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TDRA Chapter 40

Zombies Nest

Even though Xiang Xu was being the radar, Gu Ning didn’t dare to relax a single bit. Her right hand gripped on her long knife tightly, her eyes, nose, ears and even her pores were all opened wide, sensing all the possible changes around them and the danger that came along with the changes.

The others were being vigilant without being influenced by Gu Ning’s tense mood.

In the group of thirteen of them, everyone was quiet. There wasn’t a single soul standing on the road, and within a few steps, you would see a decomposing, sun-dried corpse, men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes, lying in a heap on the road. The silence was a little frightening, with only the occasional breeze blowing by and the trees on both sides of the road rustling, accompanied by the sound of footsteps steeping on the ground, inexplicably making people felt a little palpitated. The whole city seemed like an empty city, yet it was as if countless eyes were standing on the higher ground and watching them indifferently.

“Here it comes.” Xiang Xu, who had been quiet, spat out those three words.

Then the group of thirteen people instantly tensed up and clutched hard on the knives in their hands at the same time.

Then they heard Gu Ning’s calm voice asking: “Which direction?”

Xiang Xu replied: “There are more than ten zombies from the west, heading to us, very slowly, it will take at least five minutes to get here. Two blocks from the east, three zombies are coming this way —— and very fast!”

Gu Ning shouted: “Xiang Yi, Cheng Ming, you two protect Xiang Xu! Everyone else gets ready!”

The moment the sentences ended, three zombies came barrelling out from the direction leading east, these three zombies were so fast that they were almost faster than an ordinary person running furiously! They burst out of an alleyway entrance from the east and gave little time for others to react before it came straight in this direction.

Apart from Gu Ning, it was the first time that everyone else had seen a running zombie, plus that running speed was so fast, that the rest, all were horrified for a moment. Gu Ning was also afraid, she was the one who fear death the most, but the more afraid she was, the more she understood how weak she was now. Since she was weak, she had to become stronger, and since she wanted to become stronger, she had to first cast her fear aside.

Therefore, she gripped the knife in her hand tightly and was the first to rush towards the zombie running at the front of the pack.

She hadn’t learned any fighting techniques, and she had no moves, just survival instincts after countless life and death experiences beneath the open, bloody mouth of the zombie.

Facing head-on, she crouched, dodging the zombie’s grasping hand, then swung her knife towards the back of the zombie’s head!

The moment Gu Ning rushed past, the rest who had gone into a brief physical stiffness out of shock, finally reacted. Everyone else rushed forward apart from the two of them, Xiang Yi and Cheng Ming, who had been asked by Gu Ning to guard Xiang Xu’s safety.

“Let me handle it!” Suddenly all that could be heard was a shout.

Everyone else was taken aback, just to see that Jia DaoZhang in his Daoist robes rushing all the way to the front and charging towards the zombie.

Several soldiers praised him in their hearts for his bravery.

Cheng Ming, who had been with Jia DaoZhang for the longest time, was surprised. In the past, if Jia DaoZhang saw a zombie, his first reaction was to run away, even if he couldn’t escape, he would hide behind a group of people, and never had he took the lead like this. Cheng Ming was a little puzzled by the sudden bravery of Jia DaoZhang.
However, after running for a few steps, Jia DaoZhang stumbled on a corpse on the ground with its arms stretched out, and then he stumbled and fell to his knees, with his hands on the ground, looking like a mess.

(T/N: Omg.. hahahaha)

The rest who followed behind him were all stunned.

Even though this was a tense moment, Cheng Ming stifled his laughter and picked up Jia DaoZhang with one hand, and dragged him towards Xiang Xu.

Jia DaoZhang spoke repeatedly: “Accident, this is an accident!”

Although the zombie was very fast, it was not spiritually intelligent after all. Gu Ning took care of one of them without much effort, and with a glance at the crowd that was beating up the remaining two zombies. Gu Ning started to crack open the zombie’s skull with confidence, and what she dugout was a transparent core.

Gu Ning was slightly disappointed and she wiped the mucus on the core with the clothes on that zombie before throwing it to Xiang Xu.

The other two zombies were also taken care of by their mobbing, but to their surprise, one of them was a blue crystal core.

Before they arrived here, Gu Ning and Brother San had already reached an agreement that the crystal core would belong to whoever killed the zombie.

