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TDRA Chapter 8

On the road

Since she had previously discussed the route to the capital with Lu JiaZi, Gu Ning could determine the direction they were heading. Three days had passed, the road was not easy to travel in with the current situation, resulting in them not having covered many roads. But as long as she rushed, she should be able to catch up soon. Thinking about the possible situation that her parents might be facing this time, Gu Ning was already burning with anxiety.

After deciding on some stuff, Gu Ning and Fang Fa switched seats.

“Go eat something first, then sleep. Take over me in the second half of the night.”

Fang Fa heard this and looked at Gu Ning in shock: “What do you mean? Don’t tell me that you’re driving through the night? Gu Ning, are you kidding me?”

“I need to catch up with them as soon as possible.” Gu Ning said and drove the car.

“Gu Ning, I understand that you’re worried about your parents, but it’s really unsafe to drive at night at this time. If we accidentally drove into the zombie’s nest, we won’t have any bones left. Let’s find a safe place to sleep first, and we’ll rush the road as soon as the day breaks. It will not delay too much time.” Fang Fa persuaded her heartily.

“How many zombies are trailing behind our car?” Gu Ning suddenly interrupted him.

“Huh?” Fang Fa could not respond, he looked in the rear-view mirror and it was pitch black in the mirror. He said: “It’s dark and there is no light. How can I see anything?”

“But I can see it.” Gu Ning glanced at the rear-view mirror and said: “There are probably thirty or forty of them. The one running in the front is wearing a denim jacket.”

Fang Fa found a flashlight from the car, opened the window and took a look behind the car, then turned off the flashlight with a pale face and turned around to ask Gu Ning: “How did you see that?”

No sooner had he finished the sentence, the door was slammed hard by a zombie suddenly!

Fang Fa was shocked, and as soon as he turned his head, he faced a zombie who was holding onto the window of the car! It turned out he had lowered the car window just now and forgot to close it, which was taken advantage of by this zombie. Two hands that had begun to decay were tightly holding to the car window. Fang Fa’s hair stood on their ends, he took the flashlight and madly smashed the zombie’s face! However, the zombie seemed to have gotten this idea and did not budge an inch, regardless of how much Fang Fa smashed its face with the flashlight, it just refused to let go of the car window!

This zombie looks like it had been mutated as a zombie for a long time. Only one of the two eyeballs was hanging in the eye socket, and the other eye socket was a black hole. The whole right face was rotten. Even when it was being hit repeatedly by Fang Fa’s flashlight, other than exuding putrid stench, it just kept swinging its body to get into the car and bite Fang Fa.

Fang Fa used too much force to smash with the flashlight, and accidentally dropped the flashlight out of the car!

Fang Fa panicked! Seeing that the zombie opened its big foul-smelling mouth to bite him! He couldn’t care less! Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the head of the zombie and pushed it desperately in the opposite direction! Although this zombie was moving slowly, its strength was terrifying and Fang Fa could not hold it! He could only watch the zombie’s entire head stretching into the car.

Even when Fang Fa had killed a few zombies, he could not help being scared and yelled at this moment!

Upon seeing this, Gu Ning quickly turned the steering wheel in her hand, the wheels made a harsh scraping sound in the dark, and immediately after the car made a sharp turn, the zombie was thrown out! Along with knocking away several zombies that were following behind the car.

Fang Fa hastily raised the window of the car in a frenzied manner, and then collapsed on the seat. His face was drenched with cold sweat and was as white as sheep that he was unable to speak for a long time.

“Are you alright?” Gu Ning asked.

It took a long time for Fang Fa to regain his voice and replied: “I’m, I’m fine.” His voice and hands were still trembling slightly.

After a long time had passed, Fang Fa finally spoke: “If you want to rush through the night, then do it. We have to fetch our parents as fast as possible.” He was scared by the zombie just now, and he dared not imagine the horrors and difficulty that his parents would be facing.

Gu Ning nodded and replied: “Alright, you sleep first.”

Fang Fa could not help but look at Gu Ning steadily. She was focusing on the road ahead as if the thrill he had just now was just his illusion. He suddenly asked: “Gu Ning, just now, weren’t you scared?”

