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TDRA Chapter 41

In the dimly lit room, the soldiers, who had finally shaken off the zombies, for the time being, let out a violent gasp as they leaned against the wall to catch their breath. They were exhausted and their physical endurance had reached the limit, but even though their bodies were close to a state of exhaustion, they did not dare to completely let their guard down. The guns in their hands were still in guarding position and were kept in standby mode for another round of combat.

After Zhong Xu counted the number of people, his sweaty face turned a little pale: “Wu Qiang, Chen Yao, and Zhang ZhiLin didn’t follow up.”

There was a collective silence among the soldiers, who all knew what would happen to them if they didn’t follow up in that situation just now.

Brother San wiped a handful of hot sweat from his head and suppressed the grief in his eyes before saying: “Pass me the walkie-talkie and I’ll have a word with Gu Ning.”

The soldiers rummage through their pockets and finally only Luo Long handed it over.

Brother San took it, turned on the switch, and was just about to speak into the intercom when the red light above the intercom flashed twice before it went out.

“What the hell?!”

Luo Long replied with a pale face: “It’s out of power.”

Once again there was silence in the room.

Brother San looked like he wanted to curse, his mouth opened and closed, but in the end, he didn’t curse it out and asked instead: “How many ammo are left?”

“Too many were consumed earlier, there aren’t many left, around 30 to 40 bullets left for each man.” Zhong Xu replied.

Thinking about the vicious battle that had just taken place, the soldiers in the room were a little shaken.

Zhong Xu continued: “If we were to break out now, I’m afraid we would only be able to get past halfway before we would be flooded by the zombies.”

They were chased by the zombies to Eleven Square, which was downtown, and it took a lot of effort to kill their way out and hide in the basement of Eleven Square. It’s not a basement but was actually a public toilet, which was so shabby that an old man used to live down here in the old days.

Down the stairs from the ground floor was a long “living room” with a table and a few stools. A cramped room was the bedroom and next was the crude public toilet, which cost fifty cents for a visit, plus another fifty cents for a tissue. The old man who was supposed to guard the public toilet was nowhere to be found. However, other people were occupying the place before Brother San and the others came in.

The banging on the door slowly stopped and the soldiers couldn’t help but sigh in relief, relaxing their tense muscles a little and immediately a wave of soreness and numbness spread throughout their bodies.

The room was very dimly lit, with only a half-burned candle lit on the table as the only light source in the room. This made the faces of the people in the room looked slightly gloomy.

“Is there anything to eat?” A man who still looked very handsome despite his wretched clothes, suddenly asked, with a slightly bitter smile on his face: “We’ve been stuck here for a day and haven’t eaten anything at all.”

There were six of them in total, three men and three women, and perhaps they had been starving for a long time, none of them seem to be in good spirits. At this moment, when they heard the man’s words, all five pairs of eyes immediately forgot about their past and stared at the soldiers with hopeful gazes.

The soldiers recalled that in the moment of crisis, these people had opened the door for them, otherwise they might be trapped outside. Reluctantly, they clutched on the supplies they had kept in their pocket, and then they parted out a small portion and placed them on the table. Luo Long took another bottle of mineral water out of his backpack and placed it next to the supplies.

The man distribute the little supplies to the rest and then said gratefully: “Thank you.”

He ate a few biscuits to ease his stomach, which was throbbing with hunger, a sip of water and handed it to the pretty girl next to him, then stared at Brother San and asked tentatively: “I think I heard you guys mention a name earlier. Do you guys know Gu Ning?”

Brother San froze for a moment, shot a glance at the man, then asked with some surprise: “What? You know her too?”

If Gu Ning was here, she would have been able to recognize the young man who was speaking, was actually Lu JiaZi. In the other two men and three women, one was her uncle Jiang YueZhou and among the three women were Jiang Yu and that aunt of hers.

Lu JiaZi’s gaze flickered slightly, not knowing what kind of thoughts flashed through him in that instant before a small smile appeared on his face and he replied: “We know her. This is her uncle’s family.”

“Oh?” Brother San was stunned and took a better look at Jiang YueZhou with the candlelight, and Jiang YueZhou did look slightly alike with Gu Ning.

Hearing that they were Gu Ning’s relatives, the soldiers, who were still a bit tensed, all relaxed slightly and Luo Long even smiled and said: “That’s a coincidence. If we managed to get out alive, you can follow us back to the colony. Gu Ning is there with her parents.”

At these words, Jiang YueZhou, who had not spoken, became excited: “Sister and brother-in-law are still alive?!”

Luo Long smiled: “Don’t worry, they are all quite well.”

