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SPM Chapter 13

Are you talking to them?

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava

“Number Six!”

Seeing the silver-robed man’s corpse upon rushing over, the other man who was the first to reach was shocked and hurriedly went over to investigate.

Just before he could touch Number Six’s corpse, a cold blooded killing intent locked onto him.


The warning in his heart grew and he halted. The moment he’d felt the killing intent, he’d already rolled to the side.

Such quick reflexes would enable him to evade even close-combat assassinations.

However, the silver-robed man never imagined that although he was fast, there was a weapon even faster.


An arrow shot out, piercing through the air silently, barely detectable.

In the instant the silver-robed man had dodged to the side, another arrow flew out, knocking the first arrow midair.

With a thud, the second arrow hit the back of the first arrow, changing its direction. In the next second, under the silver-robed man’s disbelieving gaze, it acutely penetrated through an opening and into his right rib.

In that moment, a charming and slender figure appeared.

Then, a jade hairpin stabbed his throat.


The silver-robed man’s figure swayed as he collapsed onto the ground with wide eyes.

“Number Thirteen!”

The other men had arrived just in time to see Number Thirteen’s body hit the ground.

As for Luo Qing Tong, she had already disappeared in a flash after the assassination.

With their sight and ability, they couldn’t believe they were unable to see through her location.

Was she still a martial warrior?

Was this a power befitting of a martial warrior?!

The group of men were horrified, anger filling their hearts.

Normally, they wouldn’t put a martial warrior under their radar. Those people could easily be pinched to death.

But now, they had actually been dumbstruck by Luo Qing Tong.


The leader threw out this order.

This wasn’t an ordinary person they were facing.

Luo Qing Tong’s changes must be immediately reported to their master!

However, there wasn’t any reply.

“Are you talking to them?”

A sweet voice came from behind him.

The leader abruptly turned back and saw the woman dressed in blood-red robes appear. She raised a hand and threw down the bodies of the people from before.

He only saw his subordinates unmoving with wide eyes and rigid bodies. He didn’t know when they’d died.

He actually didn’t notice anything at all!

Thinking of this, he felt a chill run down his back. His gaze looking at Luo QingTong was akin to having met a ghost.

How did she do it?

A mere martial warrior had actually managed to kill his subordinates like murdering a bunch of dogs.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The leader of the silver-robed men felt his head spin. Watching Luo Qing Tong, who had a sweet and beautiful smile on her face, almost made him think he’d been hallucinating everything. A martial warrior should be weaker than a martial general!

In reality, a person at the martial warrior stage was still considered to have just stepped foot into the martial world.

The martial world hierarchy was so: martial disciple, martial artist, martial warrior, martial general, and martial admiral.

Any higher and it was a martial king.

As a martial king, they could easily lead a party and become the ruler of a small country.

Going further up is a martial emperor. These people could easily create their own kingdom.

The state of Dongli was built by a low-level martial emperor and is still growing even today.

With each increase in level of the martial world’s hierarchy, their power grew even more frightening.

How on earth did Luo Qing Tong accomplish this as a martial warrior, silently killing their people?!

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