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TDRA Chapter 39

Setting out for crystal core hunting.

After hearing the news brought by Gu Ning, Brother San was stunned for a long time.

Suddenly, Brother San gave a painful cry. It turned out that half of the cigarette which he was holding on had burnt to the end and burned his finger.

After throwing the cigarette away. Brother San stared at Gu Ning and asked: “Tell me again? What is the crystal core that grows out of the head of that zombie, which can give people supernatural powers after consuming it?”

“Aka psychic powers.” Jia DaoZhang chipped in.

Brother San subconsciously licked his dry lips: “Why does this sound so surreal?”

Gu Ning, however, didn’t give Brother San much time to react and said: “Brother San, by now everyone in the world who knows what the crystal cores are, should be on the move now. From now on, every minute we delay, chances are we’ll be a minute behind the rest……”

As soon as Brother San heard this, he stood up from the ground and spoke to the group of soldiers who had been dumbfounded: “Then what else is there to say? All of you, get your spirits up! Bring enough guns and ammo and we’ll leave in ten minutes!”

Brother San continued: “Lin Kai, Wang Yang, Yang Bo, Zhang Feng, you four are responsible for staying behind. Protect Gu Ning’s parents.”

The excitement on Lin Kai and the three others’ faces was instantly washed off by a bucket of cold water, but they didn’t dare to disobey Brother San’s orders, so they only responded with a breathless voice: “Yes, Brother San.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t forget about your share.” Zhang XiaoBai said comfortingly as he loaded bullets into his magazine. Zhang Yang was overjoyed, as he didn’t expect that Brother San would let him follow them instead of staying behind.

Gu Ning watched them busily preparing their guns and ammo and reminded: “Unless is necessary, we’d better not shoot so that we won’t attract a larger horde of zombies. These guns are for emergency only.”

Brother San replied: “Don’t worry. We went out daily, so of course, we understand. These guns are for emergency uses, in case we encounter an opponent like that zombie dog which we were unable to handle, or when facing a horde of zombies then we would shoot. After all, firing once is one shot less, and we usually can’t afford to use them.”

Gu Ning nodded in relief as Brother San and the others’ experiences in killing zombies were no less than she had, so she was just been overly worried.

Ten minutes later, the soldiers had all finished their reloading.

Two lines were formed.

The soldiers’ expressions were in a rare sight as they didn’t look as grave as they usually did when they went out to search for survivors, instead, the excitement and thrill on their faces couldn’t be concealed, their eyes even sparkled.

“Brother San, can I say a few words?” Gu Ning suddenly asked.

Brother San was stunned for a moment before replying: “Go on.”

Then he gave up his spot for Gu Ning.

The soldiers all stared at her suspiciously, not being impatient, but with good-natured suspicion. After all, they all understood how important the news Gu Ning had brought to them was, and the fact that she had shared such important news with them for free was undoubtedly a very big favour. Thus, even those soldiers who had not dealt with Gu Ning before were looking at her with kindness in their eyes at this moment.

Gu Ning’s gaze swept over the soldiers’ faces for a while before she spoke in a serious tone: “The whole world is evolving now, not only humans have gained this opportunity, but also zombies too, and those zombie animals are even more threatening than the usual zombies. I expect everyone not to be overwhelmed by the crystal core news, remain calm at all times, and to act in a way that will ensure the safety of your lives in all actions.”

After this speech, the excitement on the soldiers’ faces faded a little. Indeed, what was on their minds now was to hunt for zombies with crystal cores as soon as possible. Moreover, if they kept this up, they would probably lose their usual vigilance. Gu Ning’s words were undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, bringing them back to their senses.

Brother San also nodded at her words, his sharp gaze sweeping over the soldiers’ faces one by one before saying it solemnly: “Gu Ning is right, the crystal cores are important, but your little lives are even more important! I want the same number of men when we leave, and the same number of men when we returned!” He paused and stared at the soldiers, as his tone tinged with a hint of sadness: “All of you here, are all that’s left of the Third Company. You all can’t let me, the commander of the Third Company, to just have the title but with an empty company.”