Suddenly Lin MeiFeng interjected grimly: “They’re getting better, but we’re getting screwed over by that d*mn girl Gu Ning.”

“Mum!” Jiang Yu gave her a disapproving tug.

The atmosphere in the room, which had been friendly, changed dramatically and the soldiers all had strange expressions.

Luo Long and Zhong Xu looked at each other and both felt that something was off, so they put away their smiling faces and stopped talking.

Brother San glanced down at his watch, the time read 3:30 pm, only an hour left before their appointment with Gu Ning. He was looking forward to Gu Ning’s support but at the same time hoping that Gu Ning would not come for them.

He was looking forward to her arrival, naturally, because it would be difficult for the few of them with little ammo to break out of here. At the same time, he hoped that she won’t come because he was worried about the safety of Gu Ning’s party.

Most of the soldiers in the room also had the same thought as Brother San.

Subconsciously, they all thought that Gu Ning and the others would not come for them. After all, they didn’t have such a deep bond with them yet.

Thinking about this, all the soldiers’ moods lowered.

The soldier who had finished checking the situation above came down from the stairs and shook his head at Brother San: “There are too many zombies in the square, at least several hundred. We don’t have enough ammo to make it through there.”

“Get all your stuff out.” Brother San suddenly said.

Then all the soldiers took out all the crystal cores they had hunted. The encounter with the zombie swarm had taken a terrible toll, but it was still rewarding.

Just about everyone collected several of them.

However, there were only four with colour.

They were red, yellow, gold, and blue.

After washing it with water, all the brain pulp on the crystal core was washed away and it looked crystal clear.

Brother San picked up a yellow crystal core and sighed: “It’s amazing that such a pretty thing can grow out of a zombie’s brain.” With those words, he popped the crystal core into his mouth as the soldiers looked on nervously. It melted almost instantly in his mouth and flowed down his throat like a cold stream of water. Brother San’s expression was a little strange before he continued: “Gu Ning said that after eating it, I would faint, so you guys should hold still and see how it goes. If I wake up, you guys can eat it. If I turn into a zombie, you guys shouldn’t hesitate and just end me.” Almost immediately as his words hit the ground, Brother San collapsed to the floor in a crooked manner without any warning.

He was caught by the quick-reflexes Zhong Xu.

Although the soldiers were prepared, such an unpredictable fainting spell still caused some panic among the soldiers as they hurriedly carried Brother San into the small bedroom.

They were all discussing in a huddle just now, and their voices were lowered so that Lu JiaZi and the others won’t be able to hear them.

Lu JiaZi and the others were also shocked when Brother San collapsed out of the blue.

“Is he okay?” Lu JiaZi asked with concern.

Luo Long replied curtly: “Yes.”

Then there was silence.

Lu JiaZi knew very well that their sudden indifferent attitude was due to that one sentence, so he gave Lin MeiFeng a disgruntled glance.

Instead of being aggressive in front of Lu JiaZi, Lin MeiFeng was rarely polite but her expression was a little sarcastic.

Half an hour had passed.

Zou Ming shone a small torch on Brother San’s face in the darkness and said with some uneasiness: “Brother San won’t turn into a zombie, will he?”

“If he does, then you’ll be the one to do it.” Zhong Xu replied.

Zou Ming rebut: “If you couldn’t bear to end him, then as if I could?”

Fiercely! Brother San, who had been lying on the bed, suddenly sat upright and straight.

The two men were not prepared in the slightest and were instantly taken aback. Zou Ming’s originally tense nerves were instantly shattered and he subconsciously stabbed with his knife!

Yet, before the knife could stab on Brother San’s chest, it hit something very sturdy.

Brother San cursed: “I haven’t even turned into a zombie, and you’ve come to stab me!”

“Brother San, are you alright?” Zou Ming was scared out of his wits. When he shone his small torch, he saw that Brother San was holding a brick in his hand, which he had just stabbed on it. He was surprised and asked: “Where did you get that brick, Brother San?”

Before he finished his sentences, his voice stopped abruptly.

Zou Ming, Zhong Xu, and the soldiers who had all rushed in at the sound of the commotion were all frozen in their tracks.

Looking at the palm-length earth spike suspended in the air in front of Brother San, Zhong Xu didn’t know whether he was excited or nervous, and couldn’t help but tremble slightly: “Brother San, you, you’ve succeeded!”

Brother San nodded with a smile.

The soldiers were instantly speechless with excitement.

Zou Ming looked at the earth spikes suspended in the mid-air with amazement: “It’s like a magic trick!”

