that even the number one genius in the whole continent wouldn’t be able to achieve this.

The good for nothing Second Miss?!

Trash?! Fool?!

If her little cousin was trash then what were they?!

If those people saw her little cousin’s behavior today, they would certainly vomit blood.

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