Thinking of those comrades who died on the road, or those who didn’t even break out of the unit, the excitement and anxiousness on the soldiers’ faces receded and turned into determination: “Yes! Company Commander!”

Brother San did not correct their addressing and then gave a nod to Gu Ning, signalling that it was time to depart.

By this time, the children were already woken up, and when they saw that the soldiers were going out again, they all crowded around the window or the door and watched them with an anxious look.

The soldiers were very kind and patient in bidding their goodbye to them and coaxed them that they would bring back some good food as they returned.

Suddenly, Gu Ning felt a small hand timidly shake hers and then quickly let it go. She was a little surprised as she looked down and saw a little girl who was even younger than Xiang Xu, probably only six or seven years old, looking up at her with a pair of deer-like glistering eyes. There was some curiosity in her eyes, mixed with admiration and a slight touch of timidity as if she was afraid Gu Ning would blame her. Gu Ning immediately felt her heart wrenched, and she couldn’t help but smile at her. The little girl froze for a moment, then flashed a big smile at Gu Ning.

Until she sat down in the truck, Gu Ning’s mind was still filled with the image of the sincere smile from that little face.

The twenty-three people, including Brother San plus Gu Ning, Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Xie YuHong, Huang MengYao, Xiang Xu, and Xiang Yu, were exactly thirty in total.

Brother San was surprised at first that Gu Ning wanted to bring Xiang Xu with her, and he was even more amazed when he heard about Xiang Xu’s special ability.

Thirty people were divided into two teams.

In Gu Ning’s truck, there were Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao, Xie YuHong, Xiang Xu, Xiang Yi, Zhang Yang, Zhang XiaoBai, and four other soldiers. One of them was the soldier who stood guard with Zhang XiaoBai that day, called Shi Lei, which others referred him as Stone. The other three soldiers were called Cai Yong, Tian Fei, and Hu GuangMing. In the other world, Gu Ning had met all of the Third Company, but right now, she could only pretend not to know them.

The other truck was led by Brother San, who drove ahead to open the path.

Each of the two vehicles was issued with a walkie-talkie to maintain communication at all times, with an effective range of up to a kilometre.

Brother San was at first surprised by the extra little girl beside Gu Ning, and even more so after learning of Xiang Xu’s psychic powers.

Meanwhile, Xiang Xu, at the same time as the truck made its way out of the gates of the colony, her spiritual power had already spread out silently. It covered an area of 500-meter, cantered on this military truck, monitoring it at all times.

After introducing themselves briefly to each other, the soldiers began to take out the food they had brought with them.

Perhaps because they were trying to save a mouthful of food for the children, their lunch was pitifully small, just a small piece of bread. They also took the initiative to ask Gu Ning and the others if they had eaten, and only after receiving an affirmative answer, then did they start eating. Apart from Zhang Yang, who was a bit short and had a thin figure, and Zhang XiaoBai who was also slim, the others were all on the buffer size, so one could imagine that this small piece of bread will not be enough to fill them up at all.

Gu Ning silently took out a small bag of supplies from her backpack, which contained some chocolate, sausages, and bread. Gu Ning handed the bag to Zhang Yang, then said: “Go share it. We can’t go to war on a hungry stomach.”

The soldiers refused while swallowing their drools, but in the end, they were each given enough supplies to fill the meal under Gu Ning’s insistence.

Yet none of them allowed themselves to be fed fully, and after a very restrained and half-full meal, they put away the rest of their supplies.

At this time, both Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Xie YuHong, Huang MengYao, and the newly joined Xiang Xu and Xiang Yi, watched this scene and were a little emotional. They had also gone through this period and were even worse off than them when they couldn’t find any food. Therefore, they were all even more thankful that they were with Gu Ning now. Gu Ning always had a way to get some supplies as long as she got out of the gate of the colony. Although the amount wasn’t a lot, it was enough to drive the people crazy in this post-apocalyptic world.

At this moment, they knew in their hearts beyond doubt that if this time, they failed in developing their powers, they would end up parting their ways with Gu Ning. Thinking that they might go back to the old days when they had to fight for their life just for a mouthful of food, Jia DaoZhang made up his mind that he would show his valor no matter what, even if couldn’t develop his powers.

