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SPM Chapter 6

There's an expert




Feeling a fierce and brutal pressure weighing down, surprise gripped Luo Qingtong’s heart.


In the next moment, her body rose into the air and in the last second, she abruptly turned her body to narrowly avoid a sneak attack that was aiming for her life!




The shockwaves from the attack landed mercilessly on Luo Qingtong. Even though she had successfully evaded their attack, she was forced back many steps and her chest had become bloody.


Luo Qingtong’s eyes revealed a hint of disbelief as she looked towards the direction of the attack.


The impact was equivalent to the explosion of a heavy artillery!


Since when did humans gain such strength?


What kind of god damned place is this?


Luo Qingtong had believed she was only in some unknown forest on Earth. But now it was clear to see she was no longer in the same world as before.


Just as Luo Qingtong realised this, another terrifying force came from behind her once more, heading straight for her, one after another.


Since the first attack had failed, those people evidently hadn’t given up.




Feeling the terrifying aura, Luo Qingtong’s expression changed.


Their strength was too overwhelming. Every one of them possessed power that surpassed Luo Qingtong’s expectations.


With a glance, she could only see the outline of these people’s after image but not their true body.


Since when has her pupillary skills been ineffective?


Even the 51st district of country M with its defense fortress wasn’t a match for her. 


Yet, she couldn’t even see through these people’s location!


These people were not normal!


Having realised this, Luo Qingtong decisively bit her tongue.


A mouthful of blood spewed out and her blood-red eyes flickered. In an instant, she could see the appearance of those people that had ambushed her.


This was a group of men dressed in silver robes.


The aura shrouding each and every one of them was unmatched and their momentum didn’t lose out to those men in black from before.


To put things in perspective, even if there were a few hundred of those black-clothed men from before, they wouldn’t be a match for a single person here.




These were supreme experts!


Ever since Luo Qingtong established a name for herself, this was the first time she felt such a bone-deep threat to her existence.


Without a moment to spare, her blood-red eyes flashed and she immediately saw through the trajectory of her enemy’s attack.


In the next second, her body flew forward like a taut bow which had been fully launched.




The instant their spiritual force rushed over, she had already dashed towards the ancient tree and kicked down.


Her figure made an S-shape in mid-air, lithly avoiding the blows like an elegant butterfly as she flew towards Jiuwu mountain.




When the silver-robed men wearing black scarfs to hide their faces saw Luo Qingtong avoid their fatal attack, they all revealed an expression of disbelief.


They were meant to supervise those people who were dealing with Luo Qingtong while hiding amidst the grass to ensure everything went smoothly.


However, they’d never expect the situation to take such a drastic turn. Luo Qingtong had actually killed the group of black-robed men.


And now, she’d slipped through their fingers!


With their level in such a place like the country of Dongli, how could a blind cripple escape from them?


Was it luck or…


No matter what, they couldn’t let Luo Qingtong off!


T/n: Just a small note, I’m not the best at cultivation terms lol.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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