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TDRA Chapter 7

Policeman Fang Fa

A ray of light shone over, Gu Ning had nowhere to hide her figure, and could only give up the idea of going back into hiding, so she dodged aside to avoid the strong beam of light.

The SUV stopped two meters away from Gu Ning, and the door was slammed open. A very rough-looking man of about 30 years old yelled at Gu Ning: “What are you waiting for! Get in the car quickly!”

Gu Ning was stunned for a moment, this was the second time she had heard this sentence. After confirming that the other party was speaking to her, she looked behind the car where a dozen or so zombies were trying to catch up. She hesitated for a second then she ran over to the car.

Almost instantly when Gu Ning got her foot into the car, the car started and drove.

Gu Ning turned her head and looked back, at least twenty zombies were staggering behind the car but their speed was too slow. Thus, they quickly shook off by the car.

“Gu Ning, are you alright?!”A familiar voice sounded.

Gu Ning was taken aback, only to realize that the driver was actually an acquaintance: “Fang Fa?!”

There were only three people in the car. Other than Fang Fa who was driving and wearing his police uniform, a short man was seated at the front passenger seat and beside her was a tall rough-looking man with a stubble face.

The shorter man at the front said: “No wonder you were dead set on stopping to save her, so you know each other!”

“Gu Ning, let me introduce you. These two friends whom I met on the road are Lao Wu who is next to me and Lao Liang who is beside you.” After the introduction from Fang Fa, he started introducing Gu Ning: “This is Gu Ning, who is very courageous and she won’t cause us any trouble when facing the zombies.”

More than a month ago, he met Gu Ning and travelled together for a week. At that time, Gu Ning had never killed a zombie in front of him, but she was bolder than many other girls. Even though she was afraid to see zombies, she has never panicked and do something stupid. Sometimes she could also provide some very useful suggestions, which left a good impression on Fang Fa. Later, they parted ways because they had different goals. He did not expect to run into her again today, and the time and place where she appeared was enough to surprise Fang Fa: “Gu Ning, why are you still wandering here so late? Do you want to die? Where are your parents and that bus full of people?”

Gu Ning said promptly: “We were separated.”

“Hey! What’s that you’re carrying, Miss Gu? Is there anything to eat which you can share?” The shorter man in front was viciously eyeing at her backpack ever since Gu Ning got into the car.

Gu Ning glanced at him and Lao Liang who was sitting next to her, and then she unloaded some items from the backpack: “I was lucky to find some food.” Then she took out a few sausages and chocolates from her backpack and handed the food to them separately: “These are for you, thanks for letting me into the car.”

The shorty Lao Wu hurriedly took it and said with a smile: “What are you so polite about, Miss Gu. From now on, we are all on the same boat, so we are our people.” When he said this, his eyes were greedy and longing staring at Gu Ning’s bulging backpack. He dared to conclude that there must be a lot of goodies in it.

Fang Fa smiled bitterly and said: “Gu Ning, your luck is really good. We haven’t found anything to eat for two days now, and we are left with just two packs of biscuits and three bottles of mineral water. If we can’t find any more food, we’re afraid that we’ll starve to death before the zombies bite us.”

Lao Wu quickly said: “Brother Fang Fa, what are you talking about! Now that Miss Gu has gotten in our car, she’s one of us now, and supplies are meant to be shared! How can we starve to death, don’t you think so, Miss Gu?”

Gu Ning said with a cold face: “Excuse me, I’m getting off once we’ve shaken off the zombies behind.”

“Getting off?” This made even Fang Fa stunned: “What do you mean?”

Gu Ning replied: “I am going to find my parents.”

Fang Fa said: “You alone? Gu Ning, have you forgotten that there’s an apocalypse going on right now? There are man-eating zombies everywhere, not to mention you’re a girl, even men wouldn’t dare to go outside alone. And it’s still midnight…”

Gu Ning did not answer the question: “Which direction are you going?”

Fang Fa replied: “Lingzhi City. My parents are still in my hometown, I have to go back and pick them up.”