For a while, everyone in the carriage carried different thoughts.

On the contrary, Xiang Xu, who had been fully acknowledged by Gu Ning, as well as the freebie Xiang Yi were in a relatively more relaxed mood at this time.

Xiang Xu, who had been sitting quietly beside Gu Ning, suddenly spoke: “Five cars are coming out of the colony. They’re trailing behind us in this direction.”

Gu Ning immediately guessed that it should be Bai Lang’s group who had received news from Pei Jing. Perhaps there was also Pei Jing and Yan Yu’s group.

Gu Ning had a few worries, if both parties were taking the same route and both had the same purpose, it was only inevitable that there would be a clash once they met. Bai Lang had a lot more men on their side, and there was an unknown number of special abilities users. Although they were all better marksmen, Gu Ning does not want to break out into a gunfight as a last resort, and there was a Yin Sang who Gu Ning was worried about. Thus, if a conflict broke out, their side would suffer instead.

“Do you know how many special abilities users are among them?” Gu Ning asked.

“Nope.” Xiang Xu replied honestly: “My current ability can only monitor the fluctuations of their psychic powers when they used them…… they are speeding up.” Xiang Xu suddenly said.

Gu Ning picked up the walkie-talkie, this was the first time she had ever use it and asked Zhang Yang, who was sitting opposite her, for advice before she began to speak to Brother San through the walkie-talkie. She informed Brother San that Bai Lang had also left the colony and were on the same route appropriately as she voiced out her concerns.

On the contrary, Brother San’s response was very calm: “We will each do our own thing and will not get in each other’s way. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Gu Ning obviously wasn’t any less wary because of Brother San’s calmness. After all, that man Bai Lang, after just meeting him once, Gu Ning knew that he was a difficult man to be deal with. Even if they were willing to take a step back, there was no way they could retreat again and again.

Yet Bai Lang, on the other hand, was the kind of person who had gained an advantage and would still ask for more.

They acted much more anxious than Gu Ning, and in less than five minutes, five cars came roaring from behind the military truck, then quickly overtook them and drove on.

There were no words exchanged in the carriage. Everyone except Gu Ning and Xiang Xu had a little anxiety shown on their faces, the difference between arriving early and late was huge.

Gu Ning had calmed down this time. What she feared was that Bai Lang would hang behind them and wait to reap the benefits, but now that they were rushing forward so impatiently had calmed her down. After all, they had Xiang Xu, a human radar, which still gave them an advantage.

As the two military trucks continued to drive on at an unhurried pace, driving beyond the clearing area of the colony, they gradually began to encounter some collisions as the truck rose and fell. The four wheels cursing over the corpses on the ground, with the intestines and blood bursting out all over the place.

Half an hour later, the two trucks were parked in a secure area that had passed Xiang Xu’s radar.

The location was near the edge of the downtown area, and three or four blocks beyond was the Eleven Square and the pedestrian street adjacent to it. That was also where Gu Ning had planned to go after their evolution, but currently, for them, it was the most dangerous place in the world.

Unsure if that was an illusion or not, but Gu Ning could even feel the dangerous aura coming from three or four blocks away from here.

After getting out of the truck, the people in the two trucks gathered.

It was now 1:30 pm and at the rate, the sun was setting now, it would be dark by five o’clock, so they didn’t have much time left.

To complete this mission as quickly as possible, they had to be divided into two teams.

Brother San wore a very old-fashioned metal watch, and after the two teams matched their watches, they set a time that whatever happened, they had to be here at half-past four. Also to always report the situation through the walkie-talkie.

Brother San spoke: “If we don’t make it back in time, you guys just take one truck and go, don’t ever wait for us.”

Gu Ning nodded, then replied: “Same.”

Then the two teams hurriedly bid their goodbye and headed in two separate directions.
What would happen ahead, what dangers awaited for them, they knew nothing from this point onwards, and all they could do was to move forward.


(T/N: Next few chapters will be intense and interesting =) So do stay tuned! Side note: I’ve started translating another rebirth genre novel “Rebirth of the Genius Charlatan” Hope you all will enjoy it too~ Cya next week.)

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