Gu Ning shook her head calmly.

Fang Fa looked at Gu Ning’s expression, it did not look like she was pretending, and suddenly remembered how he acted just now and could not help but feel a little bit embarrassed.

Watching Gu Ning’s stern look, he did not decline. He was really tired and sleepy after driving all day. He was so scared just now that he collapsed, after eating a chocolate bar and appreciating the two sips of water. He wrapped himself tightly in the front passenger seat and fell asleep with his eyes closed, and soon there was a light snoring sound.

After he had fallen asleep, Gu Ning directly turned off the front lights. Her current vision at night is the same as in daytime even without any light source.

The place they were currently driving on was relatively secluded, there were not many zombies and only a few zombies wandered on the road as they heard the sound of the vehicle. Gu Ning did not own a car at home, and her driver’s license was forced by Mother Gu to take it so that it will be convenient in the future. After she had received her license a year ago, she had never touched a car ever since.

But for some reason, this time she grasped the steering wheel with uncanny familiarity.

She stepped on the accelerator hard and charged towards the zombie who was trying to block the way with its teeth and claws!

Bang bang bang!

Several collisions sounded!

The car also shook violently because of the impact.

It directly woke up Fang Fa who had just fallen asleep, he opened his eyes in a panic and asked: “What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing. I just sent several zombies flying.” Gu Ning said calmly: “Fasten your seatbelt.

Looking at Gu Ning’s side view, he felt speechless for a moment. When they first met last time, he admired her a little bit because of her unusual calmness, but now, she was way too calm.

He did not know what happened to Gu Ning during the time they were separated, but for the current world, this change was undoubtedly good.

He stopped thinking about it anymore and closed his eyes again. He urgently needed to sleep so that he could replace Gu Ning when she was exhausted.

This time, even if the car oscillated heavily, he would at least be able to fall asleep immediately when he was awakened.

Gu Ning was in control of the steering wheel, and she could feel her changes. It seems like she had become very calm all of the sudden, and her thinking ability had also been enhanced a lot. She seemed to be able to sort out every thought in her mind, and made her mind extremely clear. Seeing those zombies staggering like evil ghosts in the dark, she no longer felt any fear in her heart.

Not knowing what kind of changes would happen to her body in the future, Gu Ning frowned, feeling a little heavy in her heart. But soon enough, Gu Ning felt a little relieved. She had already died once. This time it was like winning a prize in life and she had earned it for nothing. Furthermore, the changes that had taken place in her body so far were so good.

She exhaled a sigh, and then went back to focus looking at the road ahead.

When Fang Fa woke up again, it was already morning.

He hurriedly sat up straight and looked at Gu Ning next to him: “Gu Ning, what time is it?”

Gu Ning was holding the steering wheel in her hand and was constantly scanning the buildings on both sides of the road. She still looked spirited, without any signs of exhaustion from driving overnight. After hearing the question from Fang Fa, she glanced at the watch on her wrist and said: “7:30 am.”

“I slept for so long? Why didn’t you wake me up?!” The surprised expression on Fang Fa disappeared immediately and was replaced by shock.

“I’m not sleepy, so I didn’t wake you up.” Gu Ning said naturally while turning the steering wheel, sending the zombie off flying. At the same time, she said to Fang Fa: “Since you are awake, let’s change places. I have to eat something.”

There were a lot of zombies here, and the road was full of zombies wandering in twos and threes.

“You didn’t park the car last night? You have been driving on the road all along?” Fang Fa asked while unfastening the seatbelt that was tied to his body.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning drove the car into an open area, then opened the door and switched position with Fang Fa.

The whole process took less than ten seconds, and they drove away before the zombies that were trailing behind the car could reach them.

“Pay attention to all the yellow minibuses on the road.” Gu Ning took the backpack, found some chocolate and water from it, and then began eating.

Fang Fa watched Gu Ning chomped down a bar of chocolate with two mouthfuls, and drank half a bottle of water in a gulp without a hint of saving up at all.  He kindly reminded: “Gu Ning, we don’t have many supplies…”

Gu Ning also stuffed the remaining bar of chocolate into her mouth, she still felt hungry but she stopped in moderation, then looked at her watch and said: “Find a safe spot to stop. I’ll need to go and release myself.