However, that particular zombie was killed by everyone’s slashes, and they didn’t know how to split this crystal core, so they gave it to Gu Ning in the end, for her to distribute it when they returned.

Gu Ning turned it over to Xiang Xu and told her to keep it safe.

The next step was to move on, avoiding a small group of over a hundred zombies coming from the other side and faced off with the twenty zombies head-on instead. Fortunately, they were all ordinary zombies with a stiff gait and slightly easy to tackle them down.

Gu Ning pulled the female zombie’s hair and yanked it hard! The zombie was dragged to the ground, and the small dagger in her left hand stabbed into its eye socket. Gu Ning rolled on the ground, bent her knee, and swung her long knife, cutting off the zombie’s legs at the knee. As the zombie fell to the ground with a howl of pain, Gu Ning slashed off its head, then stood up and charged towards a smaller zombie!

The skinny zombie was also dashing towards Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didn’t use any fancy moves, she just aimed her knife at the zombie’s head and slashed! The zombie reached forward with both hands and grabbed the knife, and Gu Ning couldn’t retrieve it back with a jerk! She was slightly shocked, seeing that it was sluggish, she thought it was an ordinary zombie and didn’t expect it to be so strong. However, Gu Ning’s strength was not weak either, and with a stronger jerk, she managed to pull the knife out of the zombie’s palm. The zombie’s greenish-grey palm was cut and flesh rolled out, but it continued to lunge towards Gu Ning by instinct!

Gu Ning didn’t panic, her face was as calm as the surface of the water without a single ripple. She just clutched the knife in her hand and slashed towards the zombie again as if it was a piece of firewood! This time she used her full strength and didn’t give the zombie another chance to block. The knife slide down between the zombie’s palms and cut directly onto the top of its head. Gu Ning felt that this head was a little harder to cut through than the rest of the ordinary zombies which she had sliced before. However, it was just a little tougher. The knife had cut through too many zombies and was no longer that sharp and even had some curled edges. Under Gu Ning’s strange powerful strength, the curled edge of the knife sliced down from the top of the zombie’s head without any hindrance and with a puff —— the head split into two.

The blue-tinted bead rolled straight out as the zombie fell to the ground.

Gu Ning picked it up and kept it in her pocket.

Then she walked towards the other zombie.

Xiang Yi drew out the knife which he had plunged into the zombie’s eye socket but didn’t miss the performance that Gu Ning had just made, and couldn’t help to be speechless.

The most difficult strength-type zombie had been dealt with by Gu Ning, so the other ordinary zombies were easily settled. Also, Zhang XiaoBai’s performance was actually very bright, even though he looks fair and clean, even with a knife in his hand and he looked very civilized. Yet, he was the one who killed the zombies the fastest besides Gu Ning, not to mention Gu Ning also knew that his marksmanship was also the best among the Third Company.

In contrast, Huang MengYao was struggling. Although she had killed zombies previously, when faced with these terrifying-looking zombies again, she couldn’t help but felt frightened. Her hand gripping the knife was white from the pressure, and her face was as white as paper. She had thought that she had conquered her fear that day by killing a zombie, but how could a true fear be conquered so easily? She thought of this and couldn’t help but glanced in Gu Ning’s direction. Gu Ning was kicking a zombie to the ground, then without hesitation, she added a stab to the zombie’s face, then drew back her knife and stood up to look for another target.

Perhaps she had noticed Huang MengYao’s gaze and turned her head towards her.  Huang MengYao’s eyes trembled slightly, as if she was a little afraid of Gu Ning’s gaze, as she expected to see disappointment or harshness, in Gu Ning’s eyes. However, those pale eyes just glanced at her faintly, without any extra emotion, no disappointment, nor harshness, not even anything. Just a glance, and then she turned away, never looked back again.

With just this one glance, Huang MengYao had come to her senses. No matter how much she tried to take care of Gu Ning’s parents, she couldn’t get a bit of goodwill from her. She knew with unmistakable clarity at this moment that if she couldn’t meet Gu Ning’s expectation today, then probably when she returned, she would have to move out of the dormitory……

At the thought of this possibility, Huang MengYao only felt an instant chill all over her body, then she dragged her feet with difficulty towards the nearest zombie……

Two battles in a row, both of which ended without a hitch. Two coloured crystal cores were obtained and so far so good. If they kept up this pace, they didn’t have to wait till 4.30 pm and could return earlier. At this thought, everyone’s tense nerves couldn’t help but relaxed a little.