“Then we’re not going in the same direction, my parents are heading towards the capital.” Gu Ning said: “If it wasn’t for you guys who lured the zombies over just now, I wouldn’t have gotten into the car. Since I dare to walk alone outside, I’ll naturally have a way to protect myself, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Although she hoped to have a car, she was also running out of time. She had to go back after dawn, otherwise, her parents in the other world would find out that she was not in her room, they would definitely freak out. Also, the method of how she went back could not be seen by anyone. If she was with someone, she would be easily exposed, also the place where they’re going was different too.

Lao Wu said in a mocking tone: “Little girl, you’re too bold. Don’t think that just because you are holding a knife in your hand you’re safe, do you dare to kill the zombies?”

More than you have killed.

Gu Ning spoke in her heart but did not reply to him. She glanced back and saw that there were no zombies behind, so she said to Fang Fa: “Please, stop the car in front.”

“Wait.” Lao Wu suddenly said: “Little girl, since you insisted on leaving, we are not going to force you to stay, but since we have saved your life, at least you have to give us something right.” His eyes hovered over Gu Ning’s backpack, the meaning was very obvious.

Before Gu Ning could reply, Fang Fa frowned and asked: “Lao Wu, what do you mean?”

Lao Wu smiled menacingly and said: “It means that she can go, but her belongings stay.”

Before Fang Fa could react, there was a knife on his neck. The rough-looking Lao Liang who had been quiet unknowingly dragged a knife out and placed it on Fang Fa’s neck, still looking Gu Ning with a cold expression and scolded: “Just stay still and don’t do anything stupid, or you’ll be killed!”

He was not afraid of the knife in Gu Ning’s hand and thought that the knife was just for show.

Lao Wu threatened Fang Fa and said: “Keep driving, don’t stop, or my brother’s knife might lose its control.”

Fang Fa was infuriated that his veins were bulging: “Have you forgotten who saved you!”

Lao Wu smiled indifferently: “Isn’t that an easy task for you, besides, you are a policeman. You have to save people. Don’t say it like you have shown great kindness to us.”

Fang Fa was so furious that he became speechless.

Lao Wu said to Gu Ning in the back seat: “Little girl, let’s not make it difficult for you. You just have to be obedient and hand me those things. We will be a good man and take you to find my future in-laws.”

Gu Ning remained silent.

Fang Fa smoothed out a bit and said to Lao Wu: “Lao Wu, no matter what, I had at least saved your life. So here’s the deal, you can have the stuff but you let us go.”

Lao Wu chuckled twice: “Brother Fang, we have seen your skills. If we let you go and we meet again next time, we may not be able to beat you.”

Fang Fa replied: “Fine, if you want to kill me, then do so. Just let her go, she poses no threat to both of you.”

Gu Ning, who had been quiet all this time, suddenly spoke: “Do you guys have any guns?”

Lao Wu laughed twice: “We can deal with the two of you without guns.”

“That’s good then.” After Gu Ning abruptly said such a sentence, she suddenly asked Fang Fa who was being restrained: “Fang Fa, if I save you this round, can you go with me to find my parents first, and then we will drive to Lingzhi City to pick up your parents?”

All three people in the car were stunned, and then Lao Wu suddenly chuckled grimly: “Little girl, you can’t even protect yourself, and you still want to save someone else?”

Gu Ning did not reply, and suddenly her hands were as swift as lightning and quickly reached out and grabbed Lao Liang’s hair. She yanked fiercely to the side, grabbed his hair with a single hand and held his head down with the other, and slammed it hard against the car door. Such a big guy like Lao Liang almost lost consciousness from the impact and even dropped the knife from his hand underneath the seat. He tried to resist by grabbing the hand that was pressing his head but the hand holding his head seemed to have a force of a thousand pounds, it was like a giant bear was holding him down, and he could not break free. After smashing him several times, blood slowly dripped. Without blinking her eyes, Gu Ning kept smashing Lao Liang’s head against the car door, one after another.

The two men in the front seat were dumbfounded.

