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SPM Chapter 12

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava

The pig who’d been stuffed into Luo Qing Tong’s sleeves popped its head out with an oink before it was firmly shoved back in a flash, leaving it stunned.

What made it even more shocking was the item that Luo Qing Tong took out.


In a blink of an eye, Luo Qing Tong had already assembled the loose pieces of wood into a crossbow.

Although it looked simple, the design was extremely complex.

This was a weapon at the pinnacle of the cold army in the 24th century.

This crossbow shaped like a ‘T’ was suitable to be mounted on her forearm and be hidden by her long sleeves. It disappeared from sight without a trace.

This crossbow had five slots, allowing her to put out five arrows at once.

There were two mechanisms which allowed her to shoot out a volley of arrows or one at a time.

It was practically a killer weapon for maximum lethality and mobility.

The little pig had never seen anything like it before.

Since when did the weapons of this world become so advanced?

It was probably impossible to find a weapon refinery master who could achieve this level of skill, right?

Just as the little pig was still caught up in its daydream, Luo Qing Tong had already reacted. Pulling out a jade hairpin from her hair, she grasped it in her palm.

“The show time!”

“It’s show time.”

Her index finger lightly brushed across her lips, revealing a bloodthirsty grin.

In the next second, she had already rushed down from the tree and headed straight towards the silver-robed people.

Let the massacre commence!


As Luo Qing Tong flashed towards those men, the latter also rushed into the forest.

“Split up and search! We must find that woman.”


The group of people obeyed and immediately scattered, splitting up in all directions.

Their formation was extremely well-practiced and capable of completely sealing up all the exit of this forest.

In this manner, as long as Luo Qing Tong was in the forest, she wouldn’t have a chance of escaping.

What they didn’t know was that this was exactly what Luo Qing Tong had been waiting for.

“Never enter a forest… Looks like those people don’t understand this saying! For those who unsuspectingly do so will be met with danger.”

Luo Qing Tong watched them in amusement.

The blood that caked her face couldn’t conceal her enchanting beauty.


Lightly and silently, she had appeared above one of the silver-robed men who’d separated from the others.

That was an unanimous blind spot.

In the next moment, her figure descended like the god of death.


Keenly detecting the change in airflow of his surroundings, the silver-robed man raised his head to look up and was met by the cold glint of the jade hairpin. It stabbed straight into the back of his head.

Instantaneously, the hairpin shot through between his brows!

In front of Luo Qing Tong’s eyes, the silver-robed man’s every move and weakness was completely within her grasp.

Realistically speaking, if they were to fight straight on she truly wasn’t his match.

But in terms of assassination, these people live’s were in her hands.


Luo Qing Tong raised the jade hairpin that she held in her hands.

She caught the man’s corpse which had begun falling towards the ground. His eyes were still wide-opened in disbelief, staring at her in horror right before his death. With a wave, his eyes were closed.


She positioned him against the trunk of a tree. With narrowed eyes, she began to search through his pockets.

With a whoosh, a sharp warning sounded that alerted the other silver-robed men of the situation.

“Over there!”

The one closest to where Luo QingTong stood began rushing over.

Luo Qing Tong smiled faintly as she silently hid behind a large tree close to where the dead person laid.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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