“What magic trick, this is psychic power! Psychic power alright?”

Zhong Xu gave a gesture to the excited Brother San, indicating that he should not be overly excited and should keep a low profile. Then he carefully took the earth spike that was suspended in mid-air. Holding it in his hand, he felt its weight and coarse appearance before he believed it to be real and was in a very indescribable mood.

“It’s kind of sharp.” A soldier curiously poked his finger at the tip of the spike before concluding.

“Not only is it sharp, but it can also stab others to death.”

The smugness implied in Brother San’s remark made everyone smile.

Outside of the small room, Lu JiaZi and the others saw the soldiers crowded into that bedroom. Not knowing what kind of secret activities they were engaging in, they could only hear occasional small sounds coming from the room, but none of them could hear it clearly.

This group of people seems to have an unusual relationship with Gu Ning, otherwise, they wouldn’t have immediately changed their attitude coldly because of that specific sentence from Lin MeiFeng.

Frowning slightly, he stared at Lin MeiFeng for a few moments.

As if sensing his displeasure, Jiang Yu tugged at his clothes and pouted: “Come on, JiaZi, my mom didn’t mean it either.”

Lu JiaZi glanced at Jiang Yu’s pretty face and, for some reason, he felt a little impatient.

The soldiers spoke excitedly for a while, then their attention was focused on the next three crystal cores.

“Let’s give it to Zhong Xu, Zou Ming, and Luo Long.” A soldier took the initiative and suggested: “They’ve killed the most zombies.”

The other soldiers agreed.

Zhong Xu, Zou Ming, and Luo Long were embarrassed instead, stating that they could defend themselves and would rather give it to others.

As Brother San watched the soldiers pushing it around, he felt a bit relieved. Although the world was now full of zombies and corrupted human hearts, at least the soldiers under his command were not corrupted. Yet of course, what he thought in his heart was a thing and what he shows was another, so Brother San said impatiently: “*Kong Rong shares the pears?! What’s the problem? There are so many zombies out there, the ground is full of crystal cores, Zou Ming, Zhong Xu, and Luo Long, the three of you just eat these. When trying to break out of here, the three of you should give all your best and bring the rest out without losing a single one of them!”

(T/N: 孔融让梨kǒng róng ràng lí is an idiom that means to be polite and respect others/ thoughtfulness.)

“Yes, Company Commander!”

With that said, Zhong Xu, Zou Ming, and Luo Long took a crystal core each after responding, glanced at each other before swallowed it amidst the remaining soldiers’ hopeful gazes.

On the other hand, Gu Ning’s group had not given up looking for traces of Brother San’s group.

There were dozens of zombies’ corpses lying on the ground and bullet casings everywhere, so everyone could imagine that a vicious battle had taken place here. Also, there was no sign of fire passing through the place, so it should be Brother San and the others.

Some of the corpses’ heads had been cracked open, so someone had obviously dug out the crystal cores. However, because of the rush, there were still many zombie heads intact. Apart from Xiang Xu, everyone else turned “ferocious” and dug through one zombie at a time with their pocket knives, almost like scrounging for a bargain.

“It’s Wu Qiang!” Zhang XiaoBai suddenly let out an alarming cry. Then he quickly ran in one direction and flipped Wu Qiang, who was lying there, onto his back.

Before Zhang XiaoBai could check if Wu Qiang was still alive, he saw Wu Qiang’s tightly closed eyes snapping open, with red bloodlines slowly swimming in it —— and then Wu Qiang grabbed Zhang XiaoBai’s head with his mouth wide opened and aimed at his face!

Zhang XiaoBai was so shocked that he couldn’t dodge for that moment!

When he saw that the big mouth was about to bite him, all that was heard was a “ptff——“, the sound of a knife entering the flesh, and then Zhang XiaoBai saw a small knife stuck in Wu Qiang’s forehead. Wu Qiang’s eyes were wide open and he was dead. Gu Ning walked over and pulled the knife out, and there was a stream of grey-blackish pulp running down the forehead —— “Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

When Zhang XiaoBai heard Gu Ning’s words, he only felt a shiver run through his body. If it wasn’t for Gu Ning’s stab, he would probably be infected even if it was just a small scratch. Chills ran down his body at the thought, and he hurriedly pushed the body out of the way and scrambled to his feet.

Checked all the remaining zombie heads.

Gu Ning glanced at Xiang Xu, who gave her a slight shake of her head, indicating that she didn’t find any trace of Brother San yet.

All of the sudden! Xiang Xu’s expression changed and she turned violently in the direction of the east, shouting in horror: “Run!”


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