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TDRA Chapter 6

Golden Pointer

Finally, when Mother Gu and Gu Ning came home carrying two big bags of items in both of their arms, Father Gu was shocked: “You’ve brought home someone’s snack shop?!”

In total, the four largest bags from the supermarket were filled with all kinds of biscuits, sausages, bread, chocolate, and even some compressed biscuits.

“I can’t help it, your daughter is happy.” Mother Gu said helplessly. She had been trying to talk Gu Ning out of it during the whole trip until her throat was dry. Such snacks were unhealthy for the body, but Gu Ning insisted on buying them, and she did not want to be a killjoy so she just let her have her way.

Father Gu had no choice but to say: “Fine fine fine, as long as NingNing is happy. Okay then, go wash your hands and get ready for dinner.”

After gobbling down the meal, Gu Ning explained to Father Gu and Mother Gu: “Dad Mom, I want to sleep in tomorrow, so don’t call me if I’m not up.”

She moved all the four bags of food into her bedroom, and after confirming that the door was locked, she dragged out the box underneath the cabinet. Flipping through the box, she took out long-sleeved hooded sportswear, put on her sneakers, and took out a big backpack from the cabinet. Then she picked some compressed biscuits, bread, chocolate, and two large bottles of mineral water and stuffed it all in. When she tried to carry it, she found out that the bag was very light, and it was as if carrying an empty school bag. So she packed some more, almost half of the backpack, yet it was still a featherweight. In the end, she stuffed it until the entire school bag was about to burst, then Gu Ning finally felt a little weight.

It seems that not only her vision, hearing but also her strength were improved. Gu Ning felt a little worried, such an unknown evolution always made people insecure but at the same time, she was happy that her body had undergone such changes. This meant that she could survive better in the post-apocalyptic world and be able to protect herself and the people she wanted to protect.

Yesterday night after she calmed down from the excitement of returning from the post-apocalyptic world, she thought for a long time. She was pretty sure that the worlds on both sides were real, which meant that her parents on both sides were real too. She could not let herself forget her parents in the post-apocalyptic world and pretend that they did not exist and live a happy life in this world. She must protect them, and not mentioning, she was now more capable of doing it.

Gu Ning emptied all the content in the backpack again, and then picked out some necessities to bring along which included a lot of medication for wounds that she ran to the pharmacy under the disguise of going to the toilet today. In the post-apocalyptic world, Father Gu’s leg injury was originally not that serious, but there was no treatment being done which caused it to deteriorate in that state. Right now if it wasn’t treated as soon as possible, it might become even more serious.

Gu Ning buckled the digital watch, and the time displayed was fifteen minutes past seven. Taking the big knife, the post-apocalyptic scene appeared in her mind, and when she opened her eyes, she was in the white room. She ran to the door and was about to open it when suddenly she felt as if she had overlooked something… A thought flashed in her mind.

Yes, she had almost overlooked a serious problem.

Every time she opened this door, the place she teleported to seemed to be the spot where she had last disappeared.

So if she opened the door now, she would appear at that underground garage?! She could almost imagine those people seeing her appearing out of thin air.

She thought about it carefully, just to be sure, and decided she should wait until closer to midnight.

She sat cross-legged on the floor and glanced at the digital watch. Right now, the time displayed was twenty-five minutes past seven.

To wait until those people fall asleep, it would at least be after ten o’clock. There were still two and a half hours left.

It was a very long waiting time.

This was an empty room, although it was large it could be scanned with just a glance, and there was nothing.

To pass time, Gu Ning tore open a packet of snacks and munched…

She was really too full from dinner and could not take another bite, looking at the watch, time now was a quarter to eight.

Gu Ning was so bored that she could only walk back to the black door and start studying the door.

The material looks like a wooden door and the black on it did not look like it was painted, but more as it came from the tree it was based on. She placed her hand on it, it was cool to the touch and she felt a chill on her palm. Then she raised her head to look at the Tai Chi-thing shaped like a compass or a clock embedded in the door.

The golden pointer remained motionless in the middle.

Like the first time when Gu Ning twisted the doorknob, she stretched out her hand awkwardly and moved the golden pointer slightly towards the white side. Nothing changed.
Gu Ning could not figure out how it worked, so she just gave up. She adjusted the alarm clock to ten o’clock on her digital watch then laid on the floor, closed her eyes, and tried to take a nap. However, undecided if she was too excited or nervous, Gu Ning did not feel sleepy at all.

Thus she just lay down on the floor and let her thoughts run wild.

And for some reason, she remembered the day when she was ditched by the bus and then got bitten by a zombie.

In fact, she could not figure it out until now. Apart from her parents in the bus, there was her uncle’s family, except for the two men and a woman whom she rescued on the road, everyone else was her neighbours who had known each other for more than ten or twenty years. They were all close contacts of hers. And then there was Lu JiaZi, aside from her ambiguous feelings about him for more than five years, they grew up in the same community. Although he was three years older than her, they went to the same school from elementary school to university, and their parents were also very good friends. During holidays, they would also visit each other and he had always been close to her that at one point she got the wrong impression.

However at that time, when she ran towards the bus, she saw Lu JiaZi sitting by the window side, and she even saw the apology in his eyes. Then he closed the window in her disbelieving gaze, turned his head, as if to say something to the people inside, after that, the bus drove off.

It was a bus full of “close” people, who abruptly drove away from the bus which she risked her life to get and they abandoned her. She heard her parents’ pleading, but they did nothing. They oh so cruelly took away her last chance of survival.

Gu Ning closed her eyes in pain, and the more she recalled the scene from that day, the stronger the hatred in her heart became.

“Beep—— beep—— beep——”

The digital watch on her wrist made a sharp beeping noise.

