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SPM Chapter 8.1

An alluring scene (1)

This array was too covert. If it weren’t for Luo Qingtong’s pupillary techniques, she would never have noticed such an array in the middle of the forest.

As she approached it, she grew more amazed and her heart raced.

This was because the array before her was a hundred times more complicated than the ones she’d seen before in a rare and valuable ancient text back in the 24th century. It would definitely be no easy feat to break through this array.

Thankfully, she had her pupillary techniques.

With that in mind, her blood-red eyes shone and instantly saw through to the path of the spiritual power in the array. Like a lightning bolt, she disappeared from where she stood and into the array.

What Luo Qingtong did not expect was the sight of a hot and stimulating scene the moment she entered!

She stared wide eyed at her scenery, unblinking.

In the middle of the azure waist-deep spring, a male’s nude body appeared before her.

Reflected in her pair of blood-red pupils was the man soaking in the hot springs.

When the muscles on his bronze sculpted body slightly flexed, the smooth and beautiful lines appeared as if it was a work of art created by the Heavens.

However, the man’s facial features were hidden by a thin layer of mist and could barely be discerned.

Even with Luo Qingtong’s pupillary technique at the peak of its ability, she was unable to see through the faint shimmering light in her surroundings. She was unsuccessful in making out his appearance.

This was the first time in history that Luo Qingtong’s pupillary skills had failed!

She was actually unable to see the other person’s appearance!

Even so, it didn’t demean his graceful figure in the slightest.

Plus, the imposing aura exuding from this man was too frightening.

Despite not having a single article of clothing on him, he still gave off an extremely elegant countenance.

The loftiness and air of grandeur from him was akin to a supreme monarch.

Resting against the edge of the pool, his body was reclined with both of his arms resting along the border of the hot spring.

Because of position, his back muscles were tensed, therefore exposing a clear and distinct pair of shoulder blades.

His slightly raised chin revealed a clean and sharp jawline from within the mist.

Solely from his fine silhouette, it was evident that this man was extremely stunning!

Moreover, he had a killer figure!

Luo Qingtong stared at the man’s exposed body.

The azure spring wasn’t very deep, in fact, it barely reached the man’s hips.

With the erratic waves that constantly moved, the man’s lower half was faintly revealed.


This was simply too seductive!

Luo Qingtong felt that just by looking, she would soon have a nosebleed.

She had seen countless beauties in the 24th century, ranging from young to old, but none of them could compare to this man whose face she couldn’t even see!

Looking at the man’s deep and distinct v-line that reached into the hot springs as well as the well-defined eight-pack abs, and his firm muscles, she found herself unable to look away.

This body had to be the most masculine and seductive body she had ever seen in her entire life.

She’d never imagine she’d have such luck!

Naturally, her fortune was too timely.

Just as she was lost in her own thoughts, Luo Qingtong abruptly met with an icy pair of eyes. The cold glint in his eyes was like the cold December ice and his gaze was as deep as the abyss.

That gaze seemed to hide a bloody blade behind them.

Luo Qingtong only met his eyes for a split second before her heart leapt.

This man wasn’t someone she should provoke!

Having reached this verdict in her mind, Luo Qingtong coughed lightly and decided to explain her predicament.

However, before she even opened her mouth, the man gave her a simple glance and then unexpectedly shut his eyes once more.

It was after her initial surprise, Luo Qingtong realised that she looked like a blind girl in other people’s eyes.

This was very fortunate!

She could get treated for her wounds while admiring this beauty.

With that in mind, she sat down cross-legged and prepared to check her body for internal injuries.

At this moment, the sound of multiple footsteps from outside was heard.

“Her presence disappeared here! Look carefully! She must be nearby still, we can’t let her escape!”

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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