Gu Ning, however, didn’t relax at all.

After a short rest, the group continued to move forward.

In the silence of the advance, the walkie-talkie rang abruptly, and an urgent voice came out of it. The owner of the voice seemed to be running and sounded very urgent and tensed: “Gu Ning! We’ve crashed into a zombie nest!”

With just such a short sentence, the intercom fell silent once again.

Zhang XiaoBai’s face went pale: “It’s Luo Long……”

It was self-evident what Luo Long’s words represented.

Immediately afterward, Gu Ning vaguely heard the sound of gunshots in the distance ——

The expression of all thirteen people suddenly changed.

Unless it was an emergency, or they won’t use their guns. This was what Brother San had explained. Thus, they could imagine what kind of critical situation was going on over there.

Zhang XiaoBai yelled into the intercom: “Luo Long! Where are you guys now? Do you need support?”

However, the intercom fell completely silent, no more messages came through.

The faces of several soldiers went pale.

Zhang XiaoBai held on to the walkie-talkie for a long time, only to feel that his whole body was enveloped in great fear. He couldn’t help but glance at Gu Ning, several soldiers were also looking at Gu Ning. They wanted to go over to provide support, although they didn’t know the exact details, they still understood that it must be very frightening. Yet they didn’t know how to ask Gu Ning to go with them…… before they could muster up the courage, they heard Gu Ning said: “Let’s go.”

Several soldiers as well as Cheng Ming and the rest were stunned and stared at Gu Ning, not knowing which direction does she mean.

“It’s not even four-thirty yet. Let’s go and meet up with them.” With those words, Gu Ning took the lead in walking in the direction of the other side, and as she did so, she started sprinting.

Cheng Ming and the rest were a little stunned, then reacted, all followed Gu Ning and ran. Several soldier’s expressions were a little startled, they didn’t expect that under such circumstances, Gu Ning would still be willing to go back…… thus, their hearts were all filled with gratitude.

The team of thirteen people quickly ran in the direction of the gunfire.

“Xiang Xu! I need to know where Brother San and the others are at as soon as possible.” Gu Ning shouted to Xiang Xu in a cold voice as she ran.

“Okay!” Xiang Xu concentrated on her spiritual energy, which was scattered in a web-like pattern in a spot, before spreading it out like tentacles in a hurry towards the direction where the sound of gunshots had rung out.

However, their rescue did not go smoothly.

Halfway there, they encountered a small wave of zombies.

Gu Ning was worried about the safety of Brother San, so she no longer hold back and pulled out the small dagger from her waist and shot it directly at the first zombie that came running! Gu Ning’s technique was extremely accurate, and with her strong strength, the knife was nailed directly into the brow of the zombie! Before the zombie fell to the ground, Gu Ning had already rushed to its front, directly pulled out her knife, and then slashed the long knife in her right hand towards the left side of a zombie between the waist and stomach. She blocked the zombie and then stepped on its body and leaped up and throw a kick to its chest! The kick sent the zombie flying, knocking away several zombies that were right behind it! Zhang XiaoBai was so shocked by Gu Ning’s kick that he was speechless, but he didn’t stay stunned for too long and quickly reacted to it. He finished off several zombies that tried to approach Gu Ning while she was making double stabs to make sure all zombies were dead.

Jia DaoZhang finally found a method of combat that suited him, his weapon was an axe, and while Xiang Yi was attracting the zombies head-on, he went around to the back of the zombie and chopped open the zombie head with a stroke.

Xiang Yu, however, said discontentedly: “Godd*mmit! Why are you snatching it from me? Is this yours or mine?”

In response to such a disrespectful address from Xiang Yi, Jia DaoZhang wasn’t angry at all. He pulled the axe out of the back of the zombie’s head and laughed: “Fifty-fifty! Let’s split it in half! Don’t you see that the both of us worked well together?!”

Xiang Yi grunted but did not retort.

They were centred on Xiang Xu, and their main function was defence. From time to time, Gu Ning would purposely release a few zombies over for them to help out with, which helped to reduce a lot of the pressure off the front line.

When the last zombie had its head cut off by Gu Ning and fell to the ground with a thud, the place was quiet again and they realized that the gunfire that was coming vaguely from the other side had stopped at some point……


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