Fang Fa paused for a moment, and then said: “Okay.”

The car only stopped half an hour later.

“You better hurry up.” Fang Fa got out of the car, opened the door, and looked at the surroundings vigilantly while holding a knife in his hand for the fear that a zombie might suddenly pop out from nowhere.

“Give me five minutes.” After that, Gu Ning quickly entered the alley in front and turned in the corner.

After making sure that there was no one around, Gu Ning closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she was back in that mysterious space. She walked to the door and Gu Ning glanced at the pointer subconsciously, it remained at the place where she had shifted yesterday. Then she twisted the doorknob, a golden light flashed and she was standing back in her room.

She adjusted her breathing, at 8:00 am, the time when her parents should be up and ready for breakfast, so she would go out to greet them before heading back.

Just when she was about to push open the door and walked out when suddenly, her hand holding the doorknob stopped moving.

She looked suspiciously at the sunflower-shaped clock hanging on the wall.

The hour hand was pointing to 3:00 am, and the second hand was creaking forward.

Gu Ning quickly raised her wrist and glanced at the watch, and then she was completely stunned. The digital watch on her wrist changed from 8:00 am to 3:00 am

What was going on here? Why did the time here not match the time on the other side?

Gu Ning cautiously opened the door and walked to the living room, and then glanced at the wall clock —— similarly, the wall clock also showed 3:00 am. And the red numbers flashed in the dark, following Gu Ning’s current mood, it seemed extremely weird.

Gu Ning returned to her bedroom and sat on the bed, slightly confused.

But at this moment, she had a suspicion in her heart that the change of world time on both sides should be related to the “Tai Chi” thing on the black door.

With a thought, she returned to that space.

She looked at the golden pointer that was shifted a little bit to the white side by her, and in her heart, she had this very mysterious feeling that the change in time of the two worlds was caused by her shifting this pointer.

Ten hours have passed from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am in the post-apocalyptic world, but only five hours have passed on this side.

So, extrapolating from this, the time here was slower than the time in the post-apocalyptic world, almost doubling the time. Perhaps staying in the post-apocalyptic world for two days while only one day had passed on this peaceful world? … On the contrary, if you shifted the pointer toward the black side, would it be the other way around?

Gu Ning thought so and glanced at the time on her wrist. 3:05 am.

She stretched out her hand and tried to move the golden pointer further towards the white side, but after several attempts, she found that the pointer remained there and could not be moved. Gu Ning thought for a while and then moved the pointer back again, then she found out that it could be moved, but when shifted towards the white side, it always stopped at the position which she had dialled the last time.

Gu Ning looked at the Tai Chi compass for a while but still could not understand what was going on, so she could only let the pointer remain at the spot where she had started to fiddle previously.

Then she twisted open the door.

As soon as she got back to the blind spot, she heard Fang Fa anxiously shouting: “Gu Ning! Gu Ning, are you still there? Can you answer me first? If you don’t, I’ll be coming over? I’m coming over…”

Before the sentence ended, Gu Ning already walked back.

Seeing Gu Ning walking out, Fang Fa sighed in relief before complaining: “You said five minutes, and you’ve been gone for more than ten minutes. Then I kept calling out for you and you refused to answer. I almost thought that you had encountered something bad.”

Gu Ning raised her hand to see that it had indeed changed to the time on this side again, and the time was 8:15 am. It seems that the time on the Tai Chi compass should be adjusted properly first when she entered the space next time.

“I’m sorry, my tummy doesn’t feel good.” Gu Ning apologised.

“It’s okay. Just that if next time I called out for you, you better respond, otherwise I’ll be worried… After all, the situation now is different.” Fang Fa replied and then opened the door of the driver’s seat and got in.

Gu Ning glanced at the corpse of a male zombie lying on the ground. There was a big hole in his head, which should have been finished by Fang Fa just now. Gu Ning walked around the car then opened the door and sat in.


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