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SGWMDPAR Chapter 18


  Little Pitiful shou is almost dying of sorrow, White Moonlight does not say that he likes him, nor does he say that he does not like him.

  Whenever he wanted to ask White Moonlight whether he liked him or not, White Moonlight could interrupt his words and courage with one sentence.

  Does White Moonlight like him or not?

  Days are sloppy, White Moonlight has to tease him if he has nothing to do, and occasionally kisses his face.

  What does he mean?

  However, it is undeniable that Little Pitiful shou enjoys this state very much, and the two people are in a relaxed state.

  He became more and more addicted to the days spent with White Moonlight.

  Little Pitiful shou counted the days, and the school was about to start in three days. It seemed that he had no reason to contact White Moonlight.

  It’s really sad.

  On Saturday, Little Pitiful shou and White Moonlight slumped on the sofa to watch a movie, and they ordered pizza for lunch.

  When White Moonlight was using a piece of paper to help the Little Pitiful shou wipe the cheese sticking to the corner of his mouth, the doorbell rang.

  White Moonlight stepped on a pair of flip flops to open the door, and Little Pitiful shou saw a guest coming and quickly sat on the sofa, and tidied the table a bit.

  White Moonlight looked at the glamorous person who had been carefully  patting the dress before his eyes and was a little surprised: “Song Yuan?”

  Scum Gong looked at White Moonlight and smiled: “Brother Nan, I’m here to pick Shize.” White Moonlight thought to himself what kind of fucking was this, but in retrospect, he felt that it was a little bit different from the last time.

  Little Pitiful shou’s voice came over: “Brother Nan, who is it? Do you want me to avoid it?”

  Scum Gong felt a little strange when he heard Little Pitiful shou’s familiar tone, Little Pitiful shou had already blacked him out, they couldn’t get in touch at all, he asked White Moonlight’s and his mutual friends, and heard someone say that White Moonlight is now living with a young boy.

  Scum Gong felt that that person was unfamiliar for an instant, and then a lingering feeling of weirdness rose from the bottom of his heart.

  He has a headache, how can these two people live together?

  However, he can finally find Little Pitiful shou.

  White Moonlight looked for slippers for Scum Gong, and then said to Little Pitiful shou: “No, it’s for you.”

  Little Pitiful shou said, “Who?” Then he ran towards the entrance.

  Scum Gong stood at the door looking at Little Pitiful shou from a distance, and his eyes revealed a feeling of affection. He walked towards Little Pitiful shou step by step: “Shize, come home with me. I came to pick you up. “

  Little Pitiful shou stepped back gently: “Senior, what are you going to do?”

  Scum Gong showed a regretful look: “I have already figured out some things.”

  White Moonlight glanced at Little Pitiful shou,  showed a scornful smile in an  place where scum gong can’t see , and then said to them: “Go to the living room and talk. I’ll squeeze some watermelon juice for you.”

  This smile strangely soothed Little Pitiful shou, as if it was Brother Nan saying : There’s nothing to be afraid of when I’m here.

  Scum Gong also felt awkward, but White Moonlight consciously walked to the kitchen, finally leaving a private space for the two of them.

  Scum Gong looked at Little Pitiful shou, and Little Pitiful shou went into the living room in the same way, and then sat on the sofa looking awkwardly at Scum Gong.

  Scum Gong felt that he liked Little Pitiful shou at first because of his wet eyes, which made him think it was a treasure. When he thinks of it, Scum Gong feels that he is really scumbag. When he provokes Shize , he can’t forget White Moonlight.

  Fortunately, he wants to understand now, and it is not too late.

  Scum Gong took out the ring and knelt down to the little Pitiful shou: “So Shize, go home with me. I like you.”

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