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TLM Chapter 14

On the way to visit Maternal Grandfather (1)

Feng Mingyue rose from her seat, she kneaded her shoulders tiredly. The four maids hurriedly bowed their heads upon seeing the Second Miss stood up.

“Xiao Qiu, Li Qin should go and pack up. We will visit my maternal grandfather today.” Feng Mingyue said to the four maids while walking out, intended to go to the garden and have a look.

Li Qiu and Li Qin were bemused: “Why do we have to pack up, Miss?”

Feng Mingyue explained: “Ah, didn’t my maternal grandfather want to train you guys? Then after thinking about it again, I guess the timing is right, you guys should go as soon as possible so that you can learn quickly and come back to help me deal with other matters.”

Finally, Li Qin and Li Qiu understood. Thus they immediately excuse themselves and retreat to pack up their things. While the two were still preparing their things, Feng Mingyue was walking to the garden idly with Mei Li and Mei Hui.

She looked at the flowers in the garden. She bent down, touched the flower, and sniffed it gently. After gazing at various types of flowers, Feng Mingyue strolled toward the gazebo and sat there, drinking the tea that Mei Li had served in a relaxed manner.

She then ordered Mei Li to bring her a brush and paper. After obtaining the paper and brush, Feng Mingyue rested her chin on her left palm, then she pondered for a moment before she began to draw.

The edge of the brush came into contact with the paper. A thin line had appeared, the brush continued to move leisurely on the paper as if it was roaming around. Feng Mingyue’s position was extremely comfortable, there was also a soft smile on her face.

About thirty minutes later, a beautiful lady appeared on the paper. Her dress was somewhat different from the people in the Guanyu Continent. When Mei Li and Mei Hui noticed the dress that the lady in the painting was wearing, they couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise: “Beautiful! Especially the dress!”

“However, when I look at her closely, I feel like her features are relatively similar to you miss, but I’m sure that she isn’t you.” Mei Hui leaned closer to take a look carefully before she mumbled.

Hearing this, Feng Mingyue chuckled. Needless to say, it was impossible for her and the lady in the painting wasn’t similar in appearance. She clearly drew her eldest sister since she missed her so much, so Feng Mingyue could only do this to comfort herself.

Then the two maids heard their master say faintly: “It would be great if I have an eldest sister here.”

Mei Li and Mei Hui glanced at each other before they sighed inwardly. To be honest, hearing this sentence really made them feel heartache on behalf of the Second Miss. Even if she had an eldest sister, they both were not blood related. Furthermore, the other party was clearly bullying their Second Miss every time, so how could she have a loving eldest sister like the others?

“Miss…” Mei Li was planning to comfort Feng Mingyue, but she saw her stand up lazily.

Then the Second Miss said: “You don’t have to encourage me. I’m already used to it.”

It was true, even if she missed her family, nothing could be changed. She couldn’t go back, what she could do right now was to live her life well.

The two felt even more depressed. They understood pretty well just how hard Second Miss had gone through in these past years without her mother.

Feng Mingyue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this moment after seeing the two maids’ appearance: “Alright, don’t think too much. I think Xiao Qiu and Li Qin should be finished packing up. Let’s go.”

Mei Li had to go to rent the carriage and let the coachman wait for them at the back of the manor. Feng Mingyue asked the servants in the courtyard to keep the matter secret and didn’t allow anyone to disclose it.

After they left the manor and boarded the carriage. The four maids were sitting and squeezing with each other at the edge of the carriage. None of them dare to sit close to Feng Mingyue nor in front of her, which made Feng Mingyue speechless for a moment.

In the end, she couldn’t withstand this sort of awkward atmosphere, thus Feng Mingyue patted the seat beside her: “Um…I’m not going to eat you guys so please stop squeezing with each other and move here. You don’t feel uncomfortable sitting like that?”

The four maids gave an embarrassed smile, but none of them moved. Feng Mingyue suddenly had a headache, she rubbed her brows helplessly: “I don’t mind sitting with you guys, so just find a place that you think it is comfortable to sit. Don’t act like that, really, I’m feeling guilty right now.”

Li Qin was the first one to shift to sit in front of Feng Mingyue. She was pondering for a long time before deciding to move. Living with Second Miss in the past few days after she woke up from illness. Li Qin felt that she was more and more relaxed than before. What’s more, the Second Miss also became an open-minded person. She didn’t mind them as a servant at all, she also did whatever she liked, without caring about other people’s opinions.

In the past, Second Miss was not really this calm, shad always appeared to be timid. Before she did something, Second Miss would think first as if afraid that she had done things wrong and the others would mock her again.

“Alright, much better now. And the three of you should also find a place to sit properly.” Feng Mingyue sighed before she lifted the curtain and looked out.

Li Qiu hurriedly moved to sit beside Li Qin while Mei Hui and Mei Li sat on the same side as their master.

Feng Mingyue glanced at the people outside in a daze. Everyone was shouting and selling on the street, but she also noticed some poor child was getting beaten by the vendor.

The carriage suddenly stopped. And Feng Mingyue realized that they hadn’t reached the General of Gan manor yet.

“What’s the matter?” She withdrew her hand, and the curtain dropped, covering the outside views.

The coachman said: “Miss, a person is beating a child in the middle of the street, and it blocks the road, we can’t continue forward.”

Feng Mingyue narrowed her eyes slightly, she ordered Mei Li: “Go and take a look, then settle it properly, also, if you can’t solve this matter, just come back and inform me.”

“Yes miss, ” Mei Li quickly got off the carriage. They weren’t afraid of being found out at all since everyone was covering their face with a white veil.

Feng Mingyue leaned back. She supported her forehead with her left hand while settling her left elbow on the rim of the carriage window. The sound of people talking at a distance transmitted into her ears, since she was already a spiritual martial artist, it was not a big deal for her to listen from afar.

“What? Who are you? Dare to interfere in our matters?” It was the voice of a young man. Feng Mingyue didn’t know who that young man was, however, the way he spoke was somewhat arrogant.

“My apologies, this one also doesn’t want to meddle in your matter, but right now we are in a hurry, so please make way for us.” Then Mei Li paused before she condemned: “Moreover, beating a child in the middle of the street is also illegal.”

The young man laughed as if he heard a joke: “Do you know who my master is? Saying something so audacious like this, aren’t you afraid that your head will fall from your neck?”

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