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TDRA Chapter 9


The car started quickly.

Gu Ning eyes were glued to the front, she was still thinking about the golden pointer on the Tai Chi compass in the white space.

“Gu Ning, go take a nap. I’ll keep an eye for the yellow bus and wake you up when I find it.” Fang Fa said while gazing to either side.

“It’s okay, I’m not sleepy yet.” Gu Ning replied, sitting up straight and began to look to both sides to note the vehicles on the road.

Fang Fa gave Gu Ning a startled look, and then said: “You aren’t sleepy after driving all night? Your energy is too good.”

“Well, maybe it’s because I got used to staying up all night before. It doesn’t feel much different.” Gu Ning replied casually while paying attention to the vehicles on both sides.

Fang Fa took a closer look at Gu Ning. He really did not find any sign of fatigue on her face, but her face was a little pale and looked slightly unhealthy, so he suddenly asked: “Hey, by the way, Gu Ning, how did your hair become this colour? Wasn’t it still black when we met last time? Where did you get the hair dye and now you still have the mood to dye your hair? But this hair colour suits you quite well.”

Gu Ning just smiled without speaking, she could not just explain to him that this was because of being bitten by a zombie.

There are still cars on the road during these hours.

Most of the people stayed at home at the beginning, but when they ran out of supplies they were forced to come out.

Many people are heading towards the capital. Although it was already densely populated, the military power there was where it was the strongest. At the beginning of the apocalypse, the local network could still operate. Many people in the capital were posting posts on the internet with lots of photos, such as military martial law was enforced on the streets of the capital, soldiers driving tanks, and carrying machine guns everywhere.

Helicopters flying daily over the sky in the capital.

Several checkpoints had been set up in each direction to the capital. Before entering, there would be a check-up for any zombie infection.

Although the news was broadcasted every day on the television to call out to people not to blindly rush to the capital, the best plan was to stay at home and wait for government reinforcement. But before the rescue could arrive, many people were running out of food at their homes, thus more and more people were rushing out of their homes and heading in the direction of the capital.

It was now the third month, and the loss of communication and network meant that they had returned to the ancient times of closed information. They could not receive any information from the outside world so they could only judge and decide based on their local changes. Judging from the fact that there were fewer and lesser people on the road but more and more zombies, it was obvious that the current situation was not optimistic.

Gu Ning took a deep breath, now was not the time to think about these.

The most important thing was to find her parents first.

But she must also go to the capital, she alone could not guarantee the safety of her parents. She could only rest assured if she found a safe environment, and undoubtedly, the capital would be the first choice.

Now she could only take one step at a time.

Gu Ning’s heart felt heavy, and she could not be assured until the day she found her parents.

“Stop!” Suddenly Gu Ning called when she saw a scene flashes by on the side of the road.

Fang Fa had a big jump, by the time he realised, the car had driven for more than ten meters before it stopped: “What’s the matter?”

“Wait for me for a few minutes, I’m going over there for something.” Gu Ning replied, then picked up the long knife, threw her backpack over her shoulder, opened the door, and jumped out of the car.

“Another few minutes?” Fang Fa shifted from the driver seat to the passenger seat and watched Gu Ning walking back: “Didn’t you just take a relief?” Then Fang Fa saw Gu Ning carrying her backpack, his heart jumped a bit, and then he quickly turned off the engine, removed the key, jumped out of the car, and rushed over: “Gu Ning, wait for me, let’s go together.”

Gu Ning glanced at him in surprise and saw that his expression was a little nervous. She thought for a while and understood what he had thought of, and then nodded. With a knife in her hand, she walked quickly to the shop she had seen just now.

Fang Fa was relieved and followed her.

After reached outside the shop, Fang Fa could not help but asked strangely: “Gu Ning, what are you doing here?”

“To get something.” Gu Ning got into the shop after replying.

This was a relatively small jewellery shop, obviously, the owner went away in a hurry. The shop was closed with just the outside glass door locked but it had been broken now. The inside of the shop had been looted once, and the glass on the countertop was broken but there was another untouched glass cabinet. It had all gold chains neatly arranged, around seventy to eighty of it. Gu Ning did not dare to knock and break the glass which might attract the zombies. So she went into the counter and pushed the door of the cabinet to open up, then she grabbed all those gold chains and threw them into the backpack.

Fang Fa was dumbfounded, and he asked when he came back to his senses: “Gu Ning, what are you doing with these things?” You really could not blame him for finding it incomprehensible. At the beginning of the apocalypse, he was indeed caught in a frenzy of robbery chaos. But it did not take too long for people to realize that this disaster was not temporary. Food and drink were much more precious than gold and money, so the robbery of valuables turned into the robbery of food supplies.

Nowadays, even if people saw a statue of a golden Buddha on the floor, they would not have the desire to pick it up, but if they saw a bar of chocolate, they would rush to grab it.

This was the apocalypse, full of absurdity and black humour.

