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SPM Chapter 7




Luo Qingtong’s finger grazed through the grassy fields.


From her excellent experience and knowledge of the forest terrain, Luo Qingtong managed to maintain the distance between herself and her pursuers.


However, this could only continue for an hour.


Her body was injured so she had no way of keeping up with this strenuous task.


No matter how strong Luo Qingtong’s will power was and her ability to endure the pain, her injuries would ultimately exert her actions and slow her speed.


As for the people chasing her from behind, they had strength that far surpassed humans.


Luo Qingtong could tell that if her past self were to be placed in this world, where people relied on medicinal pills, she would definitely be an outstanding existence.


But she had a feeling that if she was caught by this group of pursuers in a moment of inattentiveness, she would never be able to escape!


This world was too dangerous!


Where the hell had she been taken to?


Luo Qingtong’s skills were without a doubt, number one back in her world. But she’d never expected to kick an iron pipe once she woke up.


Though it must also be blamed on the grievous injury on this body and the utter lack of strength, otherwise without her pupillary skills, she wouldn’t be this powerless facing them.


She decided to let them run rampant for now. Once she finds an opportunity to recover her strength from her injuries, these people will die from her hands!


Luo Qingtong hated whenever people were trying to kill her the most!


That’s because she’d been in this sort of situation countless times before she even stepped into this world.


Everyone had thought she was a pushover and a tool for them to use.


In the end, those people died.


And now, these people were no exception.


With this in mind, a harsh and bloody glint surfaced from the depths of her eyes.


At this moment, there was a sudden burst of light in her line of sight.


“Ah, this is…”


Luo Qingtong looked up in surprise. Suddenly, her lips curled into a grin and she sped up.




The moment her figure rapidly rushed forward, the silver-robed men who were chasing her revealed expressions of shock when they saw her increase her speed.


Before, they’d thought she was only able to escape purely due to luck.


But now, under such a prolonged chase, Luo Qingtong, this cripple, was still able to maintain the distance between them. They were unable to catch up; that was too terrifying!


It’s already well known that anyone of their strength is already considered an expert in such a small and backward country like Dongli.


So how did Luo Qingtong manage to do it as a blinded, crippled, and powerless human? How did her speed increase under their pursuit?


They watched in shock as Luo Qingtong’s figure danced and fluttered among the thick forest like a butterfly. She navigated the forest as if it were just another plain field. They almost suspected that they had imagined Luo Qingtong’s destroyed cultivation to be a hoax if they had not witnessed it.



Especially since the poison used to blind her eyes was something they’d personally handed to Luo Xin Ning before this.


Furthermore, Luo Xin Ning had used the poison in front of them, so it was impossible to mistake the fact that Luo Qingtong was not blind. 


What the hell was going on with Luo Qingtong for her to become so powerful?


The more they thought, the more determined they were to catch her. Their murderous intent was now overflowing!


For such a person to exhibit such shocking changes, there must definitely be some secret on her!


They must catch her and obtain her secret!


Furthermore,  they couldn’t allow her to leave this place alive.


Otherwise, if their misstep came to light, the consequence from this outcome would be unimaginable!


Just as the silver-robed men decided to kill her off completely, Luo Qingtong had appeared before the bright flash of light she’d seen earlier.


“Ha! An array!”


Luo Qingtong laughed out loud.


Her lips curled into a smile.


With this array, she wouldn’t need to fear the pursuit of her enemies!


Once she recovered sufficient energy inside, her pursuers are doomed!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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