Gu Ning switched off the alarm, she looked at the time, it was exactly ten o’clock.

She put on her backpack again, which was full of supplies, and she felt a sense of hope.

She came to the door, took a deep breath, and then gently twisted the doorknob——

The cool wind in the summer night breezed past, Gu Ning looked surprised at the closed underground garage door less than five meters away from her position.  She was confused at the situation, it was obvious that the place where she left last time was inside the garage, but how did she come back outside of the garage?!

Although it was somewhat strange, this situation was more beneficial to her, and she could get away smoothly without notifying others.

The night did not affect her vision, so she decided to rush all night. Her father’s leg injury could not be dragged, and without her by their side, her parents must be in a very difficult situation now. She needed to catch up to them in the shortest time possible. Therefore right now, she needed to find a car.

Although she was very sure that her strength was three or four times stronger than before, she still did not dare to let her guard down. She was like an alert beast, constantly on the lookout for any movement in the surrounding, her breathing was extremely slow, her whole body’s pores were open, sensing every hint of danger in the air.

Going further was a high-end community, where there should be abandoned cars. Now is the third month of the apocalypse. In the beginning, the government was able to send troops and local police to protect the masses. However, the number of zombies was increasing exponentially every day, and the situation could no longer be controlled. As long as they were bitten by a zombie, or even just a thin layer of skin scratched, there was a danger of infection. Even though the government had been soothing the citizens at the beginning of the apocalypse that they were cracking the virus and developing a vaccine, yet the severity of the situation was far beyond everyone’s expectations.

And for that reason, at the beginning everyone firmly believed that there would be rescue, the situation would be controlled and the people should stay at home.
When the food and water began to run out, they had to get out of the house that gave them a sense of security and joined the large team in search of supplies while looking for other survivors.

One month after the apocalypse started, almost half of the cities had power and water cut off, network communications were nearly paralyzed, and the ever-increasing number of zombies caused everyone to fall into panic and despair.

People across the country began to divide into three groups. One group stayed in their city and refused to leave, one group went to the capital, and another group decided to head to the sparsely populated mountainous area.

Gu Ning’s family originally belonged to the stubborn group that stayed in their own home, because there was only Father Gu, the only male in the family, and an elderly too. At first, she was very afraid of the zombies with horribly decomposed faces. She did not even dare to look at them, let alone going forward and bashing their heads in. In the first few days, the network had been paralyzed and the internet had completely crumbled down. There were no more headlines on forums discussing mothers-in-law not getting along, whether to break up with a boyfriend, whether I am alone or not. All the titles contained zombies, doomsday survival skills, those eye-catching words.

Soon, someone posted on the forum saying that they killed a zombie, and emphasized that attacking other parts of the zombies could not completely immobilize it unless it was done on the head. At the same time, it also listed the speed of the zombies being slow, but the characteristics of strength being more than twice of an adult.

There were tens of thousands of pages for these posts.

One after another, different people successively posted the information they obtained onto the forum. So Gu Ning also had a preliminary understanding of the physical and attack characteristics of the zombies.

No one knows how the first zombie appeared. When people discovered the zombies, the zombies had reached a certain number, and they spread in the crowd at a very terrifying speed.

After being bitten by a zombie, humans would rapidly be infected by the zombie virus, and begin mutation. Because everyone has different physiques, the speed of mutation was also different. The most obvious sign of mutation was the appearance of a red bloodline moving in the eyes. Then the skin would begin to fester, and in the end, they lost their rational thinking of living humans and became a creature that would bite the humans.

The biting power of these zombies was amazingly strong, they would bite all living things and their strength was more than twice the ordinary people. They also had a very keen sense of hearing, and they would rely on smell and sound to find fresh flesh.

It was similar to the zombies common in zombie movies.

It was after a month that Gu Ning dared to kill a female zombie that kept hitting the door with the watermelon knife. She even had nightmares for several nights, and then she was forced to kill several zombies due to the situation, which slowly made her immune to it.

She even started to check online for guidance to improve her combat effectiveness.

Even Father Gu and Mother Gu were extremely surprised by Gu Ning’s strength and bravery.

As long as they overcame their fears, became more agile, and stayed alert at all times, those zombies were not invincible.

Gu Ning took a deep breath, squeezed the knife in her hand, and pushed open the iron door next to the guard room. The iron door squeaked clearly in the night——

Gu Ning looked around nervously and found no signs of zombies before entering into this famous high-end community.

The greenery of this community was done well. On both sides of the road, there were dense begonia bushes and large parasol trees. The street lights were already off, but for Gu Ning, whether there was light or none it was the same for her. But the large community sounded too quiet, only the sound of her sneakers rubbing on the ground, she clenched the knife in her hand and still felt a little bit nervous.

Gu Ning did not dare to lean on the bushes on either side, so she could only walk in the middle of the road. She was trying to make her field of vision wider, in case of a zombie suddenly emerging. Her eyes tensed as she searched the small area, but her luck was not good. Although she found a few cars, none of them had their keys. She had not yet mastered the skills to start the car without the key.

The night breeze brushed through the trees slowly, with a delectable coolness to it. If it were not for the faintly rancid smell of zombies mixed in the wind, this would make people feel very comfortable.

Gu Ning suddenly stopped in her tracks, and her gaze snapped in the direction of the community entrance.

In the next moment——

There was a loud bang in the direction of the community entrance! —— It seems that a car forced through the automatic iron gate at the entrance and broke in, and it was heading in this direction!

To make such a big movement, at such a dangerous time in the middle of the night, was simply seeking death.

Gu Ning cursed secretly in her heart, she could already feel something moving in the shadows.

(Editor: De Vile)

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