So one could imagine how Fang Fa was astonished while watching Gu Ning looting all these golds.

After all, Gu Ning seems to be a person with a clear mind, and it really did not seem like someone who would do such a meaningless thing.

“These things are useful to me.” Gu Ning put the backpack over her shoulder and prepared to go.

Fang Fa walked in front, and the two of them trying to get out of the jewellery shop.

Suddenly, Gu Ning’s nose picked up a whiff of the rotten smell, and the tip of her nose twitched slightly, and then her expression changed. She stretched out her hand and pulled the clueless Fang Fa to the back, and then the knife in her hand moved from the side and slashed onto the zombie that suddenly appeared! Fang Fa was startled by Gu Ning, when he stabilized himself, he saw that the knife in Gu Ning’s hand had already slashed into the right shoulder of the zombie that suddenly popped out, and it sliced the entire shoulder off from the zombie!

He was astonished, how much strength did it take to cut off the entire shoulder in one slash?! But he did not have much time to think too much about it. He saw Gu Ning kick the zombie right in the chest hard, which directly knocked it onto the floor, and then she strode in one big step, gripping the hilt of the knife and fiercely stabbed into the zombie’s head!

From Gu Ning’s discovery of the way to efficiently eliminate the zombies, the whole process took less than a minute!

Fang Fa was dumbfounded.

In the car, when she abruptly started to violently smash Lao Liang’s head onto the car door, he was surprised. Although he had been with Gu Ning for a short time previously, she spent most of the time with her parents, and the impression she showed was just a calmer but not too special than a normal girl, and he had never seen Gu Ning kill a zombie with his own eyes.

However, right now, he wanted to refresh his understanding of Gu Ning again.

Her reaction just now was simply more experienced than him, a policeman who had been in the army for a few years and had been a police officer for two years. He did not even notice that a zombie was hidden there and her continuous attacks simply gave him a feeling of a shock. The last knife hit that finished the zombie, she did not even blink her eyes, it seemed she was very experienced.

Until getting back into the car, Fang Fa was somehow still in shock.

After driving for several minutes, Fang Fa finally regained his mind and asked: “Gu Ning, how did you do that?”

“How did I do what?” Gu Ning was hiding the gold chains in a compartment on her backpack and replied casually.

“How did you notice the zombie just now? And your slashes were so powerful.”

“A woman’s intuition.” Gu Ning said: “You just have to kill a few more zombies then you will be so powerful.”

In fact, she was shocked for a moment when she cut off the entire shoulder of the zombie with a single slash, and her senses became very keen, her vision, smelling, hearing, and reaction ability had greatly improved.

Fang Fa did not ask anymore, deep in his heart, he was very happy to have such a strong teammate on the road which would make the journey much safer. Moreover, the supplies in that big backpack, if eaten sparingly, would at least be enough to support them for more than ten days.

His desire to find Gu Ning’s parents quickly was not much lighter than Gu Ning’s mood. After all, he had promised Gu Ning that he would help in finding her parents before he could find his’.

The car continued to drive on the road, but because they had to pay attention to the yellow minibuses along the way, they did not dare to drive too fast. Cars were whizzing past them from both sides of the car.

There were still relatively few zombies on this section of the road, but there were a lot of zombies and human corpses lying on the ground, exposed to the sun which was crushed by passing vehicles. The car was constantly bumping up and down from the corpses, which made Fang Fa purse his mouth, as he felt a little sick in his stomach.

Suddenly, there was a fragrant smell coming from next to him. He glanced at it and then did a double-take in surprise. Gu Ning was stuffing sausages in her mouth and she was still peeling the second one.

Fang Fa was unable to endure and said: “Well, Gu Ning, we don’t have many supplies left, if we finished eating and didn’t find anything else to eat, we’ll be starving. So if you’re not particularly hungry…”

“I’m very hungry.” Gu Ning frowned and interrupted him. The two bars of chocolates that she had eaten just now seemed to be completely digested. Now she just wanted to keep eating until she filled her empty stomach which was flooding with acid.

Fang Fa was speechless, after all, this big bag of stuff belonged to Gu Ning.

He could only feel distressed and frightened while watching Gu Ning eat five sausages and seven bars of chocolate plus three pieces of bread, and then drank half a bottle of mineral water before she stopped.

Fang Fa’s throat stifled a swallow, right now he was not particularly hungry, he could still hold out.

Gu Ning suddenly yawned, and sleepiness swept over her head like a tidal wave. She flipped over the hood on her sportswear and covered her head. The hood was so big that it covered all of her exceptionally dazzling blonde hair that was shining in the sun till down to her eyes. Only her nose and mouth were left outside of the hood which was just enough to block off the direct light, Gu Ning cooed: “I’ll sleep for a while, pay attention to the cars on the side of the road.”

She fell asleep the next second her sentence ended.

(T/N: Now it’s getting way interesting. Also double chapter again. =) )
(Editor: De Vile)

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