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SPM Chapter 11

Ancient Pig Spirit?

Chapter 11: Ancient Pig Spirit?

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava


“Luo Qing Tong! Hand over the heavenly-grade pill or we will not let you off!” The men raised their voices and ordered.

At the same time, another voice abruptly surfaced in her mind.

“Oink! What a bunch of dumb fools! What the hell is a heavenly-grade pill? Compared to the medicinal spring you absorbed the powers from, it’s merely trash!”

“Not to mention a crippled dantian, even if a trash cultivator were to be thrown into that medicinal spring, their meridians can be completely healed and they’d become a genius. These people only know of a heavenly-grade pill! Truly a country bumpkin!”

“And you, stupid woman. Seriously? You’re actually being chased around by this bunch of trash? How embarrassing.”

When Luo Qing Tong saw those people appear, she wanted to ignore them. Turning around, she had intended to divert their attention elsewhere until the voice in her head suddenly appeared.

She received a shock and her feet slipped in fright, causing her to nearly tumble onto the ground.

“Who’s there?!”

She swept a glance over her surroundings in alertness.

“Hmph! Stupid…”

This time, just as the voice spoke up once more, it quickly stopped.

Luo Qing Tong laughed coldly as she held the mouth of the pig in her arms and mercilessly pinched it. With a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, she spoke, “Do you think I’m blind and can’t see your mouth moving? Hmm? Did you have fun scolding me?”

Scolding her as a stupid woman?

Luo Qing Tong narrowed her pair of darkened eyes. Her small face covered in blood had a creepy smile, yet carried an incredible allure.

For the pig with a heightened sense, it could acutely feel the danger behind this smile.

“I-I-I-I…y-y-you…how can you do this to me? I’m an ancient pig spirit! Let me tell you, you’ll regret it if you killed me.”

It began to howl loudly, thinking Luo Qing Tong would let it off.

Though it didn’t expect the girl’s grip to tighten instead.

“Ancient pig spirit? I think you look more like a pig demon.”

Sensing Luo Qing Tong’s unbridled killing intent towards it, the little pig was dumbfounded.

“Sob… I was wrong! I’m now your contract beast, you can’t kill me. Otherwise, your cultivation will be affected. I’m telling the truth!”

It desperately begged for it’s life. Its two short and stumpy arms held onto Luo Qing Tong as it cried out.

“Hmph! I’ll deal with you later.”

Luo Qing Tong thought back to the array she had abruptly encountered earlier and believed the pig’s words.

Seeing the silver-robed men heading towards her direction, she no longer had an interest in chit-chatting with the pig. Stuffing it into the pockets of her sleeves, she waved her sleeves and left.

This was a forest she’d seen earlier and was the perfect place for her to launch an ambush.

She will kill each and every one of them in there today!

How dare they try to attack her!

Luo Qing Tong narrowed her eyes. In that pair of blank and hollow eyes, a blood-red glint flashed.

At the same time, a sweet yet bloodthirsty smile appeared on her bloody face.

It’s been so long since she had this much fun!

Ever since her fame as a pupillary master spread, no one had been able to corner her to such an extent.

She’d have a good time with these people.

She licked her lips. Under the guidance of her blood-red pupils, she had already disappeared with a flash into the dense forest.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Qing Tong’s figure appeared in a blind spot that was suitable for her to conceal herself.

She scaled the tree and broke off a short branch on the way up. She raised her arm and rapidly chopped down according to the image she had in mind until a bunch of wooden parts had appeared in front of her.

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