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SGWMDPAR Chapter 19


  Little Pitiful shou feels that the world is mocking him most of the time.

  When the promise and sincerity of the scum gong he was looking forward to a month ago was held in front of his eyes, he only had a feeling of laughter .

  How much he expected these things in the past, now he is afraid of these things.

  He doesn’t want it anymore. Not at all.

  Little Pitiful shou looked at the scumbag who was half-kneeling and holding the ring, and tried to speak a little more tactfully: “Senior, I don’t like you anymore.” The scumbag was a little flustered. He thought that as long as he bowed his head and apologized, Little Pitiful shou would just  be back.

  Scum Gong’s tone was a little hurried: “Don’t be angry, okay? It was all my fault before, but in the future I will only like you. can you believe me once?”

  Little Pitiful shou shook his head in a somewhat awkward manner: “I don’t have to lie to you, really.”

  Scum Gong said, “You did it to piss me off, right?” Little Pitiful shou felt like he wanted to cry without tears: “I am not.” Then he lowered his head slightly: “I have someone I like. “The scum gong is a scum gong after all, and he has a good understanding of these aspects. He thought that there was something wrong and finally realized where the weird feeling in White Moonlight and the little pitiful shou came from when he first heard about them.

  Scum gong stood up and grabbed the back of Little Little Pitiful shou’s head and wanted to kiss him. Little Pitiful shou did not expect that Scum Gong would do this kind of thing. For a moment, he felt a little at a loss. Little Pitiful shou pushed him and turned his face to the side, Scum Gong pinched Little Pitiful shou’s chin. Not being able to bear, Little Pitiful shou groaned, and then removed Scum Gong’s hand, calling for help loudly: “Brother Nan!”

  White Moonlight rushed from the kitchen to the living room in an instant, pushing Scum Gong violently. After that, he took the hand of the little Pitiful shou and looked at the Scum Gong: “Song Yuan, what are you going to do?”

  Scum Gong smiled miserably : “You the fuck ask me what I want to do? You all fucking think that I am stupid ?”

  White Moonlight’s eyes suddenly cooled down, and his voice seemed to contain ice: “Don’t forget, you broke up.”

  Scum gong wanted to hold Little Pitiful shou’s hand, only to realize that Little Pitiful shou’s chin was pinched red by him. Following his movements, Little Pitiful shou gently hid behind White Moonlight, White Moonlight noticed that Little Pitiful shou’s chin was pinched red by him. He clenched the little Pitiful shou’s hand.

  Slag Gong’s voice increased: “Do you fucking think of me as a fool? Huh?” After he said he raised his fist, he was about to hit White Moonlight.

  White Moonlight clasped Scum Gong’s wrist tightly, and lowered his voice: “I don’t want to hit you, but you’re a fucking idiot. Can you figure it out for me? You have broken up, and he has nothing to do with you. “

  Scum Gong looked at him blankly, White Moonlight pulled out a mocking smile: “I thought you were a scum, but now you fucking learn to force people? Get out!”

  Scum Gong was also surprised that he acted on impulse. He was just passionate and carefree. He was not bad. He didn’t expect that he would do such a thing. He saw Little Pitiful shou’s red chin and felt like a knife was cutting himself. He felt that Little Pitiful shou would not forgive himself even more, not to mention that he made the situation so embarrassing.

  Little Pitiful shou stood up from behind White Moonlight, his voice was soft, but firm: “Senior, go back. We are really over.”

  Scum Gong didn’t know how he walked out of White Moonlight’s house in despair.

  White Moonlight watched as Little Pitiful shou clenched his hand and was still trembling slightly. He turned to his side, and Little Pitiful shou’s chin was resting on his shoulders, “Brother Nan. How do I feel that  I’m going to cry again? .” As he said, he smiled softly: “How could this be?” White Moonlight put his hand on his back and stroked it lightly, saying nothing. He was not clear about what to say to comfort Little Pitiful shou.

  Little Pitiful shou’s voice was a little choked: “I said I didn’t like him last time.”

  White Moonlight felt his heart was lifted up: “Do you still like him?”

  Little Pitiful shou tightly clasped White Moonlight’s waist: “Don’t like it, but why does he want to come to me.”

  White Moonlight leaned his head and kissed Little Pitiful shou’s forehead: “You don’t like him, can you like Brother Nan, okay?”

  Little Pitiful shou: “Huh?” White Moonlight slightly distanced the two of them, and gently kissed Little Pitiful shou’s lips.

  It was a kiss in the true sense, even if it was like a dragonfly, but even this completely stunned Little Pitiful shou.

  After White Moonlight finished the kiss, he looked down at Little Pitiful shou’s eyes: “Do you like Brother Nan? Brother Nan likes you very much.”

  Little Pitiful shou hugged White Moonlight: “Okay. I like Brother Nan.” Then the corners of his mouth were not restrained: “What should I do, I’m really going to cry this time.” White Moonlight rubbed his head: “It’s okay, don’t be ashamed.”

  Little Pitiful shou  pushed down White Moonlight on the sofa, and then buried his head in White Moonlight’s chest. His hands clasped White Moonlight’s waist tightly.

  White Moonlight looked at this coquettish posture and gently stroked Little Pitiful shou’s back.

      Little pitiful shou’s voice came from his chest: “Does he also call you Brother Nan .”

  White Moonlight smiled and asked, “Yes, do you want to change it ?”

  Little Pitiful shou rubbed White Moonlight’s chest: “What’s the change”

  White Moonlight smiled: “It’s up to you.”

Little Pitiful shou raised his misty eyes, leaned in front of White Moonlight’s eyes, and gently bit White Moonlight’s chin: “Brother Nan.” White Moonlight lowered his head and kissed Little Pitiful shou’s red ear tips, and then smiled and said, “Okay.”

   Little Pitiful shou: “Brother Nan?”

  White Moonlight: “I’m here. I’m here now, and I’ll be here again. All the time.”



T/N :   HEYYYAAAA!!!!!!!!

“Scum Gong’s White Moonlight Doesn’t Play Cards According To Routine” 

has ended …..

 Hope you’ll enjoyed this short story full of fluff…..

thank you for reading …………………….


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    this was very sweet, thanks for translating!

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    Thanks you for the translation.

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    The F is “passionate and carefree”?! He really is a scum! Brother Nan is so sweet though… 😏

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    Thank you for translating this! 💕

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    What a cute story. Thank you for sharing~ (≧◡≦)♡

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