After all, Fang Fa was trained and his reaction was very fast. He slammed the brakes to stop the car, and when Lao Wu was unstable, he hit him in the face with a punch! Lao Wu still tried to resist, so he received another punch in the face. The anger that he had been pending up, Fang Fa finally found a place to vent it on. He leaped from his seat, holding Lao Wu by the neck and pinning him to the seat, and continued throwing punches one after another on him.

Lao Wu yelled in pain and begged for mercy. Fang Fa ignored it and threw a heavier punch each time until Lao Wu was left hanging onto a breath then he stopped.

“What should we do next?” Fang Fa stopped panting and asked Gu Ning subconsciously.

Gu Ning pulled up the bleeding Lao Liang, who had his head smashed and fainted, and threw him to the other side of the seat. Then she looked at Fang Fa and asked: “Have you ever killed anyone?”

Fang Fa was stunned and realised what Gu Ning meant. Gu Ning knew by looking at his reaction then said: “I haven’t killed anyone yet, I’ll leave these two to you.”

Fang Fa still struggled and hesitated: “But I am a policeman…”

Gu Ning looked at him seriously: “But now it’s not that peaceful world anymore. Also, shouldn’t the police uphold justice and fight crime? These two men are murderers. By killing them you can prevent more good people from being killed. This is what you should do now as a police officer.”

Fang Fa’s heart was shaken, and he glanced at Gu Ning with a complicated expression and said: “It turns out that you were being reserved just now.” Then he silently dragged the two big men who had fainted out of the car, and five minutes later he came back and got into the car after finishing them off. He asked Gu Ning, who had shifted and sat at the front passenger seat: “Where are we going next?”

Gu Ning replied: “Just follow what I had said earlier, we will find my parents first, and then go back to Lingzhi City to find your parents. It’s okay, right?”

Fang Fa smiled bitterly: “You have saved my life. Whatever you say, I will do it.”

The car started and drove off.

Gu Ning said again: “Fang Fa since you had said that, then I would like to talk about the worst situation first.”

Fang Fa had a bad intuition for some reason, but he still asked: “Just tell me.”

Gu Ning replied: “The car capacity is limited, with my parents and your parents, we have a total of four elderly people. My dad’s leg is injured and might need more space. We don’t know what your parents’ condition is, and there may be injuries too. That means, we can’t allow other people to get into the car.” She said: “Do you understand what I mean?”

Fang Fa smiled bitterly again: “I know, you’re afraid that I’ll get carried away and rush to save someone back in the car again.”

Gu Ning nodded and said frankly: “You may think that I am selfish, but I won’t help others when my interests are not protected. I also hope that you won’t do anything to help others at the expense of mine.”

Fang Fa opened his mouth yet he could not utter any promises.

Gu Ning sighed inwardly and added: “I know that you are a good policeman, but now this world is no longer what it used to be. No one can pray for others to save them, only they can save themselves. You must remember that your parents are still waiting for you back in your hometown, they need you even more.”

Fang Fa was silent for a long time, and his heart was conflicted. Finally, he sighed heavily and said solemnly: “I promise you.”

Gu Ning breathed a sigh of relief. When she was travelling with Fang Fa previously, she had found out that he was a person with a strong sense of justice buried deep in his bones. When faced with danger, he would protect the weak regardless of himself. This was almost like his instinct, so just now under the threat of his life, he still preferred to sacrifice himself for a chance to let Gu Ning live. Before the apocalypse, he would be a very good policeman, but now, his sense of justice would only make him die faster, and it was very likely that he might drag her down too.

So even if Fang Fa had made a promise at this moment, Gu Ning did not completely relax but she still needed companions. No matter how powerful she was, she couldn’t take care of both her parents at the same time. With his good personality, she could entrust her parents to him with ease of mind. She had seen his skills, and his fighting ability was not bad.  So she would see how it turns out, and if it didn’t work out well, she would part ways with him then.

And just like this, Gu Ning had temporarily confirmed her first companion on the road.

(T/N: Hurray to first companion! Finally she is not alone.)
(Editor: De Vile)

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